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German Settlement Cherry County NEGenWeb Project ©  2000-2011
German Settlement Cemetery
(also known as Lutheran Cemetery)
Located South West of Crookston
Section 28, Range 30, Township 33.
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Complete Listing

Ahrens, Lena(wife of Henrich) 04-06-1852 01-25-1917
Dittmer, Albert Adolph 04-08-1903 08-25-1949
Dittmer, Johann Christoph(Christ)(father) 01-01-1849 08-22-1944Bahlburg, Germany
Dittmer, Emma D.(mother)1890 1952
Dittmer, Ernest Christoph(father)(Emma Magdelene Schlueter m.04-27-1921) 08-14-1888 04-11-1961
Dittmer, Henry William 05-20-1884 09-20-1971
Dittmer, Herman August(son of Christopher & Magdalena Meinecke Dittmer)06-11-188607-10-1974Reige, NE
Dittmer, Marie Magdelina Meinecke(mother)(wife of Johann Christoph Dittmer m.05-29-1884) 04-21-1859 1935Ramelsloh, Germany
Dobson, Gladys Ann 1921 1932
Holtz, Mitilda R.(wife of Carl D.)01-22-1893 06-15-1916
Hoffman, Edward Paul(son of Pastor W.F.F.& S.E.) 11-20-1909
Hull, Manwaleta (Leta) Stillwell Pedersen(wife of #1 Pete Pedersen m.09-01-1930, #2 Clint Hull m. 1986) 04-27-190908-25-2000Simeon, NE
Ohlman, August T. 1896 1970
Ohlman, Emma E. 1900 19??
Olhlman, Infant (son of Floyd) 02-??-1960
Osterman, Hans Henry(Father)(Germany)02-10-1859 02-14-1940
Osterman, Maria(mother)(Germany) 03-07-1859 07-01-1936
Porath, Amanda Ohlmann?08-26-1956
Porath, Arnold(hus of Eleanor Emma Detgen m.06-23-1937)(son of Herman & Erna)11-05-191011-18-1981
Porath, Catherine Marie Weseloh 1865 10-19-1954
Porath, Dorothea Elizabeth Peters 08-12-1840 03-16-1925
Porath, Eleanor Emma Detgen(dau of Henry & Alice Ohlman Detgen)(wife of Arnold Porath)06-05-191504-07-2011Valentine, NE
Porath, Elizabeth 1873 1938
Porath, Erna Emma Reimers 1889 1960
Porath, Fredrich 04-25-1846 04-27-1912
Porath, Henry J.(father)(son of Johann & Dorothea) 02-17-1870 08-29-1947
Porath, Herman Peter(hus of Erna Emma Reimers m.02-16-1910)(son of Johann & Dorothea) 11-16-1880 03-14-1923
Porath, Johann Christof 01-20-1841 12-24-1921
Porath, Johann Friedrich(hus of Catherine Marie Weseloh m.09-11-1887) 01-01-1865 07-23-1945Stelle,Germany
Porath, Lena W.(mother) 02-04-1873 03-08-1958
Porath, Peter(son of Johann & Dorothea) ? ?Reige, NE
Porath, Wilhelmiene(child of Johann & Dorothea)18951895
Reige, Dorthea Elizabeth(wife of Peter) 09-04-1840 02-06-1917
Reige, Emma Porath(mother) 1895 06-10-1958
Reige, Johann Peter (husband) ?05-13-1891
Reige, Walter04-22-190901-25-1982
Reige, William(hus of Emma Porath m.09-16-1902)(son of Peter & Dorthea) 05-16-1873 11-27-1950
Reimers, Adolph(son of Ernest & Emma Reimers) 19161925
Reimers, Bertha E. Ahrens (mother) 1887 1968
Reimers, Henry(son of Peter& Elizabeth)?1892
Reimers, Herman H.(hus of Bertha Ahrens)(father)(son of Peter & Elizabeth) 10-30-1875 06-24-1956
Reimers, Infant(child of Ernest & Emma Detgen Reimers)19241924
Reimers, James Henry(hus of Joyce Tupa m.07-17-1970)(son of Henry & Mary Ross Reimers)(grandson of Herman & Bertha Reimers)08-12-194402-08-1995Valentine, NE
Reimers, Peter(hus of Elizabeth Wilkins) 02-16-1840 03-15-1921
Schaff, Pauline Laura McNett(dau of Doxey & Fern McNett)(wife of Rudolph Herber Schaff Sr. m. 05-10-1935)08-10-191705-16-2008Hemingford, NE
Schaff, Rudolph H. (Rudy)(son of Rudolph Herbert Sr. &Pauline Laura McNett Schaff)(hus of Beverly Hoins m. 05-06-1956)03-14-193604-14-2011Batesville, ARK.
Schluter, John Henry(hus of Marie Dittmer m.01-1922)(son of John & Doris Porath Schlueter) 11-09-1892 11-25-1926Grosse Rosenweide, Germany
Stolzenburg, Margaret Ann Mortensen(wife of Arnold Stolzenburg m. 01-01-1938)(dau of Johon & Pearl Ludwick Mortensen)02-25-192010-22-2000Creighton, Ne
Warneke, Ann Marie(dau of Rev& Mrs Anton Warneke)04-16-1944
Weisflog, Elizabeth Magdalena Porath(wife of Henry m.11-09-1904) (mother)(dau of Christ & Dorothea Porath) 1878 12-21-1963
Weisflog, Henry A.(father) 03-22-1878 08-02-1969Zanesville, Ohio

We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. Information on births and deaths donated by Ruth Harms who walked the cemetery in 10-16-1974.

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