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Research services Genealogy research in local records such as marriages, deaths, obituaries, deeds (see list below).

If dates are known, each item charge is $5.00; otherwise the charge is $5.00 per hour, plus mileage and copying costs.  It is suggested that complicated cases be discussed before research begins.

Butler County Courthouse
Marriage records from 1870        
Deed books from 1876
Probate records from  1872
    Alphabetical by surname on Rolodex.  Card has number on it.
    Original file in chronological order.  Also on microfilm.

Newspapers on microfilm
The Banner Press              1895-2000        69 reels     David City, NE

The Bellwood Gazette       1892-1939           3   “          Bellwood, NE 

Brainard Clipper                 1897-1950        12   “           Brainard, NE    

Butler County Press           1891-1953         21   “          David City, NE

Butler County Republican 1897-1898            1   “          David City, NE    

David City News                 1895-1899           2   “          David City, NE    

The Home Record              1902-1903           1   “          David City, NE

David City Tribune             1884-1892           1   “           David City, NE

Garrison Argus                    1905-1907            2   “           Garrison, NE

Garrison Argus                    1904-1906             1   “           Garrison, NE

Rising City Independent    1892-1930           11   “          Rising City, NE

Saturday Night Review      1911-1917             3   “           Ulysses. NE

The Surprise Herald          1896-1900              1   “          Surprise, NE

The Surprise Enterprise    1915-1921              1   “          Surprise, NE

The Surprise Enterprise    1914-1921              1   “          Surprise, NE

The Surprise Times           1930-1932              1   “          Surprise, NE

The Surprise Booster        1933-1937              1   “          Surprise, NE

The Ulysses Dispatch        1880-1955            22   “        Ulysses, NE

Census Films
Federal census films for Butler County for 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920; also the 1885 Nebraska Census.

There are also Federal census films for Saunders County for 1880, 1900 and 1920; also the 1885 Nebraska Census.

School Census - Superintendent’s Office
School census records are available for all school districts by the mid-1890s. Some are available as early as the 1870s.

Other contacts Butler County Historical Society
Marci Svoboda
President;   402-367-4630
Steve Barlean (
[email protected])
Vice President; 402-367-3079
3381 K Road
David City NE 68632
Gene Supancheck
Treasurer;   402-367-4437
Opal Zeilinger
Secretary;   402-367-4643
Jim Reisdorff,  ([email protected]
Member;      402-367-3554

Butler County Museum
Some obituary records,  history and scrap books related to Butler County history, atlases, Civil War record volumes, photographs, and artifacts related to, and donated by, specific persons with ties to Butler County.  The Museum is open by appointment. -- (contact Jim Reisdorff or others above with questions on Butler county history)


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