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1918 Farmers Directory, Butler County, Nebraska

Extracted from the Nebraska Ancestree (NA)
By permission of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society
Original transcription by Mrs. Aileen Rawlings, 324 Kelly St., St. Paul, Nebraska 68873
From: Atlas of Butler & Polk Counties, NE. Published 1918
Extraction from NA by Kathie Harrison

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Alexis Precinct
Ancestree Spring 1989, Vol. 11, No. 4

ABTS, Michael wife Emma; child Emma; 7 years in county; owner

BAILEY, C. R. wife Mary; children Charles, Alden, Mary, Elaine, Josiebelle; 30 years in county; Owner B. F. MARTI

BEIER, Frank wife Rose; 38 years in county; owner

BERGER, John wife Mabel; children Ruth, Mildred; 38 years in county; owner

BESCH, F. J. wife Mary; child Catherina; 25 years in county; owner

BLAHAK, Theodore wife Anna; 30 years in county; owner

BOCK, Toney wife Freda; child Willie; 42 years in county; Owner Mary BOCK

BRANDENBURGH, A. R. Jr. wife Ora; 30 years in county; Owner A. R. BRANDENBURGH Sr.

BRANDENBURGH, W. L. wife Alice; children Versie, Lemuel, Ora, Fern, Eva, William; 34 years in county; Owner Emily R. HENFLING

BRASE, Henry wife Mary; children Katie, Annie, Clara, Johnnie, Fred, Freda, Henry; 26 years in county; owner

BUCHHOLTZ, John wife Maggie; child Emma; 27 years in county

BUCHHOLTZ, Ora 27 years in county; Owner Ira M. WILLIAMS

BURCH, D. P. wife Minnie; children Adaline, Ruth, Pearl, Lizabeth, Gladys; 46 years in county; Owner C. S. BURCH

BURKEY, D. E. wife Sallie; children Helen, Paul, Lloyd, Edna, Harry, Ruth, Gordon, Merrit, Dorothy; 30 years in county; Owner A. A, BOUTON

CADY, F. C. Jr. wife Carolyn; child Clinton O.; 22 years in county; Owner Martin CADY Estate

CADY, G. M. wife Francis; children Edna, Edward, George, Ellen, Frances, Florence; 49 years in county; Owner Martin CADY Estate

CARPENTER, Judson wife Lottie; children Marlin J., Mabel, Reatha; 47 years in county; Owner Emeline R. HENFLING

CLAYPOOL, G. E. wife Ellen; children Elbert, Walter, Lois; 22 years in county; Owner J. A. (RENWICK) HAGER

CELEND, Robert wife Rebecca; children Angeline, Mabel; 44 years in county; Owner Ira M. WILLIAMS

DAVIS, H. G. wife Minnette; 11 years in county; Owner F. HOPKINS Estate

EBEL, Henry wife Annie; children George M., John J., Henry F., Alma, Everett C., Oliva, Harold H., Howard J.; 42 years in county; Owner and owner of School land

EBEL, John wife Antonis; children Thelma, Catherine; 48 years in county; owner

ELLIS, C. C. wife Mabel; child Clyde; 41 years in county; Owner T. M. ELLIS

ENYEART, L. H. wife Lillian; child Iola; 20 years in county, Owner Nola MCDONALD

ENYEART, M. J. wife Clara; children Wayne, Lois, Lucile; 36 years in county; owner

FENSTENMAKER, C. O. wife Adeline; 1 year in county; Owner C. S. BURCH

FLAXEL, Frank 34 years in county; Owner Anna FLAXEL

FLAXEL, J. C. 4 years in county; Owner Anna KOENIG

FRUTH, Henry wife Rosa; 3 years in county; Owner John DURSTSCHI

GANS, Charles wife Mollie; children Lucy, Hattie, Edwin, Martha, James; 4 years in county; Owner Frank J. ZEMAN

GOTTSCHALL, Ed children Ernest E., Eva, Orville, Alta; 1 year in county; Owner David THOMAS

GUENTHER, Fred. Wife Emma; children Eddie, Eliza; 1 year in county; Owner H. J. HOUSER

HILGER, Theo. J. wife Emma; children Marcella, Joseph, Mary; 36 years in county; renter

HOPKINS, George F. wife Dora; children George, Leslie, Ella, Ilena, Bennie; 42 years in county; owner

HOPKINS, R. E. wife Maud; children Francis, Isabelle; 35 years in county; owner

HORNING, Balthasar 6 years in county; Owner George ZELLER

HOUSER, Joseph wife Julia; child Laura; 46 years in county; owner

JANICEK, Adolph wife Lucy; children Emma, Katie, Albert, Leo, Fredora; 42 years in county; owner

JANICEK, Rudolph wife Lena; children Camille, Sylvester, Isabelle, Cyrus; owner

JANKY, W. J. wife Bessie; children Louis, Emil, Edward, Stanley; 18 years in county; owner

JERDON, J. W. wife Lillie; children Dollie, Oscar, Harvey, Violet; 38 years in county; owner

KELLEY, Alvin wife Thessie; 15 years in county; Owner Ben F. MARTI

KIRCHNER, J. J. wife Sophie; children Joseph J., Helen, Augusta, Charlotte; 40 years in county; Owner Emily R. HENFLING

KLAUSE, C. H. wife Elizabeth; children Rosie, Lena, Sophie; 12 years in county; owner

KLAUSE, Frank wife Minnie; 6 years in county; renter

KLAUSE, G. wife Emma; children Charlie H., Frank; 7 years in county; owner

KOENIG, William wife Anna; children Ernest, George, Albert; 48 years in county; owner

KREIZINGER, F. J. wife Tracy; Everett, Lloyd; 42 years in county; owner

KREIZINGER, J. W. wife Mollie; 37 years in county; owner

LOVELESS, H. T. wife Elsie; children Helen, Doris; 20 years in county; Owner C. E. LOVELESS

MAKOVICKA, Joe wife Florence; children Frank, Joy, Annie, Susie, Emil; 20 years in county; Owner Ben MARTI

MARTENSEN, Arthur 2 years in county; Owner Mary TARPY

MCINTOSH, W. P. wife Lela; children James, Ivan;3 years in county; Owner Charles J. CARRIG

MEINYER, Gus wife Julia; 16 years in county; Owner Ellen MOSHOR

MEINYER, J. P. wife Emma; children Gus, Arthur, Mollie, Estella, Rose, Pearl, Glenn, Walter; 16 years in county; Owner Ellen MOSHOR

MEYER, Fred wife Louisa; children George, Helen; 48 years in county; owner

MEYER, William wife Minnie; children Lena, Martin; 41 years in county; owner

MICK, Joseph F. wife Minnie; children Joseph, Louis, Gussie; 37 years in county; owner

MINNICH, D. W. wife Ethel; children Clifford, Frank, Maude, Mabel, John J.; 43 years in county; Owner A. W. LINDSLEY

MOELL, Louis E. wife Louise; child Irvin; 37 years in county; Owner Anton MOELL Estate

NANTHES, U. G. wife Marjorie; children Louis, Burdette, Vivian; 25 years in county; Owner Emily R. HENFLING

NICOLAS, Frank W. wife Elizabeth; children Alphonso, George, Francis; 37 years in county; Owner Frank NICHOLAS Sr.

NICOLAS, George wife Valarie; child Viola; 37 years in county; Owner Frank SCHLASINGER

NICOLAS, Joseph wife Mary; children Evelyn, Mary; 27 years in county; Owner Frank NICOLAS

NITSCH, Joe wife Mabel; child Frederick; 3 years in county; Owner Rosa REN

ROHRICH, Cecilia children Mary, Ernestine, Rudolph, Richard, Ludwig, Augusta; 35 years in county; owner

ROHRICH, William E. wife Amelia; children Edward, Mary, William, Anna, John, Rosa, Bertha; 38 years in county; Owner Louisa (ROHRICH) ERNST

SCHMID, Emil A. wife Rose; 28 years in county; Owner Robert SCHMID

SCHMID, Frank wife C. Emma; child Laverne; 26 years in county; Owner Fred B. WOTKE

SCHMID, Rudolph 30 years in county; Owner Robert SCHMID

SCHMIT, C. J. wife Martha; children Elsie, Viola, Leo; 36 years in county; Owner Mary SCHMIT

SCHMIT, Cornelius wife Mary; children Elizabeth, Nicholas, Anna, Mary, Peter; 39 years in county; owner

SCHRAN, Julius wife Anna; child Evelyn; 1 year in county; owner

SCHRIER, Ludwig wife Mollie; children Agnes, Annie, Louie, Rosie, Lizzie, Emil; 41 years in county; owner

SELZER, John J. wife Bertha; children Otto, Edward, Emma, Sylvia; 41 years in county; owner

SEVERN, Marshall 36 years in county; owner

SHUTT, Dora children Charles, William, Walter, August, Mary; 27 years in county; owner

SHUTT, Frank 35 years in county; Owner W. J. MCCOY

STEINER, F. O. wife Christina; 42 years in county; owner

STEINER, J. V. owner

STEPHENS, E. P. wife Mary A.; children Orville, Irma, Ivan, Ruby; 40 years in county; owner

TANNAHILL, Glenn R. wife Irene; children Lyle, Paul, Forrest, Lillian; 28 years in county; Owner William TANNAHILL

THELEN, Ambrose 14 years in county; Owner Adolph YANIKE

TOPIL, Henry wife Barbara; children Joe, Martha, Anton, Leopold, Alois; 40 years in county; owner

WAGNER, L. B. wife Sadie; child Lila; 11 years in county; Owner A. A. JONES

YANIKE, Adolph Jr. wife Hazel; 21 years in county; Owner Adolph YANIKE Sr.

ZELLA, George A. wife Anna; children Lydia, Rowena, Evelyn; 36 years in county; owner

ZIMMER, Emil wife Anna; children Frank, Leo, Louis; 41 years in county; Owner Marshall SEVERN

ZIMMER, Frank 26 years in county; Owner Charlotte KOSCH

ZWIENER, Joseph wife Augusta; children Rosy, Minnie, Emil, Valaria, Frederick, Joseph; 46 years in county; owner

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Bone Creek Precinct
Ancestree Fall 1986, Vol. 9, No. 2, Pp 19-20.

ABSHIRE, C. F. Lucy James, Robert, Claude, Marvin, Pet, Joyce, Eston, Juny, Bessie, Mary   Owner - J. H. RUTT
ANDERSON, C. M. Grace Alvina 23 Owner
ANGEL, Leopold     42 Owner
ANGEL, Louis Emma Will 41 Owner
BECKIUS, Matt. Kate Nick, Myrtle, Dorothy 38 Owner
BECKIUS, Neal Margaret   31 Owner - Nick BECKIUS estate
BECKIUS, Nick May John, Leonard 37 Owner
BECKIUS, Peter Mary Catherine, Elmer, Peter, John 37 Owner
BENESCH, John Jennie   26 Owner
BENESCH, Otto Marie   36 Owner
BERUCHA, Anthony     14 Owner - Edward A. SAUSER
BERUCHA, Frank Julia Alice 14 Owner - Anna C. SAUSER
BERUCHA, William A. Emma Mary 14 Owner
BIRKEL, Frank Anna Agnes, Alfred 35 Owner
BIRKEL, Henry Maggie Clara, Matthew, Florence, Anna, Mary, Clarence 37 Owner
BLACK, R. C. Maybelle Elmer, Doris 31 Owner - R. BLACK
BOHATY, Jim Mary Walter, Olga 20 Owner - M. E. MEDINGER
BOHATY, Joe Maggie Victor, Margaret, Rose, Joe 32 Owner
BONNE, Ed Sally Mary, Arthur, Esther, Charles, Albert, Grace, Dorothy 8 Owners - Nick MEYENBERG and A. F. EBERLY
BUCKHOLDER, Elmer Susie   33 Owner - Peter BUCKHOLDER
BURASH, Anton Anna Agnes, Rudy, Joe, Mary, Frank, Edward, Kobacek 11  
BURKHOLDER, Arthur Elda Ruth, Vera, Galen 31 Owner - Peter BURKHOLDER
BUTLER, H. W. Viola Sumner, True, Elvira, Irene, Grace, Glen, Erma, Alice 50 Owner
CHAMBERS, J. M. Gillie A. Coy, Elsie, Clara, Deara, Marra, Sarah, Bill, Vera 3 Owner
DAVENPORT, Earl J. Rachel Chester 30 Owner
DAVENPORT, F. I. Martha Earl, Amy, Frank, Ray, Mary 50 Owner
DAVENPORT, Floyd Aldah   25 Owner - V. D. DAVENPORT
DEHNER, John N. Catherine Mary, Pet, Mike, Carry, Henry 35 Owner
DEMUTH, Jacob   Anna, Pet, Hillard, John, Margaret, Mike, Mary, Jake, Nick 48 Owner
DEMUTH, M. W.   Mike, Nick, Theresa, Lucile 35  
DEMUTH, N. M. Margaret N. J., A. J., J. M., G. M. 44 Owner
DITZLER, F. E. Blanche Clea 23 Owners - J. H. DITZLER and Peter VANFLEET
DODENDORF, J. L. Sadie Bessie, George, Lee, Guy 30  
DUROK, Frank J. Letty Amala 29 Owner
EBERLY, Benj. Sally Maud, Pearl, George, Anna, Mabel 30 Owner
EBERLY, J. E. Sadie Lizzie, Anna 12  
EBERLY, J. F. Sally Harry, Sadie, May, Lydia 33 Owner
EVENS, Miland Sarah Arthur, Mabel, Francis, Samuel, Sarah 36 Owner - W. DUNCAN
FILDEN, Lloyd Martha Ruth, Dorothy 31 Owner - J. B. FILDEN
FORTNA, J. K. Fanny Walter, Minnie, Ella, Arthur, Ralph, Clarence 31 Owner
FOUTS, Sam Minnie Florence, Ada, Helen 15 Owner - Ed MCGOWEN
GARMAIN, Mrs. Almira   Jennie, Emma, Mamie, Frank, Ada, Ephraim, Lizzie, Lee, Lovington, Pearl, Pauline 30 Owner
GRUBAUGH, Cas. Elizabeth Gretta, Jessie, Ray, Vera 30 Owner - Jacob RUTT
HAHN, G. F. Myrtle Everett, Dean, Fern 34 Owner - Joe HAHN
HAHN, L. A. Grace Ella 36 Owner
HAHN, Will Cassie Elone, Alice, Ruth, Robert 45 Owner
HAJEK, Marie   Jim, Mamie, Ella 14 Owner - Peter DEMUTH Estate
HAVLENA, Joe Carrie Joe 14 Owner - Peter DEMUTH Estate
HAYEK, James Mary   36 Owner - Albert FITZSIMMONS
HEWITT, J. L. Nora Marvin, Ray 20 Owner - Anna M. DODENDORFF
HILL, Charles Hatty Margie, Alden 7 Owners - Kate & J. W. WANDERMEULEN
HOOKSTRA, Peter Mary Jessie, George, Charles, Floyd, Opel 49 Owner
HOMAN, Will. Mary Alice, Leonard, Merril 36 Owner - John HOMAN
HOWIE, Thomas M. Janet James, May, Martin, Ida 42 Owner
HOWIE, W. M. Verina Helen, Tinnie 34 Owner - W. A. HUTCHINSON
HRUBY, Joseph J. Veronike Cyril, Peter, Dominik 2 Owner
HUDSON, Art. Mary Art, Lottie, Blanche 7 Owner - W. T. HUDSON Estate
HUTCHINSON, H. H. Sophie Maxie 10 Owner - George HAHN
JAKUB, Jim Mary Elsie, Amelia, Glayds 12 Owner - Janet HOWIE
KASPER, Chas. Mary Andrew, Charles, Klein 6 Owner - Francis KASPER Estate
KELLER, Harry Lillian Guy, Esther, Ethel, Elva 35 Owners - Joseph BUCH & Alvena GARFIELD
KNEPPER, H. R. Ada Birdie, Gerald, Dorothy, Mehrn, Burton, Harry 37 Owners - A. J. & George KNEPPER
KOPECKY, B. J. Anna Agnes, Steven, Edward, Rudolph, Anna 27 Owner - M. E. MEDINGER
KRALL, J. W. Lottie Lula, Frank 10 Owner - J. W. VANDERMUELER
KUTKA, Mike Mary Josie, Ludmila 7 Owner - F. W. SUHR
LANDENKLOS, Louis Albina Margaret, Nick, Blanche, Merril 14 Owner - W. T. HUDSON Estate
LAYBA, Frank Mary F. J. 36 Owner
LOOMIS, F. F. Etta Edna, Ethel 52 Owner
MEHELER, Harry Mamie Marie, Orville, Lester, Gordon, Alice, Roy, Ruth, Bertha 14 Owner - J. S. BUCK
MAIS, Joe     36 Owner - Will HAHN
MECK, Walter Elva Nania, Ivan 33 Owner - Levi MECK
MEDINGER, Michael Caroline Mary, Pet, Anna, Kate, Margaret, Emil, Edward, Clarence 36 Owner
MERCER, Elmer E. Effie Harold, Frances, Cora 2 Owner - Harvey M. NICHOLS
MILLER, Jake Julia Sadie, Albin 15 Owner - A. B. GARFIELD
MORBACH, C. P. Mary Jenecia 38 Owner
MORBACH, Nick Gertrude Matila 40 Owner - John MORBACH
OSTRANDER, Parker Inez Ira, William, Frank, Jessie, Fred, Everett, Ervin, Alice, Dorothy, Helen 23 Owner - Peter MEYSENBERG
PAPA, John Gertie John, Minnie, Viger, Henry, Ira, Ervin, Ralph 30 Owner
PAROLEK, J. W. Albina Georgia 25 Owner - C. B. KABALEC
POSPISCHAL, William K. Mary George 27 Owner
RANKAR, Henry Susan John, Agnes, Mary, Irene, Mildred 27  
RANKAR, Mike Kate Jerome, Arthur 15 Owner - Peter MEYSENBERG
REISDORFF, John Caroline Earl, Lucille, Martha, Clarence, Harry, Antonia 23 Owner
REMAKEL, Jake Mary Marcell, George 12 Owner - Nick REMAKEL
REMAKEL, Nick Margaret   25 Owner
REZNICEK, Mrs. Joe   Mary, Thressa, Agnes, Curil, Hedbika, Ludmila, Joseph 7 Owner
SAMEK, Adolph L. Tony William, Martha, Anna 36 Owner
SCHMID, James Anna Albert, Julia, James 31 Owners - B. V. DVORAK & Tohepin POSPIZCHAL
SMITH, Henry Antonnette Rose, Raymond, Clara, Lucile 32 Owner
STRICKLER, Ira Jennie Jean, Eva 27 Owner - L. J. EBERLY
TAYLOR, John Raada Albert, Agnes 7 Owner - James BIRKEL
TELLER, A. Z. Effie Arlie, Virgil 44 Owner - Alice HERMAN
TELLER, M. C. Mary William, Mamie, Christina, Martland, Francis, Minnie, Lillie 49  
VABORIL, Anton Mary Frank, Anton 39 Owner
VABORIL, James Mary Louis, James, Joseph 30 Owner
VANDERMUELER, J. W. Katie E. Nellie, Hattie, John 41 Owner
VANDIKE, Seby     15 Owner - Joseph BUCH
VANDRKOLK, George Margaret Russell 26 Owners - S. VANDRKOLK & Peter VANFLEET
VELDA, J. C. Alta George, Genevieve, Gladys, Vivian 25 Owners - George HAHN & Elmira RUTT
VIGLICKY, J. F.   Ida, Anton, Mary, Emma 38 Owner
WHITMORE, Clyde Ruby Lee, Keith, Glenn 25 Owner - C. E. DAVENPORT
WINE, M. N. Lily Harold, Evelyn, Iris 30 Owner - Peter VANFLEET
ZEMA, Frank Mary Joe, Molla, Tom, Agnes, Edward, Rose, Louis, Harry, Frank 44 Owner

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Franklin Precinct
Ancestree Fall 1989, Vol. 12, No. 2, Pp 65-67.

Abbreviations: Wf. wife; ch., children; () years in county; 0., owner; R., renter

ANDEL, Frank. Wf. Apolena; ch. Paulina, Mary, Joseph, Francis, Frank, George, Charles, Agnes, Anton, Aneske. (43) 0.

ANDERSON, Arthur. Wf. Laura; ch. Arthur, Marion, Herman, Frank. (37) R. Owner, Swan ANDERSON

BASIL, Thos. Mother Mary. (32) 0.

BEARDEN, Lloyd E. Wf. Mattie; ch. Blondell. (31) R. Owner, Geo. J. SAUSER

BERINGER, Nick. Wf. Bernadette, ch. Celestin. (35) R. Owner, Jacob BERINGER

BOCK, Clarence. (23) Owner, F.W. BOCK

BOCK, F.W. Wf. Rose; ch. Clarence, Annie, Freda, Raymond, Harold. (24) 0.

BOCK, Henry. Wf. Liddy; ch. Fred L., Idell L., Marie., Marcus D. (28) 0.

BOHUSLAVSKY, Frank. Wf. Maggie. (24) Owner, Anton BRUNER

BOSE, John. Wf. Mary; ch. William, Frank, Charles, Lucy, Bertha, Alfred, Edger, Henry, Margaret. (16) R. Owner, Joseph KOSCH Est.

BROCKVELT, Alfons. Wf. Herma; ch. Ernest, Morris. (8) R. Owner, John, W. SCHLENTZ

BROWN, Chester. Wf. Ella; ch. Phillis. (28) R. Owner, John H. BROWN

BROWN, B.W. Wf. Winifred; ch. Ruth. (11) R.

BRUNER, Frank J. Sister Mary. (23) Owner, Matt BRUNER

BRUNER, M.P. Wf. Victoria. ch. Henry. (28) R. Owner, Matt BRUNER

BRUNTZ, Theodore, Mother Annie; Sister Dena. (7) 0.

CAMP, Okie R. Wf. Frances; ch. Jerome, Ruth, Bernard. (11) R. Owner, M. MEYSENBURG

CEMPER, Frank. Wf. Antonia; ch. Mary, Frank, Edward, Anton, Mildred. (30) 0.

DANAHAR. Mrs. Jas. Ch. Mary A., John A. (6) 0.

DANAHAR, John W. Wf. Alice; ch. Earl, Grace, Thomas, Alice, Agnes, Willia, Lillian, (31) 0.

DEMUTH, Mary. Ch. Mike, Caroline, Mary, Jennie, John, Katie, Peter. (35) 0.

DOROTHY, G.W. Wf. Lydia; ch. Delbert, Vern, Spencer, Russel, Ernest, Edna, Jay. (4) R. Owner, John B. HOCKSTRA

DVORAK, Frank. Wf. Barbara; ch. Mary, Frank, Louis, Anna, James. (43) 0.

FREDLICK, Frank. Wf. Mary; ch. Frank J., Louis, Mary. (40) 0.

GRAY, Charles. Wf. Mabel; ch. Arnold, Marjorie. (8) 0.

HANNER, Frank. Wf. Margaretta; ch. Glenn. (26) R. Owner, Phillip HANNER

HANNER, Phillip. Wf. Maranda; ch. Renwix, Harvey, Clara, Clarence, Earl, Henry, Frank, Harry. (50) 0.

HASTERT. John. Wf. Mary; ch. Harry, Charles, Margaret. (33) Owner, N. HOSTERT Est.

HAYEK, Joe. Wf. Amelia; ch. Mary, Joe, James, Rose. (12) R. Owner, Joseph KOSCH Est.

HERUCHA, Joseph P. Wf. Anna; ch. Theodore, Albina, Martha, Hattie, Willie, Alfred, Louis. (20) 0.

HOWE, Jess. Wf. Katherine; ch. Glenn N., Dale L., (42) Owner, A.M. BUNTING & John H. BROWN

JANAK, Albert. Wf. Agnes; ch. Edward, Joel, Leopold, Frank, Fred, Albert, Mary, Agnes, Julia. (42) 0.

JANAK, Frank W. (25) Owner, Albert JANAK

JANAK, Joseph. Wf. Antona; ch. Edward, Frank, Robert A., Verna, Helen. (42) 0.

JONES, Wilber. Wf. Vonia; ch. Laura, Cleo, Charles, Clyde. (31) Owner, J. BARMAN

KADLEC, Frank. Wf. Mary; ch. Mary, James, Joe, Albert, Anton, Rose. (28) 0.

KADLEC, Joe. Wf. Mary; ch. Joe, James, Mary, Julia. (28) 0.

KADLECEK, Frank. Wf. Rose; ch. Mary, Rose, Bessie, Helen. (1) Owner, Louis STYSKEL

KOBZA, Joseph A. Wf. Frances; ch. Beatrice, Bohomelia. (32) Owner, Johanna JANAK

KOVAR, Frank A. Wf. Mary; ch. Emanuel, Fritz, Frank, Raymond. (44) 0.

KOVAR, Frank J. Wf. Albina; ch. Theodore, Rudolph, Olga. (42) 0.

KOVAR, Jas. C. Wf. Anna; ch. James, Marcel, Joe, Rose, Mary, Willie, Ida. (36) 0.

KRAVANEK, Ludwig. Wf. Anna; ch. Bessie, Alvina. (26) Owner, John H. RECH

LEY, Phillip. Wf. Susie; ch. Gladys, Marion. (16) 0.

MATULKA, Joe. Wf. Bessie; ch. Joe J., Helen, Mildred, Alice. (5) R. Owner, John EBERLY

MASEK, John. Wf. Antonie; ch. Joe, James, Lottie, Frank, John, William, Mary, Annie, Tillie, Charlie. (37) 0.

MASEK, Jos. P. Wf. Mary; ch. Joe, Fred, Mary, Carrie, Pauline, Paul, Tillie, John. (31) 0.

MASEK, Vaclav. Wf. Josie. ch. Leo, Raymond, Martha. (37) 0.

MASEK, Wm. T. Wf. Josie; ch. Stanley, Charlie. (32) 0.

MAURUSHAK, Anton. Wf. Anna; ch. Adolph, Edward, Louis. (38) 0.

MAZANEC. John. Wf. Katherine: ch. Edward, Adolph, Emma, Louis, Agnes, Fred, Marie. Owner, Anton BRUNER

McGURK, James. Wf. Bessie. (25) R. Owner, W.A. WELLS

MEDLINGER, L.J. Wf. Frances: ch. Viola, Clyde. (20) O.

MEDTNGER, Peter. Wf. Elizabeth: ch. Worlie, Jens, John, Leo, Mary. (32) O.

MEYSENBURG, N.D. Wf. Mary. (38) O.

PALIK, Frank. Wf. Mary: ch. James, Frank, Joe, Adolph, Louis, Anton, Mary. (26) O.

PELAN, Aug. J. Wf. Agnes: ch. Anna. (15) O.

PETERS, A.H. Wf. Pauline: ch. Clarence, John, Margaret, Frances, Irene, Marie, Angela, Ermelinda. (45) R. Owner, Swan ANDERSON

PLASEK, Anton. Wf. Rose: ch. Anton Jr. (25) O.

PLASEK, Jos. J. Wf. Emma: ch. Mary. (34) O.

PLATZEK, Joe. Wf. Katie: ch. Mary. (40) Owner, Mary VIRGIL

POKORNY, John. Wf. Fannie: ch. Lillian, Helen, Emma, Eddie, Willie, Mathilda. (44) O.

POKORNY, Joseph. Wf. Anthony: ch. Josie, Mary, John, Christian, Adalida, Mollie, Anna, Albina. (44) Owner, John POKORNY.

POSPICHAL, Anton F. Wf. Mary: ch. William, Clara, Rose, Helen. (32) O.

POSPICAL, L.A. Wf. Helen: ch. Emma, Ida, Lucy, Mollie. (32) O.

PRATT, John. Wf. Anna: ch. Frank, Agnes. (27) Owners, Frank & Helen BRUNER

PRELL, Henry. Wf. Welma: ch. May, Nettie, Verna. (10) Owner, Eliza E. GREGORY

RECH, Chas, F. Wf. Annie: ch. Alice, Laura, Raymond. (33) O.

RECH, James. (23) Owner, James E. RECH

REISDORF, Peter. Wf. Maggie: ch. Mary, Susie, Lizzie, Annie, Maroin, Peter, Nick, John. (35) O.

REZAC, Ed. A. (24) Owner, John D. REZAC

REZAC, John D. Wf. Anna: ch. Edward, Fred, Mary, Adolph, Alois, Ella, Helen, Rudolph. (44) O.

ROLANDTS, L.F. Wf. Irma: ch. Mary E. (7) R. Owner, Archer M. BUNTING

SABATA, Anton. Wf. Helen: ch. Sylvester. (23) O.

SABATA, Chas. S. Wf. Mary: ch. Willie, Mary. (28) O.

SABATA, Frank. Wf. Carolina: ch. Mary, Frank, Joseph. (40) Owner, Joseph SABATA

SABATA, Joe, L. Wf. Tillie: ch. James, Louis, Agnes. (33) O.

SABATA, Joseph. Wf. Cecelia: ch. Frank, Joseph, Charlies, Anton, Vaclav, Mary, Mollie, Sophina, Francis, Stacie. (40) O.

SABATA, Robert. (27) O.

SCHMID, Clement. Wf. Frances: ch. Mary, Emma. (40) O.

SCHLENTZ, John W. Wf. Mathilda: ch. Francis, Phillip, Phillis. (47) O.

SIEVERDING, H.J. Wf. Barbara: ch. Agnes, Regina, Clara, Lucile, Alfred, Florence, Raymond. (10) O.

SCHMID, Mary: ch. James, Cyril, Mary, Anton, Joe, Leonard, Frank, Stacy, Edward. (35) O.

SHANDERA, Joe R. Wf. Stacie, (7) Owner, Frank HAYEK

SHONKA, Anton. Wf. Agnes: ch. Ella, Martha. (26) O.

SKOLNEK, Joe S. Wf. Rose: ch. Frank, Rose, Agnes, Joe. (15) Owner, Barbara RECK

SLAMA, Francis. Ch. Julia, Anton, Joe M., Francis. (37) O.

SLAMA, J.M. (36) Owner F. SLAMA

STEARNS, E.H. Wf. Fannie: ch. Lilly, Adella, Leonard, Emery, Ethel. (44) Owner, W.A. WELLS

STYSKAL, A.F. Wf. Anna. (37) Owner, Mary STYSKAL

STYSKAL, Fohn F. Wf. Christina: ch. Elska, Frank. (41) O.

STYSKAL, John, J. Wf. Anna: ch. Cecil. (25) Owner, Mary STYSKAL

STYSKAL, Low. Wf. Josie (27) Owner, M. STYSKAL

STYSKAL, Mike. Wf. Mary: ch. Mary, Tony, Lloyd, Paul, Marie, Frank, Anna, Rudolph, Maggie, (44) O.

SVOBODA, Anton J. Wf. Katie: ch. Stacie, James, Edward, Anton, Rose, Mary, Stanley, Clara, Martha. (42) Owner, Joseph VANIEK

SVOBODA, Anton L. Wf. Stacie: ch. James, Joe, Mary, Adolph, Louis, Stacy. (30) O.

SVOBODA, Frank, Wf. Mary: ch. Frank, Mollie, Rose, James, Joe. (43) O.

SVOBODA, James. (22) Owner, Mathias BRUNER

SVOBODA, Joe. Wf. Apolina: ch. Mary, Annie, Tony, Anton, John, Rose. (44) O.

SVOBODA, John. Wf. Anna: ch. John, Anna, Rudolph, Theodore, Raymond, Frank, Albin, Henry, Adaline, Joe. (43) O.

SVOBODA, John B. Wf. Mary: ch. Joe, Adolph, James, Emma, John, Mary. (42) O.

SVOBODA, John J. Wf. Mary: ch. Victor, Will, Mary. (27) Owner, Jos SVOBODA

TABOR, Tinsley, Wf. Sarah J.: ch. Wilton, Arthur, Walter, Oscar, Clara, Merle, Lucile. (16) Owner, Agnes BECKER

TALBOT, Oscar. Wf. Lula (27) Owner, J.W. TALBOT

VANDEVEGT, Hubert. Wf. Lena: ch. George, Ruth. (6) Owner, M. MEYSENBURG

VERVYNK, Theophie. Wf. Cedona. (16) O.

VIRGIL, Anton. Wf. Mary: ch. Emma, Josie, Francis, Anton. (44) O.

VOBORIL, Charles, Wf. Mary: ch. Rose, Mary, Charles. (32) O.

WERT, J.L., Wf. Leona: ch. Earl, Dall, Herman. (35) Owner, W.A. WELLS

WINTERS, Wm., Wf. Mary. (26) O.

WITKOWSKY, John. Wf. Kate: ch. John, Paul, Frank, Herman, Freda, Willie, Anna, Emil. (18) O.

WRIGHT, Fred E. Wf. May: ch. Margaret, Maroin, Brail, George. (29) Owner, Geo. SCHWESER

YINDRICK, W.C. Wf. Barbara: ch. Louis, Helen, Alice. (38) O.

YINDRICK, Edw. F., Wf. Mary: ch. Victor, Lander, Phoebe. (32) O.

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Olive Precinct
Ancestree Winter 1990, Vol. 12, No. 3, Pp 103-104.

Abbreviations: Wf. wife; ch. children; years in county; 0. owner; R. renter

ALLEN, Edward. Wf. Helen. (25) R. Owner, S.W. ALLEN

ALLEN, Frank. (27) R.

ALLEN, S.W. Wf. Jennie; ch. Edith, Claude, Frank, Edward, Fern, Blanche. (44) O.

ALMA, Clarence. Wf. Lucy; ch. Rena. (36) ).

ALMA, Henry. Wf. Grace; ch. Foster, Margaret. (36) O.

ANDERSON, Thos L. Wf. Elma; ch. Thomas L. Jr. (24) R. Owner, J.V. WOOD

BAER, Angelica. Ch. Theodore, Peter F., John P., Nicholas L., Mary, Lizzie, Catherina. (34) O.

BAER, B.H. Wf. Nell E. (23) R. Owner, J.D. BAER

BAER, David W. Wf. Eda; ch. Arthur E., Jessie W., Walter D. (41) O.

BAER, J.D. Ch. John W., J. L., J.E., H. E., B.H., Elizabeth, Martha, Eva, Esther, Emma L., Ella. (43) O.

BAER, J.W. Wf. Clesta; ch. Gerald. (33) O.

BALL, Geo. W. Wf. Elizabeth; ch. Aldeane. Owner, C.M. BALL

BALL, W.E. Wf. Jennie; ch. Herman, Harold. (43) O. & R. Owner, C.M. BALL

BECKER, R.W. Wf. Lillie; ch. William, Ralph, Kathryn, Marian. (33) R. Owner, G.W. BECKER

BIRKEL, John. Wf. Augusta; ch. John P., Caroline, Bertha, Genevieve, Josephine. (45).

BIRKEL, M.H. Wf. Susanna; ch. Leo, Frederick, Alice, Grace, Arthur. (43) O.

BIRKEL, Peter. Wf. Katie; ch. Mary, Victor, Sirrel, Margaret, Celia, Peter, Richard. (44) O.

BOCK, Lorenz. Wf. Anna; ch. Joseph L., Marian, Dale, Mabel, Grace, Gladys, Eloine. (46) O.

BROCHTRUP, Bernard. Wf. Christina; ch. Lillian, Bernice, Wilomine, Alice, Marian, Rita. (40) O.

BROCHTRUP, Theo. Sr. Wf. Mary; ch. Leo, Anna, Elizabeth, Cecelia, Elsie, Louis. (29) O.


CASEMENT, R.L. Wf. Estella; ch. Helen, Grace, Russell. (18) R. Owner, I.E. DOTY

DeFRlES, Sherman. (10) R. Owner, G.W. BECKER

DEMUTH, J.J. Wf. Louise A.; ch. Armella. (37) O.

DIDIER, John P. Jr. Wf. Rosa. (30) R. Owners, Peter & Mary SMITH

DIDIER, John P. Sr. Wf. Marie; ch. Peter, Ferdinand, John, William G., Nicholas, Cornelius, Margaret, Catherine, Susanna. (35) O.

DOLISON, Chester. Wf. Emma. (27) R. Owner, J.A. DOLISON

DOLISON, Fred. Wf. Flossie; ch. Doris, Fern. (31) R. Owner, John A. DOLISON

DOLISON, John A Wf. Sarah; ch. Ethel, Fred, Chester, Melvin, Verne. (37) O.

DOLISON, M.M. Wtf Merle. (24) R. Owner, J.A. DOLISON

ELLER, Frank. Wf. Mary; ch. Leo N., Alfred W. (33) R. Owner, J.N. DELAHAMET

ELLER, Nick. Wf. Carrie; ch. Richard. (28) R. Owner, Mary SMITH

ELLER, P.H. Wf. Mary; ch. William. (28) R. Owner, Elena ELLER

ELLER, Wm. Wf. Lena; ch. Frank, Pete, Nick, Mary, John. (34) O.

EVANS, A.J. Wf. Flora; ch. Grant W., Arthur J., Marv E. (25) R. Owner, A.J. EVANS Est.

FOX, W.A. Wf. Grace; ch. Mary, Amy, Ada, Roberta, Leora. (32) Owner, H.M. HANNER

FROM, David. Wf. Rosanna; ch. Arthur, Moro, Mamie, Guy, Wretha, Harold. (45) O.

FROM, Harvey. Wf. Mayme; Ch. Lynn. (29) O. Jas. FROM Est.

FROM, Moro. (36) O.

GELWICK, U.S. Wf. Nettie; ch. George, Emma, Clara, Waiter. (39) Owner, G.W. BECKER

GILLESPIE, Thos. P. Wf. Emma; ch. Ona, Nellie, Walter, Flora, (29) R. Owner, Edward CARPENTER

GRANT, C.D. Wf. Ollie; ch. Newell, John, Elden. (2) R. Owner, A.J. EVANS Est.

GRUBAUGH, M.P. Wf. Nora Jane; ch. Samuel F., John H., William E., Arthur O., Benjamin E., Floyd L Mary G., Esta E., Synthia I., Jennie M., Gusta A., Richard H., Jess M. (47) O.

HAIGHT, E.W. Wf. Flora B; ch. Ernest, Lewis, Elton. (47) O.

HASIK, J.D. Wf. Emma R; ch. Otto, Milo, Clarence, Dorothy, Irene. (38) O.

HILGER, Albert J. Wf. Kate; ch. Bernard, Arnold, Lenora. (37) O.

HILGER, Harry, (27) Owner, Henry HILGER

HILGER, Leo. Wf. Frances. (21) Owner, Henry HILGER

HILGER, Victor. Wf. Mary; ch. Ida, Harold, Margaret, Walter, Leonard. (38) O.

HYDE, C.O. (19) R. Owner, W.A. WELLS

JANSEN, John. Wf. Katie; ch. Agnes, Lea, Emio. (11) Owner, I.E. DOTY

JOHNSON, Peter E. ch. Orville, Laurel, Albert, Luverne, Luella. (32) O.

JONES, Ed. Wf. Ardelia; ch. Rosy, Enda, Mamie, Mabel. (34) Owner, J.M. DALAHAMET

KINNISON, D.B. Wf. Ruth; ch. Perry, Margaret, Ruth, Julia, Peter. (45) 0.

KOSCH, Jos. L. Wf. Dora. (35) Owner, Joseph KOSCH Est.

KOVAR, Jos. F. Wf. Tessa; ch. Marjorie, Howard, Thomas, Kenneth. (40) O.

KROESING, E.J. Wf. Mary. (9) R.

KUNKEE, W.C. (34) R.

LICHLITER, C.J. Wf. Ethel. (32) R. Owner, Jos. G. LICHLITER

LICHLITER, H.E. Wf. Marie; ch. Stuart, Ivan, Lois. (33) O.

LlCHLITER, S.W. Wf. Carrie; ch. Harry E. (40) O.

LlEBRACHT, Andrew R. (25) Owner, L.J. EBERLY

LUKASSEN, Theo. Wf. Augusta. (32) O.

MARTIN, Clarence. Wf. Mabel; ch. Dale. (35) R. Owner, J.F. MARTIN

MARTIN, Paul. Wf. Edith; ch. Lois. (25) Owner, J.F. MARTIN

MARTIN, Wf. J. Wf. Armina E.; ch. Minnie, Edgar H., Glenn. (28)

McCRACKEN, O.L. Wf. Mabel; ch. Blanche, Kenneth, Marv. (30)

McKNIGHT, Irvin R. Wf. Frances; ch. Roy, Ruth, Margaret. (39) O.

McLAUGHLIN, Fie. Wf. Ella. (17) R. Owner, Samuel BARLEAN Est.

MEDINGER, John P. Wf. Sarah; ch. Carrie, Julia, Marv, Nicholas, Francis, John, Joseph, Edward, (34) O.

MESSING, Geo. W. Wf. Martha; ch. Conrad, Margaret, Vegina, Evelyn. (1) O.

MEYSENBURG, Henry J. Wf. Amelia; ch. Henrietta, Caroline, Anna, Rose, Amelia, Joseph. (36) O.

MEYSENBURG, Nicholas. Wf. Anna; ch. Cecilia, Fred, Eda, Richard, Alfred, Louis. (47) O.

MISHEK, Frank M. Wf. Gladys; ch. Mildred, Francis, (14) R. Owner, Anna M. COOPER

NICHOLS, John D. Wf. Eda: ch. Glenn, Floyd, Dale, Lilas. (30) O.

NOVACEK, Mary. Ch. Eddie, Helen, Emma, Lela, Joe, Harry. (36) O.

NUY, George. Wf. Hendriena; Ch. Lizzie, Henry, Annie, Joseph. (4) R.

PAPA, Fred. Wf. Anna; ch. Gertrude, Bernice, Mabel, Leroy. (25) R. Owner, G.W. BECKER

PIETERS, Achiel. Wf. Elizabeth; Ch. Laura, Phillip, Emil, Flora. (10) Owner, Jacob J. SMITH

PRELL, Wm. Wf. Aheniom; Ch. Ida, Violet, Alice, Elsie, Ruth, William. (14) Owner, John ZEILINGER

PUETZ, Nich M. Wf. 'Elizabeth; ch. Margaret, Caroline, Mary. (32) Owner Matt. PUETZ

SANDS, Alfred. (10) R. Owner, Peter SANDS

SHEETS, Caroline. Ch. Alvin, Iva, C.A., Lillie, Adam, William, Margaret, John. (35) O.

SHONKA, J.E. Wf. Mary: ch. Erlene. (26) O

SIMPKINS, C.D. Wf. Lena: ch. Dean, Lester. (24) R. Owner, Priscella McGEE

SMETAK, Frank. Wf. Marv. R. Owner, A.E. DOTY Est.

SMITH, Goodell B. Wf. Anna: ch. Paul, Lloyd, (40) O.

SMITH, John H. Wf. Marv: ch. Peter, Nick, Henry, Marv, Helen, Anna, Frances, Josephine. (35) O.

SMITH, Martha. Ch. Roy, Etta, Minnie, Gertrude, Charles, Hubert. (1) Owner, Lewis TALBOT

SMITH, Peter J. Wf. Elizabeth; ch. Joseph, Leonard. (32) O.

SPEICHER, J.P. Wf. Margaret; ch. John, Marv. (34) O.

STEGER, Joe. Wf. Marv; ch. Frank, Joe, John, Willie, Louie, Annie, Mary, Lucy, Katie, Josie. (36) R. Owner, George ETTING

STEGER, John. Wf. Clara; ch. Grace, Margaret. (34) R. Owner, Rose REN

STEMPER, H.L. Wf. Stella. (13) R. Owner. H.B. MARTYN

STREETER, John S. Wf. Harriet; ch. Sheldon, Charles 0. (adopted) (35) R.

SUPANCHECK, Matt. Wf. Barbara; ch. Barbara, Susie, Katie, George, Conrad, Matt, Joe. (40) O.

SUPANCHECK, P.A. Wf. Marv; ch. Everett, Irene, Elmer, Veronica, Anthony. Loretta. (10) O.

WISPELAERE, Joe De. Wf. Virginia; ch. Marv, Harry, Cecelia, Emil, Frank, Clara, Lizie, Raymond. (18) R. Owners, John & M.H. BIRKEL

WRIGHT, Geo. Wf. Lucy; ch. Charles, Henry. (28) O.

ZEILINGER, C.H. Wf. Lillie; ch. Ethel. (26) R.

ZEILINGER, Ernest L. Wf. Marie; ch. Thom, Helen, Grace. (46) O.

ZEILINGER, G.H. Wf. Rosa; ch. Carl, Ralph, Harold, Alma, Vera. (46) O.

ZIELINGER, John. Ch. C.C., George, John, Ernest, Richard, Mary, Anna, Eliza, Mabel. (46) O.

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Plum Creek Precinct
Ancestree Summer 1989, Vol.12, No. 1, Pp 29-30.

Abbreviations; W. wife; ch., children; years in county; O., Owner, R. renter

BARTEK, Florin. (7) Owner, Frank E. KOLAR

CIHAL, Albert. Wf. Albina, (8) Owner, Frank CIHAL

CERMOK, John. Wf. Mary; ch. Julia, John, Cyrill. (30) O.

CIHAL, Frank. Wf. Anna; ch. Mary, Anna, Frank, Joseph, Christna, Emma. (10) O.

CODR, John B. Wf. Ella; ch. Mary, Ella, Josie, Lewis, James, Rudolph, Adolph, Dennis, Leo, Emanuel. (25) O.

COUFAL, Anton J. Wf. Antonie; ch. Iony, Mary, Anton, Daniel, Bernice, Ella, William (41) O.

COUFAL, Frank J. Wf. Mary; ch. Mary, Celestine. (32) O.

COUFAL, Mike. Wf. Clara (31) O,

COX, P.R. Wf. Susan; ch. Vonie, Charley, Carrie. (27) Owner, J.R. BOYD

DUFFECK, Emil. Wf. Antona; ch. Emil, Fredie. (24) O.

DUNLAP, James P. Wf. Christa. (49) O.

DVORAK, Fred. Wf. Mary; ch. Fred, Mary, Albert. (35) O.

EDWARDS, Mack. W. Eliza; ch. Alice, Elbanks. (40) O.

FOSTER, James G. Wf. Mary; ch. Sarah L., James J. (19) O.

FORAL, Vincent. Wf. Anna. ch. Frank, Joseph, Anna. (16) Owner, James CABELLA

FUKSA, Thomas. W. Tillie; ch. Thomas, Mary. (36) O.

GANNON, Martin. (30) O.

GRUNTORAD, J.A. Wf. Catherine; ch. Emma, Mary, Joseph, Edward, Rose, Emil, William, Louis, Raymond. (28) O.

HALAS, Joseph. W. Amelia; ch. Emil, Lillie. (10) Owner, J.J. KUDLACEK

HERMS, August. Wf. Fanny; ch. August, Frank J. (24) O.

HOTTOVY, Charles L. Wf. Rosie; ch. Adolph, Lucy. (28) O.

HOTOVY, Cyril. Wf. Julia; ch. Mary, George, John. (29) O.

HOTOVY, John. Ch. James, Cyril, Emma, Frank, Anton, Mary, John, Ben, Jacob, Carry. (38) O.

HOTOVY, Leo. Wf. Antonia; ch. Frances, Antonia, John, Charles Bessie, Agnes, Eleanora, Lucy, Leopold, Adolph. (38) O.

HOTOVY, Matt. Wf. Anna; ch. Stacy, Mary, Anna, Clara, Rosa, Millie, Joseph, Louis, Matt.0.

HRABAN, Joseph E. Wf. Mary; ch. Raymond. (22) Owner, John KRENK

HROMAS, John. W. Anna; ch. Emil, Mary. (17) O.

HROMAS, Joseph J. Wf. Agnes; ch. Alice, Agnes. (12) O.

HROMAS, Louis J. Wf. Emma; ch. Edward, Adolph, Ludmalen. (13) O.

HUDLACEK, Fred. Wf. Josephine; ch. Arthur, William. (14) O.

HULL, A.B. Wf. Sarah; ch. Ethel, Frank, Pearl, Clarence, George, Joseph. (28) Owner, Chas. L. SNOWDEN

JISA, Frank C. (16) O.

JISA, Frank F. Wf. Tonie; ch. Joseph, Adolph. (19) O.

JISA, Matej. Wf. Frances; ch. Joseph, John, Frank, Mary, Tony, Lousi, Charles, Mike, Albert. (16) O.

JOHANNES, Louis. Wf. Alice, (25) Owner, Frank R. SHONKA

JOHANNES, William, (21) R.

JONES, Frank. Owner, B.T. JONES et al.

JURKA, Frank. Wf. Mary; ch. Frank, Mildred, Rudolph, Wentert, Adolph. (3) R.

KASPAREK, Stephen L. Wf. Agnes; ch. Raymond J. (12) Owner, A. HAIN

KINDLER, Edward S. Wf. Elizabeth; ch. Thelma, Esther, Albert, George, (41) Owner, Augusta KINDLER

KIRCHNER, Matt J. Ch. Agnes, Louis. (17) Owner, Matej KOVAR

KOBZA, John C. Wf. Amelia; ch. Jaroslav, Raymond, Julius. (33) O.

KOVAR, Albina. (22) Owner, John HOTOVY

KOVAR, Anton, (25) Owner, John HOTOVY

KOVAR, Charley. (19) Owner, John HOTOVY

KOVAR, Matej. W. Rosa; ch. Rosa, Mary, Maud. William, Adolph. (44) O.

KRENK, Emil J. Owner, John F. KRENK

KRENK, James. Wf. Frantiska; ch. Louis, Jerry. (33) O.

KRENK, Joseph. Wf. Stazie; ch. Frances, Rosa, Olga. (40) O.

KORINEK, Joseph. Wf. Katie; ch. Florence, Marvin.

KOSISEK, John J. Wf. Mollie; ch. Sylvester, William. (38) O.

KOZISEK, R.J. Wf. Mary; ch. Jerry, Lucy. (26) Owner, John E. HOTOVY

LAVICKY, Ludvik, Wf. Stacy; ch. bhn, Frank, Ludwik, Martha, Lillie. (22) O.

McCORMICK, Patrick. Wf. Ida; ch. George, Charley, Marley. (13) O.

MARES, Albert J. Wf. Emma; ch. Lucile, Mildred, Margaret, Ethel. (26) O.

MARES, Frank. Wf. Anna; ch. Albert, Frank, Barbry, James, Louis, Fred, Helen, Eleanora, Edward. (26} O.

MARES, Frank C. Vt. Anne E.; ch. Raymond. (26) O.

MARES, Louis E. Wf. Mary. (23) Owner, Frank MARES

MARAVEC, Joseph. Wf. Anna; ch. Anna. (11) Owner, James KRENK

MAROVEC, Matej. Wf. Anna; ch. Mary, Anna, Tony, Rosie, Agnes, Emma, Lillie, James, Joseph. (9) O.

NAGLE, F.C. Wf. Carrie; ch. Clifford, Hida, Fred, Louis, Helen, Alice, David. (1) O.

NELSON, J.G. Wf. Effie; ch. Lyla, Lawrence, Pearl, Williard. (8) Owner, G.W. CLAPP

NOVAK, Joseph A. WE. Barbara; ch. Joseph, Barbara, Anna, Ernest. (35) O.

OSMERA, Frank. W. Agnes; ch. Raymond, Alice. (13)

PELAN, James F. Wf. Mary; ch. Milo. O.

PISHAC, Frank. Wf. Mary; ch. Charley, Lillian, Agnes, (9) Owner, Anna HLAVIC

POKORNY, Alois. Wf. Louise. (12) Owner, John HOTOVY

POKORNY, Joseph J. WE. Anna C., ch. Joseph, Jerome, Ivan, Phellinena. (18) O.

POSPICHAL, F.J. Wf. Lizzie; ch. Frank, Stazie, Leo, Agust. (35) O.

POSPICHAL, Frank. WE. Anna; ch. Joseph, Eleanora. (28) Owner, Lizzie POSPICHAL

PROCHASKA, Emma. Ch. Emma, Helen, Anna, James, William, Louis. (45) Owner, Vaclav PROCHASKA

PROCHASKA, Frank I. Jr. Wf. Agnes; ch. Mary. (24) Owner, Frank PROCHASKA Sr.

PROCHASKA, James. Wf. Bertha; ch. christy. (23) Owner, Vaclav PROCHASKA

PTACEK, John. Wf. Mary; ch. Loretta. (3) Owner John R. CODR

RECH, Ed. T. Wf. Josie; ch. Emil, Edward, Agnes, Bessie, Rosy. (40) O.

SEMIN, Frank J. Wf. Anna; ch. Frank, Bertha. (29) O.

SEMIN, Joseph L.. Wf. Rosie; ch. Mildred, Louis, George, Clara. (26) O.

SEMIN, Mike J. Wf. Hattie; ch. Ernest, Edmond, Eva, Evelyn. (33) O.

SHALON, James N. Wf. Mary; ch. EGGNAS, Olga. (45) O

SLAMA, Charles. Wf. Frances; ch. Joseph, John, Lewis, Rosa, Molly, Anna, Mary.(13)

SLAVIK, Joseph F. Wf. Anna. ch. Evelyn (24) O. Matt HOTOVY

SLOSAR, Mike. Wf. Anna; ch. Mary, Agnes, Anna, Mike, Joseph. (29) O.

SOUKUP, Frank. Wf. Ludmila; ch. Martha (27) O.

SPATZ, Anton, Wf. Lydia; ch. Louis, William, Irene, Gladys, Emil (36) O.

SYPAL, Joseph F. Wf. Anna, ch Rosa, Agnes, Mildred, Adolph, Helen, Anna, Joseph, Leo, Mary. (32) O.

SYPAL, Mike F. Wf. Mary; ch. Tillie, Lillie, Della, Albin. (37) O.

SYPAL, Peter. Wf, Helen; ch. Ella (32) O.

TABER, Leonard, Wf. Maggie; ch. Truman, Stuart, Teddy, Bessie, Mildren. (25) Owner, Maggie TABOR

TESINA, John J. Frances; ch. Emma E., Emil, John A., Francis A., Lucile M., Hermina. O

TROJAN, John. Wf. Mary; ch. John, Joseph, Rose, Rudolph. (5) O.

TUPY, Joseph. (11) Owner, Leopold HOTOVY

TYSON, M.H. Wf. Ada; ch. Harry, Gertrude, Marjorie. Owner, Joseph RECK

VACHAL, Joseph. Wf. Anna; ch. James, Lillie, Lumir, Emil, Bessie, Blanche, Edmond. (2) R.

VOGELTANZ, J.M, Wf. Carriel (16) O.

VOGELTANZ, Thomas. WE, Jennie; ch. Agnes, Ludislav, Mary, Frances. (16) O.

WALLA, Frank. 'Wf. Katie; ch. Frank, Rosie, Helen, Katherine, Lilly, Ernest. (38) O.

WALSH. George. Wf. Anna; ch. Thomas, Mary, James, Charley, John. (7) Owner, Anna WALSH

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Richardson Precinct
Ancestree Summer 1989, Vol. 12, No.1, Pp 30-32.

ABLY, Jacob. Wf. Barbara; ch. Anna J., Mabel M., Rudolph J. (20) Owner, Barbara ABLY

ANDERLY, Joseph. WE., Mary; ch. Joseph, John James, Emil, (38) O.

AUGUSTA, C.J. Wf. Lucy; ch. Ernest. (17) Owner, Joseph ANDERLY

BARTEK, Georqe. Wf. Clestina; ch. Jerry, Mary, Toney, Frank, Julia, Anton, Edward. (2) O.

BECHMERWOHLD, Margaret. Ch. Henry, Anna, Marie, Ernest, Alma, Fern. (3) R.

BERAN, Frank. Wf, Barbara. (16) Owner, John EKSTEIN

BOHATY, J.F. Wf. Vlay; ch. John, Marv. (30) O.

CAPON, Stazie. Ch. Albert, Joseph, Minnie, Mildred. (34) O.

CIDLIK, Anton L. Wf. Libhie; ch. Ivan, (24) O.

CIDLIK, Mary. Ch. Anna, Mary, John, Frank, Victory, Frances, Anbon, Emma, Adolph (17) O.

CLAPP, Georqe. Ch. Warren, Charley, Bessie, Grace, Alice, Ruth, Jennings. Owner, Shelby DAVIS

COUFAL, Leopold H. Wf. Mary; ch. Joseph, Leo. (27) O.

COUFAL, Louis E. Wf. Frances; ch. Ernest. (23) O.

COUFAL, Sophia A. Ch. Arnold, Virgil. (25) Owner, John COUFAL Est.

CRHA, Karl. Wf. Mary; ch. Mary, Frank, Emma, Otyly, Rosa, John. (15) O.

CUNNINGHAM, Robert. Wf. Hazel. (7) Owner, J. CUNNINGHAM

DAVIS, E.A. Wf. Anna; ch. Evelyn. (25) R.

DIVIS, Anton. Wf. Mary; ch. Mary, Anton, Anna. (32) O.

DOLEZAL, B.M. Wf. Mary; ch. Charles. (3) Owner, Mary STAVA

DOLEZAL, Charles J. Jr. W. Emma; ch. Stanley. (20) O.

DOLEZAL, C.J. Wf. Mary; ch. Thressie, Frank, Justina, William, Charles,, Adolph, Emil. (20) O.

EAST, M.A. Wf. Virginia; ch. Marion, Leroy, Leonard, George, Floyd. (14) Owner, Shelby DAVIS

EDWARDS, H.D. W. Laura; ch. Floyd, Thelma. (34) O.

EKSTEIN, John. Wf. Barbara; ch. Joseph, John, Frank, Mary, James. (8) Owner, Anton KOCIAN

HASSENPLUG, John. Wf. Emeline; ch. Clarence, Lawrence, Winnie, George, Lewis, Ralph, Francis, Alice, Wilber, Lucile, Lloyd, Margaret. (25) O.

HELDT, August. Wf. Lillie; ch. Lloyd Lee (3 mo.) Owner, J. CUNNINGHAM

HLADKY, Louis J. Wf. Emma; ch. James, Adolph, (21) Owner, Jakup SOUKUP

HOFFBAUER, John. Wf. E. Katherine; ch. Mary, Margaret, Wilma, Elizabeth. (13) Owner, Katherine HOFFBAUER

HOFPAR, Henry. Wf. Eva; ch. William, Paul, Mary, Joseph, Frances, Alois, Bessie, Anna. (20) O.

HORACEK, Antone E. Wf. Anna; ch. Irvin, Norman, Viola. (18) O.

HOUDEK, Charley. Wf. Antonia; ch. Charles, Mary, John, Emma, James, Agnes. (2) O.

HOUSKA, Albert J. Wf. Anna M.; ch. Rayfield. (26) O.

HOUSKA, Frank A. Wf. Rosie; ch. Lucy. (26) O.

HRABAN, James D. W. Emma; ch. Agnes, Mary, Frank. (28) Owner, Joseph KNAPP

HRABAN, Mary. Ch. James, Mary, Fannie, Josephine, Joseph, Anna, Rudolph. (26) Owner, Joseph V. HRABAN Est.

HURT, John. Wf. Mary; ch. Mary, Joseph. John, Emma, James, Frank, Lewis, Tula. (15) 0.

ILG, Herman. Wf. Emma; ch. Ethel, Glenn, Clarence, Mildred, Clifford. (27) O.

ILG, Robert J. Wf. Frankie I.; ch. Edith, Lavein. (20) O.

JANOUSEK, Charles. Wf. Mary; ch. Albin, Emil, Ernest, Christy, Charles, George. O.

JISA, Joh. Wf. Mary; ch. Mary. (18) O.

KADAVY, James. (5) R.

KADAVY, John A. Wf. Frances; ch. William, John, Maggie. (12) O.

KADAVY, Joseph F. W. Mary; ch. Emil, Rosie, Mary, Adela, Joseph. (2) O.

KADAVY, Paul. Wf. Josephine; ch. Ernest. (6) O.

KANTOR, Joseph. Wf. Frances; ch- Joseph, Paul, Anna, John, Mary, Agnes, Antonia, Frank, Domany, Jessie, Rosa, Filomany, Methed. (18) O.

KNAP, Joseph. Wf. Emma; ch. Helen, James, Alice. (12) R.

KOCIAN, Anton J. W. Mary; ch. Toney, Emil, Anton. (31) Owner, Vaclov TICHY

KOLAR, Frank E. Wf. Clara (18) O.

KOLAR, Frank Sr, Wf. Mary; ch. Anna, Mary, Rosie, Joseph, Frank, John. (17) O.

KOLAR, Joseph. Wf. Tony; ch. Anna. (17) O.

KOUMA, Anton J. wf. Barbry, ch. Anton, James, John, Mary, Anna. (26) O.

KOUMA, Joseph J. Wf. Mary; ch. Albin, Agnes. (4) O.

KOVAIREK, Vaclav. W. Josephine; ch. Joseph, Emma. (12) Owner, Anna BUBAK

KRENK, James. Wf. Mary; ch. Agnes, Anton, Mary, James, Marty. (41) O.

KRENK, John F. Wf. Katy; ch. Emil J., John L., Tilly, Helen, Fred, Katherine. (40) O.

KUBLIK, Joseph. Wf. Fannie; ch. Frank, William, Jerry, Emil,, Stanley, Agnes. (1) 0wner, J. BEHMERWHOLD

KUNASEK, Viniene. Wf. Frances; ch. Mary, Anna, Joseph, Frank, Viniene. (3) Owner, William SCHULZ

MAGNUSON, Gust. Wf. Hilda; ch. Hattie, William, Lillie, Minnie, Charley, Ethel, Mabel, Myrtle. (21) Owner, R.H. HEATON

MARES, James. Wf. Josephine; ch. Agnes. (26) O.

MARTEN, Charles D. Wf. Maggie; ch. Leon, May, Minnie, Eva, Carl, Glenn (16) Owner, Shelby DAVIS

MATULKA, Frank V. Wf. Anna; ch. Katy, Tony, Frank, Lewis. (23) O.

McKERCHER, J.D. (6) Owner, School Land.

McKERCHER, J.E. (6) Owner School Land

MERRITT, J.M. Wf. Emma; ch. George, John, Calvin, Mildred. (23) R.

NAVRATIL, Louis A. Wf. Mary; ch. Ernest. (22) Owner, Anton KOCIAN

NEMEC, Anton. Ch. Mary, Tony. (35) O.

NEVOLE, William. Wf. Mary; ch. William, Mary, Anna, Joseph, Frances, Anton. (23) O.

NIEMANN, Paul, Wf. Mary; ch. Paul F., Helen, George. (22) O.

NOVAK, Frank J. Wf. Mary C., ch. Lucile, Marie. (27) O.

OBORIL, John V.V. W. Anna; ch. Ada, Frank, William, Charley, Johnnie, Ernest, James, Mary, Anna. (20) Owner, John F. KRENK

PATOCKA, Nick. W. Fannie; ch. Joseph, Audolph, Frank, Helen, Nick, Joh. (21) O.

PATTERSON, Charles J, Wf. Mary; ch. Lewis, Harold, Frances, George. (3) Owner, Edward A.C. DAVIS

PAVEL, V.J. Wf. Anna, ch. Joseph, Vaclav, Frank, Rosie. (43) O.

PEKAREK, Frank J. Wf. Terezia; ch. Alice, Joseph, William, Adeline. (27) O.

PELAN, Joseph. W. Lucy; ch. Lewis, Lillie, Wilma, Tillie. (39) owner, Julius J. NOVAK

PESEK, Frank. W. Mary; ch. Frank, Charlie, Joseph, Agnes, Emma, Addie. (6) O.

PETERSON, Harold. Wf. Margaret; ch. Dorothy. (15) Owners, 0. & H. SCHMIDT

PETERSON, Nels. W. Lulu; ch. Sylvia, Harold, Hazel, Lulu, Neil, Helen, Etna, Ralph. (15) O.

PETRZILKA, Joseph. Wf. Antonia; ch. Joseph, Antonia, Frank, Hermina, Charley, James, Bessie, Leon, Louis. (12) O.

PODOLAK, John. Wf. Mary; ch. Charles, James, Joseph, Agnes. (8) Owner, Vic J. PAVEL

PODAIAK, Joseph. Wf. Josephine; ch. Ernest, Joseph. (8) Owner, Fannie ROSENTRETER

POTTER, George Jr. Wf. Selma. (26) O.

PROCHASKA, Frank. Wf. Mary; ch. Clara, Mary, Emil, Annie, Frank, Emily, Ernest. (46) O.

RIHA, Thomas A. Wf. Josephine; ch. Mary, James, Joseph, Frank, Lewis, Edward, Carrie, Ivan, Helen, Jerry, Alice, Anna. (40) Owner, J.W. BURGE

RUZICKA, Alois. Wf. Mary A.; ch. Mary, Agnes, Alois, Joseph, Jaroslav, Victor. (24) O.

SCHMIDT, Theo. C.H. Wf. Bertha; ch. Herman, Clement, Ethel, Eva, Mabel, Herbert, Harry. (14) O.

SEDLAK, Anton. Wf. Josephine; ch. Lewis, William, Emil, Veronika, Helen. (30) O.

SEDLAK, Frank E. Wf. Mary; ch. Frank, Lucy, Mary, Anna, Albina, Margaret. (28) O.

SISEL, Anton. Wf. Toney; ch. Eman, Jerry, Joseph. (30) O.

SISEL, John M. (26) Owner, Jerry SISEL

SOUKUP, John C. (30) O.

STASTNY, Anton K. (12) Owner, Anton COUFAL

STASTNY, Mary. ch. John, Anton, Mary, Anna. (12) owner, Anton COUFAL

STOUPA, Frank J. (20) Owner, John STOUPA

STOUPA, John M. WT. Mary; ch. Frank, John Joseph. (23) O.

TICKY, Joseph. (16) Owner, Vaclav TICKY

TRPISOVSKY, Joseph. W. Sadie; ch. Emma, Mary, Della, James, John, Joseph. (13) O.

VAMPOLA, Joseph. Wf. Anna; ch. Filomena, Agnes, Ludvik, Joseph, Eduard, George, Albert. (4) Owner, Antona MATULKA

VAN ERT, Joseph, Wf. Anna; ch. Antonnetta, Francis, Martha, Irene. (26) Owner, Dewey SHULZ

VAVRINA, Jerry L. Wf. Rose; ch. Gerald, Iad. (26) O.

VLACH, John. Wf. Mary; ch. Emma, Joseph, Mary, Agnes, Charley, Helen (5) O.

WAISS, Jacob. Wf. Anna; ch. Eleanora, Mary, George, Tracy, Frank, Agnes, Magdaline, Anna, Adolph. (21) O.

WOLFORD, Calvin. Wf. Mary; ch. Maud. Ernest, William, Louise, Edith. (27) O.

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Savannah Precinct
Nebraska Ancestree Spring 1989 Issue Vol.11 No. 4.

ADAMY, Frank D. wife Julia; children Francis, Julia Deloris; 9 years in county; owner

ANDERSON, J. N. wife Mary R.; children Thomas, Lloyd, Paul A., John V.; 24 years in county; owner

BEARD, F. A. wife Minnie; children Mabel, Helen, Frank I., Harley; 47 years in county; owner, August BEARD Est.

BELL, Jasper S. wife Inez; child Marjorie; 35 years in county; owner

BELL, Jesse D. wife Ada M.; children Dorothy, Donald, Robert, Richard; 39 years in county; owner

BESCH, Matt Jr. wife Anna; child Matt; owner 28 years in county, Matt BESCH, Sr.

BESCH, Matt Sr. children Anna C., Matt P., Frank J.; 39 years in county; owner

BOHUSLAVSKY, Joe, wife Mary; child Ernest; 27 years in county; Owner J. N. DELAHAMET

BONNE, Emil, wife Emily; children Maurice, Joe, Alphonso, Mary, Margaret; 17 years in county; owner J. J. MEYSENBURG

BOUTON, Guy A. wife Stella; child Elma; 39 years in county; owner

BURKE, Alvah C. wife Rose; children Elwood, Earl, Estella, Everett; 7 years in county; Owner Luella (BELL) ROBERTS

BURKEY, J. F. wife Esta; children Mildred, Arnold; 20 years in county; Owner Aaron BURKEY

BYERS, Charles wife Ethel; child Mary; 12 years in county; Owner F. C. JUDEVINE

CANTLIN, John H. wife Laura R. child J. Harry; 1 year in county; owner

CREECH, Jas. G. and wife Minnie M. child Frances M.; 6 years in county; Owner H. T. HOOKSTRA

DE BAETS, Emil wife Leona; children Irena, Julius, Ector, Raymond, Mary; 12 years in county; Owner L. R. KREIZINGER

DE FORD, I. E. wife Rose; 27 years in county; Owner Rosa REN

DELAHAMET, J. N. wife Mary; children Annie, Kate, Maggie & Mary; 36 years in county; owner

DEMUTH, J. W. wife Mary; children Mike C., Annie, Clara, Walter, Marie; 48 years in county; owner

DEMUTH, Peter J. wife Anna; children Sylvester, Loretta, Harold, Isabelle; 40 years in county; owner

HALL, L. B. wife Georgia; child Alice; 27 years in county; Owner B. F. MARTI

HILLER, Peter wife Rosa; children Mary, Eva, Florence, Frances, Edward, Mary, Veronica; 39 years in county; owner

HOMAN, Benjamin wife Catherine; children Richard, Arthur, Esther, Benjamin; 34 years in county; owner

HOOKSTRA, H. T. wife Frances; children Tennis, Minnie; 52 years in county; owner

HOSHOR, C. E. wife Anna; children Corrina, Walter; 20 years in county; Owner George ETTING

HOSHOR, Charles wife Dora; children Talbor, Estella, Lorena, Mabel, Dora, Ellen; 18 years in county; owner

JACOBS, Henry wife Nellie E.; children Carl H., Henry T., Jasper; 40 years in county; owner

JUDEVINE, C. F. wife Maude; children Grace, Floyce, Merna, Wilva; 37 years in county; owner F. C. JUDEVINE

JUDEVINE, Royal wife Mabel; children Everett, Arnold; 41 years in county; owner Judson CARPENTER

KAMENSKE, Frank wife Mildred; children Chris, Opal, Everett, Loy; 15 years in county; owner Jesse D. BELL

KELLEY, George wife Fatha; children Walter, Alvin, Verly, Willard; 14 years in county; Owner Emilie R. HENFLING

KELLEY, Verlie wife Ruth; child Kathleen; 15 years in county; Owner Emilie R. HENFLING

KLEIN, George wife Mary; children Louie, Maggie, Jake, Emma, George, Joe, Julia, Nick; 33 years in county; owner

KLEIN, L. C. wife M. Lena; child Harold; 31 years in county; Owner George KLEIN

KOSCH, H. J. wife Loretta; children Paul, Arthur; 36 years in county; owner

KOSCH, John P. wife Lizzie; 35 years in county; owner

KREIZINGER, L. R. wife Caroline; children Josephine, Arthur; 42 years in county; owner

LOVELESS, Taylor children Cora, Lucy, Herbie, Lester, Marion; 35 years in county; Owner Jesse D. BELL

MAIS, Bernard H. wife Sarah; children Daisy, Henry, Fred; 38 years in county; owner

MARKUS, John A. 29 years in county; Owners Herman MARKUS & Mike MEYSENBURG

McGAFFIN, George wife Maggie; children Marjorie, Merna, May; 15 years in county; Owner Maria L. JONES

MEYSENBURG, J. J. wife Christian; children Leo, Margaret, Francis, Paul Harold, Camilla, Hilda; 44 years in county; owner

MILBURN, R. P. wife Susie; child Rosie; 5 years in county; Owner George KLEIN

MORBACH, John wife Elizabeth; children Cornelius, Nick, John P., Joseph J.; 40 years in county; owner

MORBACH, John P. wife Augusta; child John M.; 30 years in county; owner

NAPIER, L. O. wife Cordelia; children Arlettie, Sadie, Kenneth, Iola, George, Beryl; 44 years in county; owner

NICOLAS, Peter F. wife Anna C.; children Mattie, Peter; 35 years in county; Owner Matt BESCH

NICHOLS, W. M. wife Daisy; 1 year in county; owner

PACE, Oscar S. wife Lillie; children Pearl, George, Ethel, Donald, Virgil, Eilene; 18 years in county; owner

PHILLIPS, Dena; children John, Christina, Nicholas, Mary, Catherine, Martha, Henry, William, Anna; 35 years in county; Owner Peter PHILLIPS Estate

PHILLIPS, Nicholas P. wife Annie G.; children Aloysius, George, Agnes, Wilfred, Leonard; 34 years in county; owner

PHILLIPS, William J. wife Elizabeth; child Cecilia; 30 years in county; Owner Dena PHILLIPS

POTTER, H. E. wife Sarah M.; children Gertrude, John, Foster, Harry, Paul, Mabel, Garland, Ralph, Alpha, Hazel, Floyd, Lloyd; 3 years in county; Owner Frank ZIMA

POWERS, M. J. wife Regina; children Angela, John, Laura, Gerald; 36 years in county; Owner Ira M. WILLIAMS

POWERS, Peter Sr. wife Annie; children Minnie, M. J., Peter Jr.; 42 years in county; Owner Ira M. WILLIAMS

PUETZ, P. J. 30 years in county; Owner Matt PUETZ

PUETZ, W. J. 28 years in county; Owner Matt PUETZ

REISDORFF, P. W. wife Katie; children Reiny, Ben, Johnnie, Mary, Margaret; 42 years in county; owner

ROMSHEK, J. M. wife Louise; 24 years in county; Owner Joe ROMSHEK

ROMSHEK, Joe wife Katie; children Joe M., George, Henry; 30 years in county; Owner Allen VINCENT Estate

SCHMET, Nicholas A. wife Elizabeth; children Elizabeth, John, Leo, Ann, Peter, George, Eleanora, Laura; 26 years in county; owner

SEIZ, L. A. wife Cora; child Darlene; 2 years in county; owner

SMITH, H. J. wife Katie A.; children Eva, Marie, Walter J., Ida; 30 years in county; owner

SMITH, Peter L. wife Mary; children Wilfred, Francis; 4 years in county; Owner Peter BIRKEL

STEINER, F. M. wife Maggie; children Susie, Jacob, Joseph, Francis, Mary, Dorothy, Walter, Clara; 46 years in county; owner

STEINER, N. M. wife Mary; children Lawrence, Helena; 35 years in county; owner

STEMPER, Mike wife Elizabeth; children Barbara, Lena, Kate, Anna, Henry, Lizzie, Nicholas, Mary, Frank; 12 years in county; owner

STOHLER, Eli. 24 years in county; Owner Frank STOHLER Estate

SUPENCHECK, Curad 29 years in county; Owner Estella HOSHER

SWANK, W. L. wife Pearl; children Marie, Lucile, Nellie; 7 years in county; Owner Estella HOSHOR

TAYLOR, G. R. wife Mattie; children Luella, Helen, Hazel; 35 years in county; Owner Jasper S. BELL

WEST, John F. wife Mary; children Cloyd J., Bessie M.; 39 years in county; Owner Ellen HOSHOR

WEYLAND, Reuben wife Myrtle; child Gertrude; 32 years in county; Owner Albert GIGER

YATES, E. W. wife Sarah; 30 years in county; owner

YENIKE, Adolph wife Minnie; children Katie, Ella, Walter, Adolph, Charlie, Eva, May; 35 years in county; owner

ZEILINGER, G. R. wife Rena; child Lucile; 24 years in county; Owner Carl JACOBS

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Summit Precinct
Ancestree Summer 1986 Vol. 9 No. 1

NAME SPOUSE CHILDREN Years in County Owner or Renter
ALEVEN, George Bridget Mary 10 Mary SLENTZ –Owner
ALT, Frank E. Anna Frank E. 4 Herman ALT –Owner
BABB, Charles Minnie Veva, Claudia, Merle, Loren, Marion, Dean 12 N. J. GALE –owner
BEIERLE, T. W. Josephine Mamie, Lillian, Viola, Helen, Bernice 40 George M. PHILLIP –Owner
BENDFELDT, Wm. May Walter 8 Peter POWERS –Owner
BITTNER, A. M. D. Pearl Frances, Ruth, Milton, Ben, Mildred, May 5 M. E. CYPHERS –Owner
BOYERS, W. W. Sadie Gretta, Lee, Harry, Pearl, Bessie 34 Lydia A. BOYERS –Owner
BUCHRER. George     45 Owner
BUNTGEN, Peter Tony Charlie, Margaret, Clara, Clinton 37 Samuel W. ALLEN –Owner
CALLAGHAN, Edmund Bessie Merle, Orville, Ina 28 G. GALLAGHAN –Owner
CALLAGHAN, G. Sr. Julia David H., Thomas Mc., Edmond, Gregory J. 39 Owner
CALLAGHAN, Greg Florence Kenneth, Dale, Thomas 27 L. J. HANEY Estate –owner
CARPENTER, Aaron Nannie Belle, Edward, Hilbert 40 Owner
CARPENTER, H. E.     26 Stephen ROGERS –Owner
CLARK, O. W. Jessie George, Phillis, Florence, Orma, Howard, 3 Chas. E. & D. D. HANEY –Owners
DEAVERS, Frank Flossie Thelma, Edna 20 John M. DEAVERS –Owner
DEAVERS, Oscar H. Florence Evelyn, Mary S. 20 John M. DEAVERS –Owner
DECHERT, E. F. Anna Iris Pauline 30 George DECHERT –Owner
DECHERT, G. F. Emma Dorris 26 George & Lizzie DECHERT –Owners
DERICKS, Peter W. Jessie P. Jennie, Arthur, Allen 7 Owner
DRAWBAUGH, A. T. Lydia Harry W., Loren D., Edna 35 Owner
DRAWBAUGH, Fred T.     30 Oscar ZOLLARS –Owner
DRAWBAUGH, H. W. Grace Carol, Harlin 30 J. L. FOZZARD –Owner
DRAWBAUGH, Loren D.     24 M. CYPHERS –Owner
ESCHILMAN, A. O. Eva Jasper, Wayne 30 Nellie JACOBS –Owner
ESCHILMAN, David Viola Lewis, Freda, Opal 32 Owner
ESCHILMAN, Henry Mary David C., William H., Elizabeth M., Arthur O., Pearl M. 32 Owner
FERGUSON, W. M. Leona   21 Mary BREDWELL –Owner
FLUHARTY, P. W.   Jessie, Zelma, Raymond, Beulah, 9 S. SANBORN & Chester SHELDON –Owners
FOHL, John Anna Loretta 26 J. N. DELAHAMET –Owner & renter
FOZZARD, Lewis Alice Dale 3 J. A. ERTEL –Owner
FROM, Ed Nancy Emeline, Laura 45 Owner
FROM, Francis Susie Florence, Clint, Edith, Belle, Maude, Loren, Ralph 47 Owner
FROM, John H. Eva Josephine, Ray, Gena, Blanche 43 Owner
GARHAN, Glenn Mamie   29 Adolph YANIKE –Owner
GARHAN, James Edith Glenn, Mildred, Lyle, Belle, William F. 47 Owner
HANEY, Daniel E. Laura Juanita, Bruce, Grace 38 Owner
HANEY, James Maggie Leta, Bernice 40 Owner
HANEY, John Minnie Everett, Mary, Mildred, Helen, Margaret, Arnold 35 Owner
HARRIS, A. W. Eva Ivan, Mildred, Sybil, Lewis 37 Owner
HARRIS, Jesse Matilda Gladys, Mabel, Lucile   J. W. HARRIS –Owner
HASSELBACH, Otto Ida Alma, Merle, Oma 6 Owner
HAYHURST, Frank J. C. Anna Gladys, Aletha, Virgie, James, Maudie, Gerald, Dwight, Anna, Gaylord 28 W. A. WELLS –Owner
HILL, F. H. Flossie   30 J. R. HILL Estate –Owner
HOLCOMB, Lynn Edna Louis 29 J. L. FOZZARD –Owner
HOLCOMB, P. H. Fanny Harry, Lynn, Cecil 34 Owner
JAUCH, August Lizzie Lydia, Ervin 6 Owner
JANIKE, William Fannie Helen, Wilma, Grace, Edward 35 Owner
JONES, B. W.     38 David JONES Estate –Owner
KALLENBACH, B. A. Elizabeth Lola, Clint, Harold 16 Lewis KALLENBACH –Owner
KALLENBACH, E. W. Winnie Lewis, Ethel 13 Owner
KELGORE, Alancin, Delmar & Fay     26 Emily R. HENFLING –Owner
KOSCH, Henry Angeline Dorothy, Marcella 28 Owner
LAMUNYON, W. W. Mary G. Nora, Hattie, Matie, Willard W., Thomas H., Bessie, G, Wyman, J. Asa, Orphie, Justus H. 47 Owner
LAWTHERS, Mrs. J. E.   James, Cecil, Clarence, Oliver 9 Ray H. SMITH –Owner
LEIMSER, F. R. Louisa Laura, Leona, Lawrence, Margaret   Anna SEIFORD –Owner
MAHLIN, Edgar F. Sadie Lucile, Mildred, Marian 32 C. D. ALLEN –Owner
MORGAN, N. A. Bessie Florence, Lois, Merle 38 W. W. LAMUNYON –Owner
MARTIN, David S. Maude Albert, Ruth, Robert, Lloyd, Marietta 44 Wm. JANIKE –Owner
MCGOWAN, Michael Mary A. John C., Anna, Henry L., Catherine, Loretta 35 Owner
MCHENRY, D. Alice C. C., A. H., Edith 34 Owner
MCKEEKIN, Jim, Dave & George     12 S. A. REICHENBACH - owner
MEDINGER, P. J. Mary Francis 30 J. P. SPEICHER –Owner
MEYERS, George Sylvia Walter, Sylvia, Willie, Frank 13 Abbie GEER –Owner
MILLER, B. W. Bessie Grace, Mildred 27 Owner
MILLER, Lester Nellie Violet, Alvin, Otis, Floyd, Baby 33 Alva SMITH –Owner
MINICK, D. A. Elizabeth George, Lillie, Henry H., Sadie, Gilbert, Marion, Flossie 47 Owner
MINICK, G. L. Laura Olive 39 David FROM –Owner
MULGRUE, Bernice Agnes Mary, Margaret, John B. 32 Owner
MULLEN, Gottfried Theressa Fred, Sophie, John, Edward, Rudolph 30 E. R. CARPENTER –Owner
PARSLEY, Edward J.     40 Owner
PECK, G. W. Harriett Mabel, Maude, Blanche, Orilla, Fern, Georgia, Minnie, Harold 46 Owner
PERINE, John P. Lucy Daisy, Pansie 49 Owner
PITZER, R. F.     20 C. E. SELDON –Owner
POEFFEL, John Minnie   2 C. H. CARPENTER –Owner
ROGERS, Anna M.     26 Owner
ROGERS, Wm. B     24 Owner
SCHAF, Joseph F. Jr.     25 Owner
SCHELBY, Albert Bertha Floyd 14 F. D. ADAMY –Owner
SHELDON, H. S. Brewer Walter, Grace, Clarence, Evelyn 32 George MAHLIN –Owner
SHENEFELT, S. M. Flossie Phyllis 13 Bruce CARPENTER –Owner
SHIELDS, Henry Minnie Angeline, John, Henrietta, Henry, Rose, Augusta, Minnie 35 Owner
SHUNK, Albert Hattie Luella, Lester, Lawrence 4 Daniel MILLER –Owner
SHUTT, Charles Mary Eva, Clarence, Owen, Roy, Florence, Lucile, Clyde 35 Owner
SHUTT, Henry     35 Owner
SIEDEL, Frank Caroline Annie, Hannah, Della, Minnie, Frank Jr. 30 Samuel MARTI –Owner
SIPP, Roy Anna Thurman, Anna, Maxine 2 P. J. STEVENSON –Owner
SKODA, Anton Bertha Mildred L., Beatrice M. 11 Owner
SMITH, Lloyd Golda Bernice 28 George W. SMITH –Owner
SMITH, Ray H.     46 Owner
STINEMAN, H. T. Alice M. Clyde, Mildred, Beulah 17 Emily R. HENFLING
STYER, Wm. Elnora Nora, Sarah 40 Owner
SWEENIE, W. J. Anna Lewis, Leroy, William J., Elizabeth A. 13 Owner
TALBOT, F. W. Estella John, Irene, Cletus 32 John W. TALBOT –Owner
TALBOT, L. W. Ina Morris, Ruger 29 John W. TALBOT –Owner
TOWNLEY, R. C. Maria William A., Clara, Emma 48 Owner
VAN MATRE, James A. Maggie Charlie, Pearl, James, Ray 30 Owner
VASS, S. H. Orphie Howard, Nellie, Henry, Walter 15 J. R. HILL Estate - owner
WALLACE, D. L. Esther Helen, Bernice, Virgil 31 Owner
WARNER, M. H. Alma   18 Oliver E. WADE –Owner
WEBER, Charles H. Louise Joseph, Marie, Eddie, Ludwinnie 31 Daniel SANLEY –Owner
WIDDOWSON, L. Martha Edna, Wilbert 47 Owner
WILLIAMS, Frank Patience Iola 13 Nettie OUTHER –Owner
WILSON, Joseph H. Bridget   36 Owner
WILSON, R. T. Rosa A. Sadie, Mollie, Emma 34  
WINTERFIELD, H. A. Ollie Viola, Denzil, Roy, Alice 3 Jacob H. HELWIG –Owner
WONT, C. H. Cora Hazel, Floyd, Julian 45 Owner

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