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M. J. Welch

THE HISTORY of Douglas County is largely the story of Omaha's development. Omaha, Nebraska's metropolis, was known as the "Gateway to the West" in the early days, because for many years it was the jumping off place of adventurers on their way to California gold fields and other riches of the great west. Now this prosperous city's slogan is "The Crossroads of the Nation," for it is nearer the geographical center of the United States than any other city of its approximate size. Along with the rapid progression of Omaha, the rest of Douglas County has advanced in step with the times.
   Douglas County is bordered by two rivers, the flat Platte on the west and the muddy Missouri on the east. Through the county run the Elkhorn river, Rawhide, Big Papillion, Little Papillion, Punea, Mill and Cole creeks. The larger streams were originally surrounded by large groves, most of which were depleted by the pioneers.
   In 1846-47, the Mormons made their famous "Winter Quarters" on the high ground which is now North Omaha. Before they left, 10,000 Mormons were in this camp, and they suffered through a most severe winter. Scurvy, exposure, cold and other hardships took a dreadful toll. As a permanent reminder of that winter, they left the Mormon cemetery in which nearly 600 of the band are buried. A splendid marble monument has been erected there. For two years after the Mormons departure for Utah, the Missouri's western bank was left in comparative solitude. Then the cry "Gold in California!" resounded throughout the nation, and in 1849 hundreds of emigrants from the east began crossing the plains. But territory west of the Missouri was still Indian country, closed to settlement. William P. Wilcox, clerk of a steam ferry, and Charles M. Canoyer, an eight year old boy, are credited with being the first to set foot on the present site of Omaha.
   Negotiations were begun with the Indians for cession of their lands, but the Redskins were hesitant. In 1851-52, land sharks, speculators, and hopeful settlers began congregating in Council Bluffs, directly across the river from Omaha, in order to be first on the spot when the land was opened for settlement. But it was June 24, 1854, before a proclamation of President Pierce announced the Indian treaty had been ratified, throwing the Territory of Nebraska open for settlement.
   A. D. Jones, a surveyor, had selected the plot of ground on the Nebraska side of the river which he wanted. When the region was opened for settlement he wasted no time and it is believed his claim was the first to be recorded on the site of what is now Omaha. The Council Bluffs and Nebraska Ferry Company was equally quick in choosing a site and in having a survey made of their proposed town. As originally platted, Omaha consisted of 320 blocks, each 264 feet square. The settlers held a Fourth of July dinner that year, 1854, before the survey of the town had been completed. Among the prominent pioneers present were Jones, Andrew J. Hanscom, William D. Brown, Thomas Davis, Frederick Davis, Hadley D. Johnson, Harrison Johnson, John Gillespie, and others.
   An occasion for celebration was the completion of the first Omaha home, erected by William P. Snowden. The neighbors held a housewarming before the building was finished, dancing to the music of one violin while quilts hung over the windows and doors. Mrs. Snowden was given a prize for being the first woman resident of the new town. Before the close of 1857, however, Omaha was populated by more than three hundred families. Among these citizens were James E. Boyd, later governor; P. W. Hitchcock, Joseph H. Millard, A. S. Paddock, all senators, Harrison Johnson, who later wrote a history of Nebraska, and others.
   In 1856 Charles Childs opened the first mill in this region. He operated a saw mill and a grist mill one day a week. Farmers from as far as Grand Island came to his mill on Otoe creek a short distance north of where the Union Pacific depot now stands. On January 17, 1867, Omaha's first railroad linked the county with eastern markets. The train which entered that day was a Chicago and Northwestern. Today Omaha is the nation's fourth largest railroad center. Ten trunk lines go through the city--Union Pacific, Burlington, North Western, Rock Island, Illinois Central, Missouri Pacific, Chicago Great Western, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, Wabash, and Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha.
   Before Douglas County was settled thickly, wild fowl and game were abundant. Beaver, mink, muskrat, raccoon, wildcat, wolf, coyote, otter, squirrels and some booted lynx were found. Deer and antelope populated the wooded stream shores. There were literally thousands of prairie chickens, which were not killed by severe winters because they burrowed beneath the snow during bad storms. When the snow was very deep, farmers trapped these birds by the hundreds. They saved only the breasts, which were salted, smoked and strung on wires to be saved for harvest season, or other times when a large amount of food was needed. When



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soaked in water and cooked, they were considered a delicacy.
   When Douglas County's first settlements were made, lands had not been surveyed, and settlers formed "claim clubs" to protect and define their property. Every community had such an organization, whose motto was: "An injury to one is the concern of all." The first issue of the Omaha Arrow describes the establishment of the Omaha Township Claim association on July 22, 1854. Nearly every male resident of the town belonged to the club. Their methods of settling disputes were extremely effective, if unorthodox.
   One sample of their action was in settling a dispute between acting Governor Thomas B. Cuming and a man named Callahan. The governor had hired Callahan to make improvements on Cuming's land in order to conform with the homestead law. Callahan, however, filed a claim on the land himself. The Irishman refused the claim club's demand that he surrender the certificate, so a committee was appointed to persuade him. Callahan was then taken to the Missouri, a hole chopped in the ice, and he was ducked through the hole until he and the claim club were in perfect agreement. Shortly after that he disappeared.
   Another "claim jumper," Jacob S. Shull, hid under the counter in the Brown Brothers store for several days, when he learned the claim club planned to visit him. Returning to his home, he found his shanty destroyed. The house of George Smith suffered in a similar way, and he was ordered to leave the territory.
   Next to claim jumping, the most common frontier crime was horse theft, a crime usually punished by death in those days. In the summer of 1856 two men stole a pair of horses near Omaha and sold them to the Pawnee Indians on the Elkhorn river. The horses soon strayed back home, and the Indians, following their trail, claimed the animals. After being convinced the horses were stolen, the Pawnees agreed to hold any one trying to sell them horses again. When the same two men again tried their trick they were captured and returned to Omaha, where the citizenry were faced with the problem of what to do with them--the town had no jail, and because none of the stolen animals had been lost, few persons thought hanging the men was justified. After a consultation, it was agreed their punishment would be thirty-nine lashes on the back, half their heads shaven, and orders to leave the country. They left.
   Two years later Douglas County citizens were confronted with another emergency in punishing two horse thieves. John Daley and Harvey Braden were forcibly removed from the county jail and taken two miles north of Florence. The mob escorting the two thieves stopped at an oak tree which had a convenient limb. Then arose the problem: There was only one rope in the crowd. This difficulty was soon settled, however. When the citizens left, Daley and Braden were hanging back to bad one on each end of the single rope.
   But public sentiment condemned this lynch and County Judge Ferguson fined Sheriff Reeves heavily for neglect of duty in allowing the two in to be removed from the jail. In later days, nevertheless, Omaha became more lawless as it grew larger. Vigilante committees purged the town several times of gamblers and other undesirabes, one occasion a number of masked men entered a gambling house with drawn guns, notifying owner he must leave town within twenty-four hours. No other warning was necessary. If a resident's honesty or morality was suspected, a skull and crossbones attached to his door some night was sufficient warning for him to leave.
    The signal for Omaha's most rapid development came with President Abraham Lincoln's designation of that city as the terminus of the first transcontinental railroad, and ground was broken for this tremendous project in 1863. As the west opened up under the impetus of the railroad era which followed the Civil War, Omaha flourished and grew. It was the resting place for many travelers, some going west full of hope; others returning east in discouragement. In the early fifties, an unidentified traveler, weary and disgusted with life in California, penned the following impression of Omaha:

Has't ever been in Omaha,
Where roils the dark Missouri down,
And four strong horses scarce can draw
An empty wagon through the town?

Where sand is blown from every mound,
To fill your eyes and ears and throat;
Where all the steamers are aground,
And all the shanties are afloat.

Where whiskey-shops the live-long night
Are vending out their poison juice,
Where men are often very tight,
And women deemed a trifle loose.

Where taverns have an anxious guest,
For every corner, shelf and crack,
With half the people going west,
And all the others coming back.

Where theaters are all the run,
And bloody scalpers come to trade;
Where everything is overdone,
And everybody underpaid.

If not, take heed to what I say,
You'll find it just as I have found it.
And if it lies upon your way,
For God's sake, reader, go around it.
(Harper's Weekly)

   The way of living suggested in this poem however, did not last long. The Omaha police force was organized March 22, 1866, with the appointment of four officers who were to be "on their beats from 8 o'clock until sunrise." A few weeks later two additional patrolmen were added to the force. Today Omaha is a law-abiding, well policed city. Douglas County rural residents, too, turned toward


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peaceful farming after careful surveying removed the chief source of their dispute.
   Practically all the land in the center portion of Douglas County is under cultivation. The Elkhorn and Platte river valleys in the western part are six to twelve miles wide, and contain some of the state's best agricultural soil. There is a range of bluffs along the east bank of the Elkhorn rising in places to 100 feet or more, The Missouri, too, is bordered by bluffs which rise gently from the bottom lands.
   Omaha's educational facilities have kept stride with its development in other fields. Creighton University was founded in 1878 by the wealthy and philanthropic Creighton family. Today it is one of the midwest's finest universities, with excellent medical, law and dental colleges and other departments. Its enrollment averages approximately 3,000. The municipal University of Omaha has some 1,500 students, and moved into its new million dollar building in 1938. Another educational unit is the University of Nebraska medical college with about 300 students. Forty thousand boys and girls attend fifty-five grade or five high schools in the Omaha public school system, and about 8,000 others are students in the parochial schools. Omaha's public school system investment totals about $15,000,000.
   One of the most important steps in Omaha's development was the establishment of the Union Stock Yards Company in 1884 after several earlier attempts to make Omaha a livestock market had failed. With this new magnet to focus the attention of the entire midwest on Omaha, the city leaped forward to become a true metropolis of the plains by the opening of the twentieth century. Today its population is well over 220,000, making it the nation's thirty-ninth largest city in size, but it is much higher in per capita business and industrial pursuits.

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: Retired; b Fremont, Neb July 27, 1876; s of Dr Luther J Abbott-Clara F Colbertson; ed Fremont HS; U of N; m Mable Avery Rundell Aug 29, 1905 Iowa City Ia; 1901 English tutor, U of Ia; 1902 published The Lariat, Lawton, Okla; 1903-15 reporter for World Herald, 1916-35 dramatic critic; 1935- ret; author Melody in Silver, Wine O' the Winds, & Tree of Life; contributor to Outlook, Atlantic Monthly, Harpers, Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, McClures; wrote life of Mark Twain for Harpers; first pres Writers Guild; in Who's Who in Amer; Indep; res 2461 St Marys Ave, Omaha.

   ABRAHAMSON, CARL ALFRED: President Insurance Agency; b Omaha, Neb Nov 1, 1892; s of John Alfred Abrahamson-Hannah Nillson; ed Omaha HS 1911; m Helen Sturgess Apr 12, 1923 Omaha; s John Robert; 1911-12 mail boy US Natl Bank, Omaha; 1912-17 mail boy, later master teller Corn Exchange Natl Bank, Omaha; 1919-20 branch mgr Universal Finance Corp, Sioux City, Ia; 1920-24 asst cash Corn Exchange Natl Bank of Omaha, 1924 consolidated with Omaha Natl Bank, 1924-25 mgr bus dept; 1925-33 VP Omaha Natl Co, mgr ins dept; 1926-33 owner & opr Omaha Ins Agcy Inc, pur ins bus Omaha Natl Co; during World War enl May 1917 Omaha ambulance unit later Camp Taylor Ky, 1918 3rd OTC, Camp Taylor & Camp Sherman O, Aug 1918 went O/S 2nd lt 813th Pioneer inf attached 33rd div, disch Camp Sherman Aug 1919; Amer Leg Post 1, past sr vice-comm; 40 & 8, past natl gards de la Porte; past dir Omaha Assn of Ins Agts; Neb Assn of Ins Agts; Natl Assn of Casualty & Surety Agents, past pres, chmn exec com; pres Ins Fedn of Neb; chmn Natl Joint Producers Corn; mbr natl ins advisory com, Natl Assn of Credit Men, mbr Natl Speakers Com, ins div; C of C, municipal affairs com; Omaha Country Club; Omaha Club; Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben; AF&AM; Tangier Shrine; KT; All Saints Episc Ch; hobbies, stamp collecting, collecting biographies of individuals living in 14th to 16th centuries; off 250 Omaha National Bank Bldg; res 6202 California, Omaha.

   ACKER, LAWRENCE: Clergyman; b Seymour, Ind May 22, 1892; s of William Acker-Eleanore Resiner; ed Fort Wayne Ind HS 1909; Concordia Coll, Fort Wayne Ind 1911; Concordia Seminary, St Louis Mo 1916; m Vera Fennel Aug 3, 1918 Louisville Ky; s Herbert W; d Ruth, Betty; 1916-17 pastor Zion Luth Ch, Moberly Mo; 1919- pastor First Luth Ch, Omaha; editor Neb Walther Leaguer 19 years, active in Walther League; during World War enl Dec 1918 165th depot brigade Camp Travis Tex, chaplain, disch 1919; hobbies, stamp collecting, collecting charity seals; off 542 S 31st; res 538 S 31st, Omaha.

   ACKERMAN, JOHN CHRIS: Farmer, Stockman & Secretary-Treasurer Grain Co; b Burt Co, Neb Oct 19, 1881; s of Leonard Ackerman-Dorothea Hein; ed Burt Co; m Minnie May Lydick Nov 27, 1902 Fontanelle; d Enola May (Mrs C D Myers), Lois Marjorie (Mrs C C Jarvis); 1900 farmer & stockman; 1907-14 elevator mgr for Crowell Lbr & Grain Co, Herman; 1914-20 represented Crowell Lbr & Grain Co in Omaha Grain Market; 1920-30 VP & treas MidWest Grain Co, 1930 sold out to Fed Farm Ed; 1930-37 bought & sold grain; 1937- secy-treas Mid-West Grain Co; Neb Grains Dirs Assn; Grain & Feed Dlrs Natl Assn; Presby Ch; hobby, farming; off 402 Grain Exchange; res 3026 Redick Ave, Omaha.

   ADAMS, EMERSON S: Assistant Secretary Insurance Co; b Omaha, Neb Apr 30, 1902; s of Fredrick Joseph Adams-Martha Stone; ed Omaha Central HS 1921; Grinnell Coll, Ia; m Arlene O'Brien June 6, 1925 Omaha; s Emerson S Jr, Fredrick Joseph II; d Suzanne Adele; 1923-24 life ins salesman; 1924 asst secy United Benefit Life Ins Co of Omaha; mbr Ins Inst of Neb: Happy Hollow Golf Club; Meth Ch; off 400 Faidley Bldg; res 5121 Hamilton, Omaha.

   ADAMS, JAMES BENJAMIN: President Grain Co; b Broad Brook, Conn Apr 15, 1861; s of Horatio N Adams-Elizabeth Dawson; ed common schs; m Sarah Stevens June 24, 1886 Almoral Ia; s Robert W, Lloyd H, Alfred L, James B Jr; d Beulah S; 1863 with parents went to Canaan, Conn; 1880-82 emp in Dickerman & Japp Hdw Store, Winsted Conn; 1883 clk 4 mos for B&M RR, Omaha: 1882-85 clk with C C Crowell & Co lbr dlrs, Blair; 1885-1909 clk & bkkpr, 1890-1909 treas Crowell Lbr & Grain Co at Blair, 1909-12 treas at Omaha; 1919-25 owner & opr J B Adams grain bus, Ia; 1925- pres J B Adams Grain Co Inc, Omaha; Omaha Grain, Exchange; Western Grain & Feed Assn; C of C; First Central Congl Ch; hobby, agriculture; off 436 Grain Exchange; res 3429 Hawthorne Ave, Omaha.

   ADAMS, JAMES H: Attorney; b Brighton, Ill Apr 3, 1868; s of Rev William R Adams-Ellen Douglas Richmond; ed Blairstown Ia; Blairstown Ia Acad; Coe Coll, Cedar Rapids Ia, BA; U of Mich, LLB 1892; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Phi; m Jessie Witwier June 9, 1909 Cedar Rapids Ia; s Rev Clarence W, Robert. K; d Elizabeth W (Mrs Robert Morgan); 1892- prac law, Omaha, specialist in municipal & corporation law; past asst city atty 3 years; during World War 1917-19 assoc mbr legal advisory bd; dir Omaha Presby Theological Seminary; mbr gen coun of Bankers Res Life Ins Co 28 years; Omaha, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past dir YMCA; trustee Forest Lawn Cemetery; past pres Neb ch SAR; AF&AM 3, past master, jr warden; Scot Rite 33o, mbr cathedral assn bd; Tangier Shrine; First Presby Ch, trustee since 1897, mbr permanent judicial com of gen assembly since 1929; hobbies, reading, travel; off 618 Keeline Bldg; res 1134 S 30th Ave, Omaha.

   ADAMS, JOHN JR: Attorney; b Columbia, S C Aug 14, 1906; s of John Adams Sr-Hattie Bowman; ed Pueblo Colo HS 1923; U of N, BA 1927, LLB 1929; Kappa Alpha Psi; m Constance Singleton Sept 3, 1931 Omaha; s



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John Adams III; d Edith Anne; 1929 adm to Neb bar; 1929-30 priv law prac, Lincoln; 1930- priv law prac, Omaha; 1937-39 mbr unicameral legislature, mbr special session 1939-40; mbr special natl colored com to urge nomination of Cor Little, N Y; Neb St Bar Assn; Civic Commonwealth Club, mbr legal com; C of C; past mbr legal com Natl Assn for Advancement of Colored People, Omaha branch; past mbr speakers bur Comm Chest; 2 years mbr Omaha Urban League; BPOE 92; St John African Meth Ch, trustee 6 years; Rep, 1933 candidate for legislature from 10th dist, defeated, elec 1935 from 9th dist, sgt-at-arms natl conv, Cleveland, O 1936; hobbies, golf, checkers, swimming, sports, reading; off 409 Karbach Block; res 1415 N 28 Plaza, Omaha.

   ADAMSON, MRS HELEN: Homemaker; b Humboldt, Ia July 17, 1882; d of J N Prouty-Irene Sebastian Henry; ed Humboldt Ia HS; Ia St Coll, BSc 1905; Pi Beta Phi; Clio Literary Soc; m George J Adamson Dec 26, 1907 Humboldt Ia; d Irene; 1908- homemaker; 1912 art tchr Laramie Wyo; has been lic aviator since 1931; during World War in sewing & ARC work; PEO, pres 1932; active in Comm Chest drives; Old Timers Aux; AAUW; Unitarian Ch; Rep; hobbies, travel, reading, music; father read law in off in Freeport Ill, where part of Lincoln's debates with Douglas were written; husband civil engr in UP RR construction, at various points on UP RR, made div engr Cheyenne Wyo 1915, in drafting & off work for UP RR, Omaha; res 3869 Dewey Ave, Omaha.

   ADKINS, WESLEY PIATT: Banker; b Omaha, Neb May 20, 1862; s of Platt Adkins-Maria Algoe; ed Omaha & West Point; Xenia Sch, Sarpy Co; m Cora Stimson June 26, 1895 Council Bluffs Ia (dec 1934); s Wesley Piatt Jr; d Dorothy (Mrs Victor McKay), Helen (Mrs Ralph Scott); 1880-81 clk McGavock Groc Co, Omaha; 1881-91 rodman & timekeeper Ore Short Line RR between Pocatello Idaho & Burnt River, Ore, later locating engr UP RR; 1892-94 asst engr Union Stockyards Co, South Omaha; 1895-1916 ptr in Holmes-Adkins Transfer Co; 1916-27 owner Adkins Motor Co, Omaha; 1927-34 pres Livestock Natl Bank, Omaha, 1934- chmn of bd, dir since 1907; 1926- pres Comml Savings & Loan Assn, dir since 1902; 1900-06 mbr city coun, South Omaha; 1907-10 fire & police commissioner, South Omaha; dir South Omaha Mchts Assn; C of C; dir Assn of Omaha Taxpayers Inc; vice-chmn Omaha Bridge commission, South Omaha bridge; Ak-Sar-Ben mbr since 1900; BPOE; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Tangier Shrine; St Martins Episc Ch, sr warden 10 years; Rep; hobby, fishing; father (dec) pioneer harness mcht, Omaha; off Livestock National Bank; res 4180 S 22nd, Omaha.

   ADWERS, GEORGE CLARENCE: Building Superintendent; b Lawrence, Kas Feb 26, 1877; s of George Milton Adwers-Alice Katherine Wingert; ed Lawrence Kas; Boston; Cairo; m Nina Detrick Aug 4, 1903 Colorado Springs Colo; s Ardon, Jack, Robert; d Frances (Mrs Robert McClung); 1890 came with parents to Cairo; 1892-98 emp in 1st electric light plant in Grand Island; 1899-1903 engr Neb St Hosp, Ingleside; 1903-06 refrigeration engr Littleton Creamery Co. now Beatrice Creamery Co, Denver; 1906-07 refrigeration engr Beatrice Creamery Co, Lincoln; 1907-18 bldg supt Bennett Dept Stores, later Burgess-Nash Co, Omaha; 1918-19 chief engr Omaha bd of edn; 1919-24 sales mgr, Des Moines Ia branch of Midwest Electric Co of Omaha; 1924-27 sales engr Iron Fireman Corp, Omaha; 1927- supt of bldgs, Omaha bd of edn; entered Sp-Amer War 1898 in Co M, 2nd Neb vol inf, Chickamauga Park Ga, disch Oct 1898; Omaha Engrs Club; Kiwanis; Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Tangier Shrine; hobby, travel; off 2024 Nicholas; res 5630 Western Ave, Omaha.

   AHLSTRAND, ALEXANDER ROBERT: Vice-President & Manager Building Corporation; b Copenhagen, Denmark Apr 5, 1897; s of Julius J Ahlstrand-Olga Cederholm; ed Logan Ia HS 1915; Iowa St Coll; m Irma Aida Pugh May 12, 1926 Memphis Tenn; d Margaret Edith; 1917-19 emp by Westinghouse-Church-Kerr & Co, engrs in Rock Island Ill & Muscle Shoals Ala projects; 1920-29 traveling representative for Piggly Wiggly Corp; 1929-30 traveling representative for Kroger Groc & Baking Co, Cincinnati O; 1931-36 asst mgr, Woodmen Bldg Corp, 1936- VP & mgr; past pres Omaha Assn of Bldg Owners & Mgrs; C of C; mbr fed bldg com; Omaha Athletic Club; AF&AM Logan Ia, RAM, KT, Alehymia Shrine, Memphis Tenn; Meth Ch; hobbies, football, fishing; off 310 WOW Bldg; res 4518 N 41st, Omaha.

   AHMANSON, HAYDEN WILLIAM: Executive Vice-President Insurance Co; b Omaha, Neb Mar 16, 1898, s of William H Ahmanson-Florence May Hayden; ed Kemper Mil Sch, Mexico Mo, 1917; U of N, BA 1919; Creighton U, LLB 1923; m Aimee Elizabeth Tolbod Sept 4, 1924 Omaha; s William Hayden, Robert Howard; 1923-28 & while in coll, asst underwriter, Natl Amer Fire Ins Co, Omaha, 1928-39 secy, 1939- exec VP; C of C pres 1926-27; Kiwanis, pres 1930-31, gov Neb-Ia dist 1933; Omaha Athletic Club; Dundee Presby Ch; Rep; off 1805 Douglas, Omaha; res 6106 California, Omaha.

   AINSCOW, JAMES SEXTON: HOLC Regional Field Supervisor; b Omaha, Neb Jan 5, 1897; s of James Ainscow-Mabel Sexton; ed Omaha Central HS; U of N; m Betty Smith June 30, 1928 Omaha; d Sally Adelaide; 1918-34 traveling salesman for Devoe & Reynolds Paint Co, 1934-39 mgr Omaha off; 1939 regional field supvr HOLC, property management dept; during World War 1917-18 in 1st central inf OTC, Camp Grant Ill: YMCA; 66 Dancing Club; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Dundee Presby Ch; hobbies, athletics, golf, tennis & gardening; off WOW Bldg; res 4817 Underwood, Omaha.

   ALDEN, JOHN ANCEL: Owner Ice & Coal Co; b Jefferson, Ia Nov 14, 1901; s of Minard M Alden-Agnes Marconie; ed Omaha; m Cora C Beasley Nov 24, 1928 Blair; d Phyllis Jean; engaged in various occupations until 1918; 1918-21 emp by Peoples Ice & Cold Storage Co, Omaha; 1921-28 emp by Independent Ice Co; 1928- owner & opr Benson Ice Co; 1932 estab Benson Ice & Coal Co, Omaha; Omaha Coal Dlrs Assn; Neb Ice Dlrs Assn; Mantel Club; off 40th & Lake; res 4902 Military Ave, Omaha.

   ALDERMAN, DALLAS R: Purchasing Agent for Creamery Supply Co; b Lyons, Neb Nov 3, 1910; s of Dallis G Alderman-Maude I Rice; ed Omaha Central HS; Ia St Coll, BSc; Pi Kappa Alpha; m LuElla Potter May 27, 1933 Omaha; d Cheranne L; 1932- purchasing agt for Kennedy & Parsons, Omaha; Omaha Traffic Club; hobbies, bowling, golf; off 810 Howard; res 5539 Pine, Omaha.

   ALEXANDER, JEREMIAH S: Physician & Surgeon; b Marion, Ia Mar 28, 1878; s of Jeremiah S Alexander-Anna Giffen; ed Marion Ia HS 1894; Coe Coll, Cedar Rapids Ia 1894-96; U of Ia 1896-98; Chicago Homeopathic Med Coll, MD 1900; Phi Alpha Gamma; m Evelyn Jones (dec 1920); d Anna J; to Alta L Whitnack 1922 Kansas City, 1900-01 interne, Chicago Homeopathic Hosp; 1901- prac med, Omaha; during World War enl 1917 in 12th balloon Co, capt MORC, disch Apr 1919; Amer Leg post 1, recd 4 star card; Amer Balloon Corp Veterans; Ad-Sell League; AF&AM; Presby Ch, Marion Ia; Rep; hobby, fishing; off 815 City National Bank Bldg; res 4921 Chicago, Omaha.

   ALEXANDER, JEROME DOUGHERTY: Vice-President & General Manager Wholesale Linoleum Co; b Liberty, Mo Aug 4, 1904; s of Harry J Alexander-Mary H Dougherty; ed Liberty Mo HS 1922; William Jewell Coll, Liberty Mo, BA 1925; Wharton Sch of Bus Administration, U of Penn, 1925-26; Phi Gamma Delta; m Miriam S Willits Sept 7, 1929 Kansas City Mo; s Jerome Dougherty II; d Joan Willits; 1926-27 emp by Armstrong Cork Co of Lancaster Penn, 1927-29 traveling salesman, Chicago off; Feb-Dec 1929 mgr linoleum dept Wm Volker Co of Kansas City Mo,1930-37 mbr Omaha branch, 1937- VP & gen mgr Neb corp; Small Businessmen's Assn of Omaha; Natl Small Businessmen's Assn; C of C, chmn market week com, mbr goodwill com, Tribe of Yessir; Omaha Exec Club, pres; Rotary, past committeeman; BSA, Sea Scouts of Amer, committeeman ship 7; Omaha Athletic Club; Happy Hollow Club; Uni Club, Lincoln; Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben; Ad-Sell League; YMCA; AF&AM 302; Dundee Presby Ch, trustee; hobby, golf; off 109 S 10th; res 5116 Webster, Omaha.

   ALLEN, EARL H: President Advertising Agency; b Emporia, Kas Apr 15, 1886; s of D C Allen-Belle Conaway; ed Emporia Kas HS 1904; Coll of Emporia; U of Kas, BA 1909; Beta Theta PI; m Lillian Parsons Sept 13, 1913 Omaha; s Bert Allen; d Ruth (Mrs Lyman S Weaver), Marjorie Ann, 1909-10 with brother published Amarillo, Tex, Daily News; 1910-13 reporter for Omaha Daily News; 1913-31 mgr Darlow Advertising Co, Omaha; 1931- prin owner & opa Earl Allen Co, Omaha; Rotary; C of C; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, golf-, off 638-45 Insurance Bldg; res 534 S 53rd, Omaha.

   ALLEN, GLEN RUSSELL: Manager of Feed Mill; b Valley, Neb Sept 18, 1909; s of James Allen-Dora Resum; ed Valley HS; U of N; Phi Delta Theta; m Catherine Elizabeth Rider June 26, 1929 Lincoln; s Eugene Robert, James William; d


in Nebraska


Jayne Elizabeth; 1929-85 cattle feeder, Douglas CO; 1935- mgr James Allen & Sons Feed Mill, Valley; mbr sch bd; pres vol fire dept; VP C of C, mbr industrial com; AF&AM 310; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, athletics; father livestock feeder & resident of Valley 50 years; res Valley.

   ALLEN, JOHN FRANKLIN: Physician; b Bradshaw, Neb Aug 23, 1882; s of Dr Ausin R Allen-Emma A Stuart; ed Bradshaw; Lincoln HS 1901; U of N, BSc 1905, MD 1907; pres jr class; Innocents; Phi Rho Sigma; m Mary Gertrude Kelly Sept 29, 1921 Omaha; 1907-08 interne Meth Hosp, Omaha; 1908-09 prac med State Hosp, Rock Springs Wyo, later examining Phys UP RR, Omaha; 1909-10 asst phys UP Coal Camp, Superior Wyo; 1910-15 camp surg UP Coal Camp, Reliance Wyo; 1915-16 house phys Seton Hosp for Tuberculosis, New York City; 1916 res phys IC RR Hosp, Chicago; 1916-17 prac med, South Omaha; 1919-21 estab US veterans bur Omaha, 1921-29 med ofcr in chg: 1929- priv prac, Omaha; assoc prof of med, U of N Coll of Med; during World War enl Oct 1917, mbr special tuberculosis bd under surg gen order, 1919 chief of med service base hosp, Joseph Johnston Camp, Jacksonville Fla, disch as capt Mar 1919; Omaha-Douglas Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Amer Ed of Internal Med; Amer Acad Tuberculosis Phys; Amer Coll of Chest Phys; off 912 Medical Arts; res 1621 South 91st Ave, Omaha.

   ALLER, DUDLEY OGDEN: Grain Merchant; b Crete, Neb Apr 10, 1899; s of Codrus L Aller-Edith Ogden; ed Crete HS 1916; Doane Coll, BA 1920; Harvard U, MBA 1922; Acacia; Delta Kappa Pi; m Agnes Lundeen Sept 5, 1932 Lincoln; s Robert Lundeen; d Carolyn; 1922-28 grain buyer for Black Bros Flour Mills, Beatrice; 1928- grain mcht with Butler Welsh Grain Co, Omaha; during World War 1918 SATC at Doane Coll; Omaha Grain Exchange; Forum Club; Ad-Sell League; St John's Lodge; Meth Ch; Rep; off 520 Grain Exchange; res 4828 Farnum, Omaha.

   ALLGAIER, JOHN CREEL: President & General Manager Athletic Club; b Gower, Mo Nov 21, 1889; s of John J Allgaier-Jennie Creel; ed Gower, Independence & Kansas City Mo; Wichita Kas; m Frances Fuller Apr 12, 1912 Quincy Ill; s John C Jr; 1907 emp by Natl Biscuit Co, Wichita Kas; 1908-14 emp in sales training dept Reid Murdock & Co, Chicago; 1914-21 owner & opr whol groc, Cullen Brokerage Co, Omaha, 1921-29 oprd Jack C Allgaier Co; 1929-33 owner & opr ideal Food Products of Cedar Rapids Ia, later moved factory to Omaha; 1933 sold out to Rex J Olson; 1933- owner oil ints, Texas; 1918 org Omaha Athletic Club, 1936 reorg, 1936- pres & gen mgr; C of C; past dir Ak-Sar-Ben; Ad-Sell League; Happy Hollow Club; hobbies, golf, sports, football; off & res Omaha Athletic Club, Omaha.

   ALTROCK, EDWARD L: Secretary Petroleum Corporation; b Omaha, Neb Feb 12, 1895; s of Carl Altrock-Marie Goldapp; ed Iowa; Mozer-Lampman Bus Coll, Omaha; m Fern Otis June 9, 1919 Manning Ia; 1912-14 emp by E F Wentz Grain Co, Oakland Ia; 1914-15 emp in elevator, Oakland Ia; 1915-17 emp by Douglas Starch Co, Cedar Rapids Ia; 1917-20 in milling bus, Denison & Manning Ia; 1920-25 sales mgr M C Peters Milling Co, Omaha; 1926-27 mgr Amer Milling Co, Omaha; 1927-31 emp by A A Nixon Co, Omaha; 1931-35 oprd truck terminal & supply co, South Omaha; 1935- secy United Petroleum Co, Omaha; past mbr C of C; Ad-Sell League; Comm Chest; BPOE 39; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, bowling, baseball, photography, wood work, collecting hats, music, dancing; off 20th & Williams; res 3904 S 26th, Omaha.

   ALVISON, OTIS T: Bank Vice-President; b Bloomfield, Ia Oct 13, 1881; s of James L Alvison-Charlotte Hancock; ed Omaha HS 1899; m Eleanor Southard Dec, 26, 1906 Council Bluffs Ia; d Charlotte Jane (Mrs John W Howard); 1899- with The Omaha Natl Bank as off boy, clk, teller, asst cash, cash & now VP; C of C; Lions; Omaha Athletic Club; Ad-Sell League; Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben; Humane Soc, past treas 20 years; AF&AM 3; Scot Rite; Tangier Shrine; BPOE 39; hobby, collecting coins; off The Omaha National Bank; res 5220 Jones, Omaha.

   AMSDEN, DON BRUCE: Owner Millinery Department; b Coldwater, Mich Feb 6, 1885; s of Brooks R Amsden-Josephine Divini; ed Coldwater Mich; m Alma Dyhrberg July 27, 1908 Chicago; s Don Bruce Jr, Alan Brooks; d Ann Margaret, Betty Jane; 1900-04 emp by J B Branch & Co, Coldwater Mich; 1904-24 mdse mgr Brandeis Store, Omaha; 1925- owner millinery dept, Thomas J Kilpatrick Co, Omaha; BSA leader; Ad-Sell League; Concord Club, pres 1929; MWA; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off Kilpatrick Co; res 2858 Titus, Omaha.

   ANDERSON, ARVID: Florist: b Skinskatteberg Bruk, Wastmanland, Sweden Oct 8, 1877; s of August Anderson-Lena Erickson; ed Sweden; Govt Floral Coll, Sweden 1899; m Anna Peterson Feb 18, 1916 Chicago; d Marguerite; 1899-01 priv gardener, Sweden; May 1902 came to Amer; 1902-06 emp by whol florists, Chicago; 1906-08 florist, Soldiers Orphans Home, Normal Ill; 1908-21 in chg of home, greenhouse & grounds of Charles Deere, Moline Ill; 1921-27 owner floral bus, Beardstown Ill; 1927- owner & opr Louie Henderson Greenhouse, Omaha; Soc of Amer Florists & Ornamental Horticulturists, Neb St Florists Soc; C of C; South Omaha Mchts Assn; Kiwanis; IOOF; BPOE 37; FOE 154; Vikings; hobby, fishing; off & res 4225 S 25th, Omaha.

   ANDERSON, DAVID B: Attorney & Clerk of Municipal Court; b Funk, Neb Feb 26, 1902; s of August Anderson-Emma Prink; ed Holdrege HS; U of N, LLB: Delta Chi; m Viola Street Apr 7, 1933 Omaha; 1925- prac law, Omaha; 1939- clk of municipal court; Swedish Bldg Assn, dir; Omaha & Neb St Bar Assns; Noon-Day Club; Swedish-Amer Progressive Club; AF&AM 1; MWA, secy; Vikings, Vasa Lodge; Kountze Memorial Luth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 638 Insurance Bldg; res 800 S 58th, Omaha.

   ANDERSON, ELMER OSCAR: Cashier Savings & Loan Association; b Omaha, Neb July 20, 1896; s of Ake F Anderson-Ellen Erickson; ed Central HS, Omaha; m Gertrude Carolina Helgren Feb 19, 1924 Omaha; s Richard E; 1916-18 with US Natl Bank of Omaha; 1919-20 with Rivett Lbr & Coal Co, Omaha; 1921-29 with Fed Res, Bank; 1929- cash Neb Savings & Loan Assn: during World War enl Aug 18, 1918 in 223rd field signal batt, disch Feb 1919; Amer Leg; Ak-Sar-Ben; Noon Day Club; AF&AM 1; Scot Rite; Salem Luth Ch, secy, SS tchr, mbr Luth Brotherhood; Rep; hobbies, work on home, yard; off 211 S 18th; res 2300 Country Club Ave, Omaha.

   ANDERSON, HOMER WILLARD: Superintendent of Schools; b Vernon Co, Wis Oct 6, 1886; s of Benjamin N Anderson-Emma Engh; ed La Crosse Wis; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines Ia, BA 1910; U of Ia, MA 1915, PhD 1925; Phi Delta Kappa, m Edna Mabel Fretz Feb 18, 1918 Dubuque Ia: a Stuart Paul; d Carol Engh; 1910-13 supt of schs, Morning Sun Ia; 1916-17 sch statistician, Dubuque Ia; 1917-19 dir of research & asst supt, Omaha pub schs; 1919-23 research dir, Detroit Mich pub schs; 1923-33 dep supt of schs, Denver; 1933- supt of schs, Omaha; 1920 summer instr, U of Mich; 1926-31 summer instr, U of Denver; 1939 summer instr, U of Wis; during World War 1st lt statistics branch, gen staff, war depot, Washington D C, disch Mar 30, 1919; Amer Leg post 1; NSTA; NEA, 2nd VP; Amer Assn of Sch Administrators, 2nd VP; Ak-Sar-Ben; Happy Hollow Country Club; Rotary, dir 1936-39; C of C; AF&AM; Unitarian Ch; Rep; hobbies, reading, golf; father (dec) farmer, resident of La Crosse Co Wis 35 years; off 601 City Hall; res 528 S 40th, Omaha.

   ANDERSON, JOHN ANDREW: President of Plumbing Co; b Smoland, Sweden Sept 4, 1884; s of John A Anderson-Hilda Johnson; ed Wahoo; Luther Coll; m Agda T Winburg Apr 10, 1910 Omaha; s Howard W, Harry W, Richard R; d Doris May; 1898 came from Sweden to Wahoo; 1901-05 learned plumbing trade with John Row & Co, Omaha; 1905-13 indep plumber; 1913- pres, owner & opr John A Anderson Co Inc; 1935- VP & chmn of bd, United Plumbing & Heating Supply Co; 1938 mbr Natl Com of Plumbers; Neb Master Plumbers Assn, past pres; past mbr C of C; Omaha Exec Club; Ad-Sell League, mbr 15 years; Noonday Club mbr 25 years; past mbr Izaak Walton; AF&AM, Scot Rite, KT; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 709 S 24th; res 1026 Mercer Park Road, Omaha.

   ANDERSON, MARK F: Salesman; b Omaha, Neb Mar 27, 1902; s of Frank G Anderson-Hulda Sandstedt; ed Omaha Comm HS; m Nina May Duval Aug 29, 1928 Omaha; d Ardith Lucille, Patricia Rae; 1914-18 stock boy in crockery dept, J L Brandeis & Son Store, Omaha; 1918-22 stockman & salesman for Omaha Crockery Co, 1922- city salesman; 1904 & 1908 went to Sweden via England; Ad-Sell League; Ak-Sar-Ben; AF&AM 290; St Paul Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 1116 Harney; res 6819 Corby, Omaha.

   ANDERSON, MRS PENELOPE HAMILTON: Attorney; b St Joseph, Mo Jan 13, 1898; d of James A Hamilton-Penelope Dickey; ed Omaha



Who's Who

Central HS; U of Omaha 1918-21; m Frank W Anderson Oct 21, 1922 Chicago (divorced 1935); s Frank Wylie; d Neppie; 1921 adm to Neb bar; 1921-25 mbr law firm McGilton & Smith, Omaha; 1930- prac law, Omaha; 1930- atty, Omaha B & L Assn; Omaha Social Settlement dir 1925-30; during World War active in making ARC supplies; Omaha & Neb St Bar Assns; past dir Altrusa; Chris Sci Ch; hobbies, reading, study of words; off 324 Omaha Building & Loan Assn Bldg; res 551 S 35th, Omaha.

   ANDERSON, RUSSELL CARL: Attorney; b Blackfoot, Idaho Jan 2, 1899; s of Charles A Anderson-Manda Nelson; ed Genoa HS 1917; U of N 1918; U of Omaha, LLB 1926; m Loy Elizabeth Hale Nov 3, 1920 Council Bluffs Ia; 1917-18 Nance Co dep clk, Fullerton; 1919-33 dep collector of internal revenue, Omaha; 1933- priv law practice, Omaha; Neb St Bar Assn; Chris Sci Ch; Rep; hobby, travel, off 1317 First National Bank Bldg; res 1116 S 60th, Omaha.

   ANDRE, ARLEE ALLEN: Cereal Chemist & Laboratory Director; b Furnas Co, Neb Aug 10, 1900; s of Henry A Andre-Lorena O Roberts; ed Wilsonville HS 1920; Grand Island Bus Coll 1921, Grand Island Coll, BA 1929; m Thelma E Black Dec 25, 1926 Grand Island; foster s Kent; foster d Barbara Jean; 1921-22 emp by construction co; 1922-25 salesman; 1929-34 cereal chemist for Neb Consolidated Mills Co at Grand Island, 1934- chief chemist & dir of laboratories, Omaha; Amer Assn of Cereal Chemists; Amer Soc of Bakery Engrs; Meth Ch; hobbies, golf, photography; off 1521 N 16th; res 1715 N 50th, Omaha.

   ANTHONY, LLOYD LEROY: District Manager Farm Equipment Co; b Manilla, Ia June 22, 1894; s of Edwin Anthony-Cora McGuire; ed Mexico Mo HS 1910; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; m Edna P Hanmum Aug 24, 1922 Rockport Mo; 1912-17 steno for Hooven & Allison Co Omaha, 1917-19 in retail sales dept, 1919-22 in jobbing sales, 1922-24 asst mgr Omaha branch, 1924-35 mgr Omaha branch, 1935- mgr northwestern dist of Minneapolis & Omaha branches; during World War personnel sgt 8th div ammunition train Camp Fremont Cal; Farm Equipment Club, past pres & past treas; Ak-Sar-Ben; past pres Lions Club, past pres of Childrens Health Camp, originated idea of red tipped canes for Omaha blind; Minneapolis Athletic Club; AF&AM 302; Scot Rite, 32o; Rep; hobbies, hunting, golf; off Gateway Bldg; res 5554 Mayberry, Omaha.

   ARMSTRONG, CHARLES: Retail Station Manager; b Port Byron, Ill May 16, 1891; s of Charles Armstrong-Helen Genung; ed Port Byron Ill HS 1909; mbr baseball team; m Verna Groh Dec 23, 1911 Port Byron Ill; s Leland, Joe; d Evelyn, Marguerite; 1912-27 & 1932-35 farmer, Nuckolls Co; 1927-32 mgr Farmers Union Oil Co, Nelson; 1935- mgr retail station Farmers Union State Exchange, Omaha; 1913-27 moderator sch dist 40, Nuckolls Co, Chris Ch; hobby, baseball, played with Nelson, Oak & Superior teams; res 925 S 41 st, Omaha.

   ASHBY, GEORGE FRANKLIN: Assistant to Railroad President; b Mt Airy, N C Sept 3, 1885; s of George Whitfield Ashby-Rozella Virginia Bunker; ed Mt Airy N C HS 1902; m Nelle Ross May 1, 1913 Greensboro N C; d Sybil Virginia (Mrs James C Douglass); 1902-06 with father in whol groc bus, Mt Airy N C; 1906-11 traveling auditor of disbursements for Seaboard Air Line Railway Co, Norfolk Va; 1911-21 construction acct & statistician, Ore-Wash R R & Navigation Co, Portland Ore; 1921-28 statistician to operating VP, UP RR at Omaha, 1928-37 asst to VP, 1937- asst to pres, in chg of finances & contracts; during World War in U S army tank corps Co 382, Gettysburg Penn & Camp Dix N J, disch Dec 1918; Amer Leg post 1; Omaha Country Club; Ak-Sar-Ben; AF&AM 268, Scot Rite 32o, Tangier Shrine; Dem; hobbies, golf & UP RR; father (dec) in whol groc bus 15 years, tobacco mfg bus 30 years, Mt Airy N C; off UP RR Bldg; res 518 S 40th, Omaha.

   ASSMANN, CHARLES JOSEPH: Merchant; b Council Bluffs, Ia Sept 7, 1891; s of Nicholas Assman-Josephine Bush; ed Omaha HS; m Bertha Coffey June 4, 1917 Nebraska City; d Betty Jean, Gretchen Yvonne, Ann Marie; 1912-34 mgr Browning-King, clothiers, Omaha; 1934- owner & opr clothing bus, Omaha; during World War Sept 1917-Feb 1919 mgr of clothing warehouse Camp Funston, quartermaster sgt; Amer Leg; Lions; C of C; Omaha Athletic Club; Ad-Sell League; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, hiking; off 312 S 15th; off 5018 Davenport, Omaha.

   ATZEN, CHARLES BERNARD: Retired; b Island of Fohr Jan 9, 1867; s of Broder Martin Atzen-Helen-___; ed Clinton Co Ia; Higland Park Coll, Des Moines Ia 1891-92; Still Coll of Osteopathy, Des Moines, Ia, DO 1903; m Catherine Tanna June 5, 1888 De Witt Ia; 1892-1900 druggist, Thor Ia; 1903-37 osteopath, Omaha; 1937- ret; 1907 org Neb Osteopathic Ed of Examiners, secy until 1913; Amer Osteopathic Assn, pres 1912, legislative dir 1920-30; A T Still Research Inst, Chicago, 1912-23 coun chmn; C of C, mbr 30 years; hon mbr Rotary, dir 2 terms; AF&AM 25, past master at Thor Ia 1892-1896, Scot Rite, 32o; Dem; hobby, philosophy; res 708 S 55th, Omaha.

   AYE, HERMAN: Attorney; b Blair, Neb Mar 29, 1873; s of Hans Aye-Caroline Peck; ed Blair; 1893-95 studied law in off of L W Osborn, Blair; m Nellie E Haller June 9, 1902 Blair; s Frederick H; d Catherine (Mrs Frederick Ebener), Miriam (Mrs Aye Smith); 1888-93 helped father on farm, Blair; 1896 adm to Neb bar; 1895-1911 prac law Blair; 1898-1902 Washington Co atty; 1911-12 asst atty, C&NW RR, Omaha; 1912- prac law Omaha; 1929- bankruptcy referee; Omaha & Neb St Bar Assns; Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben; hobby, reading; off 605 Farnam Bldg; res 1110 S 79th, Omaha.

   BAILEY, HOWARD J: President & Manager Manufacturing Co; b Monmouth, Ill Sept 22, 1869; s of James W Bailey-Anna Packer; ed Monmouth Ill HS; Monmouth Ill Coll; Midland Coll, Atchison Kas; m Carrie Sharrard Apr 3, 1925 Atchison Kas; s James S; d Louise (Mrs Walter A Weeks), Grace (Mrs John G Haskell); 1893 adm to Kas bar; 1896-99 prac law, Atchison Kas; 1893-96 in ins bus, Atchison Kas; 1899-1905 in whol well & mill supply bus, Fort Worth Tex; 1905 pres & mgr Baker Mfg Co, Omaha, also in plumbing & heating bus estab 1905; C of C; Rotary; Comm Chest, com mbr; YMCA com mbr; First Central Congl Ch; conservative Dem; hobby, golf; off 813-23 Douglas; res 431 N 38th St. Omaha.

   BAIRD, CLAIR JAMES: Attorney; b Carthage, Ill Dec 17, 1878, s of William Baird-Sarah M Allison; ed Omaha HS 1895; Monmouth Ill Coll 1897; U of N, LLB 1902; Phi Kappa psi, Phi Delta Phi; m Adele Louise McHugh Sept 9, 1908 Omaha; s William James d Barbara Caroline (Mrs W J McMartin), Janet Josephine, Adele Louise; 1902-37 mbr law firm William Baird & Sons, Omaha, 1937- Baird & Baird; gen counsel & dir Conservative Savings & Loan Assn; Omaha, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; C of C; Omaha County Club; Omaha Athletic Club; First Presby Ch, past trustee; hobby, family; off 1231 City National Bank Bldg; res 316 N 41st, Omaha.

   BAKER, BENJAMIN STANTON: Attorney; b Sabula, Ia Feb 8, 1850; s of Samuel Baker-Eliza Lewis; ed Johnson Co Ia; U of Iowa, BD 1871, LLB 1874; m Jennie Currey Aug 15, 1874 Webster City Ia (dec); m Myrtle I Carroll Apr 7, 1897 Omaha; 1871-73 HS prin, Webster City Ia; 1874-79 prac law, Webster City Ia; 1878-89 prac law, Fairbury; 1889 state legislator; 1890-94 US dist atty for Neb; 1894-95 prac law, Omaha; 1895-1902 judge Omaha dist court; 1902-05 judge of supreme court territory of N M, 1905- prac law, Omaha; 1912-14 city Corp counsel, Omaha; Omaha Bar Assn; pres Neb St Bar Assn; AF&AM 32o; Tangier Shrine; BPOE; hobby, study; off 580 Insurance Bldg; res 660 N 57th, Omaha.

   BAKER, NOAH J: President of Engraving Co; b Logansport, Ind Sept 21, 1872, s of George W Baker-Jennie Newport: ed Barclay Kas HS 1890; m Lulla N Bullock Oct 17, 1900 Osage City Kas; s Ray E, Robert D; d Wilma N (Mrs Al Wolf); farmer in Kas until 1899; 1899-1933 ptr of brother in engraving bus; 1933- owner & opr Baker Engraving Co, Omaha; Rotary; C of C; Ad-Sell League; Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben; AF&AM 1; WOW; Dundee Presby Ch; Rep; off 1122 Harney; res 312 S 51st, Omaha.

   BALDRIDGE, HOWARD MALCOLM: Attorney; b Omaha, Neb June 1894; s of Howard Hammond Baldrige-Letitia Coffey; ed Omaha HS 1912; Phillips Acad, Andover Mass 1914; Yale U 1918; U of N 1921; Phi Beta Phi; Psi Upsilon; m Regina Connell Nov 30, 1921 Omaha; s H Malcolm Jr, Robert Connell; d Letitia, Katherine; 1918-29 prac law with father; 1929- prac law with Judge Dorsey, Omaha; 1923 representative from Omaha dist in Neb legislature; 1930-32 mbr 72nd session of U S congress; during World War in 338th field arty, O/S Aug 1917-Jan 1919, disch capt; Amer Leg post 1; maj ORC; AF&AM, Scot Rite, 32o; First Bapt Ch; Rep, chmn Douglas Co Central Com 1937-38; hobby sports; off Omaha National Bank Bldg; res 124 S 39th, Omaha.

   BALDRIGE, MRS REGINA CONNELL: Homemaker; b Omaha, Neb; d of Dr Ralph Wardlaw Connell-Katherine E Walsh; ad Acad of Sacred Heart, Omaha; Dana Hall, Wellesley Mass.


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Who's Who in Nebraska (introduction & directory)

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