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  Directions for cemetery are: 7 miles west of Ainsworth, Ne on Hiway 20, to Ainsworth Regional Airport sign, 2 miles north, 1 mile east and 1/4 mile south. It sits in a small grove of Cedar Trees.
Cemetery Caretaker is : Blair Williams
87452 Moon Lake Ave.
Johnstown, NE 69214
Phone# 402-722-4380

Land was deeded by Byron M. Chase & wife, Anna M. on 04-06-1907.
(C) 2000-2016 DJH
Legal Description:SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 10, Township 30, Range 23
Name Born Died Birth Place
Alderman, John A.06-30-1883-06-10-1961Fargo, ND
Alderman, Charles (son)01-10-188905-14-1889
Alderman, Ella L. (dau)03-16-1879 06-11-1897
Alderman, Luthera Olive (wife of Dalcott) 09-06-1849 04-10-1934 Whitehall, NY
Allen, Charles 04-15-1852 07-19-1906
Allen, Sterling V.08-28-191409-25-1914
Allen, Alfa (mother)1880-1920
Allen, Audrey Milrae09-10-1918 11-05-1918
Allen, Walter Wayne 12-04-1910 09-06-1921
Anderson, Mabel10-28-187904-24-1922
Anderson, Robert S. (infantson of C.O. Anderson) 1903
Anderson, Ruben J. (infant son of C.& M.O.Anderson);1903
Ashbaugh, James D09-12-188611-04-1918
Ashbaugh, Mildred G.01-30-189111-03-1918
Baker, John Samuel02-1876 04-1935
Baker,Ruth Mabel (dau of John S. & Mary)08-29-1902 08-05-1909
Baker, Mary Elizabeth Scattergood 09-187509-1960
Barr, Charels W.12-11-1861;05-26-1893
Barr, Charles S. (son of Wm. Frederick & Mary Ellen )1894 1895
Barr, Lenora(Nora)Jane (dau of Wm. & Mary Ellen ) 1879 04-24-1895
Barr, Mary Elizabeth (Dau of WM. & Mary Ellen)1892 1900
Barr, Mary Ellen(wife of Wm. Frederck Barr) 01-10-1854 07-27-1895Ohio
Billeter, Infant12-1890
Billeter, Infant 09-1884
Billiter, Infant10-1882
Billiter, Sarah Kniss?1916
Billeter, Ardeth Louise Drinkwalter (dau. of Wm. & Alma Billeter)11-03-1930 11-28-1930 Ainsworth, Ne
Bower, Elizabeth E (wife of Samuel)10-31-1886
Brandle, Howard W.08-31-1900 02-18-1916
Brandle, Katheran M. Haas(wife of Henry C.)04-28-187607-01-1949Chilocathe, Ohio
Brandle, Henry Charles(husband of Catherine Haas)08-09-186911-26-1974Sandusky, Ohio
Brandle,Clara Schumacher 12-03-1847 07-30-1905Germany
Brandle, Jacob 12-26-1843 09-19-1892
Brechbill, Mae 1880 12-10-1896
Brown, Cecil Ray(husband of Anna THompson) 07-04-190105-15-1995Ainsworth, NE
Brown, Anna C.05-17-190210-28-1944
Brown, Beverly Joan(dau of Cecil Ray & Anna Thompson)02-29-1936 08-10-1997 Ainsworth, NE
Carpender, Augusta Ellen(child of John & Maude)12-11-19091943
Carpender, Sophronia Geraldine Draper(wife of Daniel David)(dau of Daniel D. & Sophronia Jacobs Draper)03-29-1838 08-21-1918NY
Carpender, Daniel David(husband of Sophronia Geraldine Draper m.04-06-1866)(son of David & Mary Gardner Carpender)05-04-183203-20-1910Floyd, Oneida Co.,NY
Carpender, David D. (hus. of Hattie M. Allen)(son)06-27-187110-25-1904
Carpender, George Henry(hus of Martha A. Calkins)(son of David & Mary Gardner Carpender)08-17-184301-09-1920Floyd, Oneida Co., NY
Carpender, Maude E.Schade(wife of John R. m.09-22-1907)(dau of Peter P.& Mary Ellen Dieter Shade) 02-09-188509-11-1972 Ainsworth, NE
Carpender, Kenneth(son of John & Maude)07-23-19081909
Carpender, John Ralph(hus of Maude Ellen Shade m.09-22-1907)11-13-18791938
Carpender, Martha Augusta Calkins(wife of Geroge)184511-06-1918
Carpender, Richard Ralph(son of John & Maude)11-26-19111912
Chase, Byron M.18561919
Chase, Annie Mahala Golden(wife of Byron)01-28-185704-18-1932Russel, Ky.
Chase, Alfred H.(son of M.S.& O.B.Chase)187603-23-1892
Chase, Albion M.18611926
Chase, Allie S.18731896
Cheney, Herbert J. (son of C.W.& E.A. Cheney) 187407-13-1885
Clark, Betty Jean (baby)No Dates
Coryell, William F. (Civil War-Corp. Co.M 10th N.Y.Cav.)04-19-1828 06-12-1891
Coryell, Mary (wife)02-22-1910 9-15-1827
Crandall, Jane (wife of E.)182208-01-1885
Crandall, Edgar(can't read dates)   
Crandall, Lydia ?? Approx. 1880-1883
Crane, Marthana Aldene11-01-1906 04-09-1912
Cutler, Rebecca (wife of Leonard)01-01-183501-18-1910
Daly, Charles(Civil War-Co. 1 43rd Mo. Inf.)
Davis, LaVonne J. Bonnie Kesselhuth(wife of Elwin W. (Jones) Davis)(dau of Albert & Nettie Beed Kesselhuth) 01-02-192801-04-2005Brown Co, Ne.
Dentler, Loretta C. (Dwyer) 1876 1950
Dietrick, Paul Sturgeon01-04-1908 11-11-1909
Dove, Frank M.(Civil War-Bugler Co. F 17th Illinois Cav.) 11-14-1845 07-04-1914
Dove, Sarah J. 09-16-185305-04-1909
Duncan, James C. 18891931
Duncan, James M.(Civil War) 18351923PA
Duncan, Mary (wife of James M.) 1851 19??
Duncan, Ada M. (dau)10-20-188205-29-1898
Dwyer, ?? 18411915
Dwyer, C. L.(Civil War-1st Sgt. Co.C. 1st Vermont Cav.) 09-23-1839 03-13-1918
Dwyer, Charlotte May 187211-29-1947
Dwyer, Mrs. C.L.02-20-184206-03-1915
Dwyer, Charles H. 08-07-1879 03-03-1927
Dwyer, Walter L.(son of Chester & Lenora Warner) 02-16-188511-11-1969Iowa
Fancher, Adah Mosell Dwyer(wife of D.Lafayette)(dau of Chester Dwyer & Lenora Warner)03-24-187411-15-1969Iowa
Fancher, Dorthy (dau.of E.D.Fancher) 11-22-191912-18-1919
Fancher, Edward D.(husband of Elvira Elsie Carpender m.08-13-1868)(son of Adam F. & Mary Johnson Fancher)(Civil War)07-27-18421884 Camden, Oneida Co., NY
Fancher, Eunice Theresa(dau of D.Lafayette & Adah Dwyer) 11-01-1905 10-11-1985 Ainsworth, NE
Fancher, Elvira Elizasbeth Carpender(wife of Edward D.)(dau of David & Mary Gardner Carpender) 184512-31-1923
Fancher, D.Lafayette(husband of Adah Mosell Dwyer m.12-30-1900) 10-11-187408-09-1955 Oneida Co., NY
Fancher, Jennings Allen11-15-1906 08-10-1907
Fancher, Rose M. (dau of Edward & Elvira-buried beside her parents)05-21-1873 05-03-1896 Floyd, NY
Fancher, Violet Lenora 19031917
Fancher, Virgil Leonard(son of DeLafayette& Ada) 07-09-1908 10-30-1977Ainsworth ,NE
Fast, Andora Kiser 1836 06-18-1901
Fast, Daniel(husband of Andora) 183010-27-1899
Fender, baby no dates  
Gibbs, George A. 18931918
Gibbs, Evert 19111912
Gibbs, Rosa Bell 07-28-1870 11-08-1913
Graff, Frank11-15-185207-12-1929NY
Graff, Jennie (Geneva) Bell(wife of Frank)05-07-1862 08-23-1926Ill.
Grenier, Albert E.10-21-190108-21-1902
Groat, Flora E. 187101-10-1952
Haas, George 08-04-1847 10-01-1913
Haas, Phoebe Louenshimer 08-08-1851 02-11-1927Chillicothe, Ohio
Haas, John 04-16-187811-16-1908
Hagerman, Calvin Eli(husband of Sara Jane Crandell)(Civil War) 02-18-1833 03-04-1916
Hagerman, Sarah Jane Crandell(wife of Calvin) (mother)10-18-1842 12-15-1915
Hagerman, Elmer C. (brother)06-13-186712-03-1903
Hagerman, John Clark 10-28-181904-02-1905
Hall, Elizabeth (wife) 181707-15-1899
Hall, William H. 07-12-1812 01-13-1887
Harmon, Martha J. White 03-27-187004-11-1951Iowa
Hindman, John (uncle) 185503-02-1933Independence, Iowa
Hindman, Albert F. (father) 10-27-1868 05-27-1926Independence, Iowa
Hindman, Effie E. (mother) 1870 1944
Holst, J.C. 04-07-182011-16-1902
Holst, Mary 06-24-1815 01-17-1911
Homan, Sarah M. 12-26-1854 08-01-1908
Homan, Oral Ray(husband of Nettie Cunningham)04-09-191208-23-1931Johnstown, Ne
Homan, Lewis Palmer(husband of Nettie Hedrick) 11-27-1851 07-07-1932Michigan
Hulbert, Dlbert (son of E.J.& L.E.) 189609-19-1902
Husted, Velma J.(dau. of E.A.& A.J.) 12-09-191101-19-1912
Hutchinson, Ida Gibbs (wife)18531885
Hutchinson, Frank1888 1888
Hutchinson, Maude E.18901893
Hutchinson,Earney 18921892
Jenkins, Frank 18761924
Johnson, Minervia 11-14-182501-26-1906
Johnson, H. (Civil War) 11-18-182310-06-1886
Johnson, Rev. James A. 03-28-1850 01-10-1904
Kenyon, Melinda (wife of Milton) 03-31-182603-20-1908
Kenyon, Milton 182201-18-1899
Keefer, Marie Jane Buchurne(wife of Wm.)03-07-187003-02-1934Green Co., Ind.
Keefer, William03-14-186908-02-1928Pa.
Kenyon, Kenneth Carl(son of Carl H. & Lena Sweat) 02-26-1929 02-26-1928 Johnstown, Ne
Kenyon, Lena Theola Swett(dau of Charles & Amanda Rape)(wife)01-25-1892 08-13-1961Ainsworth, NE
Kenyon, Carl Henry(husband of Lena Theola Swett)07-18-189105-24-1949Brown Co., Ne
Kenyon, Edna Mae Belle Decker(wife of Guy Elwin) 09-15-1898 12-25-1992 Fairfax, SD
Kenyon, Glen C. 12-06-1904 04-14-1951
Kenyon, Guy Elwin(husband of Edna Decker)09-30-1897 05-09-1981 Johnstown,NE
Kenyon, (Possibley 1 or 2 graves south of this stone)   
Kenyon, Henry Clay(husband of Jennie) 05-06-186505-11-1934 Rome, NY
Kenyon, Jennie Mary Freeman(wife of Henry C.)08-25-187205-13-1930Bloomfield, Ill.,
Kenyon, Margaret M.02-24-190212-18-1970
Kernin, Hedwig A. (dau of K.W. & H. Kernin) 07-1901 03-26-1906
Kuhre, Jennie M.(dau of Henry & Margarette Carr) 01-13-187503-20-1955Strawberry Point, Iowa
Kuhre, Mary A.06-08-1840 03-23-1919
Kuhre, Frank Anthony(son of Anthony & Mary Fender)02-27-186912-21-1957Chicago, ILL
Kuhre, Anthony 07-20-183807-06-1907
Levi, Solomon (child of D.& S. Levi)01-15-188503-15-1898
Levi, Benjamin (child of D.& S. Levi) 01-29-189303-11-1895
Londer, Hazel Marie Losh (wife of William Londer m.1932)(dau of Robert & Jessie Losh) 05-17-1910 12-08-1984Ainsworth, NE
Londer, William M. 19031974
Losh, Jessie M.(wife of L.A. Losh) 10-18-1884 01-29-1922
Lott, Udortha A. (wife of A.S.Lott) 01-08-1886 (age 18 yr 9 mo 19 days)
Luehrs, Fred William (husband of Mary11-09-185610-16-1954Ohio
Luehrs, Harvey (son of WM. & Mary Stevenson)1898 11-15-1962 Brown Co., NE
Luehrs, Mary A. (wife)   01-02-1903 (age 52 yr 2 mo 8 day)
Magary, Emma Arbelle(Belle) Chamberlain(wife of Martin Henry Magary)(dau of Eliza & ??Chamberlain)(mother) 06-23-186304-22-1922Oxford, Wisc.
Magary, Erneste E.(son of Martin & Belle)) 10-13-1899 01-11-1900Johnstown, NE
Magary, Martin Henry(husband of Belle Chamberlain m.11-21-1886)(son of Robert) (father) 05-23-185407-22-1934 Wisconsin
Magary, Robert(husband of #1?? ,#2 Susan ?? m.1882 08-17-1821 11-25-1900Ireland
Magary, Susan(wife of Robert) 18571888
Manchester, Elverton W. 03-24-1851 04-24-1918
McDonald, Geneneive 18771916
McDonald, Harvey I. 18641951
McLaughin, Iva Wantz18911920
McLaughlin, Rosa B. 18611935
McLaughlin, James A.18581922
Norman, C.W. 18691938
Page, J.S. (I.C.?) (Pvt Co K Wis Inf) No Dates  
Pelster, Wilhelmina04-04-1877 09-22-1916
Pelster, Frank W. 12-12-1864 03-08-1939
Quick, Eva (wife of H.S.) 05-13-1858 05-27-1900(age 42 yrs 14 days)
Quick, Homer06-20-185509-04-1906
Raasch, Otto Sr. 08-07-1829 11-18-1910
Raasch, Otto Jr.06-07-1854 09-01-1934
Raasch, Robert 18781920
Raasch, Wilhelmine(wife of Paul) 03-17-1854 04-09-1928Saxony, Germany
Raasch, Paul10-31-186602-03-1940
Rector, Daisy J. 05-01-1891 (age 6 yr, 1 mo, 4 days)
Rector, Adam (son) 11-17-1901(age 3 yr, 6 mo, 24 days)
Rector, baby   10-27-1900
Roan, Nancy Myrtle(wife of Asa Green Roan)(dau of Mr & Mrs. Myrtle-Macon, Mo. )18451902
Sallee, W.G. (Civil War-Co.B. 102 Ill. Inf.) (No Dates)  
Schenk, Justus 12-19-1839 11-24-1916
Schenk, Henrietta 03-16-1843 03-11-1917
Schenk, John Adolph(son of Justus & Henrietta Beuse 12-22-1874 08-28-1962Germany
Schenk, Lina M. (wife) 06-07-1886 07-29-1913
Schenk, Minnie Rosa (child of John & Lina Schenk) 07-16-1903 10-12-1903
Schenk, son of John Adolph & Lina Minna Stahl Schenk)  07-11-1906
Shannon, William Robert(husband of Martha Colt) 184706-28-1934
Shannon, Martha Colt(wife of William Shannon)07-08-185303-28-1928Pa.
Shannon, WalterTracy(son of Martha Colt Shannon & William Shannon) 18831943
Shaw, Rebecca Michelle (dau. of Jonathan & Julie Lewis) 01-06-198101-06-1981Ainsworth, NE
Shumway, Milla G. (dau. of P.N. & N.C. Shumway)  03-31-1884 (age 7 yr ,7 mo, 13 days)
Smith, Harvey W. 18711916
Smith, Bessie Elvira Fancher(wife of H. W. Smith)(dau of Edward & Elvira Carpender Fancher) 10-11-187608-25-1955Pawnee, NY
Smith, Alta Lee05-01-190602-13-1913
Smith, Rowland 10-10-1837 09-14-1914
Smith, Mary A. 09-20-1847 12-30-1914
Smith, Hattie(sister of Hagerman)07-18-1871 05-21-1913
Stone, Charles (No Dates) 
Stahl, Minna Raasch(wife of Ferdnand) 03-06-185602-09-1933 Kremm, Germany
Strain, Andrew F. (father) 18711942
Strain, Mary E. (grandmother)18391921
Strain, William S.(Civil War-Co I 10th Iowa Inf.) 18611865 Ohio
Another Stone unable to read  
Tayler, Joseph 04-05-1823 06-06-1890
Thompson, Harriet A. 10-09-185802-09-1916
Thompson, Mildred E. Newhouse (Infant) 01-31-1922 02-04-1927 Johnstown, NE
Thompson, William P.S.(husband of Mary C.) 04-21-1855 11-20-1950Pensville, Ohio
Thompson, Willie A.10-15-1892 01-30-1893(age 3 months)
Thompson, Fred Andrew(son of Andrew & Mary Bloom) (WW11)01-27-1904 08-23-1965 Winside, NE
Townsend, Martha 04-13-1884(age 64 yr, 6 mo, 18 days)
Townsend, Mattie (dau. of W.P.& V.T.)  10-19-1886
Townsend, Winfield Putman06-22-1849 07-20-1930 Ohio
Stone no writing   
Service Stone no writing   
Townsend ,??? (No Stones but looks like 2 graves) 
Tracy, Walter R. 18831943
Voos, John (son of Edward) 02-12-1887 01-30-1964
Waggoner, Hattie (wife of E.E.) 02-05-1883 05-13-1912
Waggoner, Evert E.05-11-191104-22-1912
Wilbert, Robert M (father) 01-22-1847 04-18-1912
Williams, William 05-04-1883 07-01-1903
Williams, Lyle E. (son of Clyde & Mable Williams)(husband of #1 Eleanor Keefer m. 08-18-1937, #2 Marcene Medcalf) 05-23-191705-09-2014Johnstown, NE
Williams, Ruby Estella (dau. of William Nicholas Williams & Sarah Finney White Williams)08-17-1899 02-14-1902
Wood, Eliza A. 04-07-1839 12-20-1883
Wood, Harry D. 11-02-1869 08-27-1891
Wood, Albert Hardy 07-22-1853 03-06-1919
This cemetery was walked by Edward &Doris Torguson, summer of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones and records of Helen Sherman. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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