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Edholm Valley Cemetery

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updated July 18, 2003 +++ Partial listing In Progress +++

Edholm Valley Cem., north side of State Highway S-12A; Section 36, Bone Creek Township

Connie Snyder and Gail Holdeman describe Edholm Valley Cemetery's location, "It's on the north side of  SH 12A  as you go east. There are feedlots  nearby.  Turn north, on a little lane past a farm (about .5 m.), to get to the cemetery, then having to walk from the gates. It's really not far from the main road. If you see a sign, Wagner's Chutes, you have gone too far east on SH 12A.  The cemetery was nicely kept, but there may be some weeds to get there."

Edholm the name: "The origin of the Edholm name is uncertain. A popular story concerning it involved a local trapper named Ed Lockwood. Visitors to Ed"s place would supposedly come by and ask his wife, 'Ed home?'
By 1895, Edholm had a depot, grain elevator, general store, post office and hardware store. A second grain elevator was later added . No record of streets or lots were plotted out. Rather Edholm was a settlement born of a need for trade.  A decline in trade came after 1915, but the stores continued on for some years.  In 1942 the Burlington rail line took up its tracks.
Settlers to this area were mostly Dutch and German, who came from the eastern states, they settled before the railroad came in 1887." Source: BUTLER COUNTY NEBRASKA HISTORY, pg 7.  submitted by Nancy Hartman

Photo contributions or grave lists are welcome.
Contributors: Gail Holdeman, Connie Snyder, Laurie Garfield

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Edholm Valley Cemetery Association: [probably no published cemetery list exists.]
John M. (Bud) Papa, treasurer
4240 Q Road
David City, NE 68632-6684

Donations: The Association welcomes donations to the cemetery maintenance fund.

Phone: (402) 539-2695 [please pay his return call costs]
Regular mail: to above address
stamped/addressed envelope (SASE) and a "fill-in-the-blank" paper giving names and data you already have on the grave you want looked-up at the cemetery.
Email: none

Editor's note: If no cemetery list exists for this cemetery, it would be a good effort to reconstruct such a list.  Consider submitting any tombstone information or obituary information you have for folks buried in Edholm Valley Cemetery. ([email protected])

This page is not a publication of the Edholm Valley Cemetery Association and in no way intends to speak for the Association.


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