Elk City Cemetery: NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol 6, no 4

NSGS Ancestree

Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals


Volume Six, no. 4
Spring 1984

Note: Burials in [square brackets] were entered after the 1984 publication by Douglas Co. coordinator based on submissions by family members.

Vol VI, no. 4, page 130 - Spring 1984
Submitted by: Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, NE

ELK CITY CEMETERY, Elkhorn Precinct, Douglas County, NE

To locate: turn west at the Methodist Church in Elk City and proceed about 1/2 mile. Land for the cemetery was purchased from Morrice W.E. PURCHASE and his wife, Electa A., on 11 Dec. 1885. Articles of incorporation had been drafted 26 Oct. 1885.

Mrs. Eugene FRYE of Arlington, NE, is the present custodian of the records. NOTE: That was in 1984!

My great grandfather Richard MORRIS and great grandmother Dianna (Dinah) HARRIS MORRIS are buried in this cemetery; he has a tombstone, she does not. It is also the burial place of Richard's brother, John MORRIS, and members of his family. Richard and Dianna had 10 children, and it is believed that two who died young are interred here but no records have been found to prove their deaths. Richard purchased a lot on 19 November 1886, but the Association Records for that time do not indicate any burials on the lot.

Mrs. FRYE advises the early records were very poorly kept and because of my personal interest in this cemetery I have attempted to gather additional information regarding burials with emphasis on those without tombstones who were buried in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I have used the original association records, burial permits, a scrapbook, and area newspapers (made available to me) to compile the following information. Newly acquired burial information is shared with the association.

From materials in Mrs. FRYE'S possession I copied these "Record of Assessments" pertaining to the lot owners. The information was copied as it appeared in the original book --- with crossed out names and addresses --- and with later additions of names and addresses.

  Date of issue       Name 
   Jan. 14, 1901      C.P. ACKERMAN (Albion, NE) 
   Jan. 17, 1895      (Ann) Geo. APPLEBY (Valley) 
   Jan. 16, 1893      Elizabeth AYERS (Valley) 
    Jan. 6, 1886      Silas AUSTIN 
   Jan. 18, 1901      J.M. ABRAHAM (Valley) 
    May 10, 1901      J.M. ABRAHAM (Valley) 
    May 19, 1905      C.J. ANDERSON (Arlington) 
    Aug. 7, 1905      Chas. ABRAHAM (Neligh, NE) 
   Dec. 15, 1905      Wm. ALEXANDER (Valley) 
   Feb. 14, 1907      Mrs. A.B. APPLEBY (Will) 
   Feb. 16, 1899      Clarence BENDLE 
   Nov. 23, 1895      A.J. BARTLETT 
May (?) 27, 1893      Chas. BARNES 
     May 6, 1892      F. J. BESSEY (Washington) 
    Feb. 3, 1890      L.C. BROWN 
    Apr. 6, 1886      John BRYANT 
   June 18, 1888      Mrs. Ester BESSEY 
  March 30, 1886      M. BALLANGER 
   ____ 18, 1901      BUTTERWORTH & CORRIGAN 
                          (Huntington Park, CA) 
   June 20, 1902      Peter BROWN 
   Oct. 10, 1886      Geo. BEAN (Mrs. Ida VanAlst) 
   June 11, 1894      P. BLAKESLEY 
    Oct. 7, 1887      S.S. BLANCHARD 
    Nov. 3, 1889      J.M. BILLITER 
    Dec. 3, 1895      BILLITER & STONER 
    July 6, 1903      Mrs. Flora BAEZEALE (Thomas) 
   June 10, 1903      D.R. BAYLOR 
   July 28, 1906      Steffen BROCK 
   June 15, 1908      A.E. BURKE (Valley) 
    --- 12, 1915      Carolina BOHL (Bennington Irvington)
      ----, 1909      Mrs. P.A. ANDERSON (Bennington) 
            1907      Arthur ABRAHAM 
   Jan. 15, 1900      John COOPER 
   Oct. 26, 1895      Anna COMPTON (A.E. CHINK) 
    Jan. 8, 2896      M.C. CARMAN 
    Apr. 7, 1886      Hiram CULP 
    Nov. 29, ---      Stephen CARPENTER (Valley) 
    Apr. 8, 1895      F.J. COMPTON 
   Oct. 20, 1894      Lee CONCANNON 
    June 9, 1902      R.J. COCKING 

Vol VI, no. 4, page 131 - Spring 1984
Elk City Cemetery continued:

   Oct. 12, 1904      Chris CHRISTENSEN (S.A. Sterling, Herrick, S.D.) 
   Aug. 14, 1907      E.J. CASSELL (Myrtle) 
   July 26, 1912      Putman CULP 
    may 24, 1894      Geo. DREXEL 
   Apr. 18, 1896      Wm. J. DEE 
   ---- 10, 1895      John DECKER (Mrs. Kate) (Rosedale)
    Jan. 6, 1902      James F. DECKER 
    May 27, 1887      C.S. DECKER (Henry DECKER, RFD 5, West Point) 
    ------------      A.R. DODSON 
    May 15, 1888      Theo. DONSHESKI 
   Aug. 23, 1904      Walter EMMS (Benson, route 2) 
    Oct. 8, 1891      D.H. FITCH (?Congress St., Los Angeles, CA)    
  April 22, 1903      J.H. FULLER 
    July 3, 1903      WM. J. FRYE 
    Oct. 1, 1905      Ora FITCH (Arlington) 
   March 9, 1907      James FRYE 
   Oct. 22, 1909      L.P. FITCH 
   Jan. 14, 1916      E.H. FLESHER (RFD 3, Fremont, NE) 
   Feb. 21, 1920      G. FLESHER (RFD 3, Fremont, NE) 
  March 19, 1898      M.G. GROVER 
   Nov. 16, 1897      G.W. GELSTON 
   Apr. 24, 1897      Frank GELSTON 
    Dec. 4, 1894      H.E. GAINES 
  April 30, 1897      A.M. GAINES 
    ------------      H.L. GAINES 
    July 2, 1892      A.C. GAINES (907 N. Clarkson, Fremont) 
   March 3, 1889      Mrs. I. GIBBS (Clark) 
   April 7, 1886      H.A. GRAY 
  [July 27, 1880      James GUGIN age 60 yrs]
  April 17, 1886      John GUGIN 
  Sept. 20, 1902      Jacob GROAT 
   Oct. 18, 1903      Mrs. Kate GIBBONS 
   Feb. 26, 1907      Mrs. Lucy GAINES 
   Jan. 31, 1907      Herbert GELN 
    Dec. 1, 1910      H.F. GAYTON 
   April 9, 1915      Newton GAINES 
   Dec. 22, 1890      Geo. HAAS 
   April 5, 1886      H.M. HUNTER (notify Florence COLLINS, Gillett, Wyo.)
  March 25, 1887      John HANNAH (Grand Rapids) 
    May 30, 1901      Chas. R. HAWES 
   April 2, 1908      E.S. HOPPOCK 
   Oct. 29, 1914      Julia M. HARKINS (Rt. 3, Perry, Okla.) 
   Nov. 20, 1910      N.P. HOLLENBACK (% Roy ABRAHAM) 
    Dec. 4, 1897      John JOHNSON 
   Oct. 18, 1889      J.A. JACKSON 
    Oct. 6, 1894      Nels JOHNSON 
   Dec. 12, 1904      Mrs. Levi JOHNSON 
  Sept. 28, 1916      Ida KERSTETTER 
    -------------     D. KEPLAR 
    -------------     D.C. KERR 
   March 5, 1887      J.F. KIRKPATRICK 
    ---- 7, 1886      John KNOX 
   Oct. 15, 1901      A.P. KNAPP 
   July 25, 1911      William KERR (Bennington) 
   Dec. 30, 1911      Claus KUEHL 
    ---- 3, 1913      Mrs. LAMBRECHT 
    July 7, 1903      H.F. LEFFINGWELL 
    May 23, 1894      M.P. LYONS (Hal) 
   Sept. 2, 1887      Douglas LOCK IAN 
   April 6, 1886      A.Z. LEACH (Stillwall, Kans.) 
    Jan. 1, 1902      Arthur LEFFINGWELL 
    ------------      John L. LAUTENSCHLAKER (Mary) (Palmer, NE)
  April 12, 1886      H.A. LOCKWOOD 
   June 16, 1906      Geo. W. LEACH (Bennington) 

Vol VI, no. 4, page 132 - Spring 1984
Elk City Cemetery continued:

   Nov. 19, 1913      Lillie McNEILL 
    Nov. 7, 1899      H.H. MORRIS (Waterloo) 
   July 14, 1894      J.R. MOORE 
   Feb. 16, 1898      James MACTIER 
   Sept. 2, 1889      G.W.L. MITCHELL (--- Liddie, 516, E. 22 Univ. Place) 
   Nov. 19, 1886      Richard MORRIS 
    July 1, 1903      WM. MURLEY [husb of Mary Ann]
    Nov. 3, 1897      Grace MORRIS 
  April 12, 1886      A. McGARACK 
    Mar. 7, 1907      Hans MOELLER 
     May 2, 1907      Geo. MANSFIELD 
[Sept. 1925		Mary Ann Gugin Johnson MURLEY]
   Nov. 19, 1897      E.C. NEAL (Mrs. BULLOCK) (Geo. BULLOCK, Winslow, NE) 
    July 6, 1915      J.H. NEAL (pd by John NEAL) 
    Nov. 6, 1909      George MITCHELL Jr. 
    Nov. 6, 1909      Jos. NOBES 
   Aug. 16, 1886      Wm. OSBORN 
   Oct. 15, 1887      Geo. OSTLER 
   Feb. 24, 1914      Wm. POWERS 
    July 3, 1887      Aug. PAASH 
   Nov. 28, 1887      Flick PEANEY 
   Jan. 18, 1899      W.G. PURCHASE 
   April 7, 1886      P. PURCHASE 
   Dec. 26, 189-      Geo. PALMATIER 
   Feb. 24, 1914      WM. POWERS 
    Oct. 6, 1917      Pauline PETERS 
  April 17, 1918      Jacob PETERS 
    July 6, 1915      Mrs. J.H. NEAL 
   July 25, 1895      John QUINN (Williams, CA) 
    Nov. 8, 1691      Wm. QUINN 
    ------, 1899      F.R. RAMSER 
   July 20, 1898      James REVEL 
   March 8, 1893      Fred RENARD 
   April 7, 1886      Pheby J. RYAN 
   April 5, 1886      Martin RICHARDSON 
   Nov. 29, 1889      Frank REICHARDS (Valley) 
   July 21, 1899      Ella SAMSON (S.M. BALDWIN, Arlington, NE,) 
   Sept. 2, 1897      C.H. SWIHART (Bloomfield) 
   July 16, 1897      Alice SAMSON (Mrs. FOUTS, Valley) 
   July 16, 1897      Dave SAMSON (Notify Louis C. SAMSON, Odessa, Wash.) 
   July 22, 1889      Samuel SAMSON 
   July 27, 1897      C.F. SCHRADER (H. GRADERT, Bennington, NEI) 
   Dec. 13, 1890      WM. SCOTT (Turley, Okla.) 
   Oct. 16, 1890      J.W. SHUMAKER 
     May 6, 1901      Geo. G. SHARPE (2437 Pinkney St.) 
  April --, 1886      Win. B. SHERWOOD Jr. 
    May 28, 1888      Mrs, I. STREET 
   Sept. 8, 1886      1. STREET 
   Jan. 14, 1886      Pete SIMPSON 
    ------------      L.D. SMITH 
   June 12, 1915      E.M. SAMSON 
  March 10, 1917      Herman SCHMIDT 
   Aug. 26, 1901      Geo. R. TABLER 
   Aug. 10, 1898      Wm. TOZIER 
   Jan. 28, 1901      Wm. R. TURNER 
    Jan. 7, 1886      WM. R. TURNER 
   Feb. 11, 1892      S.J. TALCOTT 
  March 26, 1906      Mrs. Geo. H. TABLER 
   Nov. 16, 1909      A.G. THOMPSON 
    May 12, 1921      Mrs. E. TALLMAN (1305 N. H St., Fremont) 
   Dec. 26, 1896      Sam. Van SCYOC (John KOERBER, Norfolk) 
    May 13, 1893      Ida VanAlst 
    Jan. 2, 1890      Geo. E. WARREN (Chas. MARTIN, Benson) 
   Jan. 10, 1893      Omar WHITNEY (E.P.) 

Vol VI, no. 4, page 133 - Spring 1984
Elk City Cemetery continued:

  Sept. 21, 1894      Z.T. WILCOX (M.S. CRAIG) 
    Nov. 9, 1888      Thomas WOLLEN 
   April 6, 1886      S.S. WILT 
   April 7, 1886      O.A. WOLCOTT 
   Oct. 25, 1887      Elias WOLLEN 
   April 5, 1886      I.F. WEAVER (JUNGBLUTH) 
   Feb. 26, 1907      Lafe WATERMAN 
   Dec. 25, 1910      Herman WEISE (Bennington) (2 entries this date) 
  March 30, 1914      Mrs. Jasper WHEATON (%Mrs. J.A. BRYAN) 
  Sept. 21, 1914      Mary A. McCLAIN (%Mrs. Flora CLANCY, 237 John St.,
                          410 Gordon St., Humboldt, NE) 
   April 7, 1886      J.N. ZIMMER 
  April 28, 1916      Thos. MERRYWEATHER 
  April 28, 1916      Robt. MERRYWEATHER 
   Jan. 29, 1918      Fannie OLIVER (RFD 3 Castle Ford, Idaho) 
   Feb. 25, 1918      Henry LAMB 
   Dec. 19, 1918      W.H. MERRYWEATHER 
    May 22, 1919      Geo. A. SAMSON 
   Oct. 26, 1921      C.E. LEE 
   Sept. 5, 1922      Lewis KEMP 

The following information was taken from Burial Permits. These permits were usually dated about 2 days after the death date. (Burial permits were copied in April 1980 so I have information on those who were buried after the Great Omaha Gen. Society had copied the cemetery in July 1976 to April 1960, but that information is not included here.) There were no tombstones for the following when GOGS copied this cemetery.

Anna APPLEBY died Elkhorn, age 81, February 26, 1923
Thos. APPLEBY died Elkhorn, age 73, February 27, 1923
Elvira BOLAND died Omaha, age 44 yrs. 4 mo. 24 days, August 6, 1924
Celia BROWN, age 91, 1 mo. 22 (or 12) days, March 9, 1922
Emma L. COMPTON died Elk City, age 77, February 24, 1923
Anna FAYE died Fremont, November 10, 1965
Green B. FLESCHER permit issued January 7, 1925
Arthur Hirum JOHNSON died Chico, Butte Co., California, August 23, 1972. Cremated. Born March 18, 1890
Robert Norman KEMP babe found dead in his bed, issued Sept. 5 (?), 1922
Mary Margaret LANG, age 65 yrs, 2 mo. 26 days, March 27, 1921
Etta Jane McLUHRS died Waterloo, age 4 mo., November 9, 1926
Stealla May McGINNISS died Cheyenne, Wyo., age 53, August 6, 1922. Burial permit issued Fremont, Dodge Co., Nebraska
Harry MERRYWEATHER died Omaha, February 20, 1965
Mary Ann MORLEY, age 70, permit issued September 21, 1931
Eleanor SHARPE died Omaha, June 26, 1962
George Edwin WARREN, age 83 yrs. 2 mo, 22 days, March 10, 1921
Rosa WIESE issued March 30, 1925

As previously stated a scrapbook and area newspapers (available to me) were also used to gather this information. I will continue searching the old newspapers for obits as time permits. Most of the following obits were taken from the WATERLOO WEEKLY GAZETTE but other area newspapers were also used. Many of the clippings in the scrapbook were undated and did not indicate the name of the newspaper. These obits are all that I have found at the present time (January 1983) on the early burials. There are tombstones for some but for many there are none. Obits that do not state where the person was buried were copied from the Elkhorn City or Elk City news section in the papers. (I am not sure of the date the town's name was changed. When the cemetery was incorporated in 1885 the minutes read "Elkhorn City", however, the 1885 Atlas of Nebraska lists the name as Elk City.) This information should be helpful to others searching for their families in this area - especially if no tombstone marks their grave.

19 August 1881: Mr. PETERSON died on Saturday last near Waterloo. An old Danish man. He recently came to this country. His family is not here. He was buried on Sunday at Elkhorn City Cemetery.

17 February 1882: The infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles DOWLING of Elkhorn City died. Burial on the 10th.

Vol VI, no. 4, page 134 - Spring 1984
Elk City Cemetery continued:

24 February 1882: The little girl of Mr. & Mrs. WEAVER of Elkhorn City died on the 22nd of Feb.

3 March 1882: Cora, 16 month old dau. of Mr. & Mrs. WEAVER of Elkhorn City died on 23 Feb.

2 June 1882: Johnny ABRAM, over 7 years old, drowned in the Rawhide on Wednesday last. He was the son of John ABRAM. Burial in Elkhorn City Cemetery. Rev. WINTERS conducted the services at the Elkhorn City schoolhouse.

5 August 1881: Ross AUSTIN, 3 month 21 day old son of S. & Carrie AUSTIN, died on Saturday, 31 July 1881. Burial in Elkhorn City Cemetery.

20 April 1900: Waldo, only son of Mr. & Mrs. McCOY died Thursday last. Funeral conducted by Rev. ANTRIM in M.E. Church in Elk City.

19 July 1895: Ed STONER's infant son, age 1 yr. 1 mo., died at Arlington on Tuesday. Remains brought home and buried on Wednesday.

29 Sept. 1895: Mr. & Mrs. John MURRY lost little son last week.

24 July 1896: Mrs. JACKSON, aged 87, of Elk City buried last Monday.

18 Sept. 1896: Evans, 5 yr. old son of Mr. & Mrs. William PURCHASE, died Tuesday, the 15th. 3 other children are not ill.

16 April 1897: The infant child of Mr. & Mrs. G.H. CARRIER was buried last Friday. (news item dated 12 April.)

8 Sept. 1899: Mary OSBORN, wife of Arthur OSBORN of this place, died Monday, 28 Aug. at home of her father, Lewis CHRISTENSEN. She was his only daughter. She leaves husband, father, 2 brothers.

3 Nov. 1899: W.J. BROWN died on Monday. Funeral on Wednesday.

16 May 1902: Geo. CHRISTIANSON & wife lost their little baby last week. Child was sickly since birth.

--- Lee CONCANNON died prior January 1900. (Information from obit of wife, Mrs. Florence QUINN.)

June 13, 1902: Rev. COCKING of Purple Cane brought their little baby to Elk City to be buried on Monday. Two of the children have whooping cough; baby died on Saturday & the older girl so sick the mother could not accompany the father to the burial.

26 July 1895: The little son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank DEAN of Omaha was buried here on Tuesday.

19 April 1895: The infant child of Mr. & Mrs. John DECKER died Tuesday, the 9th. Buried on on Wednesday at Elk City Cemetery.

24 April 1896: Mr. & Mrs. Wm. J. DEE of Elk City buried their infant at that place last Sunday.

19 April 1901: Grandma FAY died Wednesday. Interment Elk City Cemetery. Roxanna POST was born in Lower Canada on 1 March 1808. She joined the Baptist Church when young. Married 15 Feb. 1827 to Israel FAY, a Baptist minister. They had 10 children, 5 boys & 5 girls. All are dead except Mrs. Betsy DAKENS, Douchester, Ontario, Canada and Mrs. Jennie CARRIGAN of Waterloo. Mr. & Mrs. FAY went to Kansas in 1859. He is buried at Burlington, Kans. She came to Waterloo in 1874 and here joined the Christian Church. She died 17 April at home of Mrs. CARIGAN & Miss BUTTERWORTH. Aged 93 yrs, 1 mo. 16 days.

30 April 1897: Mr. & Mrs. Frank GELSTON of Elk City buried their 2 yr. old daughter at Elk City Cem. on Sunday.

19 Nov. 1897: George W. GELSTON died Monday, 15 Nov., aged 67 yrs. Burn (sic) in Marlborough, Conn. on 5 July 1830. Spent his boyhood there & at East Haddam, Conn. In late '50's went to Iowa where he drove a stage. he came to Nebr. as driver & landlord for same company, Western Stage. He married 4 Sept. '62 to Miss Mary WILKENING of Fontenelle, Neb. In 1867 he purchased farm at Elk City where he resided until his death. Leaves a wife & 9 children, 7 sons live at Elk City; 2 daughters, Mrs. Anna CLAPP of Gordon, Neb, & Mrs. Emma ROHNER of Belgrade, Neb.

2 May 1902: Hugh HANNON died at home of daughter, Mrs. J.C. COOPER of Elk City on Monday, 28 April, aged 81 yrs. 11 mo. 13 days. Born in Co. of Sligo, Parish of Killglass, Ireland, on 15 May 1820. At age 12 went to Quebec, Canada. In 1848 removed to near Laffeyette, Ind. in 1851 to Milford, Ill, where he made his home until coming to live with daughter. Father of 7, 2 survive. Funeral at COOPER home on 30 May with Rev. ASTON of Waterloo officiating. Burial Elk City Cam.

12 March 1900: The son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph JUNGBLUTH died last Tuesday. Interment at Elk City Cem. on Thursday.

10 May 1901: Mrs. LEACH, mother of Albert & Ernest LEACH, who live 4 miles north of Elkhorn, died last Wednesday, 1 May at home of daughter, Mrs, O.T. GREER in Hamilton Co. this state. Funeral at home of sons last Sunday with burial at Elk city Cem. She was 80 yrs. Her husband died in 1876. 4 sons & 4 daughters survive. 3 other children have been dead for some years.

3 Jan. 1902: One of the twin babies of Mr. & Mrs. LEFFINGWELL died Tuesday night. The other is very low. Funeral at Elk City yesterday. Mother is daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John GRAFF.

Vol VI, no. 4, page 135 - Spring 1984
Elk City Cemetery continued:

21 Feb. 1902: The twin baby aged 5 mos. of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur LEFFINGWELL died Saturday. Rev. PICKETT held service at house. Burial on Monday at Elk City beside other twin who died the day before New Year's.

Arthur LEFFINGWELL died at age 74 in an Omaha hospital on 2 May 1944. He & his brother Charley operated a saw mill for years before going to Omaha. He lived many years in Waterloo area. His wife died about 20 yrs. ago & for 18 yrs. lived with his daughter, Mrs, Dewey BURNISON. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Earl TRULLINGER of Waterloo; Mrs. Elwood BELL, Mrs. William TUTTLE, Mrs. Clifford BAKER & Mrs. Dewey BURNISON all of Omaha. Burial Elk City Cem.

4 July 1902: Mrs. H.A. LOCKWOOD was killed by a freight train. She & husband on way to dau. Mrs. Hascall HICKSON. Services at Elk City & remains to Elk City Cem. The Rebekah Lodge assisted with services. Rev. E. ASTON officiated. Launie JONES LOCKWOOD was born in New Hampshire on 19 Sept. 1851. Came to Iowa when young. married on 6 Oct. 1870 to H.A. LOCKWOOD. They removed to Douglas Co. about 22 yrs. ago. 5 children, 4 boys & 1 girl. 1 boy died. Those living: Charlie, Frank, Fred & Mrs. Belle HICKSON. She was 50 yrs 8 mo. 9 days.

Frank E. LOCKWOOD, 68, night watchman at Waterloo, died Sunday at his home. Survivors: wife, Cora; sons, Carl, Earl & LeRoy (Pete) all of Waterloo; Ralph in Calif.; daughter in Elk City; Stepson Ray BARTHEL, Chicago; step daughter, Mrs. W.B. JENSEN, Fremont; sister, Mrs. Rascal HICKSON, Valley. Services from Methodist Church at Elk City & burial in the cemetery there.

31 July 1896: Mr. LOMBARD of Elk City died on Wednesday last & buried at that place yesterday. He was in his 89th year.

22 June 1900: W.J. McNAMARA died on Saturday. Leaves a wife & 2 small children. Member of MWA. Services at the home on Monday with Rev. ANTRIM. Burial Elk City.

Mrs. Harry MERRYWEATHER (Retta HARTFORD) was born 7 March 1882, 2 miles south of Valley and died 15 Feb. 1944 in Omaha. United in marriage on 30 March 1905 to Harry MERRYWEATHER at Fremont. At age 16 joined Waterloo Christian Church & later the Valley Baptist. A dau., Mrs. Bernice SHARPE of Oakland, Calif. had been here & just returned home when her mother died. Loving hand of her family administered her during her last days. Burial at Elk City Cem. (Many listed as attending furneral.)

Henry Harrison MORRIS died in Omaha at home of his daughter, Mrs. Russell (Eva) PARK. He lived in Douglas Co. & Waterloo for 66 yrs. Services at Waterloo with burial at Elk City Cem. Survivors: sons, Leonard A. & Fred of Omaha; daughters, Mrs. Frank (Mary) STOTTS, Brule, Iowa, Mrs. Fred (Nettie) Markert, Omaha & Mrs. PARK. Brothers: Louis, Waterloo; George, Oregon; Richard, Upland, Neb.; Frank, Genoa; sister, Mrs. Ed SUTTER, Columbus. 7 grandchildren & 9 great grandchildren. (Born 1863, died 1940. Married to Laura BROWN.) (Son of Richard & Dianna HARRIS MORRIS.)

Richard MORRIS born 17 July 1835 at Stilesville, Ind., died 29 Feb. 1908, aged 72 yrs 8 mo 13 days. Burial Elk City Cem. Married 15 July 1861 to Dianna HARRIS in Missouri. 8 children: Mrs. Nancy McKEE, Knox Co.; H(enry) H. of Waterloo; Frank of Valley; Louis E.; Waterloo; Richard, Franklin Co.; Mrs. Florence DONAHOO, Blaine Co.; George W., Waterloo; Mrs. Polly SUTTER, Valley. 35 grandchildren. (2 children died previously)

Mrs. Richard MORRIS died at home of her son, Frank MORRIS, at Genoa, Nebr. on Tuesday, 4 June 1935. Before her marriage she was Dinah HARRIS & was born in Mahaska Co., Iowa, 16 August 1844. At her death she was 90 yrs. 9 mos. 19 days. (Same survivors as above, except Nancy McKEE.) Funeral was held at Elk City, interment at Elk City Cemetery.

William POWERS born 10 June 1858 at Mount Pleasant, Iowa died 4 Feb. 1942, aged 83 yrs. Son of Thomas & Bridget POWERS and was 1 of 6 children. Grew to manhood at Mount Pleasant and moved to Valley, Neb. area where he lived for over 60 yrs. Married 9 March 1897 at Omaha to Jenny McDUFFEE of Waterloo. They had 9 children, 5 daughters & 4 Sons. He was preceded in death by wife, 3 sons & 1 dau. During Christmas holiday he journeyed to Mt. Pleasant to attend funeral of his brother. Survivors: 4 daus, Mrs. Walter LARSEN, Omaha; Mrs. Harvey OHM, Yutan; Mrs. Orville WELLS, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; Mrs. Clarence SMITH, Valley; 1 son, Hubert of Valley; 1 stepson, James MCDUFEE of Fremont; 1 stepdaughter, Mrs. Archie BROWN, Lingle, Wyo.; 13 grandchildren; 2 bros.: John of Los Angeles, Calif.; Tom of Torrington, Wyo.; 1 sister, Maggie POWERS of Davenport, Iowa.

5 Jan. 1900: Mrs. Florence QUINN died at home of her sister, Mrs. Geo. MERRYWEATHER, in the presence of her parents, brother & Sisters. Funeral on Saturday. Remains to Elk City Cem. beside grave of her first husband, Lee CONCANNON. Rev. EGGLESTON officiated.

6 Oct. 1899: Tuesday of last week the 3 yr. old dau. of Mrs. Florence ROOT fell into a tub of boiling water and died some hours later. Services at ME Church with Rev. John BUTTS conducting services. Remains to Elk City Cemetery.

5 March 1897: Mr. & Mrs. Frank SAMPSON buried their infant child at Elk City on Tuesday last.

30 July 1697: Mrs. SCHRADER aged 77 yrs. died in Washington Co. where she lived many years. She is the mother of Mr. W.A. SOAMES. Burial Elk City Cemetery.

Vol VI, no. 4, page 136 - Spring 1984
Elk City Cemetery continued:

24 April 1896: The 18 mo. old child of Mr. & Mrs. L.D. SMITH, who live north of the Rawhide, drowned last Sunday. Remains buried at Elk City on Monday.

7 June, 1935: John STILES died at Clearview Home on 30 May 1935. He was born in Slides, Ger. and was 76 yrs. 10 mo. 1 day at time of his death. He came to Nebr. about 40 yrs. ago. He married Susan SCOTT in August 1898. She died 27 Jan. 1915 at Colorado Springs, Colo. He has no blood relations in this country. Mrs. Cora SHERWOOD of Elk City is a step daughter. Services on Sat. at Elk City church, interment in Elk City Cem

Thomas Z. WAITE of Omaha died Sunday, 29 Dec. 1940, aged 51 yrs. Interment at Elk City. Leaves wife, Barbara; brother, Clair of Buffalo, N.Y., sister, Mrs. Nellie ROBERTS of Albion, N.Y.

Dec. 7, 1900: Grandmother WILCOX died 3 Dec. aged 84 yrs. 2 mos. 28 days. She died at home of daughter, Mrs. Wm. TURNER at Elk City, Services at Methodist Church, interment at Elk City Cem. Rev. EGGLESTON officiating. George JOHNSON took hearse & had charge of the burial.

21 Feb. 1902: Lot ABRAHAM died suddenly on Wednesday morning.

28 Feb. 1902: Lot William A13RAHAM born 18 Nov. 1865 at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, died 19 Feb, 1902, age 36 yrs, 3 mo. 1 day. He moved with his parents to Douglas Co., Neb., in March 1881. Leaves father, 4 brothers & I sister. Member of MWA at Elk City.

10 May 1901: Mrs. John ABRAHAM died on Friday, May 3, at her home 4 miles south of Valley. Services at house on Sunday. Interment Elk City Cemetery. Wife of John A. ABRAHAM, a prominent farmer. Leaves husband & 6 children.

17 May 1901: Mrs. Catherine ABRAHAM died at age 58 yrs. 7 mos. Catherine BARTLETT was born 3 Oct. 1842 in Rush Co., Ind. Moved to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, with parents in 1854. Married 5 Feb. 1865 to John M. ABRAHAM. Baptised 15 Sept. 1878 at Mt. Pleasant in First Baptist Church. In Spring of 1881 removed to Nebraska. They had 6 sons & 1 dau. One son drowned after arriving in Nebr. Beside husband & family she leaves 1 sister, Mrs. O.E. HAGEN of Arlington, Nebr. & 1 bro., Jesse D. BARTLETT of Mt. Pleasant. She was laid beside her child at Elk City Cemetery.

Charles H. ALLISON was born 27 Nov. 1880 at Chariton, Iowa, died 8 Jan. 1943 at Valley, aged 62 yrs. 1 mo. 12 days. Married to Anna Maue GRAF on 1 April 1905 in Fremont. Survived by wife; stepson, Gerald GRAF; foster son, PFC. Carl G. ALLISON with Armed Forces in No. Africa; 1 sister, Mrs. A.J. HEADLEY OF Waterloo; 4 brothers, Harvey & Ira of Omaha, Pearl of Denver & Bert of Grand Island. Also many nieces and & nephews. 2 sisters preceded him in death, Mrs. Addie M. FORBES & Mrs. Cora V. HEADLEY. (Many relatives attended & are listed.) Burial at Elk City Cemetery.

26 March 1897: George APPLEBY died on Wed. last. He had been an invalid for years. A pioneer of Douglas Co. Leaves a large circle of relatives & friends.

Mrs. Anna B. APPLEBY died Monday, 4 Aug., aged 89, at her home in Selma, CA. She married in 1878 Thomas APPLEBY of Elk City. Graveside services at Elk City Cemetery. Survivors: sons, Thomas C. of Selma, CA, Charles A. of Serna, CA, William J. of Lyons. She came to Omaha in 1862, then married, and in 1890 returned to Omaha to take nurse's training. Formerly lived at Nebr. Masonic Home at Plattsmouth. Mrs. Tom APPLEBY accompanied the body from CA and is a guest of Mr. & Mrs. Herman APPLEBY.

Mrs. W.J. APPLEBY (Margaret Eleanor ALLEN) was born 15 Sept 1884 at farm home of parents near David City, Nebr. At age 15 came to this area. Married 24 Jan. 1904 to William APPLEBY of Elk City and they bad 3 sons. She became member of Methodist Church at Elk City in 1916. She died Tues. morning, 9 Feb. 1943, aged 58 yrs. Survivors: husband; 2 sons, Herman of Arlington & Harold of Bennington; 5 brothers, Lee of Goodland, Kans., Ezra of Torrington, Wyo., Del, Ora & Louis of Van Tassel, Wyo.; 1 sister, Mrs. George TABLER of Hershey, Nebr. 1 son, Claude, preceded her in death in 1911. (Long list of relatives & friends who attended.)

29 Nov. 1695: Mrs. Ida BARTLETT died 22 Nov., age 18 yrs. Leaves husband & child a few months old. Died at home of her mother, Mrs. John MORRIS. Remains laid to rest by her father & sister at Elk city Cemetery.

24 Nov. 1899; Mrs. E.A. BESSEY, an Elk City pioneer, died on Thurs., 16 Nov. at home of son, F.J. BESSEY. She was born in NY State & came to Nebr. with her husband in 1866. Her husband died 15 yrs. ago & is buried at Elk City Cemetery. She was in her 62nd year. Mother of 11 children, 9 living.

18 July 1902: "Grandma" BROWN died at home of son, Peter BROWN, on Sunday, 13 July. Mrs. Jas. H. BROWN was born in England 2 June 1824, moved to Canada & there married Jas. BROWN on 15 Nov. 1832. They had 12 children, 8 living. She was a member of the L.D.S. Church for 32 years. Aged 78 yrs. 1 mo. 23 days.

23 May 1902: Chas. BROWN, the carpenter who suffered with cancer of the face, died in Omaha on Monday. Remains to Elk City Cem.

2 April, 1897: The funeral of John BRYANT was held at Elk City last Tues. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph GIBBONS attended.

Vol VI, no. 4, page 137 - Spring 1984
Elk City Cemetery continued:

16 Aug. 1895: William HOWARD, son of Mr. & Mrs. Marlin C. CARMAN (or CARMON), died Aug. 10, 1895, aged 14 mos. Funeral at Free Meth. Church in Elk City on Sunday the 11th.

Mr. BESSEY. Wife's Obit dated 24 NOV. 1899 says her husband died 15 years ago and is buried at Elk City Cemetery. (Mrs. 'Ester' BESSEY purchased a lot on 18 June 1888.)

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