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Pleasant View Cemetery

updated September 05, 2003

Cemetery location: Alexis Twp.

"From the intersection of Hwy 81 and 64 go east on 64, exactly three miles. Turn south on dirt road, D Street, go south 1 3/4 miles. You will be on a hill just starting down hill. Now, this is the problem people have who cannot find it: You just cannot see the driveway into the cemetery from this angle! Go just a 1/4 mile further to the intersection and make a U-turn. The driveway will be just a little bit north of the intersection on the left. Turn into the driveway. There may be a chain across it. but you should be able to walk under it. In 2001, it was well trimmed and crosses were being put on all unmarked graves, hoping to Identify them.   Alternate route: from Bellwood go west 3 1/2 miles, turn south about 1 3/4 miles. It is located in the southeast corner of Section 16 or Section 21," wrote Dawn Carpenter.

Name of Cemetery: Pleasant View, Summit (sic Alexis) Twp., Bellwood
NSGS Ancestree. Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
vol 2, no. 3, page 117 - Winter 1980
Tombstones transcribed (1976) by Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, Lincoln, NE

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Contributors: Dawn Carpenter

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Extracted from the Nebraska Ancestree (NA)
By permission of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society
Original transcription by Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, Lincoln, NE.

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