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East Woodlawn Cemtery
Located 1/2 mile east of Johnstown on Hiway 20, 1 block north on county road and 1/2 mile east.
Sits in a grove of cedar trees on the north side of road.
Buriel plot map available at House of Plants Store in Johnstown.
Land from Geo. Wood 1902

Legal Description is: SE corner of SE 1/4 NW 1/4, Section 17, Township 30, Range 23 © 2000-2016 DJH Johnstown, NE
Name Birth DeathBorn At
Akert, Mary Rosalie Bauman(wife of Fred) 03-01-1859 01-27-1931 Poland
Alcala, Opal Martha Lambrecht 1927 01-28-2001Johnstown, NE
Arnold, Allen G.19111912
Arnold, Dorothy1921
Arnold, Hetty18831962
Arnold, Roy18851965
Athey, Danny Michael(son of Wm. & Fern)05-22-194707-02-1947Ainsworth, NE
Ayers, William HamiltonNo Data
Ayers, Lilly MaeNo Data
Bakewll, Ellen E.18441920
Bakewell, George C.1844No death Date
Bargan, Susan(wife of George)07-01-190003-03-1976
Barnes, Alvah E.(father)11-04-183704-03-1919
Barnes, Betsy C.(mother)12-13-183711-30-1914
Bates, Alma Bessie06-03-192308-10-1923
Bates, Nilo Harry(husband of Anna)(WWll)12-17-192003-09-1964Ainsworth, NE
Baxter, Baby11-15-195811-15-1958
Baxter, Cleo Y. Trout(wife of Edwin m.03-22-1937)06-21-191601-27-1995Ainsworth, NE
Baxter, Douglas D.09-28-196706-22-2006Ainsworth, Ne???
Baxter, Edwin Franklin08-25-191510-11-1988Johnstown, NE
Baxter, Michael Lee(son of Edwin & Judy Koch) 11-15-1958 11-15-1958 Ainsworth, NE
Baxter, Robert Gene(son of Nadine AdcockBaxter &Bobby Baxter) 06-13-1972 01-10-2000
Baxter, Raymond Vance(son of Edwin & Cleo Trout) 04-17-194908-07-1991Ainsworth, NE
Bell, Madge L.04-15-190702-02-1917
Blakey, Robert E.05-30-190304-08-1959
Boyd, Allan Maurice(husband of Opal Welke m.08-11-1935) 09-16-1912 09-29-2000 Lexington, NE
Boyd, Opal Frances Welke(dau of Fred & Anna Mundt Welke)(wife of Allan Boyd m. 08-1-193504-02-191705-05-2015Wood Lake, NE
Boyd, Ulyses Grant(husband of Ada)(Sp.Am. War Co F.)(father)12-01-186703-10-1951Rulo, NE
Boyd, Warren Maxwell(son of Grant & Ada Cook)09-16-191210-31-1950Lexington, NE
Brown, Jason Allan Jr.(son of James)197010-01-1973
Brown, Camella B.Kopsa (wife of James Bill)04-01-191102-15-1998Cuba, KS
Brown, Catherine Nancy Walker(wife of John)01-21-187304-13-1940Topeka, Ks.
Brown, Clara A.02-26-188709-09-1915
Brown, James William(son of John & Catherine Walker)06-25-190402-23-1965Beloit, KS
Brown, John Gilbert(husband of Catherine)07-12-187609-14-1947Austin, Mn.
Brown, Lenora19131924
Brown, Leo A.(husband of Ida Eggers)11-17-19085-11-1991Cherry Co., NE
Brown, Lewis Lyle(husband of Myrtle Eva) (WWll)04-12-189510-28-1935Ainsworth, Ne
Brown, Margaret E.04-19-187303-14-1919
Brown, Mark Gus18731938
Brown, Orville Phillip(#1 husband of Ida May Eggers, her husband #2 Leo Brown)07-09-191101-06-1955Wood Lake, NE
Buechle, G. Ted Sr.(son of Edward L. & Clara Buechle)(hus of#1 Jessie Donahoo Buechle m.04-27-1949, #2 Carol Winn Johnson)04-27-193110-30-2003Lakeview, SD
Buechle, Jessie E. Donahoo (wife of G.Ted m.04-27-1949) 06-14-1933 08-13-2000 Ainsworth, NE.
Buechle, Nealei(Dau of Rhonda &Gene)01-19-198207-16-1999
Bunker, Alice Harriet Grotton(wife of Ancel)02-12-188311-27-1962
Bunker, Ancel08-21-188310-20-1968WISC
Bunker, Floyd18831968
Bunn, Arlene Ruth(dau of Douglas&Ruby McGary Bunn)03-08-192802-19-1930Sparks, Ne
Bunn, John (husband of Myrtle M.) 06-15-1859 10-20-1932 Birmingham, England
Bunn, Myrtle Merandis Corbin(wife of John)12-14-187507-22-1929
Burgan, Exa05-09-185612-10-1911
Burgan, George05-15-184510-14-1928
Burgan, Susann07-01-190303-03-1976
Burrows, dorothy Teresa Quick(dau of George & Bessie Furgason Quick)(wife of 1 Russell Caldwell m. 03-06-1941, #2 Durwoode Burrows m. 07-21-1952)10-08-192507-17-2015
Burrows, Durward Earl (D.E.)(hus of Dorothy Quick m.07-21-1952)(son of Earl & Mabel Culp Burrows)05-30-191906-04-2004Sterlng, NE
Butts, Barak(husband of Louisa Jane)07-13-184404-10-1931Virginia
Butts, Louisa Jane Kelly 05-28-1953 08-08-1926 Indiana
Butts, ElizaNo dates
Butts, Ollie Mae Schmeichel(wife of Silas)11-18-189608-01-1978Gregory, SD
Butts, Silas E. 1885 02-28-1981
Cameron, Dr. Hugh Campbell 10-03-187111-12-1936Ontario,Canada
Cameron, Elizabeth F.E. Schultz(wife of #1Dr.Hugh Cameron #2 Joseph Simek)10-25-188503-03-1974Johnstown, Ne
Chamberlin, Kenneth06-21-191806-23-1918
Chase, Goldie M. Wilson(wife of Russell)08-29-189912-21-1990Johnstown, NE
Chase, Russell B.(Father)(WWl)02-03-189511-01-1983Ainsworth, NE
Clark, Earl Evans(son of Wiliam E. & Ida Mae Evans Clark)(hus of Mary I. Bolich m. 02-02-1941)12-15-191905-01-2008Nordon, NE
Clark, Elizabeth C.(wife of Thomas J.)01-20-184901-30-1925
Clark, Erma Mae(dau of Wm.& Ida Evans Clark) 06-12-192110-22-1928Nordon, Ne
Clark, Harry(Baby son of Earl &Mary)2 yrs, 8 mo.
Clark, Ida Mae Evans(wife of Wm. B.)01-14-189703-25-1976Nordon, NE
Clark, Kenneth Gordon(husband of Ardis Arter)(WWll)07-29-1926 01-03-1986Johnstown, NE
Clark, Leonard Jefferson(son of Wm.Earl & Ida May)10-18-192705-30-1944Johnstown, NE
Clark, Thomas Jefferson02-19-185603-16-1931
Clark, Virginia Elizabeth(dau of Wm. & Ida)04-01-192509-05-1932Johnstown, Ne
Clark, William E.(husband of Ida Evans)04-24-189408-13-1976Nordon, NE
Coleman, Emma Weber(wife of Howard) 05-09-188710-23-1972Wisc.
Cook, Dennis Rooney(Rod)Jr.(son of Dennis &Susan Ford) 09-22-196807-09-1982Burwell, NE
Coryell, Ada Estaer12-11-191201-21-1913
Coryell, Charles W.18861957
Coryell, Margaret S.(wife of Charles)18861957
Coryell, Walter Zelbert(infant)No dates
Cotton, Edward J.B.06-04-188412-10-1918
Cowley, Alfred Marion(son of Chas&Eliz)02-16-1869 05-01-1880Medo, Minn.
Cowley, Charles(hus of Eliza )(father)(son of Thomas & Rebecca Hill Cowley)06-11-1832 04-16-1907Glouchestershire, England
Cowley, Eliza Loretta Wright(mother)(wife of #1 Henry Chamberlain, #2 Charles Cowley) 04-02-184407-19-1901Palmyra, NY
Cowley, George Issac07-29-187611-01-1903Medo, Minn.
Cowley, Kate Lillian(dau of Charles & Eliza)06-20-187203-28-1908Good Thunders Ford, Blue Earth Co., Minn.
Dannals, Edmond Brown(husband of Eliza Rosalie)05-20-186712-22-1933Bodine Co., Pa.
Dannals ,William James Newt18741959
Davis, Amie Alice02-01-189011-24-1949
Dell, Margaret18451913
Dennis, Mary A.(wife of Dennis)08-31-184506-11-1913
DeOss, Robert Charles(son of Arch & Mame Bretz DeOss)06-24-192409-19-1925
Dodd, Russell Oren (son of Floyd Irish Russell & Cleo Alberta Jackman Dodd)(hus of Joleen Annette Mishler m. 12-29-1967)01-31-194307-06-2015
Doyle, Clara Ann Scattergood(wife of J. Sloan Doyle)03-08-187002-22-1946Burton on Trent, England
Doyle, Eli(Civil War) 1842 04-1894
Doyle, James Sloan(husband of Clara Scatergood)10-27-186504-28-1957Green Co.,IND
Dudley, Donna Dee Tinkham(dau of Harold & Hazel McNally Tinkham)(wife of Merle Dudley)02-24-193204-02-2015
Dudley, Merle Duane12-04-193007-14-1976
Eggers, Cora Mae Zensmaster(wife of Hiram)11-30-187508-18-1956Boliver, Ohio
Eggers, Elsie C. Krueger(wife of Luther)05-08-191605-29-1989Grand Island, NE
Eggers, Hiram Rausom(son of Wm. H. & Fannie Jones) 10-04-187812-22-1966N.Car.
Eggers, Luther(hus of Elsie Krueger m.06-28-1938)(son of Hiram & Cora Zinsmaster Eggers)12-25-191012-03-2004Tecumseh, NE
Elzey, Sandra Yvonne(dau of Lester & Ruby) 07-06-1935 11-29-1935 Johnstown, NE
Estabrook, Infant(Son of Virgil&Susan) 03-17-191403-18-1914
Estabrook, Eva Marion McCathron(wife of Fred)07-10-189112-08-1985Champman, Ne
Estabrook, Fred S.(husband of Eva McCathron)05-03-188310-30-1973Ind.
Estabrook,James Franklin01-23-189602-10-1911(age 15 yr,17 day)
Estabrook,John William(husband of Sarah Trout)(dad)11-05-184912-30-1913
Estabrook, Sarah Sidney Trout(Granny)(wife of John Wm.)02-06-185305-04-1943Sullivan Co., Ind.
Estabrook, Vac1891
Fast, Eli E.(husband of Mae Hartley)18711920
Fernau, Dean Howard(hus of Viva Deane Finley m. 06-21-1947)(son of Dave & Ella May Walcott Fernau)05-15-192606-14-2007Ainsworth, NE
Fernau, Viva Deane Finley(wife of Dean H. Fernau m.06-21-1947)(dau of Oscar & Rosa May Brown Finley)10-12-192905-04-2007Johnstown, Ne
Finley, Betty Jean Lucht(wife of Richard m.12-19-1952)07-10-193307-09-1977Bassett, NE
Finley, Blueford Howard(husband of Pearl Hill)01-26-190504-08-1981Vandalia, Ill
Finley, Lonna Louise(dau of Winifred)01-24-194603-03-1946Ainsworth, NE
Finley, Olen Scott(son of Dick & Betty Jean Lucht Finley)(hus of Kathleen Beebout m. 03-29-1975)03-28-195501-12-2011Ainsworth, Ne
Finley, Oscar Sidwell(husband of Rosa May Brown)08-18-189401-27-1975Ramsey, Ill
Finely, Pearl Hill(wife of Blueford) 09-10-1913 12-1983
Finley, Richard J. "Dick"(son of Oscar Sidwell & Rosa Mae Brown Finley)(husband of#1 Betty Jean Lucht m.12-19-1952, #2 Bonnie Lucht m.10-05-1977)07-04-193412-14-2013Johnstown, NE
Finley, Ricky Jay(hus of Patty Patricia Beckley m. 07-12-1980)(Son of Richard & Betty Lucht Finley, step son of Bonnie Lucht Finley10-19-195804-04-2015Twin Falls, ID
Finley, Rosa May Brown(wife of Oscar) 05-25-189704-28-1980Brown Co.,Ne
Fleetwood, John02-20-188202-18-1920
Frame, Elizabeth(wife of Jeremiah)03-23-1888(64 yr,1 mo,25 day
Frame, Jeremiah01-20-1886(73 yr,3 mo,30 day)
Gelsinger, Edward R.10-31-190801-11-1909
Gelsinger, Emma Ellen Terry(wife of Geo. Wash.)08-01-188802-12-1959Johnstown, NE
Gelsinger, George Washington(husband of Emma Ellen Terry)09-04-187703-07-1972Brownstown, ILL
Gilland, Edgar D.(baby)22months
Gilland, Ethel Rose Turner(wife of Robert O.) 10-20-188604-14-1949Ozark, MO
Gilland, Robert Quinton 01-25-186808-10-1943Thornfield, MO.
Gilland, Theodore Q.191906-11-1940
Gilland, Wilbur G.12-11-192210-24-1967Johnstown, NE
Goochey, Alvin Jesse(husband of Burnice Lavada Easterly)(WWll)04-17-191212-25-1988Ovitt, NE
Goochey, Bernice L. Easterly(wife of #1 Orval Runaolfson m.1935, #2 Alvin m.06-17-1949) 10-18-1915 09-17-2000 Springview, NE
Gillespie, Baby1922
Graff, Franklin Dean(son of Arthur Chuck & Velma Casselman Graff)(hus of Jaquiliyn Petersen m. 03-16-1947)06-01-192110-17-2014Johnstown, NE
Graff, Pauine Jacqueliyn Jackie Petersen(dau of Martin & Freda Schulz Pertersen)(wife of Dean Graff m. 03-16-1947)02-20-192804-20-2015Johnstown, NE
Gray, Fred(son of John,&Henrietta)10-23-18681883
Gray, Henrietta Long(wife of John)(dau of Lewis & Elizabeth Anderson Long)08-23-184806-20-1920LaHarpe, Hancock Co., Ill.
Gray, John M.(husband of Herietta Long m.03-25-1866)(son of David Junkins Gray & Henrietta Richard Gray) (Civil War)09-19-184401-26-1897White Eyes Plains, Oxford Township, Coshocton Co., Ohio
Hamaker, Leonard (son of Geo. & Vera) 10-15-1929 12-09-1929 Johnstown, Ne
Hamaker, Ronald Earl(son of Geo. & Vera Pearl) 02-28-1927 09-17-1934 Vian, Ne
Hamilton, Beryl Bolich(wife of Joy Hamilton m.08-28-1939)(dau of Andrew J. & Ella F. Brown Bolich)03-28-192006-30-2007Wood Lake, NE
Hamilton, CLaude(husband of Gladys) 09-11-1896 07-29-1950 Johnstown, NE
Hamilton, Joy Edgar(husband of Beryl)03-21-191106-13-1961Johnstown, NE
Hamilton, William Aaron(husband of Heidi Keefover)12-28-194012-16-1996Ainsworth, NE
Hart, Frank W. 03-24-1852 10-13-1939 Hustisford, Wisc.
Hart, Ellen Elizabeth Place(wife of Frank W.)01-12-185601-31-1929Gloversville, NY
Haskell, Alalaide Lacrecia Weir(wife of John T.)05-26-184409-27-1934Arcade, NY
Haskell, John T.18411918
Haskell, Mary A.04-14-191809-25-1918
Hinze, Glenn Bruce(son of Henery & Charlotte) 07-23-1908 03-20-1928 Soretta,Ne.
Hollopeter, Elsie Valentine(wife of Willis)12-03-190912-27-1950Johnstown, NE
Holt, Albert Gilman(husband of Emma May Holt)(father)01-15-186105-14-1932Missouri City, Mo.
Holt, Emma May Towne DeWitt(wife of Albert )(mother)04-20-186607-23-1952Holt, Missouri
Holt, Hazel May(dau of Albert & Emma Towne)05-08-188910-18-1978Johnstown, NE
Honnen, Adolph William(husband of Dorcas Ann Reiman)(moved to Hemmingford, NE) 03-28-1890 03-19-1953 Carns, NE
Honnen, Ann Matilda (daughter)04-04-189207-10-1963
Honnen, Blanche Estelle Kenyon(wife of Oscar)07-12-190002-10-1994Johnstown, NE
Honnen, C.M.(father)09-02-186205-11-1912
Honnen, Doris Jean (dau of Oscar & Blanche)04-18-192507-06-1934Johnstown, Ne
Honnen, John Henry(son of Oscar & Blanche Kenyon)04-18-193008-06-1992Johnstown, NE
Honnen, John O.(son)01-06-189811-17-1917
Honnen, Oscar Carl(husband of Blanche)10-05-189604-11-1960Carns, NE
Honnen, Sophie M.Berger(mother) 03-08-186204-27-1951Hanover, Germany
Horn, John William(son of Henry & Mary)04-11-187812-19-1948New Bethleham, PA
Husted, Emanuel B.(Civil War-Co D. 51 Mo. Vol Inf)18481920
James, Walter Newton12-12-187410-10-1959Iowa
Jackman, Bernada Edna Schelm(wife of Oren m.04-07-1935)02-04-191503-03-1994Johnstown, Ne
Jackman, Charles W.18841922
Jackman, Fred William(father)10-22-185304-19-1927Pa.
Jackman, Friedrika S.M.(wife of Fred)18581921
Jackman, Loriene G.(infant)08-16-191508-16-1915
Jackman, Oren(husband of Bernada Schelm)01-29-191402-27-1994Johnstown,NE
Jessup, Clarkson01-04-184405-08-1918
Jessup, Mary L.03-09-184508-09-1913
Jetter, Infant(son of Lewis H.&Lula E.)06-11-1911
Jetter, Lewis H.12-21-186708-05-1922
Jetter, Martin03-23-188302-03-1912
Johns, Alma Charity Esatabrook(Wife of Bill)08-06-188508-23-1946Gordon, NE
Johns, William Kissinger(son of Harry & Sadie)(WWl)03-19-189712-04-1949Johnstown, PA
Johnson, Earl Leslie(husband of Edith Green m.11-10-1914)(son of Perry Elmer & Lillie Carter Johnson)10-21-189306-06-1977Indianola, IowaD
Johnson, Edith Green(wife of Earl)(dau of George & Lida Williams Green)04-06-189110-28-1987St. Librory, NE
Johnson, Err Walter(Red)(husband of Vivian Rauscher)(son of Earl & Edith Green Johnson)09-14-192501-09-1996Johnstown, NE
Johnson, Wayne H.(husband of Joann Hinrichs)(son of Earl & Edith)11-09-191810-27-1996Ragan, NE
Johnston, T.A.04-19-184102-15-1908
Kline, Baby(child of Gustuf & Alma Estabrook Kline)04-01-191604-02-1916
Kline, Gustuf(husband of Alma Charity Estabrook m.11-27-1905) 08-16-186807-19-1920
Kline, Henry S. 02-01-191312-14-1923
Kinney, Ira Seldon(WWl)10-15-1921
Klingman,Harry H.(SP.Am.War)No dates
Lake, F.E.18571927
Lake, Mary Jane Carnes05-02-186506-19-1927Canada
Luehrs, George18951974
Luehrs, Velma18981983
Lambrecht, Amy Alice Burley(wife of George)09-10-189301-11-1982Norden ,NE
Lambrecht, Charles A.(WWll)11-22-191811-25-1944
Lambrecht, George Henry(husband of Amy)06-30-189408-04-1959Blair, NE
Lambrecht, George Russell(husband of Lenora Davis)08-04-191703-12-1997Johnstown, NE
Lambrecht, Lenore D.04-14-191005-22-1993
Lambrecht, Melvin E.07-27-192001-24-1942
Lorensen, Hattie V.Wallace Smith(wife of #1 Lester Smith #2 Kenneth Lorenson m.02-14-1982)09-13-1913 09-30-1995 Kentwood, LA
Lovett, Burddette Leon(son of John & Sarah Hunter)12-21-187308-12-1951Ill.
Lovett, Eva Bell(wife of Fenton K.)01-11-187809-07-1950
Lovett, John William 1878 10-16-1941
Lovett, Sarah Elizabeth Hunter(wife of John Wm.) 03-03-1853 03-09-1929 Henderson Co., Ill.
Lydiatt, Arthur Robert(husband of Florence Ann Miller)02-25-188910-22-1972Holyoke, CO
Lydiatt, Florence Ann Miller(wife of Arthur m.07-07-1920)09-28-189806-13-1982Johnstown, NE
McCall, Leslie Burdette(husband of Georgia McGrew)(WWll)07-07-192212-06-1984Kenasaw, NE
McConnel, Carl Milton(son of Wm. E.& Jennie Crippen)09-05-189010-26-1966Plainview, NE
McConnel, Jennie May(wife of Wm.)01-07-187112-17-1947Tioga Co., PA
McConnel, Leon D.(WWl)08-08-1895 12-06-1987
McConel, William Ephriam(husband of Jennie May)04-26-186402-06-1938Tioga Co., Pa.
McDaniel, Buena Vista Farmer(wife of Charles Henry)11-04-187206-23-1957
McDaniel, Charles Henry(husband of #1 Sarah Bradbury m.1866, #2 Buena Vista Farmer m.10-07-1889)(Civil War) 08-29-1838 02-06-1922Virginia
McDaniel, Clarence19161918
McDaniel, David Eugene(son of Vernon & Gladys Hartgrave)11-21-194701-10-1948Ainsworth, NE
McDaniel, Gladyce Josephine Hartgrave(wife of Vernon(Jake) Jacob McDaniel m. 10-03-1931)(dau of John Martin & Grace Arbell Stong Hartgrave)08-02-190908-02-2002Elsmere, Brown, Ne
McDaniel, Iva Myrtle St. John(wife of Jesse)06-28-189311-05-1975Macksburg,Madison, Iowa
McDaniel, James Henry(son of Charles & Sarah Bradbury)08-12-187111-24-1945Lynchburg, Va.
McDaniel, Jesse Allen(husband of Iva)11-08-188711-11-1975Wood Lake, NE
McDaniel, Vernon J(husband of Gladyce Hartgrave)08-03-190001-27-1992Ainsworth, NE
McDaniel, Wayne(WWl)10-09-1918
McNally, Flora M. Adkinson(wife of William)06-14-187107-20-1937Ill.
McNally, James W.(Bill)(husbando f Verda M. Woodward)03-13-190104-13-1982O'Neill, NE
McNally, Orel William(son of James & Verda)06-18-192208-30-1939Johnstown, Ne
McNally, Oscar O.19031924
McNally, Robert L.190806-27-1963
McNally, Verda Meda Woodward(wife of James)07-11-190109-09-1986Milford, NE
McNally, William D.(husband of Flora)(father)01-13-1867 08-31-1941Knox Co., Ill
Magary, Gordon Willis(son of Willis & Edith Wilson Magary)(hus of Gayle C. McDaniel m.11-08-1958)03-19-193210-08-2003Johnstown, NE
Magary, Sylvia Edith Marie Wilson(wife of Willis)(dau of Jonas Eli & Rose Agnes Wilson)04-08-190301-08-1987Johonstown, NE
Magary, Willis Henry(husband of Sylvia Edith Maria Wilson m.06-15-1927)(son of Martin & Belle)08-07-189511-27-1967Brown Co., NE
Maier, Edith May Bowlby 10-16-1882 12-27-1951 Stromsburg, NE
Marshall, Henry S.08-31-184801-03-1910
Marshall, Cecelia Mary Hathaway (wife of Henry)03-07-186808-26-1937Minn.
Marshall, Ralph E.(WWl)05-31-189003-24-1976
Micheel, Bertha(mother)18491920
Micheel, Henry(Father)18501929
Miller, Agnes Vivian Chase(wife of Warren)12-07-192103-10-1995Johnstown, NE
Miller, Carrie Bell McDaniel(wife of Thomas E. m.05-28-1897)(dau of Charles & Sarah Bradbury McDaniel)02-06-188111-27-1962Bellview, NE
Miller, Charles 18731919
Miller, Edith(dau of Carrie & Thomas)19001918
Miller, Florence(dau of Carrie & Thomas)1898
Miller, Orrin Arthur(son of Dell & Rose)03-03-188906-23-1974Norden, NE
Miller, Ruby19021979
Miller, Thomas Ellworth (husbnd of Carrie McDaniel m.05-28-1897)(son of Stephen & Edith Miller)04-24-187509-13-1958Marietta,Ohio
Miller, Walter Howard(son of Steven & Edith Smith)09-12-189109-25-1964Wheeler Co., NE
Miller, Warren T.(husband ofg Agnes Vivian Chase m.03-06-1943)(WWll)01-04-192109-28-1997Brown Co. NE
Miller, Willliam19051978
Mitchell, Infant(of Albert Lee& Eloise Miner) 07-14-1963 07-14-1963
Mitchell, Carrie Eliza(wife of Frederick Guy Mitchell)02-16-188710-22-1977HoltCo., NE
Mitchell, Carrie Elaine(dau of Guy & Carrie)08-29-192507-30-1934Johnstown, Ne
Mitchell, Charlie Guy(Dude)(Husband of Tony Vanza m.03-31-1945)02-16-1920 09-20-2000 Johnstown, NE
Mitchell, Clifford Gail19171922
Mitchell, Frederick Guy03-15-188709-12-1962Bradshaw, NE
Mitchell, Tony Maryanne Vanza(wife of Charlie m.03-31-1945)02-13-1929 10-08-2000 Cameron, TX
Montgomery, J.B.02-19-1904(37 yr,5 mo,16 day)
Morris, James(Honerable Judge)(husband of#1 Eliza Little m.1852 #2 Mary Ann Goss m.1861 she died 08-26-1903, #3 Lenna G. Dillion Decker m.10-13-1906)183006-28-1914Hotwell, England
Moore, Everett F. (son of John & Mabel Knapp Moore)(hus of Marianne Lewis m. 04-22-1955)07-17-193209-11-2014Johnstown, NE
Moore, Marianne Lewis(wife of Everett m.04-22-1955)07-19-193309-11-1995Ainsworth, NE
Moore, Scott A.(son of Everett F. & Marianne Lewis Moore)09-21-196906-15-2006Valentine, NE
Nicolaus, Mary Rose Lambrecht(wife of #1 Orval Dillen, #2 Lewis Nicolaus)03-12-193307-12-2001Norden, Ne.
Nordin, Dean C.19041991
Nordin, Grace Holt190311-11-1970
Olson, Robert H.(son of Ruth Olson)09-20-192505-20-2002Ainsworth, NE
Olson, Ruth Holt19001996
Packard, Rea C.10-25-187202-20-1917
Pelc, Bonita Mae Williams(wife of Rudolph m.06-19-1948)12-20-192511-07-1998Ainsworth, NE
Pelc, Rudolph Frank12-03-191312-11-1983Spencer, NE
Peterson, Alice Mae Dove Rowlett(wife of Lewis Charles )05-21-192009-09-1982Meadville, NE
Peterson, Lewis Charles09-19-191601-26-1998Elsmere, NE
Pfeifer, Mary Agnes Scott(wife of Ulusses Pfeifer)186906-20-1953
Pfeifer, Marie Jane Buchanan(wife of William) 1871 1934
Pfeifer, Ulusses Wilbert(husband of Mary A. Scott m.01-09-1890) 09-04-186610-14-1930Jones Co., Iowa
Pfeifer, William John18641923
Pfeifer, Wilma Levina(dau of Ulusses & Mary)05-10-189910-11-1899
Plaskett, Mary Schmeichel(dau of Charles Schmeichel) 04-02-187306-07-1966WISC
Richardson, Clarence W.190212-07-1971
Richardson, Laura Mundt(wife of Clarence W. Richardson m. 05-14-1924)(dau of John & Cecelia Hansen Mundt)07-28-190301-16-2003Johnstown, NE
Ritterbush, Edith M.18821951
Ritterbush, Henry Christeon05-22-186708-25-1925Hesson,Germany
Roberts, Joseph06-15-190309-13-1920
Rooh, Hattie Uzelle 1876 08-18-1950
Ross, Alice Mary Keech(wife of Edwin F.)11-04-191110-05-1984Lincoln, Ne
Ross, Anna Margaret Lampert(wife of Edward)07-19-187509-29-1965Stewartsville, MO
Ross, Bertie Ruth(dau of Edwin & Alice Keech) 11-06-1940 11-06-1940 Ainsworth, NE
Ross, Edwin F.(husband of Alice Keech m.08-15-1937)06-03-190606-09-1991Cedar Bluffs, NE
Ross, Katherine(dau of L.B.&A.M.)10-18-191311-11-1914
Ross, Lyman Bertrand(husband of Ann Margaret)09-08-187402-10-1943Manhatten, Ks.
Ross, Mary Alice(dau of Ed&Alice)11-07-1940
Ross, Myra Amelia Pratt(2nd wife of Oz m.10-11-1949)07-01-191112-29-1996Ainsworth, NE
Ross, Ozro O.(Oz)(husband of Myra Pratt)08-12-190404-14-1990Cedar Bluffs, NE
Ross, Velma A.(1st wife of Oz)19091939
Rowlette, BabyNo dates
Rowlette, Alice Peterson05-21-192009-09-1982
Salzman, August(husband of Susan)04-23-185206-09-1930Transdorf, Germany
Salzman, Susan Elizabeth Engle(wife of August) 08-10-1866 07-17-1944 Luxemberg, Germany
Scattergood, Arthur05-08-184111-08-1921England
Scattergood, Caroline Blake06-11-184103-02-1926Yoxall, England
Scattergood, Carrie Evaline07-18-186712-22-1926England
Scattergood, Mabel06-08-187902-05-1961
Schmeichel, Baby Girl03-07-1934
Schmeichel, Anna Augusta Schimmel(wife of Byron Franklin)09-08-190003-05-1986Brown Co., NE
Schmeichel, Byron Franklin(husband of Anna)09-03-189902-05-1979Fairfax, SD
Schmeichel, Edith Emily Schoaley(wife of Frank H.)07-10-187908-15-1941Columbus, Ohio
Schmeichel, Elmer Ray10-31-190302-02-1960Fairfax, SD
Schmeichel, Ethel Mae Pate(wife of Glen)09-14-190205-21-1967Ainsworth, NE
Schmeichel, Frank Herman(husband of Edith Emile Stoll)01-18-187612-18-1953Wisc.
Schmeichel, Gladys Mae Benedict(dau of Alvin & Ella Rice08-07-188802-08-1965Plainviw, NE
Schmeichel, Glen Rueben(husband of Velma Christ)(WWl)05-08-190101-11-1991Fairfax, SD
Schmeichel, Victor C.05-02-193202-05-1989
Schnitger, Infant girl01-06-191101-10-1911
Schnitger, Emma Elizabeth Kuhre(wife of Fred)01-28-186701-24-1931Chicago, Ill.
Schnitger, Otto E. (husband of Emma Kuhre)01-09-185712-24-1932Hamburg, Germany
Sherburne, Alta Elizabeth Barnes(Sherbourne)(wife of Frank)05-01-187708-16-1954Bristow, Iowa
Sherburne,Frank W.(Sherbourne)01-25-186804-09-1944Clarksville, Iowa
Sherbourne, Gerald Benjamin (Sherbourne)(husband of Matilda Kline)02-16-190606-23-1983
Sherbourne, Matilda Viola Kline(wife of Gerald m. 05-31-1937)(dau of Gus & Alma Kline)07-02-190805-15-2002Johnstown, Ne
Sherman, Howard E.(husband of Helen Kurpjuweit m. 09-26-1946)(son of Theodore Harry & Mable Iva Higginson Sherman)04-17-192403-24-2002Keya Paha, Ne
Siders, Andrew C.18431921
Siders, Sarah E.18501928
Smith, Earl19071980
Smith, George W.18711938
Smith, Hattie U.(wife of George)08-04-19011950
Smith, Hattie V. Lorensen(wife of James)19131995
Smith, James Earl(husband of Unadell Finley m.04-18-1935)05-02-190705-21-1980Wood Lake, NE
Smith, Lester Lee(husband of Hattie Wallace)06-27-190508-19-1973Alberton, Iowa
Smith, Lyman L.(father)18441931
Smith, Maitland L.12-02-193308-26-1994
Smith, Willey L.(son of C.W.&H.U.)08-04-190109-14-1916
Snyder, Seymour H.18731921
Sowash, Emmeline(mother)18431917
Stall, Byron06-02-185303-20-1918
Stall, Katherine Paling(wife of Byron)09-07-185304-16-1929Hoching Co., Ohio
Stephenson, C.F.05-01-1864????
Stephenson, Sadie E.(wife of C.F.)02-11-186309-0-1923
Stern, Carlean Mae Nordestrom(dau of Eddie & Alta Burdick Nordstrom)(wife of Gene Stern m. 12-29-1961)03-30-193706-13-2017Winner, SD
Stern, Gene A. (hus of Carlean NOrstrom m.12-29-1961)(son of Guy & Nettie Stern)05-16-193505-12-2005Johnstown, NE
Stevenson, Charles W.03-20-183510-02-1913
Stevenson, Elizabeth(wife of Charles)03-20-183502-06-1912
Stone, Mary Plaskett18731966
Stoll, Bernard F.(WWll)02-12-190603-04-1967
Stoll, Mary Ellen May(wife of John B.) (mother)11-12-187612-28-1938Rulo, NE
Stoll, George Cyrus(husband of Thelma A.)(WWl)02-07-189412-23-1952Purdum, NE
Stoll, Howard Arthur(WWll)05-02-191212-27-1981
Stoll, John Bernard(husband of Mary)(father)02-02-186711-05-1940Rulo, Ne
Terry, Amanda Mulvane Boler(wife otf John Wesley)(mother)10-09-185902-27-1942Oriapolis, Ne
Terry, Arch Leon(son of John & Amanda))07-21-188311-22-1950Ne.
Terry, James04-22-181601-09-1904
Terry, John Wesley(father)09-24-185406-16-1950Cleaveland, Ohio
Terry, Mary(wife of James)02-02-181902-19-1904
Tinkham, Harold(husband of Hazel S. McNally)10-11-189502-18-1981Oak, NE
Tinkham, Hazel Susan McNally m.05-21-1931)10-26-190505-24-1974Pierce, NE
Trout, Juanita Marian Lyons(wife of Ray Leo Trout m.11-10-1915)09-23-189806-06-1997Rockport, MO
Trout, Ray Leo(son of Samuel & Eva Deimeers)07-02-189802-18-1969Wood Lake, NE
Valentine, Arlie Elwin(son of Arlington & Pearletta Pfeifer Valentine) 10-07-1919 01-15-1929 Johnstown, Ne
Valentine, Arlington Randolph(Arlie)(husband of Pearletta Etta Pfeifer m.1899) 10-07-188101-08-1957Union, Iowa
Valentine, Donald Jack (husband of Donna S.) (son of Arlie A& Pearletta) 03-06-1926 10-14-1998
Valentine, Fredrick L.(brother of Arlington) 07-07-187710-22-1925
Valentine, Grayce L.(dau of Frederick & Tillie Schneitger)19151993
Valentine, James(son of Arlington&Pearl)09-03-1901
Valentine, Lewis F.(son of FRed & Tillie)05-22-191702-08-1998
Valentine, Winfield Fredrick(son of Arlington.&Pearl)11-20-190204-17-1903
Ward, Paul Richard(son of Con Ward & Pearl Bliss)09-22-192503-13-1999Fremont, NE
Weber, Marie18571910
White, Eva Etta James(wife of Harry Gordon White)01-01-187112-22-1946Winterset, Iowa
White, Harry Gordon(husband of Eva)08-06-186008-05-1949Logan, Iowa
White, Hazel Ruth06-21-1915
Wilbert, John Horn18781948
Wilbert, Martha Abigail Preston(wife of Robert Monroe Wilbert)(mother)05-31-186203-01-1940Ogden, Iowa
Wilbert, Robert M.(Civil War) 01-22-184704-18-1912South Bethleham, Pa
Williams, Alice Woodworth(wife of Mark)(mother)08-13-185912-07-1932Grandmeadows, Minn.
Williams, Bessie Beatrice Gordon(wife of Claire)11-13-190007-30-1948Rushville, NE
Williams, Eleanor Maureen Keefer(dau of William dewey & Maruerite Pfeifer Keefer)(wife of Lyle E. Williams m. 08-18-1937)01-22-192008-02-2011Johnstown, Ne
Williams, Lloyd Sidney()son of Mark& Alice)02-188308-09-1934Brown Co., Ne
Williams, Mark(husband of Alice Woodworth)(father)03-03-185602-03-1934 Minn.
Williams, Russell Erwin(son of Mark&Alice)07-21-189607-06-1912
Wilson, Jonas Eli(husband of Rose Agnes)(father)03-06-186608-06-1950Ill.
Wilson, Rose Agnes Carstenson(wife of Jonas Eli)(mother)11-22-187202-04-1947Cedar Bluffs, Ne
Wood, Eliza A.Schumacher1882
Wood, George W.(Civil War)11-18-183701-20-1908
Wood, Lorenzo D.01-20-184109-21-1929NY
Wood, Mary L.(wife of George)10-20-183912-22-1900
Wood, Rufus A.18461913
Wood, Walter Lewellyn 06-23-1870 01-21-1930 Wausa, Wisc.
This cemetery was walked by Edward&Doris Torguson, summer of 1999. The information was taken from the tombstones. We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections please contact the Brown County Coordinator.

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