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Nollette Cemetery aka St. Joseph Cemetery

Location: Go 13 miles on Hiway #12 from Valentine to Kewanee School House, turn north for 2 miles and than 1 mile east.

The land for the cemetery was donated by Lou Nollette who had homesteaded the area. He gave 1 quarter of section for the cemetery. Section SE corner of 26, Range 26, Township 35.

Prairie Cemetery
Donated by Martin Nollett, Jr.

The wind may gently blow the grass,
Or snow and cold may come to pass,
In spring the rain will bring the flower,
That helps to gladden every hour.

While those here lay beneath the sod,
Their souls abide with their God.
While the lark it's sweet song will give,
Their spirits on and on will live.

We know not all the paths you trod,
We only know they led to God.
We know you in the stories told,
Whether you were young or you were old.

Tilled the soil or built the house,
Or ran the forge or milked the cows,
Or perhaps a smile is what you brought,
And none of these count for naught.

Or loving hands that held a child,
Or made a home from land so wild.
Are voices in this cemetery
Wind and birds in the quiet prarie?

I know our souls will always share,
The love of Christ and peace and care.
We come not to mourn your death its said,
But to celebrate the life you led.

Name Birth Death Born at
Davis, Dorothy Malone(dau of Leocadia & Thomas Malone) 09-15-193211-24-1965
Lolly, Anna Sophia Nollette(dau of Louis & Ellen) 11-3-1900 06-29-1932
Malone, Anthony(son of Thomas & Leocadia) 10-23-1928 04-19-1935
Malone, Infant (stillborn)(son of Thomas & Leocadia) 1941 1941
Malone, Baby(of Thomas & Leocadia) 05-10-193505-10-1935
Malone, Leocadia Nollette(dau of Louis & Ellen) 11-02-1898 01-18-1969
Malone, Thomas Frank(son of Thomas & Jennie) 07-17-1893 01-19-1967
Mosier, Anna (dau of Louis & Philomine Nollett Mosier) 03-03-1889before 1890
Mosier, child(of Louis & Philomine) ca. 1884before 1890Siouc City, Ia.
Nollette, Infant (babies x 3-Tripletts) (of Louis & Ellen)19021902
Nollette, Annie Robidou(wife of Felix, dau of Peter& Sophia) 05-12-1872 01-23-1935
Nollette, Ellen Robidou(wife of Louis Nollette)(dau of Peter& Sophia Hurteau Robidou) 06-23-1873 10-29-1903
Nollette, Felix(hus of Annie Robidou m. 05-01-1889)(son of Hilaire & Mary) 03-00-1866 07-12-1925L'Erable,Kankakee, Ill.
Nollette, Hilaire(hus of Marie Mailloux m. 09-20-1842)(son of Joachim & Josephine Nollette) 06-13-1823 06-11-1886Napierville, Quebec, Canada
Nollette, Joseph Peter(son of Louis& Ellen) 12-29-1894 09-09-1933
Nollette, Louis(hus of Ellen Robidou m. 10-06-1890)(son of Hilaire & Mary) 06-21-186001-31-1939
Nollette, Louis(son of Felix & Annie)(hus of Mary Elsie Ayers m. 12-18-1935) 03-27-190406-11-1959
Nollette, Marie Mailloux(dau of Joseph & Margurite Dumas Mailloux) 03-17-1825 08-04-1887
Nollette, Nelda(child of Louis & Ellen) 04-1893before 06-1900
Robidou, Peter 1829 02-07-1900St.Regis, Quebec or Ft.Covington or Bombay, NY
Robidou, Sophia Hurteau(dau of Fracois X.& Sophia Labelle) 07-1834 11-20-1902Ste-Martine, Quebec
Soucy, John Joseph (of John & Adeline Nollette Soucy)06-10-1886before 05-1892
Sousy, Marie Anne(of John & Adeline)01-30-1887 before 05-1892
Taylor, Josephine Nollette(dau of Louis & Ellen)(Adopted by Taylors) 10-19-1903 10-27-1925
Taylor, Leocadia Nollette(dau of Hilaire & Marie Nollette) 03-20-1856 05-14-1928
Taylor, Louis(Tellier)(son of Matilda Douglas & Louis Tellier) 12-21-1862 02-28-1929 L'Erable, Ill.

We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. Information on births and deaths donated by Ruth Harms of Valentine who walked the cemetery in 1974,
and updated by Martin Nollette Jr. 06-2000.
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