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East Park Cemetery

  The orginal deed was from John M. Hakes and wife, Maud. The cemetery was than sponsored by the W.R.C. (Womens Relief Corp) Cemetery Association, and later taken over by the City of Ainsworth.

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Name Birth Died Birth PlaceBlockLotSpaceNo Marker *
Alberts, Baby   02-08-1954Ainsworth, NE1039H
Alberts, Alvin Dale(huaband of Doris)(son of Joe & Viloet Jerred)(Pfc.4135 Base Unit AAF WW11) 05-18-1922 04-09-1967Ainsworth,NE1039G
Alberts, Craig Dale(son of Alvin & Doris ) 08-15-1952 03-31-1969?1039F
Alberts, Steven Wayne 07-04-1958 11-05-1974?1039E
Baldwin, Alice Boyd 10-14-1873 07-21-1963Grand Junction, Iowa1016C
Baldwin, Ferman Arthur (husband of Alice Boyd m.0-03-1895)(son of William Henry & Emma Jane Baldwin) 05-19-1872 09-22-1949White Plins, INd1016D
Baldwin, Glenn A. 08-06-1900 09-08-1983????
Barnes, Elizabeth Biggart(wife of Samuel G.) ? 1921Londonberry, Ireland1041C
Barnes, Samuel G.(husband of Elizabeth Biggart m.12-16-1863)(Civil War-Army Corp Co. G. 30th Ohio Inf.)05-15-183601-22-1897Erie, New York1041D
Bartlett, Fritz(husband of Ellen Gordon) 06-22-1906 05-30-1983Riverview, NE1129G
Bartlett, Ida Ellen Gordon 07-16-1906 09-23-1996Meadville, NE1129H
Bartlett, Victor F.(hus of Helen De Vall m. 11-14-1959)(son of Fritz & Ida Gordon Bartlett)11-03-193901-15-2007Riverview, Ne???
Bartlett, Vonald R. (son of Fritz & Ida GOrdon Bartlett)(his ob Marcella Mick K. Dillon m. 04-29-1963)11-03-19392014Riverview, Ne1118D
Beaumont, Lloyd Allan(infant)   (10 mo. 11 days)?1135D
Blake, Alice G. Haun(wife of Clyde m.02-11-1925)02-05-1905 07-12-2000 Keya Paya Co.,Ne.1111C
Blake, Ethelda B. Carr(dau of George & Josie Carr)(wife of Marvin E. Blake m. 04-04-1947 08-11-192511-07-2003Rock County, NE1111F
Blake, John Clyde(husband of Alice Haun) 05-03- 1903 07-15-1969Keya Paha, NE1111D
Blake, Marvin E.(husband of Ethelda Carr m.04-04-1947)(Sgt. WW11) 02-09-1926 11-23-1997Springview, NE1111E
Booth, Lois M. Fling Coleman(wife of #1 Carl Coleman m.03-16-1941, #2 Oscar Booth m.10-23-1981)(dau of Elza & Bertha Tarble Fling)03-14-191409-26-2004Shelby, NE1412F
Bowen, Infant ? ? ????
Bowen, Bess Corbitt(wife of C.T.) 07-27-1883 02-15-1944 Rosecreek, Minn???
Boyd, Mary Addie Fowler 1872 05-28-1929?10 7 H
Boyd, Charles Johnston(husband of Addie Fowler) 04-30-1866 10-09-1945Des Moines, Iowa 10 7 F
Boyd, Cyrus F.(Civil War- CO. B. 34th Iowa Inf.)   07-25-1914? 10 7 B
Boyd, Margaret Fowler(dau of Charlie & Mary) 08-30-1912 09-29-1976Ainsworth, NE 10 7 G
Boyd, Margaret W. 1840 1898 ? 10 7 A
Brewer, Mrs. no dates ?? ?? 11 10 ?
Brewer, Mary Elizabeth Johnson 01-08-1845 10-08-1923Stockwell, IND1110D
Brewer, Owen(husband of May Ezella)(son Of Thomas & Mary) 11-09-1874 07-04-1954 Stockwell, IND1110?
Brewer, Thomas A.(Civil War-Co G. 72nd Ind. Inf)07-23-1844 01-24-1937Ind.1110C
Broekemeier, Glenn Dewey(hus of Lois Streich m.06-26-1949)(son of Emil & Esther Dewey Broekemeier)12-26-192601-30-2005Osmond, Ne172C
Cady, Myrl L.(husband of #1 Ruby Brooks, #2 Delma??)01-01-1920 08-01-1996 Riverside, Ne 10 9 C
Cady, Ruby 12-20-1920 04-02-1987? 10 9 D
Chase, Sheila Ann(dau of Pat & Marlene Chase)05-29-197009-02-2003Yankton, SD.1117H
Coble, Alvin Keith(son of Lewis Arthur Coble amp; Gladys Marie Minard Coble)(husband of Mary Louise Wolcott m. 01-17-1948)10-07-192304-27-2013Johnstown, NE233D
Coble, Mary Louise Wolcott(wife of Keith m.01-17-948) 05-30-1927 08-04-2000 Ainsworth, Ne 33 2 C
Coleman, Alta Fern Seals 08-29-1891 02-19-1982Ainsworth, NE1328F
Coleman, Carl Leroy(husband of Lois Fling)(son of Edwin & Ruby)(Cpl. WW11) 11-22-1915 05-09-1980Ainsworth, NE1412E
Coleman, Dorothy Evelyn(dau of Edwin & Ruby) 12-25-1920 04-29-1930Ainsworth, NE1412D
Coleman, Edwin John (husband of Ruby Coulson)(son of John & Hattie) 05-25-1894 06-05-1972?1412C
Coleman, Francis Stockwell(husband of Sarah(son of John & Hattie) 02-11-1888 03-15-1963Brown CO., NE1325C
Coleman, Fred E.(husband of Alta Seals)(son of John & Hattie) 09-15-1882 10-04-1974Brown Co.,Ne 1328G
Coleman, Glen J.(husband of Lois Bennett Campbell)(Tech4 WW11)12-09-1917 05-23-1996Arriba, Co.1325H
Coleman, Hattie Eva Stockwell(wife of John Coleman m.11-06-1881)(dau of Frances Stockwell)(Mother) 03-15-1864 05-08-1921Hartville, VT.1327C
Coleman, Jennie C. 06-16-1856 04-20-1923County Caventi, Ireland1327A
Coleman, John (husband of Hattie Stockwell)(Father) 07-14-1854 05-25-1923 Sefin,Ireland 13 27 B *
Coleman, Lois M. Fling(wife of #1 Carl Coleman m.03-16-1941, #2 Oscar Booth m.10-23-1981)(dau of Elza & Bertha Tarble Fling)03-14-191409-26-2004Shelby, NE1412F
Coleman, Margaret ? 04-24-1982 ? 13 25 G *
Coleman, Margaret Vivian Marshall(Wife of Glen m 10-31-1945) 03-06-1924 04-22-1982 Johnstown, NE???
Coleman, Ruby Edna Coulson(wife of Edwin) 03-16-1895 09-18-1972Cherokee, Iowa1412B
Coleman, Sarah Katherine (Sadie)Lucorb 05-09-1892 06-23-1979Arriba, Colo1325B
Corbitt, Ella Gertrude Elliott(wife of Lafayette Freeman Corbitt) 04-29-1856 12-21-1936Elhota, MN1017C
Corbitt, Franklin Adelbert(husband of Gertrude Short m.06-11-1913) 11-24-1887 07-18-1961Cherry Co., NE1017E
Corbitt, Gertrude Gail Short(wife of Franklin Corbitt)(dau of Louis &l Mary Short) 05-17-1894 04-13-1988Ainsworth, NE1017F
Corbitt, Gracie Ella 03-24-1890 07-04-1897?1017D
Corbitt, Lafayette Freeman(husband of Ella Gertrude Elliott m.12-04-1878) 11-02-1847 03-03-1932Bath, NY1017B
Corey, Warren H. (Civil War) 08-11-1849 08-13-1914 ????
Cornett, Edith Marie Haun(wife of Paul) 12-28-1908 08-24-1992 Nordon, NE???
Cowan, John(removed) ? 06-13-1887 ?1134D
Cowan, Ruanny(removed) ? 08-28-1890 ? 1134C
Daniels, Dale (Dean)(son of Dale & Fern Daniels)04-19-194208-16-2015Omaha, NE1130F
Davis, Clarence Alfred(husband of Lola Faye Wheeler m.02-18-1933)(son of Louise & Sarah Strohl Davis) 07-31-1906 02-28-1986Almeria, NE1130A
Davis, Lola Faye Wheeler(wife of Clarence)(dau of Harvey Upton Wheeler & Grace Evelyn Cooper Wheeler) 10-16-190506-08-1993Long Pine, NE1130B
Davis, Raymoond Dale(son of Clarence & Lola Davis)(hus of SHirley Mae Edwards m. 04-16-1955) 11-19-193302-21-2015Long PIne, NE
Davis, Shirley Mae Edwards (dau of George &aqmp; Amma Scherer Edwards) (wife of Raymond Dale Davis m. 04-16-1955)11-03-193612-29-2015Butte, Ne
Denny, Darlene Luree Marvin(wife of Don Denny m. 05-20-1949)(dau of Don & Mabel Wallace Marvin)10-09-193307-21-2012Bloomfield, NE 1415A
Denny, Florence(Flora) Ellen Shriver(dau of Samuel & Saloma Hauer Shriver) (Mother) 04-18-1876 12-31-1955Allerton, Iowa1138C
Denny, Fred (Father) 10-15-187710-30-1923MI1138D
Denny, Gale T.(husband of Mila Hollopeter) 06-15-1906 09-02-1987Tilden, NE1038B
Denny, Gladys 10-01-1905 11-01-1986?1138H
Denny, Gladys A. Fling(Wife of Neal) 05-18-1903 07-22-1948Shelby, NE1039C
Denny, Infant (son of Gale&Mila)   09-1934?1138NW corner
Denny, Infant (son of Roy&Lela)  10-1935?1138NE corner
Denny, Mila E. Hollpeter(dau of Johon & Florence Clapper Hollopeter)(wife of Gale T. Denny m. 04-13-1929)10-24-191012-07-2007Brown County, Ne1038A
Denny, Neil Compton(husband of Effie Edwards)(Father) 11-03-1901 04-17-1975Tilden, NE1039B
Denny, Rhonda Kay(dau of Mr &Mrs Garry Denny)06-04-1965 06-04-1965Ainsworth, NE1038H
Denny, Roy No data ? ? 11 38 south side *
Denny,Terry(son of Gladys&Vern) 10-27-1935 02-11-1999????
Denny, Vern 01-20-1904 08-14-1982?1138G
Denny, Vernon (infant son of Vern &Gladys)   09-02-1930?1138?
Dillon, Dennis F.(Staff Sgt. 379 Inf. 95 Div. WW11) 10-25-1920 08-09-1948Meadville, NE1121D
Dillon, Elijah Reed(husband of Ollie May)(Father) 01-16-1891 12-24-1951Keya Paha Co., Ne1121C
Dillon, Ollie May Williams(wife of Elijah R.)(Mother) 10-09-1892 05-25-1980Meadville, NE1121B
Dillon, Wilferd D.(son of Elijah & Ollie Williams)(T.Sgt US Army) 01-16-1931 01-31-1987Conterra, NE1121A
Dittmar, Lewis W.(husband of Nada Shriner) 10-26-1902 07-30-1994Nickerson, NE819H
Dougherty, Richard Francis (Doc)(son of Giles Edmund &a,p; Catherine Vernoica Piller Dougherty)(hus of Elizabeth Betty Jeane Zmolek)05-23-192408-29-2008Newcastle, NE818E/F
Duden, Jess Allan(son of Larry & Elaine)(Navy)03-31-1982 09-18-2000 Ainsworth, NE???
Edwards, Harold(Pfc WW11) 09-03-1915 11-23-1995?1037D
Fling, Berth Fredricka Tarble(wife of William Elza Fling)(dau of Frederick Tarble & Mary Adelaide Cole Tarble) (Mother) 04-02-1873 12-15-1961Marathon, NY1137C
Fling, Cowen No data ? ? 11 37 F *
Fling, Della Helen Hagerman(wife of Jay Fling)(dau of Dora Rauscher Hagerman & Worthie Myron Hagerman) 09-15-1912 06-23-1986 Ainsworth ,NE1137H
Fling, Glen T.(husband of Gwen Baker m.102-03-1945)(Tec 4 WW11) 02-28-1910 11-16-1998Shelby, NE1137E
Fling, Gwen Genelle Baker(dau of John David & Bertha Elizabeth Smith Baker)(wife of Glen Fling m. 12-03-1945) 06-11-191712-10-2016North Platte, NE1137F
Fling, Jay Elza(husband of Della Helen Hagerman m.03-15-1921)(son of William ElzaFling & Bertha Fredricka Tarble Fling) 01-15-1906 10-04-1987Shelby, NE1137G
Fling, William Elza(husband of Bertha)(Father) 10-13-1870 12-26-1936Richie Co.,W, Virg. 1137D
Ford, Edwin Dennis(son of James & Hannah Dennis) 04-13-1877 11-11-1963Marysville, MO1018D
Frank, Vivian E. 08-16-1909 06-11-1986?9 21 H
Frew, BobbyJ.(son of Bill & Judy Ann Denny) 12-31-197412-31-1974Ainsworth, NE133A-B
Graham, Ray J.(moved to Mt. Hope-Valentine) ? 02-28-1964 ? 14 14 D *
Gregory, Louise Limbachar(wife of James F.) 01-16-1848 04-20-1942 Wappelo, Iowa???
Gordon, William M. (WW11)(cremains) 1914 08-31-1991?1129H
Gould,Leander(Civil War-Co F. 11th Michigan Co.)07-29-184707-22-1934Hillsdale, MI1235E
Gould,Margaret Fites 10-30-1949 09-20-1926Interlacken, Switzerland1235F
Hale, Phyllis Kay No data ? ? 11 33 On Lot *
Hanna, Agnes Morrow 1856 1933South Sherbrooken, Lanark Co, Ontario, Canada1040C
Hanna, Boyd Mclville(husband of Helen Boyd) 07-11-1908 01-18-1968Brown Co., NE1015D
Hanna, Helen Boyd(wife of Lloyd) 08-27-1880 08-21-1978?1015C
Hanna, Lloyd(husband of Helen) 09-16-1880 02-11-1949Mapleton, MN 10 15 B
Hanna, James Melvill(husband of Agnes Morrow)05-29-1853 01-28-1947St. Lawrence Co., NY1040B
Harris, Hugh K.(husband of Winnifred Nadine McMullin)(WW11) 09-15-1917 09-02-1998Rogers, Ark1024G
Harris, Winnifred Nadine McMullin(wife of Hugh K. Harris m. 03-16-1946)(dau of Henry & Blanche Casey McMullen)12-05-192610-29-2002Sapulpa, OK1024H
Hartgrave, Faye Minnie McNamee Ingalls(wife of #1 Paul Ingalls m.07-26-1979, #2 Wm. Hartgrave m.07-22-1983) 12-09-1914 01-17-1999 Johnstown, NE 1348A
Hartung, John Kire 1873 1940?1027D
Henderson, ??(infant son of Percy) 09-26-1926 09-26-1926 Ainsworth, Ne1126D
Henderson, Albert John(husband of Lula Reed) 10-10-1883 05-04-1981Brown Co.,NE1133Alley
Henderson, Evelyn Burns(Mother) 08-17-1861 12-18-1920Belfast, Adams Co., Ohio1125C
Henderson, Hugh H.(husband of Evaline Burnes)(Father) 05-05-1850 09-26-1944Belvue, PA1125B
Henderson, Hugh Vincent(son of Percy) 10-28-1923 11-01-1923 Ainsworth, NE 11 26 D *
Henderson, Lavera Evelyn(dau of Albert& Lula Reed Henderson) 12-05-1910 12-11-1928Ainsworth, NE1133C*
Henderson, Lulu Essie(wife of Albert) 01-01-1888 09-15-1971Iowa1133A
Henderson, Mary Ann Sinclair 1882 03-23-1971Ne1126B
Henderson, Oliver(husband of Mary ) 12-09-1877 05-09-1954Chatsworth, ILL1126A
Henderson, Ralph M. 1908 1958?1126C
Hogan, Harry O.(son of W.H.)(removed)  11-01-1890 (age 28 days)?1139H
Hogan, William H.(corpl. Co.K 14th US Inf)05-25-185509-08-1907or19Palmyra, NY1139G
Hogan, Grave ? ? ? 11 39 B *
Huff, Bert B.(Husband of #1 Dorothy M. Whalen m.12-17-1939, #2 Goldie Lewis Boller M.04-15-1990)(son of John & Emma Huff) 02-19-1913 11-06-1996Decatur Co., Kansas1324E
Huff, Dorothy M. Whalen(#1 wife of Bert) 07-20-1920 10-19-1988?1324F
Ingalls,Faye M. 1914 1999????
Ingalls,Paul Edwin(husband of Faye Minnie McNares) 02-15-1912 07-26-1979Johonson Co.,MO1348B
Jackson, J.M. (Civil War) No dates?????
Johnson, Andrew L. Jr.  09-27-1904?1029D
Johnson, Vivien Baldwin 03-19-1896 06-04-1967Ainsworth,NE1016B
Kaiser, Father(of Ella Petty) ? 05-06-1911 ? 11 40 D *
Kendall, Lizzie B.Hartung 1878 1956?1027C
Knuth, Conne Jane Walker(wife of Dan Knuth m. 04-18-1964)(dau of Richard & Mildred Butler Walker)02-14-194506-12-2008Bayard, NE
Koch, Cynthia L. Bartlett(wife of Ricky m.06-22-1984) 03-10-1962 07-06-1992Ainsworth, NE1129F
Larrington, Dawn Maxine Thompson(wife of Leon E. m 10-24-1935) 01-30-1916 10-07-1988Frontier Co., NE111A
Larrington, Emerald Leon(hus of #1 Dawn Thompson m.10-24-1935, #2 Elaine Lenington Waits Jackson m.09-01-1989)(son of Robert & Lillie Minton Larington)04-01-191404-19-2003Laird, Co.111D
Magill,Clara Anne(wife of Rev. Edward) 1874 02-25-1954?1235A
Magill, Reverend Edward (husband of Clara Ann)(United Methodist Minister) 05-08-1874 05-01-1949Ft. Laramie, WY1235B
Magill, Rev. E.Allen(husband of Velma Campbell m.03-25-1933) 09-08-1911 10-24-2000 Bassett, NE1236D
Magill, Elizabeth no dates ? ?1235?
Magill, Florence A.Schynder 05-22-1853 11-15-1936Ft. Laramie, Wy.1235G
Magill, Kenneth E.05-26-194404-18-2010Mt. Pleasnat, Iowa1236A
Magill, Marie M. (infant) 04-27-189605-10-1896?1235D
Magill, Verna L. 1913 1985?1236C
Magill, William H(Co F 22nd Inf.& Co A. 21st Calv. Under Gen. Custer) 09-24-1846 01-18-1931Troy, NY1235H
Marlatt, Kenneth Leroy(hus of Doona Lee Schlueter m. 05-29-1955)(son of Wilson & Marie Esterly Marlatt)08-24-192909-02-2012Ainsworth, NE105G
Mintken, Mary Ella Corbitt(wife of Paul m.06-27-1942)(cremains) 03-07-1915 12-25-1996Ainsworth, NE1017G
Mintken, Paul Edwin (husband of Mary Corbitt)(cremains) 12-10-1912 12-10-1989Fremont, NE1017G
Morgan, Fred N. ? ? ? 11 36 ?
Morgan, Jessie Celeste(wife of F.N.)10-07-1870 08-21-1910(age 30 yr. 10 mo. 14 day)Marshall County, Iowa1136D
Morlang, Abraham(husband of Clara Herren) 07-06-1903 06-04-1985Germany1021B
Morlang, Clara Lucille Herren(wife of Abraham)01-21-1910 02-03-1984Lake Andes, SD1021A
Mulligan, Mary Elizabeth Denny (dau of Vern & Gladys Denny)(wife of #1John Mulligan m. 1961, #2 Willard Hollopeter m.01-02-2007) 08-10-194302-01-2009Ainsworth, NE1138B
McAndrew, Carl B.(son of William & Emily)(Sgt US Army) 02-03-1895 10-11-1972?1028F
McAndrew, Clyde Ross(son of Wm. & Emiy Dowding) 01-04-1883 11-15-1958Iowa1031B
McAndrew, Gail 02-16-1898 12-20-1977????
McAndrew, Hazel R.Davison 04-03-1890 09-25-1968Ainsworth,NE1031C
McAndrew, Junnie Alice Polen(wife of Kenneth m.05-10-1943, dau of Harry & Ida Shelbourn Polen)06-09-190909-17-2001Kewanee, Cherry, Ne1031G
McAndrew, Jessie(dau of Peter & Lanissa Mary Louise Whitney McAndrew) 04-02-1885 05-09-1971 NE1019F
McAndrew, Kenneth Lyle(husband of Alice Polen) 07-03-1911 11-01-1980Ainsworth ,NE1031H
McAndrew, Lanissa Mary Louise Whitney(wife of Peter D.McAndrew) 12-12-1852 11-24-1914Monona, Iowa1019B
McAndrew, Lila Elizabeth (dau of Peter & Lanissa Mary Louise Whitney McAndrew) 06-06-1879 03-25-1964Iowa1019G
McAndrew, Mary Lelissa (dau of Peter & Lanissa Mary Louise Whitney McAndrew) 11-09-1876 04-10-1945 Cherokee, Iowa1019E
McAndrew, Peter Davie(husband of Lanissa Mary Louise Whitney m.1874)(brother to William D.)(Civil War-Co. K. 9th Ill.Cav) 02-24-1845 07-02-1935Glasgow, Scotland1019D
McAndrew, William Davey(son of Carl & Gail) 01-02-192807-20-1944Ainsworth, NE1028C
McGrew, Infant ?1897?226?
McNally, Harold Eugene(son of James W. & Verda Woodward McNally)(wife of Constance L Williams m. 06-25-1949)04-07-191902-21-2009Johnstown, NE116G
Nelson, Carl Ludwick(husband of Sara Beck)(Father) 02-21-1861 05-28-1949Stolkholm, Sweden1032H
O'Conner, Martin ? ? ? 2 30 ?
O'Conner, Thomas H. ? 1895 ? 2 30 ?
Osborne, George (husband of Nannie) ??????
Osborne, Nannie J.Little( Wife of#1 George Osborne, #2 John A. Buchan m.01-01-1870) 03-14-1840 12-20-1917Lexington, KY1139A
Paine, Frances P. 07-08-1853 02-12-1903Plattsville, WI1030D
Paine, Pamelia Bronson 04-26-1820 07-03-1904?1030A
Passyka, Nadia Rudyk(wife of Wassyl Passyka m.02-02-1948)09-15-192505-08-2004Krememcque, Ukraine819E
Passyka, Wassyl (Wass)(hus of Nadia Rudyk m.02-02-1948)(son of Demjan & Anastasia Passyka)04-25-192102-27-2007Zabokliki, Poland819F
Petty, Ella E. 10-12-1902 01-26-1917Johnstown, NE1140B
Petty, Hiram Jerome 09-19-1839 08-03-1916New York, NY1140A
Rodwell, Laura Menvey 03-29-1897 11-02-1932Norfolk, Ne1124D
Rodwell, Louis A. Jr. 1889 1896?1112D Walkway
Rodwell, Louis A. Sr.(cremains) 02-22-1863 09-09-1930Winston Salem, NC1112C
Rodwell, Minnie B. Briggs(cremains) 1867 1960 ?1112B
Schrantz, Helen Marie Turner(dau of Lawrence & Hattie Egelhoff Turner)(wife of James Eldon Schrantz m. 08-25-1957)08-27-192503-192011Nordan, Ne1118E
Schrantz, James Eldon(husband of Helen Turner m.08-25-1957) 01-06-1919 11-17-2000 Valentine, NE 11 18 F
Schultz, Teddy Ray(son of Raymond & Ruby Maxon) 08-10-195008-21-1990Bloomfield, NE1345E
Smith, Brent( son of Dallas & Beverly Jones Smith)(hus of #1 Denise Dennet, #2 Lexie Treat m. 10-07-2005)09-20-196308-18-2009Brown County, NE1114G
Smith, Dallas(hus of Beverly Jones)?12-25-2010Ainsworth, NE1114F
Smith, George M. 11-10-1897 10-24-1971?1114B
Smith, Gerald Dean(hus of Velda Vee Lewis m.02-11-1956)(son of Earl L. & Lois E. Barrington Smith)06-06-193806-10-2005Ainsworth, NE???
Smith, Max Conrad(infant) 1927 07-03- 1930?1114D
Smith, May   (No Dates)????
Smith, Newton F.(husband of Irene Adaline Smith (she)B.1852 d. 11-10-1931) 04-16-184803-22-1897?1136B
Smith, Opal Marie Taylor(wife of Earl Leroy Smith) 11-11-1904 01-04-1990Oto, Iowa1114C
Soles, Dean Dennis(son of Ralph & Lenna Ford Soles)(hus of Karen Schlueter m.04-11-1958)04-02-193902-07-2009Ainsworth, NE97G/H
Soles, Karen Arleen Schlueter(dau of Arthur LeRoy & Aileen Harriet Schlueter)(wife of Dean Soles m.04-11-19585)11-27-193801-26-2012Valentine, NE97G
Soles, Lenna Esther Ford(wife of Ralph) 01-04-1908 07-24-1961Springview, NE1018C
Soles, Ralph Lewis Jr. (Hus of #1 Judy Ost m. 1958, #2 Gayle Magary m. 01-27-2005)(son of Ralph & Lenna Ford Soles Sr.)09-27-193401-09-2013Bassett, NE1018A
Soles, Ralph Lewis Sr.(husband of #1 Lenna Ford, #2 Freida Stone)08-16-1901 01-31-1977Springview, NE1018B
Stenby, Carl03-26-1847 05-15-1934Sweden1027A
Stenby, Kate White 03-25-1884 08-12-1960?1027B
Stephens, Martha No data ? ? 11 13 A *
Stern, Doris L. Adcock(wife of Everett) 10-18-1923 03-20-1998Meadville, NE1032C
Stern, Everett L.(hus of Doris L. Adcock m.02-14-1945)(son of Guy F. & Nettie M. Nelson Stern)10-07-191510-09-2004Lancaster Co, NE1032D
Stern, Guy Franklin(husband of Nettie) 09-27-1887 06-23-1967 Seward Co., NE1032G
Stern, Nettie May Nelson(wife of Guy Stern m.09-18-1912) 01-11-1894 04-05-1979 Lincoln, NE1032F
Stevenson, Mary Ellen 1869 1951?1041A
Stevenson, Ulysses G. 1869 1933Sioux Falls, SD1041B
Swim, Edith M. 1908 1992????
Swim, Gerald Jerold(husband of Edith Haun) 07-07-1911 09-29-1981Springview, NE1111B
Trotter, Adelaide Belle Stockwell(wife of W.O. Trotter) 02-27-1867 07-01-1921Webster Co., Iowa1327D
Trotter, William Oscar 03-17-1864 06-09-1928Rinard, Ill1327D
Tyrell, Elizabeth ? 07-22-1896?21C*
Tyrell, Fredrick ? 10-16-1894?21B*
Tyrell, Horace ? 1894 ? 2 1 D*
Watts, Leonard Earl(Tubby)(husbnd ofMollie Schmidt) 01-17-1912 11-20-1987Albion, NE 9 20 B
Watts, Mollie Schmidt(wife of Leonard m 02-24-1940)12-11-191108-17-1986Dallas, SD 9 20 A
Warner, Eliza J.(wife of F.D.)   09-17-1895?87D
Warren, Samuel B. ? 08-09-1895 ? 8 30 B*
White, Harriet Timmerman(wife of Hosea) 04-18-1860 03-22-1944Plessis, NY1028D
White, Hosea J. Dr. 05-02-1854 08-12-1927Jefferson County, NY1028B
Whitney, Nettie(infant) No dates ? ? 11 10 A *
Whitney, Ortha Luella (dau. of Elmer W.) 01-26-1903 03-28-1903Ainsworth, NE1110G
Whitney, Tommy W.(son of Elmer W.) 05-11-1894 03-01-1898?1110H
Williams, Frankie Gaylord(son of Mr&Mrs.Walter Williams)(Body removed)01-26-189107-31-1891(age 6 mo.)?1123D
Wiswell, Dora May infant ? 03-11-1912 Ainsworth, NE 10 4 A *
Wiswell, Charles A.D.(Civil War-Co.H. 25th ME. Inf)?02-28-1904Nova Scotia 10 4 B
Wiswell, Selina Hammett(wife of Charles) 09-02-1830 07-29-1917 Nova Scotia ? ? ?
Wright, Charles Edward 11-02-1867 01-13-1942Bloomfield, Davis Co., Iowa1122A
Wright, Ellen Louise Allen(wife of Charles Edward) 05-12-1866 02-10-1937Whitewater, Wisc.1122B
unreadable stone
unreadable metal marker
This cemetery was walked by Edward &Doris Torguson, summer of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information.

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