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AMES - A station on the U.P. Ry, in the southern part of Dodge county, seven miles west of Fremont, the county seat.  Stock feeding is the main industry carried on at this place.  Extensive sheds are erected here for this purpose.  Population is 60.

MANN W F, sta agt, postmaster.
Simms John jr, genl mdse.
Standard Cattle Co, live stock feeders.

CROWELL - A station on the F E & M V Ry, in the northern part of Dodge county, 29 miles northwest of Fremont, the judicial seat.  The shipments of grain and live stock annually are very large.  Population is 50.

Baker J L, Aaron Shire mgr, grain and coal.
Diers Herman, prop City Hotel, genl mdse.
Hormal J, blacksmith.
King & Cusick, genl mdse.
KING J J, postmaster.
Meyer Wm, sta agt.
Pulsifer C T, lumber,  grain.
Thompson G, Hardware, agl implts.

DODGE - Is a village of 450 inhabitants in the northwestern part of Dodge county, on the Scribner and Oakdale branch of the F E & M V Ry, 36 miles from Fremont, the county seat.  It is located in a very rich farming and stock country, being mostly settled by Germans and Bohemians.  This is a lively trading point and is making rapid strides in improvements, several new stores and residences having been erected in the past year.  A splendid brick school has been built at a cost of $13,000.  There are three grain elevators here having a combined capacity of 58,000 bushels and shipping on an average 90 car loads per day during the season.  A splendid full roller system flouring mill located here assists in the consumption of the surrounding products.  The Dodge Advertiser is the local journal and is edited by Mr G W Rosa, one of the early settlers of Dodge.  The financial interests of the community are well taken care of by the Farmers State Bank, which has a paid in capital of $15,000 and authorized to $60,000.  There are two hotels, as also two splendid church edifices, namely, the Catholic and the Congregational.

BOWLUS C GEO, pres Farmers State Bank.
Brazda Frank, hardware.
Bringloe J B, sta, tel and ex agt.
Brodhun & Stuefer, livestock.
Cerv & Nouzovsky, harnessmakers.
City Hotel, Mrs J W Mosier, prop.
Commercial Hotel, Mrs A Krull prop.
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co, S Lant mgr, lumber and grain.
Dietrich Ernest, blacksmith
Dodge Milling & Grain Co, Joseph Roubinek pres & mgr, C B Dunker Secy,
    mfrs flour, feed and dealers in grain.
Dostal Joseph agl implts.
FARMERS STATE BANK, authorized capital $60,000 paid in $15,000,
   C Bowlus pres, Ernest Schurman vice-pres, Herman Holsten, cashier.
FULLER, SMITH & FULLER, W M Stephens mgr, grain, live stock, coal and lumber.
Garman, W C, livery stable.
Gohrs Hall, C Gohr prop, seats 500.
Harder Hermine Mrs, millinery.
Hasson A R, postmaster, confectionery & justice.
Hatton W, lumber and ins.
Hansel Henry, livery stable.
HOETFELKER HENRY, saloon, wines, liquors & cigars, billiard hall.
HOLSTEN HERMAN, cashier Farmers State Bank, notary.
Johnston J A, hardware.
Koryta  Joseph, confectionery.
Krejca John, cigar mfr.
Krull A Mrs, prop Commercial Hotel.
Krull Wm, meat market.
Kurz Aug, agl implts.
Legro Wencel, nursery.
Lohiding Max, brick mfr.
Mayes C L, painter.
MILLIGAN & HRABAK (John O Milligan, Chas Hrabak), genl mdse, agl implts.
Mosier J W Mrs, prop City Hotel.
Nuveman Wm, livery.
Papovsek Joseph, blacksmith & wagonmaker.
Patterson Wm, barber.
Person E Dr, phys & drugs.
Philson John, carpenter.
Polcin E & M, genl mdse.
Pucelik Thomas, boots and shoes.
Quesner H & Co, genl mdse.
ROSA G W, ins, collections, notary, publisher Dodge Advertiser.
Schaefer C, harnessmaker.
Spindler & Vlach, saloon.
Srb & Hubenka, saloon, billiards.
Stuefer A F Mrs, dressmaker.
Thuma  John, furniture, undertaker.
Traulsen Bros, furniture, undertakers.
Vickery J B, justice.
Westfall D C, auctioneer.
Wiesner Joseph, meat market.
Woodruff Chas, hardware.
Woytcke George, blacksmith.
YUNEK & HRABAK, saloon, wines, liquors & cigars.

EVERETT - A postoffice in the central portion of Dodge County, 12 miles from Fremont.
F J M Smith, postmaster.

FREMONT - The county seat of Dodge county, and is located at the junction of the Union Pacific, Sioux City & Pacific, the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Ry, and its Hastings & Geneva & Lincoln branches, 47 miles west of Omaha.  The site was originally selected for its slight elevation of ground and being at the confluence of the Platte and Elkhorn valleys, the two most picturesque and productive, and now the most densely populated valleys in the state.  It has at this writing a population of 8,000, and shows an expenditure for private and public improvements for the past year of $450,000.  It is conceded by its strongest rivals, that Fremont contains more fine residences than any other western city of its size.  In the center of the city is a beautiful public park, upon the side of which stands the water tower, 130 feet in height, and from which over four miles of water mains are supplied with cold and pure water.  The system consists of a series of driven wells from which the water is drawn by a powerful and effective steam pump and forced into the tower, or in case of fire can be soconnected as to give direct pressure to the mains.  The principal streets and business places are lighted with electricity and about four miles of horse car track run through theprincipal and resident parts of the city.

Manufactures and Wholesale Houses - Among Fremonts most important manufacturing plants are:  Fremont Foundry and Machine Shops, whose pay roll and amounts to nearly $50,000 a year; the Continuous Brick Kiln Co., with capacity of 40,000 per day; the Nebraska Creamery claims to have the best equipped creamery in the country, employs 35 to 40 hands, pays out in Fremont and vicinity nearly all of its expenditures and has a yearly output of over half a million pounds; the Fremont Milling Co have lately made large improvements to their plant, and turn out a produce equal to any; the Fremont Manufacturing Co. and Denny & Lumbard operate two extensive planing mills; the Fremont Carriage Co., though lately organized, is making rapid strides forward and is turning out a large amount of work equal to any in the west;  the Fremont Hemp and Twine Co, are extending their plant and employ 35 or 40 hands, the Globe Cornice Works, the Fremont Broom Co, a large number of men, and turn out well known products; The Seeley Elevator Co, having its headquarters here, is perhaps the most important of its kind in the entire west; over 100 grain elevators in Nebraska bear their name, and their buildings and machinery are now well represented in adjoining states.  Fremont also has a packing house with a capacity of 1,000 head of hogs daily.  Among the most extensive mercantile houses are the Nye & Schneider Co, dealers in grain, lumber, coal and live stock, and owning over twenty elevators in various parts of the state; Huette Son & Co, wholesale hardware, stoves, furnaces and cornice manufacturers, and H J Lee wholesale hardware, wagon and carriage material; Albers  & Co., wholesale liquors and cigars, and agents for Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co.

Post Office - More mail is handled at Fremont with corresponding net receipts than at any other office of its class in Nebraska.  The carrier system having only been in operation since July 1888, and at present employing but four carriers.  The last session of Congress passed an appropriation for the erection of a government building here, and the commissioners have already selected the site.

New Buildings & Public Improvements - The principal buildings completed since our last edition are as follows:  Dodge County Court House, a magnificent piece of architecture, at a cost unfurnished of $60,000; Fremont City Hall, a commodious and substantial brick, cost $11,000; two public schools cost $35,000; the Masonic Hall erected by the fraternity mainly for their own use at a cost of $35,000, is not only in its interior as handsome and convenient as any Masonic Hall in the west, but presents an imposing exterior, having a magnificent brown stone front, which is both massive and beautiful.  The German American Bank building is another imposing brown stone edifice costing $20,000.  The Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association have just erected a handsome frame storage house at a cost of $10,000.  The Postoffice block cost $8,500, the Union Block cost $10,000, The Fremont Carriage Works handsome and commodious building occupies a prominent location in the heart of the city.  Several costly private residences have also been erected with the past year, one at a cost of over $20,000.  Over $40,000 have been expended within the past year in paving.  The Fremont Hemp & Twine Co., have just commenced the erection of an extensive twine mill here which, with its machinery, etc., will approximate $35,000 in cost.  This will be run in connection with their flax mills here and at Elkhorn and North Bend.

Educational -Twenty thousand dollars, or nearly $2.50 per capita of its population, is yearly expended for the support of the city school system.  There are four capacious brick buildings heated by steam, two of which have been nearly doubled in capacity during the present year; one more wooden structure has also been built, making in the six buildings a seating capacity for 2,000 pupils.  All of the schools are nearly filled.  The school board is liberal in its appropriations and has provided the rooms with all modern apparatus and one of the best corps of teachers to be found in the country.  The growth of the Fremont Business College during its first year, just closed, has been most phenomenal.  It was due largely to the fact that President Hamlin is widely and most favorably known throughout the northwest and has made a great record as a business educator.  Other features of the institution which have added greatly to its popularity are the carpeted rooms, inside blinds, lace curtains, model furniture, and unrivalled equipment.  The business offices and their belongings are most original and complete.  The department of telegraphy is conducted by a Western Union expert, the department of languages and academic branches is in charge of a Michigan university graduate.  Everything is done in a rational manner and upon business principles, and pupils who enter there learn many valuable lessons outside the books, and carry thence thought and aspirations, which will surely lead to grand results in the business world of the future.  A strip of some ten feet wide running the entire length of the main room or hall has been partitioned off into various compartments which have been fitted up with every interior convenience and expensive office fronts; these represent in every detail two banks; a home bank with $1,000,000 in its own paper money, and an exchange bank representing the manner in which drafts etc., are handled at the other end; there is also a railroad ticket and freight office with all the paraphernalia of such, including tickets to all points; a telegraph office, a wholesale house with cards representing every commodity; a commission house etc., in fact the student is put through an actual business training here in every possible way.  In connection with this college is a complete phonographic institute which afford a thorough training in phonography and typewriting, composition and a general preparation for active life.  In addition to the above there is the Fremont Normal College, which was established about three years ago, and has from the first been favored with surprising success.

Churches - The St James Episcopal and the Congregational churches have magnificient edifices.  The Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian, Danish Lutheran, German Lutheran, German Evangelical, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, and Roman Catholic denominations are all established in handsome homes, and have large attendances..

Societies -  Masonic:  Fremont Lodge No 15 A F & A M, Signet Chapter No 8 R A & M, Hiram Council No 7 R & S M, Mount Tabor Commandery No 9 K T, Emmet Lodge of Perfection No 5 A A S R..   Odd Fellows:  Centennial Lodge No 59, Apollo Encampment No 22, Fremont Canton No 4.  K of P:  Triumph Lodge No 32, Fremont Division No 21 U R, Damascus Division No 30 U R,; Miscellaneous:  Modern Woodman, K of H, A O U W, American Legion of Honor, Royal Arcanum and Grand Army of Republic are all represented here by prosperous bodies.  Among the social features of the city is the Fremont Club, with a membership of 125, of which the president is L D Richards and the secretary if John Thomson.  The rooms are fitted up with all of the modern applicances, and this merchants club is considered one of the finest in the state.  The Women’s Christian Temperance Union is a very large and prosperous organization here, owning an elegant frame building opposite the city park, which is equipped with an ample library and has an auditorium that seats 800 people.  The Y M C A has new and elegant quarters; a fine library is being gathered and a fully equipped gymnasiun is well patronized.

Newspapers -  Fremonts press representation is by three daily papers, HERALD, TRIBUNE and FAIL(each issuing weeklies) and the Platte River ZEITUNG(German weekly).  But few cities of the population of Fremont are more creditably represented in the journalistic field.  The HERALD has been under the editorial and business management of N W Smails for the past 12 years, during which time it has been regarded as the standard democratic paper of eastern Nebraska. The TRIBUNE with Frank Hammond as business manager and Ross L Hammond as editor, deals out to its readers the principles of true republicanism.  The FLAIL is a daily and weekly published by The Flail Publishing Co. It has been recently removed from North Bend and is having a large and increasing circulation.  The Platte River ZEITUNG is a German democratic weekly and has a good circulation of Dodge and adjoining counties.

City Officers - J E Shervin mayor, C H Plambeck president council, A W Forbes clerk, J L Reinard treasurer, C L Williams police judge, F W Lange chief fire department, Frank Dolezal city attorney, J W Andrews city engineer, L J Abbott city physician, Geo Marshall water commissioner, M L Teal city marshal.

Abbott, L J, phys, surgeon, 4th cor F.
Albers & Co, wholesale liquors and cigars, Main cor 5th.
Allen D M prop Windsor Hotel, F nr 2nd.
Andrews & Burrell, civil engineers, City Hall.
Andrews J W, county surveyor and city engineer.
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn, Albers & Co, western agts, Main cor 5th.
Archer & Co, soda water mfrs, Main nr 1st.
Atwood A L, sec-treas, Fremont Loan & Trust Co, notary, 77 W 6th
Atwood A W & Co, real estate, collections, ins, notary, 504 Main
Atwood W H, genl mgr Fremont Loan & Trust Co, atty at law, 77 W 6th
Austin A T, agt boots and shoes, 119 E 6th.
Avery J Dixon, genl mgr Fremont Butter & Egg Co, Broad cor 2nd.
Baier J, boots and shoes, 92 W 6th.
Baldwin & Coman, livery and sale stable, 6th cor C.
Balzer & Quested, meat market, 437 Main.
Barge J J, justice, real estate, ins, 518 F.
Barnard E H(Barnard & Harrison), vice pres First Natl Bank, pres Fremont Butter & Egg Co, vice-pres Nebraska Creamery Assn.
BARNARD & HARRISON, real estate, loans, conveyancing, ins, notaries public, 145 E 6th.
Barnes, A P, veterinary surgeon, Broad nr 3rd.
Barrett Geo J, livery, feed and sale stable, Main cor 4th.
Baumann A, feed stable, E nr 3rd.
Beckman J, cashier Fremont Natl Bank, notary, 6th cor Main.
Bell J D, real estate, loans, ins, 522 F.
Bell, N H, atty-at-law, 425 F.
Biggar W J, florist, 1114 Pebble.
Biles Grocery Co, Main cor 6th.
Blackman W W , real estate, ins, Opera House block.
Blakeslee E C, watches, clocks, jewelry, 522 Main.
Blewett, Atwood & Co, real estate, 77 W 6th.
Blewett Edward, pres First Natl Bank, genl mgr Oregon Horse & Cattle Co.
Blumenthal B, clothing, shoes, 443 Main.
Blumenthal H, dry goods, 140 E 6th.
Boyd S W, real estate, 66 W 5th.
Boyer Wm H, feed stable, 130 E 4th.
Brady W C & Co, dry goods, clothing, 61 W 6th.
Breitenfield & Maurer, cigar mfrs, 241 Main.
Breitling J P, bakery, confectionery, fruits etc, 96 W 6th.
Bremers H J, dry goods, shoes, 418 Main.
BRIDGE R(Fremont Milling Co), Broad cor 1st.
Brink Earl C, pianos, organs, 540 Main.
Brooks House, Martin Brooks prop, 520 Broad.
Brooks J V, confectionery, 221 Main.
Brooks Martin prop Brooks House, 526 Broad.
Buchanan A G & Co, pork packers.
Bullock & Nilsson, furniture, 67 W 6th.
Bunt, John, pres Fremont Carriage Mfg Co, Broad cor 4th.
Burman H, shoemaker, 334 Main.
Burrill H A, second-hand store, 410 Main.
Burrill J J, second-hand store, 406 Main.
Callahan N W, saloon, 532 Broad.
Cameron W C, barber, 217 Main.
Cameron W C Mrs, millinery, 213 Main.
Carey & Abbott, attys, notary, Main cor 6th.
Carroll Thos, dep county treas, notary public, 439 N Broad.
Carruthers & Jackson, millinery, dressmaking, 510 Main.
Central House, John Sievers prop, 3d cor F.
Chambers H, veterinary surgeon, 332 Main.
Christensen C, vice-pres & mgr Fremont Gas & Electric Light Co, vice-pres German-American Bank, Main cor 4th.
Christensen C H, cigars, tobacco, confectionery etc, 434 N F.
Christensen J S, blacksmith, horseshoer, 431 N Broad.
City Hall, 4th SE cor F.
Clarendon A E,(Meadow Sweet Preserving Co.)
Clarendon Theo,(Meadow Sweet Preserving Co.)
Clemence A M, secy Y M C A, 115 E 6th.
Clemmons W H, pres Fremont Normal School, Business College, 9th & Irving.
Coad M M, importer and breeder of Percheron horses, 522 F.
Colburn E L, phys, 130 E 6th.
Cole F H & Co, cigars, tobacco, 104 E 5th.
COLE & JENSEN, livery stable, Broad cor 3d.
Colman M Y, books, news, stationery, 116 E 5th.
Consolidated Tank Line Co, John H Mathews agt, Military ave & FE & MV RY track.
Cooper W M, barber, 128 E 6th.
Cotterell Helen M Mrs, florist, 547 W 6th.
Crabbs J H, phys, 447 Main.
CREAMERY PACKAGE MFG CO, (branch) egg cases, creamery supplies & apparatus, T F Hummel mgr, Union & U P track.
Cronin W J, clothing, boots, shoes, hats, caps, 325 Main.
Crook & Swan, druggists, 447 Main.
Cumings P B, mgr Nebraska Tel Co, 512 Main.
Curry James S, prof principal phonographic dept FREMONT BUSINESS COLLEGE, Main cor 6th.
Dame A K, atty at law, 77 W 6th.
Davies W J Dr, druggist, 550 Broad.
DAVY GEO W, abstracts of title, Court House, clerk district court.
DeFontaine L, secy, mgr Percheron & Arabian Importing Horse Co.
De La Maytr Fred, hard, soft coal, Broad & U P track.
Dengler Chas, furniture, undertaking, sewing machines, 70 W 6th.
Denney & Lumbard, planing mill.
Denney & Rogers, props Fremont Steam Dye Works, 631-3 N Broad.
Denton W A, veterinary surgeon, 322 N.
Dern John, county treasurer.
Devries J F, phys, 430 Main.
Dexter H H, real estate.
Dillard S, confectionery, fruits etc, 303 Main.
Dodge J D, agl implts, 230 E 4th.
Dodge Tailoring Co, merchant tailors, 102 W 6th.
Dolezal Frank, city atty.
Dorsey Geo W E, pres Merchants & Farmers Natl Bank, pres Neb Mortgage & Investment Co, pres Neb Creamery Assn, congressman 3d judicial district.
Dunning H D, watches, 146 E 6th.
DURKEE Chas, prop Globe Cornice Works 330 Main.
DWINNEL & YOUNT, props New York Hotel, Main cor 5th.
Edwards A M, breeder Poland China hogs, ¼ east on Military road.
Elliott J A, lumber, Broad & Military.
Ely, Geo M, groceries, 620 Main.
Eno Hotel, L N Miller prop, Broad cor 6th.
Equitable Building & Loan Assn, A Truesdell pres, E A Pettibone sec, 66 W 5th.
European Hotel, J T Gregoire prop, 941 Main.
Farmers & Merchants Natl Bank, capital $100,000, G W E Dorsey pres, C H Toncray   vice- pres, Wm E Smails cashier, C F Dodge & Victor Seitz asst cashiers, 6th cor Main.
Fertig H, mgr Lininger,  Metcalf & Co, 416 Broad.
Firestine M, genl mdse, 240 Main.
First Natl Bank, capital $150,000, surplus $30,000, Edward Blewett pres, E H Barnard vice-pres, C M Williams cashier, D A Lumbard asst cashier, 6th & Broad.
FLAIL (THE), daily and weekly, ind republican, Flail Publishing Co props C W Hyatt editor, R D Kelly mgr, Broad cor 5th.
Forbes A W, city clerk.
FORBES J W, prop Fremont Broom Co, 400 E Washington.
Fowler Frank, real estate, notary, 101 E 5th.
Fowler W H, sec & treas Security Saving Bank & Western Trust & Security Co, notary public, cor 5th and F.
Frahm T & Co, groceries, crockery, cor Broad and 6th.
Frederikson L, shoemaker, 417 Main
Frederickson O, confectionery, 209 Main.
Freeman W De L, real estate insurance, RR ticket broker, sec Fremont Gas & Electric Light Co, 66 W 5th.
FREMONT BROOM CO, J W Forbes prop, 400 E Washington.
FREMONT BUSINESS COLLEGE, T R Hamlin pres. The Great Actual Business Training School of the Northwest, Main cor 6th.
Fremont Butter & Egg Co, E H Barnard Pres, J Dixon Avery genl mgr, Broad cor 2d.
Fremont Carriage Mfg Co, John Bunt pres, L M Keene vice-pres, E N Morse treas, C H Toncray sec, Broad cor 4th.
Fremont Club, L D Richards pres, John Thomsen sec, C H Hooper steward, W 6th corn F.
FREMONT CORNICE WORKS, Theo Huette & Son props, cor 6th and F.
FREMONT FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO, L P Larsen pres, C D Marr treas/mgr, R B Schneider sec, C H Godfrey supt, H cor 2d.
Fremont Furniture and Crockery Co.
Fremont Gas & Electric Light Co. C D Jones pres, C Christensen vice-pres/mgr, W DeL  Freeman sec, 66 W 5th.
Fremont Hemp & Twine Co, capital $10,000, Wilson Reynolds pres, O H P Shirely sec, W E  Smails treas, M Jerome genl mgr, Factory & U P track.
FREMONT HERALD (THE), daily and weekly, democrat, N W Smails editor and prop, 6th Main.
Fremont Implement Co, C W Nehrbas mgr, 516 Broad.
Fremont Loan & Trust Co, W H Atwood genl mgr, A L Atwood sec/treas, farm and city loans, 77 W 6th.
Fremont Mfg Co, planing mill, J D McDonald pres, H Torpin vice-pres, L M Keene treas, C L West mgr, Factory & U P tracks.
FREMONT MARBLE WORKS, Hodges & Baldwin props, Broad nr Military Ave.
FREMONT MILLING Co, (R Bridge, L H Rogers and E W Kinney props) mfrs Roller Process Flour, Broad cor 1st.
Fremont National Bank, capital $150,000, L M Keene pres, H Fuhrman vice-pres, Julius Beckman cashier, Irving McKennan asst cashier, 6th cor Main.
Fremont Normal School & Business College, W H Clemmons pres, 9th & Irving.
FREMONT PHONOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, dept of Fremont Business College, Prof James S  Curry principal, Main cor 6th.
Fremont Steam Dye Works, Denny & Rogers props, 631-3 N Broad.
Fremont Stock Yards & Land Co, capital $200,000, L D Richards pres, G W E Dorsey vice-pres, J F Hanson sec, L M Keene treas, 5th cor F.
FREMONT TRIBUNE (THE), daily and weekly republican, Hammond Bros props, Frank Hammond mgr, R L Hammond editor, 5th cor F.
FRENCH B F, prop Hotel Davenport, Broad cor 4th.
French Geo B, breeder of Jersey cattle, N end Nye ave.
Frick, Dolezal & Sstinson, attys, Main cor 4th.
FRIED Wm, vice pres, Nye & Schneider Co.
Fuhrman H, vice pres Fremont Natl Bank, 6th cor Main.
Gamble & Smith, livery stable E 5th nr Main.
Garvin C B & o, druggist 522 Main.
German American Bank, capital and surplus $150,000, E Schurman pres, C Christensen vice pres, Junius Rogers cashier, Main cor 4th.
German American Hotel, C Schwanger prop, 237 Main.
Gibson Arthur, books, stationery, 106 W 6th.
GLIDDEN & CARROLL, agl implts, and forwarding agts, Broad cor 5th.
GLOBE CORNICE WORKS, Charles Durkee prop, iron and copper cornices, metallic sky lights, tin and slate roofing, 330 Main.
GLOVER & STAPLES, real estate loans, ins and state agts of Debenture Co of Minneapolis Minn.
GODFREY E H, supt Fremont Foundry & Machine Co.
GODFREY C A well borer, 414 Broad.
Goff, J W (Richards, Keene & Co), vice-pres Western Trust & Security Co, and Security Savings Bank, notary public, cor 5th and F.
Goldgraber Bros, dry goods and clothing, 351 Main.
Goodrich & Norcen, clothing, hats and caps, 448 Main.
Gray E F, atty at law, Main cor 6th.
Gregoire J T prop, European Hotel, 341 Main.
Hairhouse J T, watches, clocks and jewelry, 84 W 6th.
HAMLIN T R, pres Fremont Business College, Main cor 6th.
HAMMOND FRANK, mgr The Fremont Tribune 5th cor F.
HAMMOND HARRY, printer and rubber stamp mfr, 443 Main.
HAMMOND R L, editor The Fremont Tribune, 5th cor F.
Hanlon & Gannon, grocers, 109 E 6th.
Hansen & Jensen, grocers, 134 E 3d.
Hansen S, blacksmith, 441 N Broad.
Hanson J F sec Fremont Stock Yards & Land Co, notary, cor 5th and F.
Hanson W C, prop Fidelity Steam Laundry, 230 E 5th.
Harms Implt Co, O D Harms pres, G P Tjaden sec, wholesale and retail agl implts, carriages, buggies and wagons, 2d nr Main.
Harris J W, brick mfr, Clarkson ave cor 1st.
HARRISON W H, sec/treas Nebraska Mortgage & Investment Co, 149 E 6th.
Hasse W E, saloon, 440 Main.
Haubensak H, meat market, 3d cor F.
Hauser John, books, notions, 516 Main.
Hein A, hats, caps, furnishing goods and glove mfr, 508 Broad.
Henrichs Carl, gunsmith, 434 Broad.
Herre C F, merchant tailor, 529 Main.
Hickey P, merchant tailor, 324 Main.
HICKOX I B, loans and chattels, 97 W 6th.
Hinman M H & Co, furniture, undertaking, 545 N Broad.
Hipke Wm, saloon, 108 E 5th.
Hodge O W, nursery, 1535 Broad.
HODGES & BALDWIN, props, Fremont Marble Works, mfrs marble and granite monuments, tombstones etc, Broad nr Military ave.
Hoffmeister E, photographer, 255 E 5th.
Hollenbeck C, atty at law, 236 F.
Holmes L C, cigars, tobacco, 62 W 5th.
Honn W G, agt Wells Fargo Co & Pacific Ex Co, 112 W 6th.
Hooper C H, steward Fremont Club, W 6th cor F.
Horn L, confectionery, Broad st.
HOTEL DAVENPORT, B F French prop, Broad, SE cor 4th.
Huette Otto, see Neb Creamery Assn.
HUETTE THEO & SON, wholesale hardware merchants, tools, stoves, house furnishing goods, furnaces and cornice mfrs, cor 6th and F.
Huff, James, justice, 514 F.
Hull A C, photographer, 331 Main.
HUMMEL T F, mgr Creamery Package Mfg Co.
Hunter O B, plumber and gas fitter, 525 N Broad.
Hunter W H, county judge.
Hyatt C W, editor The Flail and notary public, Broad cor 5th.
Jaensch M A, saloon, Broad nr 6th.
Jerome M, genl mgr Fremont Hemp & Twine Co.
Johnson C R, barber, 429 Main.
Jones W M, mgr Sandwich Mfg Co, 3d cor F.
Jugenheimer Bros, saloon, 449 Main.
Keene L M(Richards, Keene & Co), treas Fremont Stock Yards & Land Co, pres Fremont  Natl Bank, vice pres Fremont Carriage Mfg Co.
KELLY R D, mgr The Flail, Broad cor 5th.
Kendrick J F, meat market, 536 Main.
Kendrick J F Mrs, millinery, 542 Main.
Kepler Tentie Miss, librarian W C T U Temple, Military ave cor F.
Killeen Thos, county clerk and register of deeds.
King H T, dentist, 504 Main.
King Bros, crockery, glassware & furniture, 132 E 6th, second hand store and pawnbroker, 133 E 6th.
KINNEY E W (Fremont Milling Co), Broad cor 1st.
Kitchen E B, paints, oils and glass, 100 W 6th.
Kanarr C E, feed and sale stable, Main nr 2d.
Knechtel John, dry goods, groceries, 225 E 1st.
Knoell John, saloon, Broad NW cor 5th.
Kuehne H, meat market, 512 Broad.
Kuen & Plambeck, real estate, loans and insurance, Main cor 5th.
Kuntzman A, bakery, 336 Main.
Lallman Fred, groceries, dry goods, 551 N Broad.
Lange Fred, fire marshal.
LARSON L P, pres Fremont Foundry & Machine Co.
Larson L P & Co, liquors, cigars, agt Pabst Brewing Co, 229 E 1st.
Lee Sam, laundry, 311 Main.
LEE H J, wholesale hardware, stoves, tinware, paint, oils, glass & wagon stock, Main cor 6th.
Lindlhar P, carriage mfr, 108 E 4th.
Lininger & Metcalf Co, H Fertig mgr, agl implts, 416 Broad.
Littlechild A E, dentist, 145 E 6th.
Loomis Geo L, county atty.
Love J W, real estate.
Love Opera House, Robt McReynolds lessee and mgr, N Broad nr 5th.
Lowry & Markey, carriage builders and blacksmiths, 4th cor F.
Lucas W, contractor, Broad cor 5th.
Lumbard D A, asst cashier First Natl Bank.
Lund M P, saloon, Main cor 1st.
McCarthy C J, boots and shoes, Main cor 5th.
McCullough P, restaurant, 310 Main.
McDonald Geo E, architect and supt Main cor 6th.
McDonald J D, pres Fremont Mfg Co.
McKennan I, asst cashier Fremont Natl Bank, notary.
Magnau & Bruner, druggists, 150 E 6th.
Mallon James P, Sheriff.
Mantz & Warner, money loaners, 63 W 6th.
Marion A, treas Percheron & Arabian Importing Horse Co.
Mark T F carpenter, pattern and model maker, 232 E 5th.
MARR C D, treas and mgr Fremont Foundry & Machine Co.
Marshall Bros, jewelers, 78 W 6th.
Marshall Geo, water commissioner.
Martin E W, phys, 230 E 6th.
Martin Wm, U S Pension agt, atty, notary, real estate, 320 Main.
May Bros, wholesale grocers, 6th cor F.
Mead, W H, breeder Poland China hogs, 10th cor C.
Meadow Sweet Preserving Co (A E Clarendon & Theo Clarendon), packers of canned goods,  Factory and U P tracks.
Mercer W D, blacksmith and horseshoer, Main cor 2d.
Meyer Virgil Mrs, dressmaking, 240 W 5th.
Miller L N, prop Eno Hotel, Broad cor 6th.
Miller M Miss, dressmaker, Main cor 3d.
Moll W H, broom mfr, 308 Main
Moller John Jr, barber, 80 W 6th.
Monteith E P, restaurant, F E & M V depot.
Mooney Emma Mrs, millinery, 135 E 6th.
Moore & Hyatt, ins, pension agts, 518 F.
Morehouse B F, lumber, lime, cement & grain elevator, Main cor 1st.
Morris & Hoebener, meat market, 77 W 6th.
Morse E N, treas Fremont Carriage Mfg Co.
Morse & Haman, ice dealers, house movers, 439 N Broad.
Muller Oswald, saloon, 80 W 5th.
Munger W H, atty, 101 E 5th.
Murray James, flour and feed, 220 Main.
Neal & Hamilton, barbers, Ruwe Hotel.
Nebraska Creamery Assn, G W E Dorsey pres, E H Barnard vice-pres, Otto Huette sec, C H Toncray treas, C W Stevenson mgr, 299 E Washington.
NEBRASKA MORTGAGE & INVESTMENT CO, paid up capital $250,000, Geo W E Dorsey pres, C H Toncray vice-pres, W H Harrison sec/treas, 149 E 6th.
Neff R, prop St Charles House, 517 N Broad.
Nehrbas C W, mgr Fremont Implt Co, 516 Broad.
Nelson & Co, dry goods, groceries, 210 So F.
Nelson Martin, barber, 307 Main.
Nesbit & Rogers, hardware, stoves, paints, glass, Main cor 3d.
NEW YORK HOTEL, Dwinell & Yount props, Main cor 5th.
Norris J R, nursery, north end Nye ave.
Nye, Ray, pres Nye & Schneider Co.
NYE & SCHNEIDER COMPANY, Ray Nye pres, Wm Fried vice pres, R B Schneider sec/treas lumber, grain, coal and live stock, cor F and 2d.
Obermann A & Co, meat market, 76 W 5th.
Oregon Horse & Land Co, Wm Evans pres, Edw Blewett genl mgr & treas, 61 W 6th.
Pacific Express Co, W G Honn agt, 112 W 6th.
Patterson W H, machinist, 635 N Broad.
Pease E R, notary public, cor 5th and F.
Percheron & Arabian Importing Horse Co, A Marion treas, L De Fontaine sec/mgr, New Medary sale farm, 2 miles north.
Perry S M, restaurant, 345 Main.
Peterson A, boots and shoes, 525 Main.
Peterson Bros, dry goods, groceries, 203 So F.
Peterson Gus, saloon and billiards, Main cor 4th.
Pettibone E A, see Equitable Building & Loan Assn, 66 W 5th.
Pettit D C, confectionery, 546 Main.
Pilsbury, Veazie & Co, hardware, stoves, paints, glass, 424 Main.
Plambeck J H, grocer, 400 Main.
Platte River ZEITUNG, C R Schaffer prop, 603 N Broad.
Pollard C C, mgr St Paul Lumber Yard, 200 No F.
Pratt Ed, jeweler, 541 Main.
Pratt H H, watches, clocks and jewelry, 528 Main.
Pscherer Edward, tailor F st.
Putnam L B, real estate, loans, insurance, notary, 517 F.
Quinn T H, dry goods, 115 E 6th.
Quirk T F, real estate, insurance, notary, 61 W 6th.
Rasgorshek G, merchant tailor, 414 Main.
Reinard James L, city treasurer.
Reitz Gus, barber, 521 Main.
Reynolds G W D, real estate, notary, 616 Main.
Reynolds Jay, agt UP Ry.
Reynolds Wilson, pres Fremont Hemp & Twine Co.
Richards, Keene & Co, real estate, cor 5th and F.
Richards L D (Richards, Keene & Co), pres Fremont Stock Yards & Land Co, Western Trust & Security Co, and Security Savings Bank, cor 5th and F.
Rigert & Son, commission merchants, Broad cor 5th.
Rogers Junius, cashier German American Bank, Main cor 4th.
ROGERS L H, (Fremont Milling Co.).
Ronin N J, livery stable, Broad cor Military ave.
Roosa V E Mrs, dressmaker, 434 Broad.
Roseman W F, dentist, 521 F.
Ruwe Hotel, Wm Ruwe prop, Main cor 3d.
St Charles House, R Neff prop, 517 N Broad.
St Paul Lumber Yard, C C Pollard mgr, L Bradford prop, 200 No F.
Samdter(should be Sampter) Nathan, clothing, furnishing goods.
Sandwich Mfg Co, W M Jones mgr, agl implts, 3d cor F.
Schaeffer C R, prop Platte River Zeitung, 603 N Broad.
SCHNEIDER R B, secy/treas Nye & Schneider Co, secy Fremont Foundry & Machine Co.
Schrage Gus, cigars, books, news, 73 W 6th.
Schurman E, pres German American Bank, Main cor 4th.
Schwager C, prop German American Hotel, 237 Main.
Security Savings Bank, capital $12,000, L D Richards pres, J W Goff vice-pres, W H Fowler sec/treas, cor 5th and F.
SEELEY, SON & CO, architects, contractors and builders of grain elevators and dealers in elevator machinery, Main cor 6th.
Sellers G W, drugs, 430 Main.
Sempter(should be Sampter) N, clothing, hats, caps, 439 Main.
Severance W G, agt F E & M V RR.
Shank J A, grocer, 219 Main.
Shervin J E, mfr harness, 121 E 6th.
Shervin John E, mayor.
Shirely O H P, sec Fremont Hemp & Twine Co.
Sickel S, clothing, 136 E 6th.
Sidders A Mrs, dressmaker, E 4th cor C.
Siemsen H, meat market, 211 So F.
Sievers John, prop Central House, 3d cor F.
SMAILS N W, editor and prop The Fremont Herald, Main cor 6th.
Smails W E, treas Fremont Hemp & Twine Co, cashier Merchants & Farmers Natl Bank, notary.
Smith E C, livery stable, Broad nr 3d.
Smith E T, fence mfr, Main & U P track.
Smith J E, merchant tailor, 139 E 6th.
Smith L B, phys, 550 Broad.
Snyder P S, groceries, Masonic Block.
Soon, Quie & Co, laundry, 70 W 5th.
Springer & Shirely, real estate, abstracts, loans, ins, notaries, 514 F.
Srack, Robinson & Co, dry goods, shoes, Main cor 6th.
Stafford J S, carriage painter, 108 E 4th.
Starny & Lensch, crockery, glassware, 118 E 6th.
Steadman F M, photographer, 627 N Broad.
Stebbins C M, dry goods, Masonic block.
Steel & Sparks, house & sign painters, 603 N Broad.
Stephens D V, supt public instruction.
Sterner R H, cigar jfr, 211 Main.
Stevenson C W, mgr Neb Creamery Assn.
Stoner C H Painter.
Stork Aug, cigar mfr, 210 Main.
Stouffer B F & Co, dry goods, 506 Main.
Stromerts & Meyer, meat market, 321 Main.
Sutfon & Clapp, cigar mfrs, 317 Main.
Taylor T E, gunsmith, genl repair shop, 601 N Broad.
Teal M L, city marshal.
Teele & Williams, painters, 613 Main.
Thielen John, harness and saddlery, 520 Main.
Thomsen J, real estate, notary, 529 F.
Toncray C H, sec Fremont Carriage Mfg Co, vice-pres Merchants & Farmers Natl Bank, treas Neb Creamery Assn, vice-pres Neb Mortgage & Investment Co, 149 E 6th.
Torpin H, vice-pres, Fremont Mfg Co.
Trotter M W, barber, 313 Main.
Truesdell Arthur, pres Equitable Building & Loan Assn, flour grain and ins, 100 E 6th.
Turner W H, groceries, crockery, 81 W 6th.
Twiss R A, plumber, 606 F.
Tym F C, ins, 132 E 6th.
Van Anda & Co, groceries, 114 W 6th.
VAUGHAN F W, atty at law, collections and notary, 551 N Broad.
Wady W I, restaurant, Main cor 1st.
Walsh F S, confectionery, 5th cor and F.
Walsh L Mrs, millinery, 122 W 6th.
Watson Jennie Miss, mgr W U Tel Co, 145 E 6th.
Weiland J F E, watches, clocks and jewelry, 118 E 5th.
Weis F, dry goods, grocer, 233 E 1st.
Wells Fargo & Co Express, W G Honn agr, 112 W 6th.
West C L, mgr Fremont Mfg Co.
Western Trust & Security Co, capital and surplus $68,000, L D Richards pres, J W Goff vice-pres, W H Fowler sec/treas, cor 5th and F.
Whelpley L D, boots, shoes and carpets, 93 W 6th.
White & Gibbons, pianos and organs, 540 Main.
Williams O L, police judge, atty, City Hall.
Williams C M, cashier First National Bank.
Wilson H W, painter, E 4th cor of E.
Windsor Hotel, D M Allen prop, F nr 2d.
Winter J E, saloon, 205 Main.
Wintersteen J H, shoemaker, 605 N Broad.
Wiser W H, barber, 506 Broad.
Wolcott H G, postmaster, Tribune Building.
Wolz Geo F, restaurant and confectionery, 530 Main.
Women’s Christian Temperance Union Temple, Miss Tentie Kepler librarian, Military cor F.
Y M C A, library and reading room, A M Clemence sec, 115 E 6th.
Zingre J, blacksmith, 150 E 4th.

E street is now Main street-in some cases the addresses may read E st.
F street is now Park Avenue and it is this street that divides the town as East or West in dwelling numbers, and business houses.

GLENCOE, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Dodge county, 32 miles from Fremont.

HOOPER - a rapidly growing town of 1,000 inhabitants, 16 miles north of Fremont, in the eastern part of Dodge county and on the F E & MV Ry.  There are a large number of fine brick buildings being put up since the fire, which are of the best description, architecturally speaking.  A fine school house costing $5,000 is one among many of the attractive features of the town.  The Dodge County Bank and the State Bank of Hooper are the monied institutions of the place and well managed, meeting all the demands of merchants and others.  Among the industries are an excellent flouring mill, several grain elevators, a good hotel, the Wickwire House, lumber yards, a weekly newspaper, the Sentinel, and good churches.  The farming country surrounding is of the most excellent description, and the products are ample, creating a good market.

ADKINS N, prop Wickwire Hotel.
Aires & Wilson, live stock.
Anderson S M J, blacksmith.
Bashler Charles, painter.
Beebe M R, coal, lime.
Borkenhagen Wm, saloon.
Briggs & Uehling, hardware, flouring mill.
Buer John F, auctioneer.
Burchholz Chas, furniture.
Calkin R A, livery, sale and feed.
CHRISTMAN W R, mfr and dealer in harness, collars, whips, robes, blankets etc.
Dahl Herman, grocer.
Danmeyer Wm, cigar mfr.
Dern John, grain, lumber.
Dern Philip, house painter.
Dern P Mrs, dressmaker.
Dodendorf H D sta tel and ex agt.
DODGE COUNTY BANK, capital $20,000, undivided profits $4,000, Jerry Denslow pres, T W Lyman cashier.
Foley Daniel, blacksmith.
Haggander Louis, saloon.
Hahlbeck H, harnessmaker.
HAHN C J, cashier State Bank of Hooper.
Harms A H & Bro, genl mdse.
Hartung G Dr, drugs.
Hecker W C, groceries, postmaster.
HEIMRICH & CO, prop State Bank of Hooper.
Heimrich John, brick mfr.
Heine Bros, hardware, agl implts.
Heine Carrie Miss, dressmaker.
Herre Fred J, barber, justice.
Holst David, harnessmaker.
Jacobs Uede, saloon.
Keller Louis, blacksmith.
Klingbeil Carl, genl mdse.
Kroeger Bros, meat market.
Kroeger P Mrs, millinery.
Looschen H H, genl mdse.
Lurk Jacob, shoemaker.
LYMAN W T, cashier Dodge County Bank, notary.
Nelson Bros, livery.
Quast Peter, notions.
RENKIN E W, pub Hooper Sentinel, drugs.
Reng John, jewelry.
Schmidt H, shoemaker.
Schrader W H, confectionery.
Schrader S M, physician.
STATE BANK OF HOOPER, capital $15,000, Heimrich & Co props, C J Hahn Cashier.
Stroh Louis, carpenter.
Strohl Bros, meat market.
Stroup J D, veterinary.
Thedens John, wall paper.
Thomson G, hardware.
Tillman F M, prop Tillman House.
Tillman House, F M Tillman prop.
Tilson M W, carpenter.
Trunberg A E, grain, live stock.
Van Buren E, phys.
Wickhorst E A, photographer.
WICKWIRE HOTEL, N Adkins, prop.
Zeller M T, phys.

JAMESTOWN, a postoffice located in the southeastern part of Dodge county, about 12 miles from Fremont, the county seat.  Adresine J, postmaster.

MAPLE CREEK, a rural postoffice in the central part of Dodge county, 12 miles north of Fremont, the county seat.
Hooker E W, postmaster, justice.

MAPLEVILLE, a postoffice located in the southern part of Dodge county, 15 miles from Fremont, the county seat.  There is a Methodist Episcopal church here.

Eaton Geo W, post master.
Goff H W, justice.
Miller J, blacksmith.

NICKERSON - a station on the F E & M V RR, in the eastern part of Dodge county, eight miles from Fremont, the county seat.  Population , 150.
HAVEN, W H, genl mdse, hardware, justice, postmaster.

Lehmer Cal, blacksmith.
Nye & Schneider Co, grain.
Rizer D Y, station agent.

NORTH BEND - is situated in southwestern part of Dodge county, 16 miles west of Fremont, the county seat, and 63 miles west of Omaha via Union Pacific Ry, on which it is a local point, although trains on F E & MV RR may be taken by driving three miles.  The population, according to unofficial reports of 1890 census is 1,000.  The Platte river is bridged at this point and makes the town easy of access from Saunders county on the south, and a profitable county on the south, and a profitable trade is thereby done with the rich agricultural district in that direction as well as with that portion of Dodge county in which the town is located.  Large shipments of grain, cattle and hogs are made from this point, and this section of the state, on both sides of the river, is a highly prosperous one.  North Bend has two elevators, a flouring mill of 100 barrels capacity just erected at a cost of $10,000, two banks each with $50,000 capital, two good hotels, two live newspapers, a commodious brick opera house, and a score of substantial business houses besides many lesser ones.  The religious denominations represented are Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian and the Congregational and Christian churches.  Bonds have recently been voted for the erection of a new city hall.

CITY OFFICERS - Mayor, A L Norris; clerk, J E Newsom; treasurer, J E Dorsey; attorney, D M Strong; marshal, Thos Cronland.

Adams H I, hardware, stoves.
Ade L, shoemaker.
ARGUS(THE), Chas S Fowler editor and prop.
Armstead & Son, photographers.
Bank of North Bend, capital $50,000, M Dowling pres, A Peller vice-pres, E Williams cashier.
Bartlett V W, painter.
Bartos J, boot and shoemaker.
Behm Henry, bakery, confectionery.
Blair S F, phys and surgeon.
Brown L R, dentist.
Cherney & Kavan, lumber coal, agl implts.
Chicago Lumber Co, C K Watson mgr, lumber and coal.
Commercial House, Copeland & Sprague props.
Copeland & Sprague, props Commercial House.
Cotterell T J, contractor, builder.
Cronland Thos, city marshal.
CUSACK & OGILVIE, agl implts and coal.
Daily & Johnson, genl mdse.
Datel, J agl implts, blacksmithing.
DAVIS ELMER E, editor and prop North Bend Star.
Day Bros, meat and fish market.
Dion & Nelson, blacksmiths.
Doan Ira, physician.
Dorsey J E, city treasurer.
Doubrava A F, genl mdse.
Dowling M(Dowling & Purcell), pres Bank of North Bend and notary public.
Dowling & Purcell, grain, livestock.
Dunn B T, agt UP Ry, Pacific Ex and WU Tel Co.
Farmers Cooperative Assn, grain elevator, T F Keeton mgr.
Farnham J A, furniture, undertaker.
Feidler F, harness, saddle maker.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, surplus $5,500, M E Fuller pres, H W Neieman vice-pres, C Cusack cashier.
FOWLER CHARLES S, ed and prop The Argus. Gillis P, genl mdse.
Hansen Nels, saloon, billiards.
Haverfield W & Son, props Windsor Hotel.
Hruza Thos, saloon.
Huck M M, jewelry, musical insts.
Hunt A B, drugs, wall paper, stationery etc.
Janacek Wm, saloon.
Keeton T F, mgr Farmers Co-operative Assn.
Kemper A E, harness mfr.
Larson J K, barber.
Lee E L Mrs, millinery.
Lee S J, genl mdse.
McCreight W E, groceries, flour.
McVicker Robt, real estate, ins, notary, justice of the peace.
Maddox J W, atty, auctioneer.
Mallatt A G, genl mdse.
Mitchell M C, contractor, builder.
Nebraska Telephone Co, W W Roberts local mgr.
Newsome J E, city clerk, police judge.
Norris A L, city mayor.
Norris L A, livery.
North Bend Opera House, B F Stouffer prop, A B Hunt lessee.
NORTH BEND STAR, Elmer E Davis editor and prop.
Oxtoby House, Wm Oxtoby prop.
Oxtoby Wm, prop Oxtoby House.
Peller A & Co, genl mdse.
Peskey & Stogel, cigar mfrs.
Prunine Medicine Co, capital $10,000, H I Adams pres E Williams treas, A B Hunt sec/mgr.
Reed T A, phys and surgeon.
Riemers R, meat market.
Roberts W W, drugs, stationery, mgr Nebraska Telephone Co.
Scott O M Mrs, millinery.
Siders A J, confectionery.
Smith C W, real estate, loans, ins, notary.
Soukup A, saloon, feed barn.
Staneck F Mrs, laundry.
Stevenson J W, nursery.
Strong D M, city atty, notary.
Thew & Hildum, hardware, stoves, agl implts.
Thomas J W, real estate, loans, ins.
Watson C K, mgr Chicago Lumber Co.
Watson Jennie, dressmaker.
Windsor Hotel, Haberfield & Son, props.
Wuerke James, saloon.
York & Thomas, roller mill, flour and feed.
Yost J P, postmaster.
Young F, groceries, crockery.

OGAN, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Dodge county, 35 miles from Fremont.

PLEASANT VALLEY, a postoffice in the western part of Dodge county, 28 miles from Fremont, the county seat.
Population 25.

Diffey E, blacksmith.
Dunker Henry, blacksmith.
EMANUEL JOHN, genl mdse, hardware, postmaster, justice.
Hecht E, blacksmith.
Stubbard T M, justice.

PURPLE CANE, a farmhouse postoffice in the southwestern part of Dodge county, eight miles north of North Bend.
AVERY J, postmaster.

RIDGELEY, a postoffice in the central part of Dodge county, 20 miles northwest of Fremont, the county seat.

SCRIBNER, a fast growing town of nearly 1,000 inhabitants in the northcentral part of Dodge county on the F E & M V RR., 24 miles from Fremont, the county seat.  It is situated in the midst of a grain producing section, and is a good trading point.  The firm of Fuller, Smith and Fuller dealing largely in grain, lumber and live stock, have their head-quarters here - also a large flouring mill is kept constantly employed.  The town is well laid out with good substantial brick buildings.  There is in contemplation the erecting of a fine hotel at an early date.  The banks are the Merchants and Farmers Bank, authorized capital $60,000, and the Scribner State Bank, both in first class standing and doing an increasing business.  There are several churches of different denominations and a good school house.  The Scribner NEWS is alive to the times, and is well supported.  This is a good place for the thrifty farmer and mechanic to locate.

Abbott & Schuler, saloon.
Armbruster C M, hardware.
Baehr Carl, jeweler.
Barket John, notary public.
Bauer Peter, carpenter.
Bowlus C George, notary, cashier Merchants & Farmers Bank, and pres Farmers State Bank, Dodge NE.
Briggs A H, genl mdse, attorney.
Burns E C, postmaster.
Clifton House, John H Jones prop.
Conley W A, restaurant.
Conley W A Mrs, millinery.
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co, W W  Stockton mgr.
Dentler Thos, prop Windsor Hotel.
Diels John M, prop Scribner Roller Mills.
Duecker W & Co, genl mdse.
Ehlers Bros, meat market.
Foster George sta, tel and ex agt.
Fritz W P, photographer.
FULLER, SMITH & FULLER, J P Smith mgr, grain, lumber, coal and live stock.
Hiebenthal & Preiss, drugs.
Hoffmann & Mueller, saloon.
Hogel Martin, carpet weaver.
Hollander Carl H, barber.
Horton T C, drugs.
Hymer J P, genl mdse.
Inches Charles, phys.
Jones John H prop Clifton House.
Keith A F, genl mdse, furniture.
Kellner Adolph, carpenter.
Kerkow W H, saloon.
Kleinfeld John, meat market.
Klempe Emil, painter.
Kube Joseph, carpenter.
McBain Daniel, blacksmith.
McBain & Gordon, agl implots.
Margritz Dora E, notions.
Marquardt C W, hardware.
Martens Gus, genl mdse.
Mathies George, bakery.
MERCHANTS & FARMERS BANK, authorized capital stock $60,000, paid up $15,000,
   undivided profits $5,200, J O Milligan pres, Wm P Norcross vice-pres, C Geo Bowlus cashier.
Milligan G J, genl mdse, agl implts.
Mortlock J S, phys.
Mason J A, jeweler.
Ollerman G T, auctioneer.
Putnam F E, painter.
Raasch Casper, livery, sale, feed.
Robinson J B, flour mill.
Schmack & Suhr, agl implots.
Schulz F A, harnessmaker.
Scribner State Bank, capital $38,000, John Barker pres, J B Robinson vice-pres, John Bauer cashier.
Seeley L A, attorney.
Seidel H F, livery.
SMITH J P, mgr Fuller, Smith & Fuller.
Spangler Solomon, blacksmith.
Teigeler Henry, produce.
Wagner Joseph, harness.
Waterman & Edelmaier, brick mfrs.
Weekes W H, ed Scribner News.
Whitman L, barber.
Windsor Hotel, Thos Dentler prop.
Zanderholm John, painter.

SNYDER, a town on the Scribner and Oakdale branch of the F E & M V RR, in the northwestern part of Dodge County, 31 miles from Fremont the county seat and seven miles from Scribner, has a population of about 200.  Dairying is a  very lucrative occupation in this vicinity, main products being corn and grain and the raising of live stock.  There are two good grain elevators located here of a combined capacity of 18,000 bushels and shipping on an average 75 carloads per month, in the season, besides this, a good roller flouring mill is located here of 50 barrel capacity, and is propelled by water power obtained from Pebble creek a splendid stream, flowing in a circuitous route through this fertile valley.  The Lutherans have a good edifice as also have the Catholics, as yet neither have any regular pastor.

Billerbeck & Nolte, saloon.
Bolte, John genl mdse.
City Hotel, Mrs Kate McGraw prop.
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co, G W Conrad mgr, lumber, grain, coal.
Dahl C F, justice, genl mdse.
Dobkowitz Annie Miss, millinery.
FULLER, SMITH & FULLER, Anton Dusatko mgr, grain, lumber, coal and lives stock.
Hannawald L, phys.
Kannoskey F, livery.
Kemnitz Bros hardware.
Kemnitz John, postmaster.
Kloke H J, saloon.
McGraw Kate Mrs, prop City Hotel.
Mench John, shoemaker.
Meyer & Molle, tile and brick mfrs.
Prein Gus, blacksmith.
Rhode T H & Ed, meat market.
Sanderson M C, prop Commercial.
Schnack & Suhr, agl implts
Schneider C, live stock, flour mill.
Schneiders Hall, C Schneider prop, seats 300.
Van Wie F W, sta, tel and ex agt.
Wagner Joseph, harnessmaker.
Walters George, blacksmith.

SWABURGH, a postoffice in the northeastern part of Dodge county, eight miles north of Hooper, the nearest railway station.

Anderson F O, genl mdse.
Bergquist O A, justice.
Daubert Fred, justice.
MORELL Eric, postmaster.
Peterson Lars, blacksmith.
Young John, blacksmith.

WEBSTER, a postoffice located in the western part of Dodge county, about 24 miles from Fremont, the county seat.

Ferguson Jennie Mrs, dressmaker.
Honey D A, genl mdse, postmaster.
Jones Daniel, justice.

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