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Churches of Butler Co. NE

This list is provided because of occasional queries about church names and locations.  Generally, churches are not staffed for genealogy searches, so please be careful about contacting them.  This list is primarily to show the location of churches because the GNIS database is not complete.   Additions and corrections are welcome.  Visit Cemeteries

**NEW PAGES of History are being added to the Churches of Butler Co. NE .............If you see TWO astericks in the lines of information below, that is an indicator that the new county coordinator in 2017 has added additional information of historical value. Some photographs will also be found on the additional pages. ENJOY........ ~Linda Ziemann, Butler County NEGenWeb Coordinator 2017

Catholic Churches

HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH in the Diocese of Lincoln, NE, 1887-1987.
Contributors: Ken Schmit, Gail Holdeman, Margaret Skean

Lutheran Churches

Contributors: Bart Ruth

Mixed list of churches

Contributors: Gail Kilgore, Mark Fisher, P. Zeleny, Trudy Plotz, Norma J. Kovar, Gail Holdeman, Margaret Skean, Grace M. Hoeft, Veronica Gourlay.



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