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updated April 07, 2005

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photo by Donna Ellis & Marilyn Ramsay

Cemetery location:  4 m. SE of Brainard, Sec. 23 (middle of section, in the curve of creek - it cannot be seen from road), Oak Creek Twp.. located where Brainard was first settled as Urban. Urban Cemetery (aka Pioneer Cem., Brown Cem.) organized in 1885 with burials as early as 1870s. When the railroad was built, the town site was moved to the present location of Brainard. Farm site address 2930 W. Road (view house).

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Contributors: Donna L. Ellis, Marilyn L. Ramsay

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Urban Cemetery Association
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Notes: Donna Ellis wrote, "One way to the Brown/Urban Cemetery is through the farm yard of Mary Bratrsovsky (deceased) at  2930 W. Road.  She was a very interesting and helpful lady who said she had often walked to the cemetery.  We discovered it was not an 'easy' walk -- down through a deep creek, up a hill and along fields to cemetery, near the middle of the section.  A deep creek (Middle Oak Creek?) meanders back and forth through this section and the cemetery is located on top of a hill, in one of the creek bends. The cemetery is not visible from any road. [By 1906, Brown families owned the south 1/2 and 40 acres SW 1/4, NW1/4 of Section 23]

Mary B.  told us there was one "Black" man who was buried in the cemetery but his exact grave location in cemetery, like so many others, has been lost through time.  Mary said that this man came with the Brown family when they migrated to the area.  She told us that some of his descendants had visited the Brown Cem., the same year we were there, and that she had a nice visit with the family.

I took a photo of Mary's home, originally built by Mr. Brown.  Mary B. told us that  the house looks basically today the same as when it was built, except for the enclosure of its back porch."


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