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Sparks Cemetery

Located 18 1/2 miles east of Valentine on Hiway 12 or
1 mile east of Sparks, Ne. Section 10, Range 25, Township 34

The Sparks Cemetery is an old cemetery, being there since the 1880's. The first person buried there was a small girl, Daughter of John S. Grooms. Her name was Stella Grooms. She died July 22,1885 at 1 1/2 yrs of age.
The cemetery is on land previously owned by "Chaufty". Upon hearing of the death of Stella Grooms, Mrs. Chaufty deeded one acre of their land for the beginning of the Sparks Cemetery. In later years another 1/2 acre was donated by the Chaufty's to enlarge the cemetery. The west side is the oldest part of the cemetery.
New brick and cement posts were added to the entrance to the cemetery in 1967 and a new fence along the front side was added at that time.

Name Birth Death Birth Place
Allen, Betty Lou(dau of Louis & Margaret) 1931 1933
Allen, Levina Jane(Jennie) Swogger(wife of William James Allen m.06-14-1871) 06-14-1851 10-28-1918Pennsylvania
Allen, Mayme Laura(dau of Louis & Margaret Copeland Allen) 01-28-1920 04-29-1922Cherry co., NE
Allen, Merle R.(son of William & Rosie) 1909 1935
Allen, Rosie B.Grooms(mother) 01-24-1879 11-24-1977
Allen, William A.(Billy)(hus of Rosa B. Grooms m. 11-06-1901)(son of William & Levina) 09-28-1872 09-16-1947
Allen, William James(Co E. 116 Ill. Inf.)(hus of Levina Jane Swogger m.06-14-1871)(son of Alexander & Mary Barett Allen)12-25-1841 02-02-1907
Andrews, Walter E.(son of Claude & Margie) 11-19-1933 04-09-1934
Barker, Henry F.05-01-1836 06-14-1901
Barker, Mary George(wife of Henry F. m.05-01-1865) 05-16-1845 03-08-1917 Fayette Co., Ill.
Bechtold, Inant(dau of Jacob & Betty)19451945
Betts, Bertha A.R.(dau of M/M C.H.) 07-21-1884 09-14-1887
Bowdish, Mary Osburn(wife of Ira Bowdish)(Sister of Richard Osburn) 186401-1920
Brechbill, Aetna(brother of Jacob) 1868 12-31-1933
Brechbill, Jacob(hus of Roseie Mirrah Jelly m.05-19-1903) 03-22-1866 07-19-1941
Brechbill, Jane James(wife of Abraham m.05-02-1864) 04-12-1846 03-22-1926Galena, ILL.
Brechbill, Mary A.(grandmother of Jacob & Aetna) 03-05-1812 08-25-1892
Brechbill, Patience M.(dau of Mary) 10-07-1842 12-22-1914Zanesville, Ohio
Brechbill, Rosie Mirrah Jelly(dau of Mathias & Martha Jelly) 12-25-1884 12-11-1929
Brown, Albert(son of John & Hazel)08-31-194203-26-1999
Brown, Baby(son of John & Hazel) 08-18-1948 08-18-1948
Brown, Baby(son of John & Hazel)03-06-194403-10-1944
Brown, Eva L.(daughter) 1912 1920
Brown, Grandpa 09-10-181606-14-1905
Brown, Gerald T.(son) 1918 1920
Brown, Henry L.(father) 1857 1940
Brown, Hezekiah(husband of Mollie Simmons m.08-14-1904) 08-01-1853 09-23-1905
Brown, John Leroy(son of George & Anna Brown)(hus of Hazel Osburn m. 08-23-1941)03-22-191811-17-2009Crookston, NE
Brown, Louisa L. 1864 1951
Brown, Mabel18941982
Brown, Sarah E.(wife of T.V.) 1872 05-28-1911
Brown, T. V.09-10-181606-14-1905
Brown, T.V.(Tom)(hus of Mabel05-20-188812-25-1958
Brown, Terry L.(son of John & Mabel)1947 1949
Brown, Thomas Vincent(husband of Mabel) (father)05-20-1888 12-25-1958Sparks, NE
Clayton, Mary McClements(wife of William H. Clayton)(mother of Lilian Albert Clayton Osburn) 02-14-1875 03-12-1920
Copeland, Alfred Clifford 19321932
Copeland, Clara E.(wife of John m.03-26-1919)(mother) 05-03-1897 01-09-1988
Copeland, Earl LeRoy(son of John Frederick & Clata Ethel Ogle Copeland)(hus of Bonnie Osburn)04-13-192812-28-2010Sparks, NE
Copeland, Elbert 1930 1933
Copeland, John F.(father) 04-24-1881 02-19-1957
Copeland, John Fredrick(hus of Betty Osburn m.04-12-1947)(son of Fred & Clara Ehtel Ogle Copeland)02-07-192010-20-2002???
Copeland, John 1852 1930
Copeland, Marvin John(son of John & Betty Osburn Copeland)04-10-196101-09-2017Valentine, NE
Copeland, Mary 1861 1935
Copeland, William 1883 1936
Copeland, Zellma Marie(dau of John F. & Clara E.) 1930 1945
Davis, Louisa12-13-182502-27-1902
Edwards, Catherine(wife of Hugh) 1813 1885
Edwards, Hugh H. 1812 1884
Edwards, William Glen(son of Everett Harold & Susan Kathryn Larabee Edwards)(hus of LaRetta Mae Lawrence m. 02-26-1956)03-11-193404-21-2011Brown County, NE
Etter, Wilbur D.(son of E.O.& Etta) 01-01-1916 08-23-1918
Foster, Baby(child of Charlie)??
Foster, Beatrice191402-23-2014
Foster, Floydine B. (dau of Floyd & Bea) 1943 08-13-1944
Foster, Floyd 07-19-1909 10-07-1999
Fullerton, Mary O. 1873 1955
Fullerton, Ulyess S.G. 1866 1945
Furry, Bernice??
George, Infant 12-1897
George, Jasper W. (Co T. 5th Ill. Cav.) No dates
George, Mrs. Louisa 18561931
Gordon, Mary Alison(dau of S.C.& Grace) 01-28-1900 05-15-1903
Graham, Gerald07-13-191211-22-1993
Graham, Viola Packard (wife of Gerald Graham)09-13-191308-08-2001
Grooms, Infant(dau of R.A.& J.S.)05-24-1891
Grooms, Clyde(hus of Virginia Brown)12-16-191302-13-2003
Grooms, Cora Stella(dau of R.A.& J.S.)(first person buried in this cemetery)06-24-1884 07-22-1885
Grooms, Davis Lee(son of Martin George & Sylvia Grooms)03-08-195207-22-2006
Grooms, Dewey J. 09-26-1899 09-23-1920
Grooms, John(hus of Sarah Headrich m.08-08-1842)(son of William & Mary Grooms) 05-10-1817 05-10-1903Clark County, Ky.
Grooms, John Samuel(hus of Rebecca Ann Osburn m.09-07-1872)(son of John& Sarah) 02-02-1853 07-10-1927Quitman, MO.
Grooms, Joseph W. 09-29-1843 11-09-1896
Grooms, Mary J. 1851 1935
Grooms, Martha 03-26-1826 11-23-1900
Grooms, Melvin(son of Martine George & Sylvia Lawrence Grooms)(hus of Marva Porath m. 05-1966)01-15-194702-21-2010Valentine, NE
Grooms, Olive Mona(dau of H.& W.)03-28-1911 09-22-1911
Grooms, Paul 1920 1935
Grooms, Rebecca Ann Osburn 03-30-1860 01-15-1948
Grooms, Virginia Mabel Brown(wife of Clyde William Grooms m.10-28-1936)06-09-1916 03-09-2001 Sparks, NE
Haley, Infant(son of M/M Don Haley) 1941
Haley, Albert(baby) 1918
Haley, Albert(hus of Maued Allen m.011-06-1895)(son of John & Mary Jane George Haley) 09-30-1866 1954
Haley, Don(son of Ervy & Ida)19211998
Haley, Duane??
Haley, Eletha(dau of Ervy & Ida) 1931 1940
Haley, Ervy Presley(hus of Ida Sharp) 1897 1964
Haley, Floyd J. (WW1)(hus of Magdaline Borman)(son of Albert & Maude)10-21-1936
Haley, Ida I. 1898 1983
Haley, Maude Allen(dau of William & Jennie Swager Allen) 1876 1942
Hamer, Infant??
Hamar, Wilma A. 05-29-1920 01-17-1923
Hellenbolt, Gertrude E.Allen 02-11-1875 02-10-1946
Hellenbolt, John A.(hus of Gertrude m. 10-31-1906) 1877 1961
Hellenbolt, Meryel(son of John & Gertrude)19081992
Homan, Donald L.(son of Lloyd Homan)(19371937
Hornback, Dora Ethel(dau of J.A.& Belle) 03-16-1891 10-11-1892
Hower, Clara Elnora Brosius 1881 1956
Hower, Jacob Vastine(Jake)(hus of #1 Viola Hamar m.1890, #2 Clara Elnora Brosius m.01-01-1902) 07-22-1859 11-01-1916
Hower, Infant (son of Jacob & Clara)19101910
Hudson, Charles W. 09-20-1857 05-19-1930
Hudson, Elizabeth L.(wife of James M.)09-22-1859 11-15-1913
Hudson, Harriet T. Sweetman 10-16-1871 02-23-1956
Hudson, James M. 01-16-1855 05-30-1927
Hudson, John 07-07-1830 ????
Hudson, Louis N. 04-07-1863 10-16-1939
Hudson, Rutella E. 11-21-1832 07-20-1911
Hunsacker, Mary J. 1842 1903
Hutchison, Aaron E. 08-02-1911 07-29-1915
Hutchison, Lily May 1888 1935
Hutchison, James L. (WW11) 05-03-1922 11-10-1951
Hutchison, James 1883 1946
Hutchison, Nellie18231985
Jelly, Annie Winters 04-15-1861 03-02-1930
Jelly, Thaddeus(hus of Annie Winters)(son of John & Mariah Jane Hazell) 01-27-1859 10-27-1938
Kaplan, Frank Vern(hus of Sarah Jane Todd m. 04-06-1898) 01-16-1877 1954
Kaplan, Mary A. 06-12-1842 03-25-1917
Kaplan, Sarah Jane Todd(dau of Horace J.& Cloe (Nettie) Boyer Todd) 1880 1955
Kaplan, Sophie D.(wife of Gotlob Goede) 1867 1946
Kaplan, Wincens(hus of Mary Ann Barty m.1862) 01-04-1830 07-12-1925Pilzen, Bohemia
Kercher, Chris18861963
Kercher, Evelyn A.(dau of Chris) 1925 1935
Lawrence, Infant(of J.H.& L.A.)11-19-1914 11-26-1914
Lawrence, Alfred C.(son of Joseph & Linnie) 1910 1936
Lawrence, Joseph H.(Joe)(father)(hus of Belinda Ann (Linnie) Strawn m.04-28-1909) 06-15-1886 1929Iowa
Lawrence, Linnie Ann Strawn (mother)(dau of James & Melora Dykeman Strawn)07-16-1886 1965Ainsworth, NE
Lawrence, Lloyd (hus of Pearl Retta Allen)05-18-191311-02-1991
Lawrence, Maynard E.(son of Joseph & Linnie)(WW11) 01-02-1916 03-26-1971
Lawrence, Pearl Retta Allen(wife of William Lloyd Lawrence m. 08-07-1935)(dau of William Alexander (Billie) & Rosie Bell Grooms Allen)10-09-191205-07-2002Sparks,Cherry, Ne
Morris, William J. 1829 03-11-1891
Myers, Child (of E.Myers) 02-10-1899
Newland, Frances L. Kaplan(mother) 07-11-1883 12-31-1946
Newland, Harvey A. (father)(hus of Frances Kaplan m.12-22-1898)(son of Henry & Sarah Jones Newland) 12-26-1873 02-16-1938Ohio
Newland, Henry B.(hus of Sarah Jones) 10-14-1827 04-05-1907
Newland, Infant(of Isaac)??
Newland, Isaac M.(son of Henry B.& Sarah) 01-29-1861 07-06-1899
Newland, John W. 1856 1933
Newland, Ollie Calvein(husband of Orpha Halderman m.1936) 04-02-1915 08-30-1941Cherry Co., Ne
Newland, Paul(infant) 1922 1923
Newland, Paul K. 05-13-1870 12-21-1945 Adams Co., Ohio
Newland, Rauleigh R.(son of H.E.& F.L.)03-15-1907 03-29-1907
Newland, Sarah Jones 03-10-1834 08-04-1904
Newland, Selina??
Nish, Anna L Copeland(dau of John F. & Clara E. Ogle Copeland) 04-25-1926 11-09-1998 Sparks, NE
Ogle, Hark(hus of Sarah Osburn)18521922
Ogle, Maggie M.(dau of Hark & Sarah) 02-28-1885 02-24-1900
Ogle, Sarah Osburn(wife of Hark)18581952
Osburn, Infant(dau of Richard& Nancy) 03-25-1894
Osburn, Albert M.(Bert)(hus of Lillian Clayton)(son of Richard & Nancy Osburn) 03-30-1892 12-03-1966
Osburn, Bernice Elaine(dau of Albert & Lillian) 01-24-1920 05-29-1920
Osburn, Julia A.(mother of Richard)07-04-1834 08-14-1914
Osburn, Lillian A.Clayton(wife of Albert M.)(dau of W.H. & Mary Clayton) 1902 08-09-1986
Osburn, Nancy Isabel Holsey(wife of Richard) 06-04-1861 04-12-1916
Osburn, Richard (Dick)Everett(father)(hus of Nancy Isabel Holsey)01-11-1854 01-17-1918
Osburn, Robert Donald(son of Albert & Lillian) 07-09-1921 09-18-1930
Osburn, Robert LeRoy(son of Erny & Gladys) 193501-14-1935
Packard, Alta18831981
Packard, George(son of George & Alta)19191995
Packard, Sarah Shield(wife of George Packard)19221994
Packard, George Richard (husband of Alta Burdick) 07-20-1873 12-27-1952LaPorte, IND
Peterson, Ben A.(hus of Johanna Lewisia Nelson m.06-13-1882) 01-17-1844 09-03-1917Worsberg, Sweden
Peterson, Charlotte(Lottie) M. Jelly(mother)(wife of Otto m.12-18-1912)(dau of Thadeus & Annie Winters Jelly) 05-13-1893 1964Galena, Ill
Peterson, Lewisia Nelson(wife of Ben) 05-27-1851 10-20-1890
Peterson, Otto(father)(hus of Charlotte Jelly m.12-18-1912) 10-18-1885 1976Sparks, NE
Polen, Charles N.(hus of Emma May Kaplan m.10-22-1899) 02-24-1876 10-29-1952River Sioux, Iowa
Polen, Emma May Kaplan(wife of C.N.) 09-07-1880 08-06-1916
Powell,, Selina J.(wife of John M.) 04-20-1855 01-07-1916
Reed, Otis D.(brother of William Ray Reed) 1896 1969
Reed, William Ray (WW1)06-06-1895 02-19-1970
Reinhardt, Gregory John(son of Henry & Bernice Reinhardt)(hus of Sue Koster M.1974)01-14-194806-19-2007Milwaukee, WI
Sharp, Agnes Kaplan(wife of Leonard Sharp)(dau of Frank & Sarah Kaplan)19181996
Sharp, Leonard19131996
Shields, Dora F.(mother) 09-08-1900 03-20-1961
Shields, Geroge W. 1866 1942
Shields, Joseph M.(father) (WW1) 07-23-1893 02-27-1947
Shields, Rosa Marie 1930 1943
Simons, Bernice C. Fullerton(wife of Nicholas) 06-17-1894 01-19-1922
Simons, Etta M. Hudson(wife of Frank J. Simons)18941989
Simons, Frank J.1894 01-05-1973
Simons, Helen 1923 1927
Simons, Robert Hudson 04-17-1918 10-20-1924
Sorby, William 11-19-1844 09-29-1917
Spivey, Infant(son of Emmett & Mary) 1953
Spivey, Emmett H.(hus of Mary Ellen Copeland)?02-01-2008?
Spivey, Mary Ellen Copeland(wife of Emmett m.11-17-1943)(dau of Fred & Clara Copeland) 10-18-1922 06-17-2000
Spivey, Ronald Glenn(son of Emmett & Mary Ellen Spivey) 1955 1959
Swearingen, Martha Osburn 02-14-1856 02-22-1900
Swearingen, Julia C.18841889
Swearingen, Perry 02-23-1847 05-24-1926
Thompson, Claude H. 08-25-1905 05-29-1906
Thompson, Doris I. 01-28-1916 07-11-1924
Tompkins, Herbert??
Tompkins, Oscar C.(son of Nelson & Belle Howell) 12-01-1884 09-10-1960Iowa
Tupper, W.O.(Co.D. 3rd Cav) No dates
Turner, Clarentine Rebecca Lawrence(wife of Raymond Turner m.05-06-1935)(dau of Joseph & Belinda Lawrence) 04-12-1911 11-09-1999Nordon, NE
Turner, Raymond(hus of Clarentine Lawrence) 19071993
Valentine, Infant(son of John A.& E.E.) 01-12-1910 01-12-1910
Whetstone, Harry A. 07-16-1889 03-16-1926
Zeddeyer, Jane18441927
This cemetery was walked by Ruth Harms in 1974. Corrections were added 10-2004 by Hazel Brown.
We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections please contact the Cherry County Coordinator.

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