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Several months ago, I received a tip telling me that someone had found four films at the Nebraska State Historical Society starting Dec 30, 1915 of a paper called the Lancaster County Citizen.  These films I was told had a lot of local news from the small towns around Lincoln.  I was excited and did go to the archives in search of them.  I found them and yes, there is a lot of small town news.  The trouble however, is that the printing is quite small and the printing is terrible.  I have tried to extract some items.  I am sure that to some of us senior citizens they will bring back memories and to the youngsters, they will be a good history lesson.  Some correspondents were more active than others.  Sprague had a long article in about every weekly paper.  When you consider that in all probability these were submitted to the paper hand-written, it was quite a job.  Denton had very few articles as did Rokeby.  Emerald evidently got a correspondent a little later than the Dec 15 start because one issue proclaimed, “Emerald is Back”.  There were no notations that I found as to who the correspondents were.  Enjoy

Dec 30, 1915 (all papers were dated on Thursdays)

The Denton State Bank transferred to J. Henry Teten, lots 14 to 17 of Gilbert’s addition Denton for a consideration of $150.00.  (Editors note.  J. Henry Teten was the Catholic Bishop of Lincoln and so assume these lots were for the church and rectory.  The church was built in 1912 and so assume that the bank held a note on the church which was paid off in 1915.)

Jan 6, 1916

Peter Brandenberger found dead in his home 7 miles southwest of Lincoln. (Editor’s note:  Wyuka cemetery has a record of the death of Peter Broudenberger who died Dec 31, 1915.

Jan 13, 1916 Sprague

Skating on Crystal Lake is fine.  The ice is about 6 inches thick.

Jan 20, 1916 Sprague

Crow Bros. received a contract to furnish 100 tons of ice to a party in Panama.

25% discount on skates at Sprague Hdw Co.  Buy your skates now while skating is good at Crystal Lake.

George Hile made a library table for Arnold Egger out of walnut timber.  The walnut tree was raised and sawed on Mr. Egger’s farm.

O. Hile, the blacksmith is kept very busy these days shoeing horses.

Housekeeping hint---For setting a rat trap, use bread soaked with linseed oil.   Rats cannot resist linseed oil.

Jan 27, 1916 Sprague

The Sprague Hardware store unloaded a half car of John Deere implements Thursday.

Feb 3, 1916



Art Mundorf is working for the Farmer’s Grain Company

John Hartze, Auctioneer is kept quite busy crying sales. 

Jeff Kirk and Henry Peters were arrested for drunkenness Thursday and were sentenced by Justice Clark to ten days at hard labor.

Don’t forget to buy your Oysters, Celery, Bread and Pastries at Harry’s Place.

Mar 16, 1916 Rokeby


Mrs. F. M. Hosford of near Rokeby was surprised last Friday evening by 25 of her most immediate friends with a farewell party.  Mrs. Hosford, a resident of Lancaster County for a number of years is leaving for Chicago for an indefinite long visit with relatives.  Mr. and Mrs. Evers who will occupy the Hosford place in the future were given a pleasing reception.

April 20, 1916 Sprague




Candidates and automobile agents flooded our town the last few weeks.

The play in the Opera House given by the Hallam people was well attended.

Wm. Hoppe and Wm. Krull motored to Lincoln Saturday.

John Wendeling is building a chicken house for Steve Vlasik.

Frank Gerbig is visiting with the home folks over Saturday.  Frank is working for the Fairmont Creamery Co. in Lincoln.

Steve Vlasik bought a Ford from the Hickman Auto Co. Friday.

There will be a Leap Year Basket Social given in the Sprague Opera House Friday night.  The proceeds will be given to the church.

Jess Johnston of Sioux City IA, the man who ran the first lumber yard in Sprague 25 years ago, was in town Monday selling lumber for the firm in Sioux City Ia.  This was Mr. Johnston’s first visit since he left here. 

Mrs. Kurtz and Mrs. William Hoppe papered for Mrs. Wm. Krull Monday.

David Patee from Lincoln has purchased the store in Rokeby from the Farmers Grain and Lumber Co.  He will have a full line of groceries and hardware.

June 29, 1916





Mrs. John Schafer and John Kurtz were Lincoln passengers Monday

Clyde Mitchell shipped four carloads of cattle Monday to So. St. Joe. Mr. Mitchell has shipped eight carloads of carrle and four carloads of hogs during the last six months.

Henry Gerbig's barn is about completed.

Mrs. Krause and children of Hastings, visited last week with Otto Goe and family. Mrs. Krause departed Monday for Arizona where she expects to stay six months for the benefit of her health.

A number of our people went to Lincoln last Saturday and Sunday to view the Nebraska troopers.

Fred Egger and Paul Egger motored to Lincoln Saturday.

Albert Golz shipped a carload of cattle to So. Omaha on Monday.

Mrs. C.O. Hale, Grace and Clarence of Beatrice visited Sunday with Sam Spellman and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mitchell and children visited Sunday with Hayes Mitchell and family.

Henry Burhnman's who were quarantined on account of their daughter having scarlet fever, had the quarantine lifted Saturday.

Mrs. Hoppe who has been on the sick list, is well again.

Mrs. Harry Hile and baby spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Weilage.

Dora Burhman was a Kramer passenger Monday.

Bertha Grote is visting with Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Krull.

Frank Spellman and Lou Willman went fishing and caught nine big fish.

Rev. Blintz sold his span of horses to Dick Bagman.

William Hope is cutting grass on the right-of-way and ditching for the Missouri Pacific.

The funeral of Mrs. Henry Zimmerman was held Sunday at the Hallam M.E. Church.

JUL 20, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wittstruck and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Betten and family, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin and Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Armann visited Sunday with Grandma Armann.  The occasion being her 78th birthday anniversary.

Dec 28, 1916 Emerald





Miss Maggie Harris and Harry Giles were married at the bride’s home at twelve o’clock Wednesday by the M.E. pastor. Their immediate relatives and a few friends were present.  They will make their home on a farm near Emerald.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley Wells got a new baby boy for Christmas.

Mrs. L. Shafer entertained the young folks of Emerald last Friday night by giving a sock shower on Miss Harris and Harry Giles.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Lipps got a big baby girl for a Christmas present

Clarence Shafer of Emerald was held up on the way home from Lincoln last Wednesday night. The robber got about 4 dollars in cash. 

Mar 23, 1917





Mrs. Adams is enjoying a visit with her sister from New York.

The ladies of the M.E. Church gave a box social Friday evening.  There was a good crowd and all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Albert Schroeder and his bride have gone to housekeeping on their farm south of Emerald. 

John Harris purchased a Ford from A.C. Heydorn Wednesday.

Mrs. Alexander of Nebraska City has been visiting Mrs. Leon Minard last week.

John Harris had his new Ford stolen in Lincoln Saturday afternoon.  Up to the present time he has failed to get any clue to the thief.






Since the Denton Progressive Club has been organized for Historical as well as the moral and social welfare of the community, the club considered within its province to set April 1 as a general cleanup day for the town.  If this action is entered into with the proper spirit and not considered as a joke on account of the day selected a different aspect can be given for the town and one that will be in accordance with the freshness of spring.

A general cleanup of the litter, straw, and rubbish heaps not only tends to a more pleasant surroundings, just shows a regard for our neighbor, the pride in the community and a preventative of fire.

*son of John M. Sullivan and wife Kate Sullivan Sullivan was named Lawrence.  They lived on the farm on the SW corner of SW 56th St and Denton Rd.  The house was recently torn down.  This family moved to the Denver area in about 1920 after Kate had committed suicide.  She was my father’s sister.    (Teresa Sullivan note)

Oct 25, 1917  Emerald





John Nelson and Anton Stenburg have each bought a farm out west.

Mrs. Harvey Lee and daughter entertained at a miscellaneous shower Wednesday in honor of Miss Mabel Giles. Twenty four ladies were present.  Miss Giles received many beautiful gifts.  The ladies departed wishing Miss Giles success and declaring that they had spent a very enjoyable afternoon.  (Editor’s note: According to the website  Mabel Giles age 20 married Earl E. Miller age 21.  Date of license was Nov 14, 1917)

The young people around Emerald gave a shower party in honor of Robert Pickel and Leda Borgman last Saturday night.  A very good time was enjoyed and the young couple received many nice gifts.

John Naderhoff is the happy owner of a new six-cylinder Oakland automobile which was bought of H.C.W Jarms last Friday.

Robert Pickel has dug a cellar for his new home.  People in this neighborhood are wondering what is going to happen.

Oct 25, 1917 SPRAGUE




A large number of men turned out to excavate the basement of the new church this week.  The work is progressing nicely.

Don’t forget the empty fruit jars are here to be filled for the Omaha Hospital.

Dr and Mrs. Lamb and Willie and Henry Bargman motored to Norfolk Friday evening where they spent Saturday and Sunday visiting with the Dr.’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Lamb Sr. also a brother John E. Lamb and family and returned home Sunday night.  This is the first time they have made a visit to the parental home in nearly 14 years.

We’re planning a party for old Halloween Where bogeys and bogeys and spooks will be seen. Can’t you dress as a bogey, an out and out sight and join us at eight on that Mystical night.  At the hall basement in Sprague.

Jan 3, 1918






Rudolph Busboom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Busboom died last Saturday.  Funeral was held New Years Day at the church of Rev. Hubner.  The little boy was about 4 years old when he died.  He underwent an operation last spring for appendicitis from which he never recovered.

Mr. Lyle Laune, son of C. Laune caught his hand in a pump jack last Sunday, tearing off one finger and smashing several others.

A surprise party was given to Christ Borgman New Years Night in honor of his birthday. 

The people in this neighborhood are very busy putting up their ice.  The ice is about 10 inches thick.

You will find a good stock of Ford repairs at the tore of H.C.W. Jarms.

Mr. Henry Schnell, the local auctioneer of Emerald and his wife took a trip to Omaha last week.

Miss Emma Hanich from Lincoln spent New Years Day with her brother Carl Hanich on the farm near Emerald

September 23, 1920


On Thursday afternoon Mr and Mrs. Seidell, Mrs George Allan Sr, Mrs Margaret Pierce, Mrs. White, Mrs Vanderpool and Mrs Olmstead met at the church and proceeded to clean and polish walls, windows floors and furniture.  Their effort made a very decided improvement in the appearance of the inside of the church.


Otto Gloe exhibited 12 fine Poland China hogs at the State Fair.  He had quite good success and won quite a number of ribbons.

Mr. and Mrs. Axthelm visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sherwood Sunday.


The St. John’s Lutheran Church on West O Street will hold their annual Mission Festival Sunday.  Services morning, afternoon and evening.  The evening service will be held in the American language.  Everyone is welcome.

Mrs. Louise Piening has returned from Denver where she had been visiting her brother.


The little daughter of Wesley Snell is quite sick this week.

Mr. Arthur Albers, manager of the Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph of Denton took Sunday dinner at the M.F. Gilbert home.

September 30, 1920


Mr. and Mrs. Herman Nobbman had their baby girl christened and named her Elaine.

Mr. and Mrs. William Priess are the proud parents of a baby boy born last week, Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Giles are the proud parents of a baby girl born last week.


Hoppman’s old John croaked last Monday.

August Lostroh is building a new barn.

NOTE:  There is a picture of Henry Herpolsheimer in this issue.


Mr. and Mrs. Priesner left last week for Wisconsin where they will visit with Mrs. Priesner’s sister.

Miss Jennie and Frank Lowney returned home Monday evening after a six weeks visit to Hot Springs, S.D.

Mr and Mrs. William Faig spent Sunday afternoon at the Hansen home.


Grandpa Rhine arrived home Saturday from the G.A.R. convention at Indianapolis.  Three hundred men left on the train from Nebraska. 

October 7, 1920


Orlando Miller is mail carrier for the Denton rural route.  He likes the job fine.

Jess Miller purchased a Ford car.

Mrs. Martin Osterman has returned home and they are living in their home in Denton.  We are glad to learn that Mrs. Osterman is somewhat improved in health since her treatment in the hospital.


Henry Spellman returned home Saturday evening from Haxtun Colorado where he had been visiting friends and relatives for the past week.

The Ladies Aid of Martel will give a play Friday evening at the new garage in Martel and also a chicken pie supper after the play.


Mrs. Theo. Kaar Jr and son visited Saturday night and Sunday at the home of Ben Kaar.  Mrs. Theo. Kaar, Sr was a Sunday visitor there.

Grandma Collis who lives in the Wesley Chapel neighborhood received painful internal injuries on day last.  We extend sympathy in their sad accident with some glass fruit jars which she was carrying.  Her advance age adds to the seriousness of her condition.

The high school folks have their basket ball equipment and the ground is leveled so as soon as the goals are set up they will be ready to play.


A very quiet wedding took place last Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the St. John’s church near Emerald when Miss Anna Ninneman was married to Mr. Hugo Arnsmeier both of Emerald.  After the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Arnsmeier left for a two weeks trip to Denver Colorado.  They will make their home near Emerald.  We wish the young couple much good luck and happiness.

October 14, 1920


Lena Borgmann, Ray Harley, Adolph Piening and Lawrence Lohmeier, pupils of Dist. 38 received perfect attendance certificates for the month ending October 8. 

Ben Meyer completed a fine brick chicken house last week.  John Bruns, Ollie Busboom, Henry Meyer and Chris Priess were invited to the shingling last Tuesday.


Irvin Nootz rides in a new Ford roadster.

The sound of the threshing machine is again heard in the land.  Edgar Schrader is threshing clover and the Smith Bros are threshing their stacked grain.

Clarence Peterson is back in school again after an absence of three weeks on account of small pox.


Of all the ways to start a Ford, Jim Finney won the prize trying to feed it hot coffee.

Much sympathy and love is extended to the family of Ted Wigg who died last week.


Grandpa Lamb’s new garage is almost finished.


A family reunion was held at Mr. and Mrs. Lohmeiers Sunday, it being Mrs. Lohmeier’s birthday.

August Lostroh’s barn was treated to a new coat of shingles last week.

Herman Nobbman celebrated his birthday last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lipps had their baby christened Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lipps had their baby girl christened Sunday.  She was named Mildred Margaret.

Archie Merrill is in Mexico at this time and is feeling fine.  The Ford is rattling right along.


The new church at Jamaica will be dedicated Sunday Oct 17.  An all day service is the program. The collection at Sunday School was $2.08.  There were 33 at Sunday School.

OCTOBER 28, 1920


George Bice has lately bought a new 16 gauge single barreled shot gun.  Lloyd Hafferty’s latest purchase is a goat.  Hope they get on well together.  George is looking for real game, rabbits are too numerous.


Mr. and Mrs. J. Sherwood and son Donald of Lincoln spent the weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. Tiger.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Finney and Robert and Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rosenberg spent Friday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Finney’s home.


A birthday party was given at Harry Smith’s home Saturday evening to honor Frances Smith.  A large number of young folks were present.  They all reported a grand time.  A delightful lunch was served at a late hour.


On Saturday evening a number of Royal Neighbors, former members of Rokeby camp, with their families motored to Denton to the home of Mrs. Bert Bunnell and gave her a pleasant surprise.  Mrs. Bunnell was presented with some beautiful pieces of cut glass as a token of appreciation of her long service as Recorder of the Rokeby camp. 

The frame of Mr. White’s new house is up now and the old house where they have been living is being torn down so the material can be used in the construction of the new house.  The family will occupy the rooms back of the store until their new home is completed.

NOVEMBER 6, 1920


Mr. and Mrs. William Haase attended a reception given in honor of the “newlyweds” at Denton, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burgess. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mills formerly of Burnham are the proud parents of their second pair of twin boys.  Congratulations.


Arthur Deinert had his toenails removed Monday. 

Charles Wells is building a garage for Harry Danley


The Ladies Aid met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. G.E. Finney.

George William’s new home has been completed and they moved in last week.  They have a handsome all modern bungalow delightfully planned and beautifully finished.  A home such as anyone would be proud to own.


Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Jeffries are the proud parents of a baby girl born Friday Oct 23.

Nov 13 1920


Mr. and Mrs. William Haase attended a reception given in honor of the “newlyweds” at Denton—Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burgess

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mills formerly of Burnham are the proud parents of their second pair of twin boys.  Congratulations


Arthur Deinert had his toenails removed Monday.

Charles Wells is building a garage for Harry Danley


The Ladies Aid met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. G.E. Finney.

George William’s new home has been completed and they moved in last week.  They have a handsome all modern bungalow delightfully planned and beautifully furnished.  A home such as anyone would be proud to own.

Nov 18, 1920


There was a taffy pull and fudge party held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Frohn last week, Thursday night, by the high school students in honor of Mrs. Morton who had been teaching at high school at Centerville until they could get a teacher.  Miss Jones took charge Monday.


Mrs. Robert Cameron who had been sick quite a number of years passed away last Thursday at 3 o’clock at her home near Emerald.  Burial was in Yankee Hill Cemetery.  She leaves to mourn, one daughter, and one son and brothers and sisters.

Jan 27 1921


The Columbus Club of St. Mary’s parish met at the Rectory last Wednesday night.  Thirty members were present and all enjoyed the very interesting talk given by Mr. Winfred Bixby, formerly Lieutenant in the 135th Engineer Corps.  Mr. Bixby had with him more than a hundred souvenirs some of which were implements of war and some of which were spoils of war.  Bixby went into detail of the work and hardships of Engineers and soldiers life in general.  He related with appreciation the work of the Knights of Columbus, Salvation Army and Red Cross.  While war talks are now almost something of the past, Mr.  Bixby talk was the most interesting one ever listened to by this writer.   Smokes for the evening were served by the club while the bachelor lunch was furnished by Wesley Snell and Paul Sullivan.  The servers for the next club meeting will be Jerry Shea and Francis Enright.  This Friday night will be the monthly social night for the parish—enough said.

The little son of Patrick F. Sullivan has been very sick but is reported some better at this time.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maughan are the parents of a baby boy born Saturday January 22nd


Louie Piening celebrated his birthday Saturday evening.  Relatives and friends were present.

The neighbors gave a reception for the bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schneider last Friday evening which was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Palmateer, Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Schnell, Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Hohnstein, Mrs. W.R. Grogan, Mr. and Mrs. H.C.W. Jarms, Miss Mary Jones, Miss Gertrude Lee and Mrs. Joe Schneider’s sister and her brother and his wife.  Ice cream and cake were served at a late hour.  Col. Schnell read the mock ceremony..

Editors note; Bride was Marie L. Wilscam

February 3, 1921


A pretty informal home wedding took place at 12 o’clock Wednesday when Miss Edith Egger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Egger or near Hickman and William Wunderlich of near Roca, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Wunderlich were married at the home of the bride’s parents.  Only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties were present.  Rev. F.W. Hintz of the Centerville Church officiated.  Mr. and Mrs. Wunderlich will make their home on a farm near Roca.

March 3, 1921


The program and box social given at Miss Arville Kleine’s school last Friday was very well attended.  The amount of over $65 was taken in.

Quite a number of young folks attended the birthday party of Emma Borgman last Wednesday night.  A nice luncheon was served during the later part of the evening and everybody enjoyed a good time.

Miss Marie Borgmann and Mrs. Carl Matthes were united in marriage last Thursday at the Rev. William Harder’s church.  A nice supper was served at the bride’s home at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Borgmann where many guests were present. The young married couple will make their home near Garland on a farm.  We wish the young couple a long and happy married life.


At the wolf hunt last Saturday they succeeded in getting one wolf.  Henry Sieck got the wolf.

Miss Robinson took dinner at the Strelow home Sunday.  Ruth Strelow and M. Esther Robinson and Hannah and Elsie Sieck walked to Albert Kalkwarf’s where they spent the rest of the afternoon taking pictures and having a good time.  The Kalkwarf’s were not home so the girls had a good time alone


Mrs. Ed Barney gave a surprise party in honor of her husband’s birthday.  The evening was spent in playing games.  Refreshments were served at a late hour.  All reported that they had a good time.

The wolf hunt which was held Monday morning was sure a great success.  About 100 men attended and 10 wolves were captured.

The Friendship Kensington met with Mrs. Frank Wilson Tuesday afternoon.  A goodly amount of work was done after which refreshments were served.  The next meeting will be with Mrs. Ed Barney Tuesday afternoon March 8.

A farewell party was given at the William Luckhardt home Saturday evening.  Luckhardt’s, who have been living in the neighborhood for some time, are moving to Randall, Nebraska.  We wish them success and good luck on his new farm which he has purchased there.


The Earthquakes extend their sympathy to the family of Mrs. Merril in their bereavement.

Alva Shafer moved the fore part of the week to the new home near Malcolm.  The community regrets the loss of them as neighbors very much.  The home vacated by Shafer’s will be occupied by Mr. Roeder from near Hickman.

Alva Shafer moved the fore part of the week to the new home near Malcolm.  The community regrets the loss of them as neighbors very much.  The home vacated by Shafer’s will be occupied by Mr. Roeder from near Hickman.

Sept 22, 1921

Obituary  for George Keszler

The dear departed husband, father, brother and friend, George Keszler, was born in Jefferson county Missouri June 5, 1861.  His childhood was surrounded with a Christian atmosphere.  When his parents moved to Peoria, Illinois, he was young.  He was converted at the age of 13 years and joined the Methodist church of which he was a member to the end.  In 1883 the family moved to Centerville, Nebraska, where they joined the Centerville church.  June 5th 1884, he was married to Miss Caroline Priesner.  Their union was blessed with seven children. It was their desire and prayer to bring their children up in the fear of the Lord and they had the joy that they are on the way and are members of the church.  They are Carl H., of South Dakota, Margaret E. wife of Mr. Joe Bohmont, of Martell, Annetta E. Bute of Lincoln, Alvin G., Martell, Anna C., wife of Wm Faig, Martell, Oleda M and Geo. M. of Lincoln

Mr. Keszler helped plan and build the Highland church and was an official member and Sunday school teacher.  In the absence of the pastor he took charge of the meetings.  In 1919 the family moved to Lincoln. ----The Lord answered the prayer of His servant Saturday, September 3rd. twenty minutes before nine o'clock.  His sickness was hardening of the arteries and dropsey. His age was 60 years, 2 months and 28 days.  Brother Keszler leaves to mourn his departure his wife and seven children, eight grandchildren and many relatives and friends.

Editors note:  One of those grandchildren is Violet Faig Peterson, a dear DCHS member. The full obituary is available upon request.


Mrs. Ruffitt, the high school teacher is in town ready for work.

Oct 6, 1921


The Kensington Club met with Mrs. Maughn, Thursday afternoon.

Mr. Leonard Beckman spent Sunday with John Shea.


Christina Piening had a birthday party Sunday.  Seventeen girls were there to help her celebrate.  During the afternoon dainty refreshment were served.


Like the roses need a smeller

Like the night shirt needs a tail

Like the old maid needs a feller

Like the hammer needs a nail

Like suspenders need a button

Like an oyster needs a stew

Everybody need the Citizen

So why the heck don't you!!!

Oct 13, 1921


Mrs., Will Spellman, Mrs. Fred Lauterbach and daughter Luana and Miss Mamie Schutte took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hartze

NOV 3 1921


Rev. Dunn has purchased a new Ford roadster.

A much needed extension has been added to the stables on the school grounds

Lost--gray silk glove, finder will please notify Lenore Schlichtemeier or Winifred Davis.


Friends and relatives gathered at the home of Mr. Fritz Lostroh on Tuesday evening, the occasion being his birthday.  A nice luncheon was served during the latter part of the evening.  We wish him many more birthdays.

NOV 10, 1921


The Rokeby basket ball teams took a double header victory from the Denton High School on the Denton court Friday afternoon, November 4.  The Rokeby boys won by a score of 8 to 5 and the Rokeby girls by 6 to 5.  The Rokeby boys are: Albert Davis, captain, Edward Sullivan, Hartley and Orval Williams and Lawrence Clymer.  The Rokeby girls team is composed of: Bertha Oltjenbruns, Marjorie Jacoby, Mary White, Francis Oltjenbruns and Alive Olmstead, captain.

The Oltjenbruns home was the scene of a jolly party Saturday afternoon when Miss Sandstrom and her pupils, teacher and school mates of Wilber and Esther gathered there to enjoy the many good things provided for their entertainment.  After playing games for a time, delicious refreshments were served and later all gathered around a bonfire to roast wienies and marshmallows. It was a most delightful occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. White celebrated their twenty-first wedding anniversary Sunday.  Rev. Dunn was a guest at dinner and a number of other friends and relatives were present to help them enjoy the day.

Mrs. E. Peterson slipped and fell on the stairs at her home one morning last week and suffered a broken wrist and numerous painful bruises. She is getting along as well as could be expected.


Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Merrill attended the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ruebky of Seward Nebraska last Sunday.  A very large crowd was present.



Jessie Shea who has been in the Orthopedic hospital just a month is improving very well.  Editors note:  Jessie passed away on Oct 16, 1925 at age 12 years, 0 months and 8 days.

The dance which was held at Jerry Sullivan's last Saturday evening was well attended and enjoyed by all.

Helen Shea and Irene Sullivan spent the week end with the home folks.

NOV 17, 1921


Twenty of Annabell Loos' school mates helped to make her tenth birthday a very happy event on Saturday afternoon, November 12th.  The time was spent with games and music.  A very delicious lunch was served. She received many nice presents.

The Wesley Chapel Circle met for an all-day meeting at the home of Mrs. Roy Steinhausen last Wednesday.

Lawrence Clymer had the misfortune to have his saddle girth break and let him fall from his horse, breaking his right arm, last Tuesday evening on the way home from school.  He was back in school Monday with his arm in a sling.

Harry Foreman has been suffering from an ulcerated tooth which the dentist removed a few days ago.


Whilemna Westendorn was born in Holland, the 27th of June, 1833.  In the year 1861 she was joined in marriage to Garriet J. Heusinkvelt.  After six years of married life they decided to come to America and in 1887 they left Holland for the New Country and a new home.  To this union were born six children, three of whom preceded their mother into  the better world, as did also her husband, he having died the 27th of January 1897.  Today there are three children who mourn her loss.  One son and two daughters.  They are John Heusinkvelt who lives in our midst; Mrs. C. W. Oberman of Lincoln, Nebraska and Mrs. G.
Walvoord of Hickman, Nebraska.  Mrs. Heusinkvelt passed out of life at noon on the 10th day of November in a beautifully quiet way.  She had been waiting for her Lord for quite a long time and He came and took her away in sleep.  She had reached the grand age of eighty-eight years.

Otto Gloe butchered a nicer young beef last Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lamb celebrated their fifty-second wedding anniversary last Monday, November 14 by entertaining the following guests at dinner: Dr. and Mrs. Lamb and son Willie, Rev and Mrs. E.E. Pengelly, Mrs. Mary Cox of Lincoln, and Minnie Bargman.

Mrs. Kurtz papered for Mrs. Willie Faig last Tuesday.

DECEMBER 1, 1921


The intermediate and primary pupils of Rokeby school gave a Thanksgiving program and chicken-pie social at the school house of Tuesday evening. The children preformed their parts in a creditable manner and the program was greatly enjoyed.  After the program, an original play was presented by the high school students for the benefit of the Red Cross. They sold sixteen membership buttons.

The Sprague basketball teams went down to defeat before the Rokeby fives on the Rokeby court Friday afternoon.  The Rokeby boys won 15 to 11 and the Rokeby girls won 41 to 0.

There was a large attendance at the Ladies Aid meeting at the home of Mrs. Loos, Friday afternoon.  The ladies spent the afternoon preparing for their annual bazaar to be held at the church on the evening of Dec  2.   Mrs. Loos served dainty refreshment.

Mr. and Mrs. George Allan Jr. entertained the following guests at Thanksgiving dinner:  Mr. and Mrs. Sanders and family of Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nootz and Willard, Ervin Nootz and Schuyler Southwell

Some people are in such a hurry to finishing shucking corn, they even shuck by lantern light.  Ask George Allan, Jr.  about it. 

DECEMBER 7, 1921


A community meeting was held at the school building last Wednesday evening to lay plans for beginning work on the community building.  It was decided to begin work at once and on Friday morning a number of men were on hand and commenced work on the basement.  The job will be pushed as rapidly as the weather will permit.

Lela Rundle and Alice Olmsted spent Thursday night with Winifred Davis.  Hartley Williams and Mary White visited at the Davis home during the evening. The young folks made the candy and popcorn for the Ladies Aid bazaar.

The bazaar was held on Friday evening and was a decided success, both socially and financially.  There was a large crowd in attendance and everyone present enjoyed the evening.

DECEMBER 29, 1921


Mrs. Vanderpool and Miss Marjorie Jacoby were hostesses at a miscellaneous shower last Thursday afternoon in honor of Miss Amanda Sandstrom whose marriage will take place this week.  The rooms were decorated in keeping with the season and numerous useful and pretty gifts were presented on a gaily decorated Xmas tree.  Dainty refreshments were served.

On Monday evening a jolly party of friends and school mates gathered at the home of Orval Williams to help him celebrate his seventeenth birthday and a most enjoyable evening was spent.  Mrs. Williams served a delicious supper and the guests departed afterwards wishing Orval many happy returns of his birthday.

JANUARY 5, 1922


Mr. and Mrs. Alder are the proud parents of a baby girl born Monday January 2.

Dr. Lamb had quite a serious accident Wednesday night of last week while playing a game of basket ball.  Sam Spellman Jr. collided with him, his knee striking the doctor's knee, causing a very bad fracture.  It was an unavoidable accident which could not be helped.  Sam feels very sorry, but of course, it was not his fault. The doctor's father and William Krull took him in Lincoln where Dr. Rowe and Welch took an x-ray and put on a cast.

Mr. and Mrs. George Damrow and family called on Dr. Lamb Sunday afternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. Motts Wendelin and son of Crete also drove down to see the doctor, also a number of other friends.


On New Years evening Floyd Smith entertained as a watch party at his home.  Dainty refreshments were served late in the evening and the young people departed early in 1922.

Mr. F.C. Munn who underwent a serious operation at the Lincoln hospital just before Christmas, is getting along nicely and expects to return home in about a week.

Miss Helen Nye was elected teacher of the intermediate grades in Rokeby school in place of Miss Sandstrom, who was married during the holidays.  Editors Note:  Amanda Sandstrom married Victor A. Stiegelmeyer and Elsie Sandstrom married Leroy Quick on Dec 22, 1921.

The members of the Wesley Chapel Circle and their families were entertained at the home of Emmanuel Peterson, Wednesday.  Dinner was served to eighty people.

The Burgess family held a reunion on Christmas at the parental home.  Children and grandchildren to the number of thirty-six were present.

The community house was being shingled last week but a slight delay is being caused by a shortage of material.

January 19, 1922


Loren Mickle shelled some corn last week.  Gertrude Minchow assisted Mrs. Mickle in her cooking for the men.

The marriage of Marie Shay (should be Shea) and Albert Culp will take place Wednesday Jan 18, so all prepare for a charivari.

Mr. J. Howard Smith had a narrow escape a couple of weeks ago when one of his horses crushed him against a gate. He is getting better.

The postmaster's twin brother, W.W. Reeves, arrived from the northern part of the state and will spend some time visiting here.

W.T. Voss returned home Saturday from the hospital in Lincoln, where he was taken a few weeks ago for treatment of a severe case of tonsillitis.

JANUARY 26, 1922


Quite a number of young folks from this community motored to Pleasant Dale, Saturday evening, to attend the dance. They say there will be another dance there Saturday evening, February 4.  Everyone is welcome.

Mr. Alva Skinner of Adams has been here visiting his brother, A.O. Skinner.

The marriage of Miss Marie Shea to Mr. Albert Culp took place Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock at St. Mary's church of Denton.  In the evening a reception was held at the bride's home; about 300 people were present.

There will be a barn dance at the J.J. Shea home Saturday night, January 28.  Everyone is welcome.  Good music.

A great number of Denton folks enjoyed a very pleasant evening Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Snell. The evening was spent in dancing and at a late hour a very delicious lunch was served.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Culp are now at their home three miles west of Denton.

FEBRUARY 3, 1922


Mr. J.H. Lohmeier died Monday afternoon after an illness of a few weeks.  He had reached the age of 90 years, was a Civil War veteran, and for many years a prominent citizen of Pleasant Dale.


Martin Osterman visited with his parents last Sunday.  Martin is a rural mail carrier at Malcolm.

FEBRUARY 23, 1922


Mr. Charles Reller is touring the south this winter; the last we heard he was in Florida.

Willie Lamb sells the Sunday State Journal.  If you want a paper, just call him by phone.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Koch moved to the farm owned by Friend Buel.  Charlton Mitchel will live on the home place vacated by Mr. Koch.

Fred Krull bought a billy goat last Saturday of Mr. Schmutte.  Now look out for some fun.


The Rokeby Community club extends heartiest thanks to the teachers and students of the high school and to Mr. and Mrs. Paine for their share of the entertainment, to Rev Dunn and all others whose ready cooperation made the opening evening in the New Community House such a pleasant occasion.

The Ladies Aid held an all day meeting at the home of Mrs. Pierce last Thursday.  The husbands of the members were invited guests and a sumptuous dinner was served to nearly fifty people.  Music was the chief diversion of the afternoon.

The high school students and teachers and a number of other guests were entertained at a jolly Valentine party Tuesday evening at the Emmanuel Peterson home.  A delicious luncheon was served after games and music.


Mr. Schroeder of Emerald died Saturday February 18 at the home of his daughter Mrs. Pipher of Lincoln.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schnell are moving into the house on the Dr. Woodward place.


Mrs. Charles Miller and son, Francis left for Council Bluffs to spend a short time visiting her sister, Mrs. Josephine Kears and husband.

Mrs. B.W. Harnly of Lincoln spent a few days visiting her daughter Mrs. A.O. Skinner and family.

Mr. Harry Mickle, an uncle of Loren Mickle, spent a few days visiting at the Mickle home.  He left for his home Monday.  Mr. Harry Mickle of Weeping Water visited a few days with his brother Loren.

Mr. Adolph Brhel had the misfortune to get his hand caught in the gears of his corn sheller a few days ago.  Dr. Skinner was called and dressed the wound, taking several stitches.

"Bill" Osborne, one of our store keepers, has rented a farm near Pleasant Dale and will soon move.  His father-in-law, R.E. Shaw will take possession of the store again.

A family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Giles, Saturday.  It was held in honor of Mr. Giles father, Mr. James Giles, it being his birthday and also to have all the relation together while Mrs. Payne of West Virginia, sister of Mr. Herbert Giles, is here spending a few days with relatives.  All the relatives were present except eight who were not present on account of the long distance to come or sickness.  The number present at the reunion was forty-seven.  Mr. James Giles has reached the age of eighty-seven.  His wife is also living and is about the same age.  The afternoon was spent in playing the piano and singing.  Mr. Payne will visit with relatives near Denton and return to Lincoln and visit with her brother Mr. William Giles, and family.  She leaves for her home in West Virginia, Thursday evening.

Mr. John Gannon and sister Mary spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Al Culp.

A large number of the friends and classmates of Milburn Miller gathered at the W. Miller home last Thursday evening to surprise him.  The evening was spent playing games and at a late hour refreshment were served.

Mr. Frank Lowney, "Tim" Sullivan and girl friends attended the dance at Pleasant Dale last Saturday evening.

School district 66 will give a program and box supper Wednesday evening, February 22.

February 2, 1922

EMERALD HEIGHT---Mr. Fred Piening Sr. celebrated his 82nd birthday January 25 .  Mr. Piening is in good health at this writing.

ROKEBY RATTLES---The Rokeby community extends sincere sympathy to Mr. Couser, Mrs. Loos and other members of the family in the loss of mother and wife who passed away Wednesday evening January 25th.  (Editor's note--She was Emma J. Couser wife of David G. Couser, both buried in Wyuka Cemetery.)

DENTON DOINGS---Quite a number of young folks from this community attended the barn dance at the Shea place Saturday evening.   Also a number of folks from near Emerald attended also

Loren Mickle has been hauling lumber from the freight car to the lumber yard this past week.

EMERALD EARTHQUAKES---Mr. J H. Lohmeier died Monday afternoon after an illness of a few weeks.  He had reached the age of 90 years, was a Civil War veteran and for years a prominent citizen of Pleasant Dale.  (Editor's note---There is a BIG obituary in the February 9th paper regarding this man)

February 9, 1922

EMERALD EARTHQUAKES---Mrs. Fred Piening underwent an operation last Friday morning and of this writing is slowly improving.---Carl Degenfelder has graduated with high honors from the auto and tractor school of Lincoln.  Carl has got Emerald on the map by graduating with the highest average of the class, which was 98 1/2.  Keep up the good work, Carl, we are for you.---Henry Hoppman has traded his Fordson, and is now the proud owner of a "Parrot".

February 16, 1922

EMERALD HEIGHTS---The Emerald Midway Garage is now selling Sampson trucks and tractors and also has in a good supply of implements.-----  All kinds of cakes and pies for sale at Dick's Bakery, located at the "Hotel De Box Car"  Emerald Ne.  Blackberry pies a specialty.

SPRAGUE SPIELS--John Kersten and George Hile sawed wood Monday.  Frank Leibers and "Tony" Alberts helped them.-----Mr. J.F. Kurtz, manager of the Sprague Hardware Co returned home Friday evening from an extended trip through California, Oregon, Texas and old Mexico.  He reports a fine time but says he did not see any place he liked better than Nebraska.----Attendance at Sunday School was 131.  Collection $3.91.  The "Reds" were ahead.  "Blues", you had better hurry or you will have to furnish the treats.---Mr. L. Willman butchered a hog Monday.  How do we know?  Why, because we got a nice mess of liver.

February 23, 1922

SPRAGUE SPIELS---Fred Krull bought a Billy goat last Saturday of Mr. Schmutte.  Now look out for some fun.----Mr. and Mrs. Friend Buel moved to Lincoln last week where he has accepted a position as manager of the sheep farm at the State Farm.

EMERALD EARTHQUAKES---Herman Vollstedt, Gertrude Lee and the Degenfelder and Becker young folks drove in Tuesday evening to remind Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Larson that not yet were they through with crowds coming in to surprise them, demanding candy and cigars.  (Editor's note---Arthur Larson and Rosena Poetzinger were married, License dated Jan 25th)

June 22, 1922


The Starlight Club met with  Miss Rose Amen Thursday afternoon.  The afternoon was spent in doing fancy work and other exciting things.  The stunt given during the afternoon caused much thinking. The prize winner for the stunt was Mary Sullivan, first prize, and Anne Enright, booby prize.  The latter part of the afternoon a very delicious lunch was served.  The next meeting will be with Anna Enright, June 29.

The Kensington Club of 69 will meet with Mrs. Wigg July 6.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller spent Sunday with Mrs. Miller's folks, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Giles and family of Lincoln.

Milburn-have mercy on the poor culvert.

Mrs. Shea and Helen, Reta, Bartholomew and Mrs. Albert Culp called at the Jas. Reed home Saturday afternoon.

A number of young girls near Denton organized a new club last Friday afternoon.  A picnic was held in Eugene Sullivan's  grove.  A business meeting was held and the following were elected officers: Helen  Shea, president; Mary Sullivan, vice president, and Elizabeth Sullivan, treasurer.  The Club in the future will be known as the Starlight Club.  The stunt which was given Friday afternoon was won by Rose Amen, first prize and Anna Enright, booby prize.

Mrs. Robinson and girls who have been working in the telephone office the past three years, have left and went to Lincoln.  All are sorry to have them go.


Little Lester Hohnstein, who has been down with the measles is recovering and is able to be up and around again.

July 6, 1922


A very pretty home wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Allan  Saturday, July 1, when their son, Alfred, was united in marriage to Miss Muriel Jennings of Bartley, Nebr. Mr. Jennings accompanied his daughter to Rokeby.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dunn of the Congregational Church.  Immediate relatives of the bride and groom were the only guests.  After the ceremony a dainty luncheon was served.  Alfred grew to manhood in this community and has a host of friends who wish for him and his charming bride, a happy and prosperous future.

July 20, 1922


On account of the rain, there were no church services at Rokeby Sunday.

F.E. Rundle finished threshing his wheat Saturday, which averaged 27 bushels per acre.

A Rock Island train killed a valuable cow of C.E. Olmsted's Sunday night.

July 27, 1922


Mr. John R. Sullivan shelled his corn Friday and finished Saturday morning.  About 30 men were helping.  Saturday afternoon he began his threshing, so is kept rather busy.

This picture is about ca 1907 and known are Eugene Sullivan on left and his sister Ellen, (Mrs. Marland Baughman) with umbrella.

The lightning Saturday night struck Henry Taylor's house, breaking a window, and a straw stack belonging to Elmer Culp burned up.  A wheat stack of Mr. Kneef's was also struck and some of it burned.

Miss Eva Shea is spending her summer with her sister Mrs. Albert Culp.

There were four applicants who took the rural carrier's examination at Lincoln Saturday morning.  They were Clyde Reeves, Ellis Shane, Ben Haase and T.E. George.  The appointment has not been made at this writing.

August 3, 1922


A few of the members of 69 gave a shower on Pauline, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Culp, Wednesday afternoon.  Many beautiful presents were received.  Those present were Mrs. Earl Miller, Mrs. J. Shea and family, Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Hoppe, Ruth and Herbert, Mrs. Maughan, Elizabeth and Walter, Mrs. Elmer Culp and daughter Louise.  The afternoon was spent in listening to music and many other interesting things.  The most excitement was the water fight.  But Elizabeth was beaten. In the latter part of the afternoon a very delicious two course luncheon was served.  Everyone returned home about six o'clock and reported a very enjoyable time.

Denton played ball Sunday afternoon with Denton.  Oh!!! ain't that exciting?  It's this way; the Denton ball team played with some Denton pickups.  Too bad you players didn't find these boys before.  The pick-ups beat the ball players by a score of 19 to 11.  You will have a hard time beating us now boys.

On left is Wesley Snell and on right is John (Jumbo) Sullivan

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hockings died Saturday morning. The funeral services were held at 2 pm Thursday at the Denton M.E. Church.  Editors note:  Child was Elmo Hocking


Mrs. Harry Rader and children spent Monday with her mother, Mrs. Steve Schwenke.

Mr. and Mrs. John Spellman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Spellman were Sunday afternoon guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Spellman.

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