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Ft Niobrara Post Cemetery

Located at the National Wildlife Refuge at Valentine.
Section 26, Range 27, Townsip 34.

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Complete Listing

Abbott, George 09-11-1900 10th US inf
Ah Kee, Chinaman ?02-15-1895
Ball, Owen Dement 09-06-1904 12-30-1904
Barbour, Emma L.(inf dau of Sgt.) 05-11-1906
Barrett, Henry C. 06-25-1881
Barth, Inf(child of 1st Lt. C.H.)(disterred 12-21-1896) 05-09-1896 12th inf
Beaman,Infant (child of Fred) 03-22-1894
Beck, Harmon 1890 8th US Inf
Bland, Robert E. 07-12-1889 9th US Cav
Brarus, George Pvt. 10-3/4-1902 25th US Inf
Bratton, James 09-16-1903 25th US Inf
Bratton, Walter(child of Dr. Bratton) 01-22-1896
Bryant, Joseph No dates
Carroll, John J. 06-08-1888 8th US Inf
Carter, John H. 10-01-1891 6th cav
Carter, William H. 06-16-1889 9th US Cav
Cathopper, John O. 10-02-1883 citzen
Cherry, Samuel A.(exhumed, moved 03-14-1882 ,buried in LaGrange, INd.) 05-11-1881 Cav.
Cohota, Anna Halstensen(wife of Edward) 02-15-1899
Clark, Freddie(said to be child of campers going thru)No dates
Coleman, James 01-22-1896 civilian
Collins, John J. (Infant) 06-27-1897
Crane, Lawrence 08-14-1886 2nd US Inf
Cunningham, Annie(wife of Sgt Cunningham) 04-27-1898
Custard, Elijah 09-17-1905 25th US inf
Davis, William J. 03-28-1906 25th US inf
Devine, Samuel 07-26-1886 9th US Cav.
Dillon, Frank 04-06-1900 civilian
Dive, John 1885 civilian
Donavon, John 09-21-1894 8th US Inf
Draddy, Edward W.(child of Sgt Draddy)(Transferred to Mass. 10-29-1895) 03-24-1895
Edwards, Joseph 05-15-1906 25th US inf
Farrell, Joseph 04-01-1898 12th US inf
Finch, dau (of Albert& Mary) No dates
Flick, Ferdinand 03-04-1888 8th US Inf
Frosted Bear, Squaw wife 08-17-1893 6th US cav
Furtsik, George 09-29-1886 2nd US Inf
Gardner, George W. 05-08-1893 6th Cav
Gehringen, Anton 05-09-1893 6th cav
Gibson, Newman 06-29-1888 9th US Cav
Grimes, John Maston(child of Sgt. E.P.Grimes) 07-02-1881
Green, Inf(Child of Charles)02-07-1894
Green, Fannie(wife of 1st Lt. Higley) 03-02-1899
Green, Myrtle(inf dau of Charles A.) 03-16-1898
Gylenflygt, Charles J. 04-05-1902 civilian
Hale, James M. 10-12-1897 12th US INf
Halloran, Capt.James(transferred tto Washington DC Arlington Cem 10-06-1907) 04-12-1898 12th US Inf
Harmon, Cordelia(Wife)(W.G.Harmon on headboard) 09-19-1896
Harris, David 05-25-1905 25th US inf
Heft, Inf(child of Trupeter Heft) 10-23-1894 6th US inf
Humm, Child (of Pvt. Humm) 05-11-1892 6th cav
Iron Hawk,??? 03-30-1894 6th US cav
Irwin, Carl 05-07-1900 civilian
Jenkins, Samuel Daniel 12-31-1889 9th US Cav
Jones, Thomas 05-06-1904 25th US INf
Jones, William 01-19-1887 8th US Inf
Jotter, J.L.(moved to Mt Hope 03-24-1907) 04-24-1903
Kane, John J. 11-10-1890 8th US Inf
Kane, John 12-08-1894 8th US Inf
Kannigiesser, Inf (Dau of Sgt K.)09-26-1897
Kee, Au?02-14-1895
Kennedy, James 12-29-1886 2nd US Inf
King, George 06-23-1888 citizen
King, Marion Ida(dau of Thos.) 07-15-1889 citizen
Krummenacher, Arnold 01-05-1897 12th US Inf
Kurtzebaum, Fannie(mother of Sgt. Dyer) 05-21-1896
Layden, James 12-31-1891 6th cav
Livingstone, John J. 06-27-1896 12th US inf
Lucksciger, Inf child 07-30-1893 6th cav
Lovend,W.T.(inf son) 10-06-1898
McFerrin, Jessie L. 04-211-1903 25th US inf
McKee, Henry 09-17-1902
Mangan, Grace(wife of James) 04-19-1894
Marshall, Mamie (dau of Scout Marshall)(disinterred 06-14-1907 to Mt Hope-Valentine)04-17-1891
Marshall, William(Inf son of Scout Marshall)(disinterred 06-14-1907 to Mt Hope-Valentine) 04-17-1891
Maxwell, Albert E. 03-24-1905 25th US inf
Meisner, Child (of Wm. Miesner) No dates 8th US Inf
Moles, George T. 10-26-1897 12th US inf
Mosby, Thomas 05-12-1886 9th US Cav.
Muller, Anna Marguerite(child of Pvt Muller) 08-09-1894
Noisy Owl,Infant 07-05-1891 6th Cav
Nolan, Howard 06-15-1888 9th US Cav
O'Brien, John 10-24-1890 8th US Inf
Perkins, Sioux(inf dau of Sgt Perkins) 05-05-1891
Pine, Benjamin P. 01-16-1881 Cav.
Ross, Reva 05-29-1906 25th US inf
Rudman, John 01-16-1891 21st US Inf
Schall, Mrs.(wife of Pvt Schall) 06-17-1893 6th US Cav
Schmidt, Frances J. 01-08-1896 42nd US Inf
Schuler(Schooler), Inf Child 07-27-1897
Shaw, Annie 06-30-1888
Simon, Child of 1st Sgt SimonNo dates
Simmons, Frank E. 03-05-1881 Cav.
Sperling, Edith M.(child of Pvt Sperling) 07-20-1895
Sperling, Edwin J.(child of Pvt Sperling) 07-17-1895
Steele, Charles 04-22-1884
Stokes, Henry 08-07-1904 25th US inf
Tarpy, Infant(of David) No dates
Tarpy, F.F.(son of David) 08-01-1889
Tozoski, Victor 05-20-1893 6th cav
Tully, William 07-02-1904 25th US Inf
Unknown, Indian Women No dates
Unknown, Indian Baby(covered with beads) No dates
Walser, Charles 12-24-1892 6th Cav
Walters, Emily(child of Wm& Rose Walters) 06-25-1881
Weaver, Joseph R. 02-19-1891 6th US Cav
Weaver, William D. 06-27-1896 12th US inf
Webb, William R. 02-07-1903 25th US inf
Weden, Jacob 07-05-1880 1st Sergt Cav.
West, Eli S.(body shipped to Minneapolis) 03-22-1893 6th cav
Wheelan, Felma D.(Inf Dau of Crp Wheelen) 02-06-1904
Wheeler, Samuel B. Jr. (son of Corpl.S.B.) 06-10-1905 25th US inf
Whipple, Joseph No dates halfbreed citizen
Wildh, Frank M. 08-30-1897 12th US inf
Williams, John 07-03-1903 25th US Inf
White, White Boy 12-01-1892 6th cav
Wiggins, Thomas J(Inf child) 06-22-1899
Williams, Henry 06-26-1881
Wilson, Jacob D. 02-08-1891 9th US Cav
Woods, Eugene 12-30-1889 9th US Cav
Yates, James 12-09-1898 Troop G
Yours, Robert 04-17-1903 25th US inf

We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. Information on births and deaths donated by Ruth Harms who copied the information from ledger at the Headquarters office in 1976.
Picture of Ft. Niobrara courtesy of Cherry County Historical Society.

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