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Buffalo Flats Cemetery or (Pleasant Prairie)

  Located 5 miles east of Ainsworth, on Hiway 20, 2 miles north and 1 mile east. It sits on the southeast corner of the intersection.

This cemetery was organized in 1883 and was called the Pleasant Prairie Cemetery at that time.
It was later changed to Buffalo Flats Cemetery. Civil War records show that John M. Jackson was buried in Buffalo Flats Cemetery. He died April 22, 1901. The Civil war death contract information was provided by LeRoy Hammerstrom.

Directors: David Jones-Phone #402-387-2171

Legal Description:NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sectionn 13, Township 30, Range 21
Name Born DiedPlace Born
Bailey, Joseph Henry(husband of Nellie )2-29-18642-22-1941Debuque, Iowa
Bailey,Nellie Stults(wife of Joe)12-29-187101-16-1950Nodaway Co., MO
Bates, Velma G.19081909
Beebe,Guy V.(son of A.D.&S.A.Beebe) 11-16-1888(13 yrs,2 mo,8 days)
Bolich,Infant(Son of Mr&Mrs.E.G.Bolich) 03-1908
Bolich, Anna Belle Owens(wife of Jacob)04-25-187403-30-1965Nodaway, MO
Bolich, Jacob Harlan(husband of Anna)03-11-187304-14-1950Iowa
Bolich, Lilly Irene(dau. of Mr&Mrs.J.H.Bolich)11-23-190301-04-1913
Bolich, Maggie (No Dates)
Burge, Evaline05-12-183406-01-1895
Burge, F.M.(wife of Joe) (No Dates)
Burge,Infant Daughter(of J.&F.M.Burge) 10-31-1895(age 14 days)
Burge, Joe (No dates)
Burger, Eli Michael18401916
Burger, Maggie I.(dau. of E.M.&S.J.Burger)  03-07-1886(8 mo.21 days)
Burger, Rosina Harriet Wheeler(wife of Wilber Everton)(dau of John)05-03-187011-04-1938Iowa
Burger, Sara Jane(wife of Eli Michael)18431891
Burger, Verda(twin dau. of Bud &Faye Burger) 1939
Burger,Vera(twin dau. of Bud&Faye Burger) 1939
Burger, Wilburn18651948
Corey, Charles Omaar(son of Warrne &Ellen McConnell 01-31-189512-21-1991
Corey, Ellen McConnell18541910
Corey, George18801895
Corey, Grace A.05-27-189009-21-1983
Corey, Helen18821937
Corey, Mabel V. (dau of Warren & Ellen)188804-05-1951Ainsworth, NE
Corey, Ruth E.188606-02-1959
Corey, Warren H.(Civil War-Pvt. 68 NY NG)08-11-184908-13-1914
Daywitt,Hilda L.Karstens(wife of Ira Daywitt m.12-22-1900)07-14-188208-14-1965
Daywitt, Ira E.187505-17-1950
Eller, Caroline E.18621909
Eller, 3 Babies(of George &Stella Eller) (No Dates)
Ford,Hervey(Civil War)08-02-183704-04-1911
Hoard, Clark M. 05-02-1889(age 38yr.19 day)
Hoover, Infant(son of Mr&MrsA.J.Hoover)  11-06-1930
Jackson, J.M.(75th Co. 2nd Batt'n.V.R.G.) (No Dates)
Jackson, Robert "Bob"Wendell Sr. (hus of Nancy Reiman m. 05-01-1959)(son of Reynolds "Dick" & Josephine Maye Wheeler Jackson)03-11-193512-26-2012Ainsworth, NE
Jones, Kenneth L.(hus of Carolyn Jones)194408-2013
Lattin, Warren E.(son of L.M.&M.A.Lattin)  01-23-1888(12 yrs,9 mo)
Magill, Ethel Mary Wheeler(wife of Leadager)10-06-188705-07-1956Brown CO., NE
Magill, Leodeger (Lee)Snyder(husband of Ethel)08-24-188211-08-1943Brown Co., Ne
Magill, Wilbur Lee(son of Lee & Ethel Wheeler)(Us Army WW11)09-09-1923 01-02-1989Long Pine, NE
Mann, Irma(dau. of I.&M. Mann)09-07-191504-15-1916
Mann, Marcia(dau.of I.&M. Mann)04-02-190604-10-1906
McConnell, Johnnie 07-06-1909(17 yrs)
Morgan, Ovid W.?02-04-1881
Morgan, Olive M.( youngest daughter of Wm. & Vianna)02-07-188405-11-1905
Owens,Julia(wife of Samuel)18371919
Owens, Samuel(Civil War-Confederate veteran)183410-06-1914
Owens,William(son of Samuel&Julia)03-23-186409-06-1896
Pettijohn,Harriet A. Clark(wife of Thomas) 18331922
Pettijohn, James R.(son of J.C.&M.J.Pettijohn) 12-24-1882
Pettijohn, Thomas(husband of Harriet A. Clark )(father)18311892
Platte, Paul Gene(son of Willia & Thoda Plate)(hus of Carol Berndt m. 04-25-1964) 02-04-194207-18-2012North Loup City, NE
Powell, Vianna M.(wife of Wm. m.12-02-1855)10-22-18411906
Powell, William Andrew(Civil War)01-13-18361894
Sawyer, Aurilla I.(wife of D.H.Sawyer) 06-30-1893(48 yr.11 mo.19 day)
Stanford, Sarah J.Powell(wife of Thomas Stanford, oldest daughter of Wm.& Vianna Powell))1857 12-13-1893(35 yr.6 mo.13 day)
Stults, Jacob T.18531927
Stults, Joseph T.(Nebr.Pvt.74 Baloon Co.)10-31-1888 06-05-1930
Stults, N.D.11-09-184805-24-1913
Stults,Rachel A.(wife of N.D.Stults)08-18-184808-17-1890
Tscharner, Mrs. Emma Lessie Daywitt(wife of Criss Tscharner )(dau of Elsie & John Thomas Wheeler04-26-1881 11-25-1907(26 yrs.6 mo. 29 day)
Wheeler, Alfred B.05-26-186604-05-1906
Wheeler, Annie B.(wife of J.L.Wheeler)01-09-187109-17-1916
Wheeler, Charles Herman(son of Thomas & Electa Palmer)09-05-186003-13-1952Fon de Loc, Wisc.
Wheeler, Charles L.(son of JL & AB Wheenler)unable to read dates
Wheeler, Earl J.(son of J.L.&A.B.Wheeler)  10-06-1892(11 mo. 12 days)
Wheeler, Electa03-16-1834 (No death date)
Wheeler, Alfred(son of A.B.&N.M.Wheeler)12-25-1904 01-08-1905
Wheeler, Fred Henry(husband of Myrtle)(son of John)(Father)04-07-187305-12-1937Eddyville, Iowa
Wheeler, Harry Albert(husband of Myrtle)05-28-187705-06-1934Eddysville, Iowa
Wheeler, Lena M.(infant) 10-26-1903
Wheeler, John Thomas(husband of #1 ??? #2 Sarah Elsie Nicholson)(Civil War-Co G 1 Wis. H.A.)05-04-183309-10-1913England
Wheeler, Mary Powell(wife of Washington & sister of Wm. Powell)02-03-184003-12-1906
Wheeler, Minnie May Burger(Mother, wife of Charles)05-17-186705-18-1929Plattsmouth, Ne
Wheeler, Myrtle Ida Burger(wife of Harry A.)03-08-188004-03-1932Donovan, Ne
Wheeler, Myrtle Stults(Mother wife of Fred)02-29-188012-13-1956Maitland, MO
Wheeler, Sarah Elsie Nicholson(wife of #1 Solomon Daywitt m.04-13-1872, #2 John Thomas Wheeler m.03-06-1890)06-16-185102-01-1937Bellcenter, Ohio
Wheeler, Washington Wesley (No Dates)
Metal Marker- No names or dates
Metal Marker-No names or dates
This cemetery was walked by Edward Torguson&Doris Torguson summer of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones and records of David Jones. We apologize for any errors in reading or trascribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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