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Lutheran Cemetery

  Located 2 miles west of Ainsworth on Hiway 20 and 3 miles north. It sits on the right side of the road with a beautiful white fence around it. Land was deeded by Herman T. Westphal and his wife, Anna, in 1889. It is sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Zion Corp.

The caretaker is Mrs. Rebecca Schelm.
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Legal Description: NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Section 9, Township 30, Range 22
Name Birth DeathBirth PlaceBlock LotSpace
Albert, Alma Dorotha Wilhelmina Sherman04-19-189707-09-1927Scribner, Ne.
Bassett, Mable Legate19011918
Blackman, Carl J.(husband of Matilda Zillig)11-01-189207-09-1972
Blackman, Mathilda L.Zillig(wife of Carl Blackman)03-01-189207-15-1980
Blank, Anna Georgina (Georgia) Madsen(dau of Carl Laurentius & Georgina Louise Walters Madsen)(wife of Homer C. Blank m.04-03-1942)01-19-192202-01-2009Omaha, NE
Blank, Homer Courtney Halstead(son of Hero(Harry) J. & Hope Irene Halstead Blank)(hus of Anna Georgina Madsen m. 04-03-1942)07-29-192102-03-2008Ainsworth, Ne
Bohle, Emma M.C.(dau. of August &Charlotte) 12-18-188405-29-1894
Bratthauer, Clifford Carl(husband of Vera Mae Beck)(son of Lewis & Jeanette)07-22-1917 03-14-1995Ainsworth, NE
Bratthauer, Jeanette Dorothy Lockmiller(wife of Louis)(dau of Casper & Anna Bethage Lochmiller)08-14-189603-09-1932Ainsworth, Ne
Bratthauer, Lewis Edward(husband of Jeanett Dorthea Lochmiller m.01-06-1915)(son of Ernest August(11-20-1862-07-23-1900) & Mary Messinbrink(04-12-1863-03-23-1899) Bratthauer)(Father)06-11-1894 07-28-1946Dennison, Iowa
Bratthauer, Vera Mae Anna Beck(wife of Clifford)01-11-192503-26-1986
Broscheit, Franz11-01-187301-28-1893
Claussen, Mildred S.(dau.of Carl&B.)12-20-1908 12-22-1908
Christensen, Helena Chrust12-19-189904-15-1928Colisha, Germany
Deiber, Catherine(Mother)  No Dates
Deiber, George(Father)12-19-184106-05-1925
Eggert, Rev. Friedrich(husband of Helen Leimer m.07-23-1911)(son of Rev. Henry Eggert)188508-1916
Farber, John Virgil Jr.(husband of Verna) 04-23-1916 10-17-1999 Valentine, NE
Farber, Verna Mary Bratthauer(wife of John m.10-22-1939)(dau of Lewis Edward & Jeanette Dorthea Lochmiller Bratthaur)08-21-191506-30-1999
Freese, Elise(wife of Fred Uffman)02-17-185509-30-1895
Gabbert, Infant(of Herman&Henriette)  11-24-1902
Gabbert, Bernard Fredrick(son of Ludwich & Helen)02-13-190612-17-1928Ainsworth, Ne
Gabbert, Helen D.08-28-187302-10-1923
Gabbert, Henriette10-21-186411-24-1902
Gabbert, Herman L.18681942
Grams, Friedrich(son of William)No Birthdate06-02-1901
Hermsmeyer, Infant son(of Friedrich&Dorette 07-03-1905
Hermsmeyer, Dorette Friederica Wilhelmine Christine Schelm(wife of Friedrich m.09-14-1904)(dau of Carl Schelm & Minnie Sutrow Schelm)12-11-187503-06-1933Charter Oak, Crawford Co., Iowa
Hermsmeyer, Friedrich August (husband of Dorette Schelm)10-14-1874 08-11-1944Cherokee, Iowa
Hermsmeyer, Simon Heinrich(Henry)(husband of Louisa Karoline Steinmeyer m.1867)04-19-184004-27-1906Valdorf, Province of Westfal, Prussia
Hermsmeyer, Louisa Karoline Steinmeyer(wife of Simon Henry)07-02-184502-05-1909Valdorf, Prussia
Heyer, Lynn A. Maylahn(wife of Vergil Heyer m. 08-07-1982)(dau of Dr. Donald & Janet Maylahn)04-03-195612-09-2014Skoie, Ill
Hintz, Jacob 01-30-1901(age 78 yr 10 day)
Hintz, Magdalena No Dates
Jansen, Anna atherine(dau of Henry & Mary Deiber(12-21-189008-23-1964Buck Grove, Iowa
Jansen, Henry(husband of Mary Deiber)(Father)08-23-186708-08-1942Fehmern Island, Germany
Jansen, Mary Deeber(wife of Henry)(Mother)06-02-186805-03-1954Alsace, Lorraine,Germany
Januschewski, Wilhelmina18621915
Kaiser, Anna F. Churst(wife of Max married 07-03-1918)10-19-189605-13-1981Danzi, Germany
Kaiser, Caroline Kurpjuweit(wife of William)01-16-184710-06-1934Prussia, Germany
Kaiser, Max Albert(husband of Anna)07-17-189204-04-1935Brewster, Ne
Kaiser, William10-11-185808-01-1936Prussia, Germany
Kernin,Ernest Frantz(Ernie)(son of Karl & Hannah Schultz)06-03-190303-03-1945Johnstown, Ne
Kernin, Johanna(wife of K.W.Kernin)08-13-186410-11-1914Bisoff, Germany
Kernin, Karl William(husband of Johanna)(Father)02-20-185601-25-1943
Kurpjuweit,Baby Infant(of Julius&Emilie) No Dates
Kurpjuweit,Albert Julius(huaband of Lillie)05-28-188902-20-1963Blaine CO., NE
Kurpjuweit, Fredricka Emelia Kaiser (wife of Julius)(Mother)12-29-185706-06-1932East Prussia, Germany
Kurpjuweit, Christina Wilamean Christianson(wife of Albert)11-06-189411-01-1935Madison, Ne
Kurpjuweit, Lillie Katrine Schwartz(Wife of Otto)03-13-189704-14-1981Madison,NE
Kurpjuweit, Julius(husband of Amelia)(Father)07-24-185708-28-1930East Prussia, Germany
Kurpjuweit,Otto Frank(husband of Lillie)02-23-189204-06-1935Blaine Co., Ne
Lippold, William Edward Bill (son of Lloyd Charles & Helen Audrey Stuff Lippold)(hus of LaVonne Mae Meyer m.11-25-1955)07-22-193302-21-2014Syracuse, NE
Lockmiller, Anna Ida Bethage(wife of Casper G.)12-17-187107-18-1954Berlin, Germany
Lockmiller, Bertha(wife of William) 07-05-1899(43 yr.8mo.23 day)
Lochmuller, Caroline L.M.(Dau. of Mr.&Mrs.H.M.Lochmuller)04-06-1890 10-27-1892
Lochmuller, Casper J.W.(son of Henry&Mary) 08-12-188510-09-1886
Lockmiller, Casper G.04-16-186709-27-1924
Lockmiller, Casper03-02-183404-29-1894
Lochmuller,Ella Rosalie(Dau. of Henry&Mary) 03-10-190609-23-1906
Lochmuller, Lena W.S.(wife of William)03-29-188604-05-1886
Lochmuller, Minnai E.(Dau. of Henry&Mary) 02-21-189903-09-1900
Lockmiller, Raymond H.11-01-191911-08-1919
Lockmiller, Sophie04-18-182505-08-1906
Lockmiller, Yvonne Lorrraine(dau of Walter & Elsie)11-25-193005-22-1939Ainsworth, Ne
Nagel, August (husband of Justine)09-01-185306-02-1944East Prussia, Germany
Nagel, Justine(wife of August)08-24-1851 09-18-1931
Pankowski, Jesse Joe(son of Douglas & Cathryn Junod Pankowski)07-03-198804-01-2016Ainsworth, NE
Rauscher, Max01-01-185204-07-1929Baden, Germany
Rauscher, Charlotte Schulz(wife of Max)18551900
Rauscher, Alma(wife of Fred)06-12-1885 10-31-1907
Rauscher, Infant dau(of Max &Henrietta) 03-10-1915
Rauscher, Edith Sophie Hermsmeyer(wife of Fred)12-15-188408-14-1941Brown Co. Ne
Raushcer, Fred Wilhelm(son of Max & Charlotte Schulz)11-01-188111-14-1962Ill.
Rauscher, Henrietta Bratthauer(wife#1 of Max Wilhelm Rauscher)01-22-1889 12-07-1918
Rauscher, Ione Leola Beebout(wife of Fred)02-18-188402-05-1957Harrison Co., Ohio
Reed, Ruth Hess(dau of James & Elizabeth Hess)(wife of Monty Reed m.12-20-1975)06-27-195611-2003Greeley, Co.
Reiman, Wilhelm04-19-183502-08-1916
Rohweder, Caroline Albertine Gabbert(wife of Hans)(Mother)08-23-186611-17-1946Rowenshaft, Tenn.
Rohweder, George 1891
Rohweder, Hans Anton(husband of Caroline Gabbert)(Father)11-20-185612-03-1934Holstein, Germany
Rohweder, Lillian M.18901910
Schelm, Albert August(husband of Emma)08-22-188202-18-1953Crawford Co., Iowa
Schelm, Bernard E.(husband of Viola Sanman m.04-26-1936)12-12-190910-26-1997Johnstown, NE
Schelm, Betty Lou (dau of Bernard & Viola)11-06-194811-06-1948Ainsworth, NE
Schelm, Donovan W. 1937
Schelm, Edna Anna(dau of Gustav & Amelia Blave) 08-04-1908 07-30-1999 Brown Co., NE
Schelm, Elizabeth Trumm(wife of William C.)12-09-185909-07-1934Cinncinnati, Ohio
Schelm, Everet(son of G.J.&A.K.) 08-30-1909(3 yr.)
Schelm, Harold C.(hus of Irene M. Rauscher m. 06-15-1941)(son of Otto F. & Olga E. Claussen Schelm)02-28-191301-30-2003Ainsworth, NE
Schelm, Pauline Charlotte Schulz07-24-188702-02-1927Johnstown, Ne.
Schelm, Stanley Harold(son of Harold & Irene Rasucher Schelm)(hus of Rebecca Frahm m. 05-21-1980)08-07-194705-21-1980Ainsworth, Ne
Schelm, Viola Martha Sanman(wife of Bernard)02-20-191205-18-1985York, NE
Schelm, William C.(husband of Elizabeth Trumm)10-16-185608-11-1936Hanover, Germany
Schipporeit, Ralph F.(husband of Eleanor Hartman)09-05-193006-18-1995Dunning ,NE
Schulz, Elilie18791900
Schulz, Freidreih G.18161911
Schulz, Lissette18191895
Schulz,Salmad(Selma)(Dau of E.W.&E.)05-13-1885 08-07-1887
Schurman, Andrew Fredrich(son of Rudolph & Dorothea Hoefhes) 11-24-1873 06-12-1959 Scribner, NE
Schurman, Edith Louise(dau of Andrew & Lena VonHeeder) 10-07-1919 02-27-1966 Texas
Storm, Gustav05-02-182711-29-1916
Strahm, Fredrich02-11-183605-18-1891
Strahm, Henry J.(son of Fredrich&Mary) 03-23-187810-21-1887
Strahm, Mari06-14-183912-26-1907
Strahm, Sophie(dau. of Fred&Mary)10-11-187511-08-1890
Syfie, George(son of Michael & Selma Saab Syfie)(hus of Diana Kinzer Syfie m.09-12-1964)05-17-194002-22-2004El Paso, Tx
Taylor, Maxine D. Rauscher(wife of #1 Alvin Flyr m.04-0-1936,#2 Otis Taylor)05-16-191206-15-1998Brown Co., NE
Timm, Kate(wife of John)18531918
Trumm, Jno(Civil War-Co G. 2nd Ky Inf.)  03-25-1895
Trumm, Louisa A. Mary(dau. of Henry&Louisa01-05-188110-08-1897(16 yr.9 mo.)
Uffman, Fredrick A.(son of F.W&Eliza) 10-14-187911-19-1889
Walton, Larry Eugen(son of David & Esther Walton)(hus of Judy Schnid m. 1968)06-24-194408-29-2014AInsworth, NE
Wells, Michael Lee(son of W#ayne & Mary Jean Moehle Wells)(hus of Janet)05-08-194801-26-2008
Westphal, (first name unreadable)12-186310-1890
Zillig, George E.(son of Geroge & Katherine)(Pvt. US Army WW11)08-05-190408-24-1993Ainsworth, NE
Zillig, Catherine Deiber(wife of John)(Mother)04-20-187001-02-1932Alsace, Lorraine
Zillig, John (husband of Catherine Deiber m.03-12-1891)(son of Nicolaus & Louisa Hoffman Danyale Zillig)12-17-1867 01-17-1943 Morris, Ill. 14 6A *
This cemetery was walked by Edward Torguson &Doris Torguson, the summer of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information.

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