Adams County Surname List

Adams County Surnames

Please note: All surnames posted on this page MUST have
an Adams County, Nebraska connection.

To add your surnames to the Adams County Surname List, please put ADAMS COUNTY SURNAMES in the subject line, include your name, and send to Catherine Renschler at [email protected]

Surnames Researcher E-mail Query
ADAMS Jeanine Knight [email protected] No
AHRENDS Travis Hunt [email protected] No
ALBERSHARDT Linda Bohner [email protected] Yes
ALLEN Dona Rust Hatthorn [email protected] No
ANDREASSEN Donald Anderson [email protected] No
ARENSDORF Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
ARMUTH Becky Raine [email protected] No
ASA Nancy Boon [email protected] No
ASH Marie Keeler [email protected] No
BACKUS Gerald Beach [email protected] No
BAKER Jim Parsons [email protected] No
BARTLETT Sherry McQuate [email protected] No
BASSETT Catherine Renschler [email protected] Yes
BAUSCH Jackie Moline [email protected] No
BAUGH Marie Keeler [email protected] No
BEACH Gerald Beach [email protected] No
BECK Nancy Boon [email protected] No
BEIRIGER Jackie Moline [email protected] No
BENNETT NancyBoon [email protected] No
BERCK Tanya Peyton Jacobberger [email protected] No
BERG Jill Morelli [email protected] No
BERGERON Catherine Renschler [email protected] Yes
BERGERON Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
BERMINGHAM Wendy Lindauer [email protected] No
BIGLER Marilyn Toole [email protected] No
BILSLEND Tanya Peyton Jacobberger [email protected] No
BIRD Greg Dill [email protected] No
BLOCK Valerie Edwards [email protected] No
BOHNER Linda Bohner [email protected] Yes
BONIFAS Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
BOON Nancy Boon [email protected] No
BORCHERS Amy Robbins-Tjaden [email protected] No
BORRELL Gary Borrell [email protected] No
BOTHWELL Kearney Bothwell [email protected] No
BOURG Jackie Moline [email protected] No
BOYLE Margaret Christensen [email protected] No
BRANNEN Regina Brannen Adam [email protected] No
BRATNEY Kearney Bothwell [email protected] No
BRECHNER Jerry Hansen [email protected] No
BREWER Tom Hollis [email protected] No
BROERS Travis Hunt [email protected] No
BROOKS Tom Hollis [email protected] No
BRULE/BRULEY Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
BURMOOD Barbara Lawrence [email protected] Yes
BURTON Steve Burton [email protected] No
BUXTON John and Janis Espinosa [email protected] No
CAIN Donald Short [email protected] No
CALBREATH Glenn Smith [email protected] Yes
CALKINS Alan R Calkins [email protected] No
CARNEY Jim Zimmermann [email protected] Yes
CHANDLER Betty Chandler [email protected] No
CHASE Maxine DeBord [email protected] Yes
CHILDERS Richard Childers [email protected] No
CHURCHILL Linda Jenkins [email protected] No
CLOUSER Marilyn Toole [email protected] No
COLE Max Cole [email protected] No
CONLEY Gerald Beach [email protected] No
CONROY N Sterling [email protected] Yes
CONVERSE Marvin M Termin [email protected] No
CORNELIUS Thomas Vacek [email protected] Yes
COULTER Linda Hirst [email protected] No
COWAN Jane Ernst [email protected] No
COWAN Letha Chunn-Mendivil [email protected] No
CRAFFORD Marsha Richins [email protected] No
CRANDELL E June Prawl [email protected] No
CROSSON Irene Wright [email protected] Yes
CROW Maxine DeBord [email protected] Yes
CURRIER Jane Ernst [email protected] No
CUSHING Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
DAUGHERTY Terri Salyers [email protected] No
DAVIS Betty (Turner) Rogers [email protected] No
DeFREESE Mary deFreese Brooks [email protected] Yes
DEWEY Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
DICK Kimberly Routh [email protected] No
DIEDERICH Jackie Moline [email protected] No
DIETRICH Carole Meyer [email protected] No
DILL Jane Ernst [email protected] No
DOTY Marie Keeler [email protected] No
DOTY Jo Ellen Nervig [email protected] No
DOWD Becky Raine [email protected] No
DRAKE Angie Drake [email protected] Yes
DUTCHER Judy Waisner [email protected] No
DUTTON Darlene Homer [email protected] No
EASTWOOD Larry Eastwood [email protected] No
EDWARDS Christine Murcia [email protected] Yes
ELDREDGE Connie Fulkerson [email protected] No
ELLER Jonathan Tucker [email protected] No
ELLSWORTH Jim Parsons [email protected] No
ENGLISH Dixie Lee English [email protected] No
ERNST Jane Ernst [email protected] No
ETHERTON Barbara Lawrence [email protected] Yes
FALK Becky Raine [email protected] No
FERGUS Jim Fergus [email protected] Yes
FERGUSON Marilyn Toole [email protected] No
FILSON Marilyn Toole [email protected] No
FINNERTY Joy G Smith [email protected] No
FINNERTY Lorraine Randolph [email protected] No
FITZPATRICK Tom Hollis [email protected] No
FLEMING Kay Olson-Fleming [email protected] No
FORCHT Carolyn Bowers [email protected] No
FORTINE Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
FOY Brian Sanders [email protected] Yes
FRISCH Sharry Bullock [email protected] No
FULLER Jody Farmer [email protected] No
GARDNER Art Michaelis [email protected] No
GATES Ruth Bancroft [email protected] No
GATES Sharlynn Gates [email protected] No
GASTON Connie Gaston [email protected] No
GERDES Travis Hunt [email protected] No
GERGEN Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
GERTEN Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
GIBOUT Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
GILSDORF LeRoy Gilsdorf [email protected] No
GIVENS Cindy Hardin [email protected] No
GOLDENSTEIN E June Prawl [email protected] No
GOODWIN Phyllis Learned [email protected] No
GORSUCH Larry Eastwood [email protected] No
GRABILL Roger Grabill [email protected] Yes
GRAHAM Darlene Homer [email protected] No
GREINKE Sandy Schultz [email protected] No
GREUNER Shelley Nielsen [email protected] Yes
GUILMETTE Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
GURIUS Jonathan Tucker [email protected] No
GUSENBERGER Linda LaDeur [email protected] No
HAMMAKER Dave Hammaker [email protected] No
HARMS Travis Hunt [email protected] No
HARSE Carolyn Wilkerson [email protected] Yes
HAPHAM Helen Bryant [email protected] No
HASKIN Connie Fulkerson [email protected] No
HAWS Diane Haws Poppert [email protected] Yes
HEMPEL Ray Peterson [email protected] No
HERBST Danella Laes [email protected] No
HEYE Steve Heye [email protected] No
HIBBELER Lynn Goins [email protected] Yes
HILGENDORF Larry Eastwood [email protected] Yes
HILSABECK Bill Holder [email protected] No
HINRICHS E June Prawl [email protected] No
HINRICHS Travis Hunt [email protected] No
HOFFMAN/HUFFMAN Jim Parsons [email protected] No
HOLDER Bill Holder [email protected] No
HOLDEN Patricia Beer [email protected] No
HOMAN Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
HOPKINS Ellen Martin [email protected] No
HOWEY Connie Gaston [email protected] No
HUBL David Hubl [email protected] No
HUGHES Edwin O Swafford [email protected] Yes
HUNT Bill Scholtes [email protected] No
INGRAHAM Jo Ann H Stephens [email protected] No
JACOBITZ Jan Plambeck [email protected] No
JAMES   [email protected] No
JARVIS Barb Johnson [email protected] No
JEMMING Darvin Jemming [email protected] No
JOHNSTON Lorraine Randolph [email protected] No
JONES Linda Jenkins [email protected] No
JONES Patricia Beer [email protected] No
KAISER Catherine Renschler [email protected] Yes
KAUPP Margaret Christensen [email protected] No
KERR Bob Rydzewski [email protected] Yes
KINDIG Bill Holder [email protected] No
KINNEY Vern H. King [email protected] No
KIRTLEY Phyllis Learned [email protected] No
KNORR Jonathan Tucker [email protected] No
KOBERSTEIN Terry Koberstein [email protected] No
KOHL Darla Stimbert [email protected] No
KOHLBRY Jonathan Tucker [email protected] No
Kreinheder Mary deFreese Brooks [email protected] Yes
KRELL Patricia Stone [email protected] No
KYES Ron Kyes [email protected] No
LABERTEW Margaret Christensen [email protected] No
LABRIE Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
LAMBERT Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
LANDER Roger Grabill [email protected] No
LARABEE Patricia Stone [email protected] No
LEHMAN   [email protected] No
LINDSEY Sheri Gray [email protected] No
LOVELL Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
LOWELL Sheri Gray [email protected] No
LOWMAN Lisa Sproat [email protected] No
LOZIER Linda Hirst [email protected] No
LUDEMANN Amy Robbins-Tjaden [email protected] Yes
LYNN Joann Jameson [email protected] No
MADISON Gena Armatraden [email protected] No
MARIAN-MARION Jill Morelli [email protected] No
MARTS Karin Lange [email protected] No
McGONEGAL Darlene Homer [email protected] No
McGREW Ken Reed [email protected] Yes
McELHINNEY Becky Raine [email protected] No
McKENZIE Mary Cheney [email protected] No
McMILLAN Nancy Boon [email protected] No
MEININGER Jack Bryson [email protected] Yes
MECHAM Jane Ernst [email protected] No
MEESTER Don Meester [email protected] No
MEYER Carole Meyer [email protected] No
MILLER Linda Bohner [email protected] No
MILLER Ray Peterson [email protected] No
MITCHELL Linda Jenkins [email protected] No
MITCHELSON Bonnie Perfetti [email protected] Yes
MONAGHAN Regina Brannen Adam [email protected] No
MORGANFLASH   [email protected] No
MORRIS Floyd Riggle [email protected] No
MORSE Linda Jenkins [email protected] No
MOTT Cathy Ray Doyle [email protected] No
MYER Pam Paulson [email protected] Yes
NASH Travis Hunt [email protected] No
NELLIS Kathleen McLaughlin [email protected] No
NIEDERHAUS Ray Peterson [email protected] No
NOLAN Patricia Stone [email protected] No
NORRIS Joyce Ovitt Zamelis [email protected] No
NOWLAN Marilyn Toole [email protected] No
O'BRIEN Patricia Stone [email protected] No
OCKINGA LaDonna K. Ockinga, [email protected] No
OLDFIELD Lee Woods [email protected] No
OLINGER Linda Hirst [email protected] Yes
OLIPHANT   [email protected] Yes
OLIVER Julie Claydon [email protected] No
O'MEARA Tim O'Meara [email protected] No
OVITT Joyce Ovitt Zamelis [email protected] No
PALMER Steve Palmer [email protected] Yes
PALMER Linda Hirst [email protected] No
PANZER Jonathan Tucker [email protected] No
PAPENHAGEN Gary Vequist [email protected] No
PATTEN/PATTON Cindy Hardin [email protected] No
PAWSON Art Michaelis [email protected] No
PERRY Marilyn Toole [email protected] No
PETERS Travis Hunt [email protected] No
PETERSON Erin Proctor [email protected] Yes
PEYTON Tanya Peyton Jacobberger [email protected] No
PHILLEO Kay Olson-Fleming [email protected] No
PLAMBECK Jan Plambeck [email protected] No
PLEIN William J Plein [email protected] Yes
POLENSKE Rick Schultz [email protected] No
PORTZ Jean Jackson [email protected] No
POST Sharlynn Gates [email protected] No
POTTORF Marie Keeler [email protected] No
POULSON Rene Valley [email protected] Yes
POWERS Steve Nelson [email protected] Yes
PRATT Julie Claydon [email protected] No
PRAWL E June Prawl [email protected] No
PREUSS Rick Schultz [email protected] No
PRINCE Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
PROVENCHER Catherine Renschler [email protected] Yes
RABER Jim Oberman [email protected] No
RANKIN Nancy Critchlow [email protected] No
RANTS   [email protected] No
RAVENSCRAFT Marilyn Toole [email protected] No
REED Letha Chunn-Mendivil [email protected] No
REIBER   [email protected] No
REINTS(Z)   [email protected] No
REIMAN Bill Oliver [email protected] Yes
REISBECK Joan Zack [email protected] No
REWERTS Amy Robbins-Tjaden [email protected] Yes
RHODES Linda Bohner [email protected] No
RICHARDSON Frances Wentz Taber [email protected] No
RITCHENSON Linda Hirst [email protected] No
ROBBINS Gerald Beach [email protected] No
ROBERTSON Cindy Taylor [email protected] No
ROBINSON John and Janis Espinosa [email protected] No
ROONEY Connie Gaston [email protected] No
ROUTH Kimberly Routh [email protected] Yes
ROPES Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
RUST Dona Rust Hatthorn [email protected] No
ST. JOHN George Dysinger [email protected] Yes
SALSBURY Joyce Ovitt Zamelis [email protected] No
SCHAEFER Brad Schmidt [email protected] Yes
SCHIFFERNS Catherine Renschler [email protected] Yes
SCHMER Nancy Wagner [email protected] No
SCHMIDT Peter Schmidt [email protected] No
SCHULZ Greg Dill [email protected] No
SCOTT Floyd Riggle [email protected] No
SERGEANT Penny Kresl [email protected] No
SEYLER Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
SHERMAN Sally Larkin [email protected] No
SHORT Bill Scholtes [email protected] No
SHUNK Tom Hollis [email protected] No
SIEKMANN Ron Kyes [email protected] No
SIREN Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
SIREN Jeanine (Siren) Littau [email protected] No
SKEEN Marilyn Toole [email protected] No
SNELL Barb Johnson [email protected] No
SNODGRASS Gerald Beach [email protected] No
SNODGRASS Linda Jenkins [email protected] No
SORENSEN Jerry Hansen [email protected] No
SPARGUR Charles Spargur, Jr. [email protected] No
SPETHMAN Jane Ernst [email protected] No
SPICKNALL Steve Frevert [email protected] Yes
SPICKNALL Linda Jenkins [email protected] No
STANLEY Robert Stanley [email protected] No
STEELE Shea Richland [email protected] No
STEHL Allison Tanaka [email protected] No
STEPHENSON Patricia Stone [email protected] No
STEVENS Connie Gaston [email protected] No
STEVER Joyce Ovitt Zamelis [email protected] No
STIMBERT/STIMPERT Darla Stimbert [email protected] No
STINCHCOMB Sheri Gray [email protected] No
STINER Cheri Kollman [email protected] No
STONE Patricia Stone [email protected] No
STOETZEL Marilyn Rhea [email protected] Yes
STOREY Jo Ellen Nervig [email protected] No
STRANGE Sheri Gray [email protected] No
SWIGART Michael Swigart [email protected] No
TANNER Vicki J MINEAR [email protected] NO
TAYLOR Angela Somers [email protected] yes
TERMIN Marvin M Termin [email protected] No
THARP Travis Hunt [email protected] No
THEISEN Catherine Renschler [email protected] Yes
THOMAS   [email protected] No
THOMPSON Judy Shone [email protected] Yes
THOMPSON Max Cole [email protected] No
TJADEN E June Prawl [email protected] No
TOBIASON Lynn Goins [email protected] No
TOBIE Jo Ellen Nervig [email protected] No
TRAUSCH Catherine Renschler [email protected] Yes
TURNER Betty (Turner) Rogers [email protected] No
TURNER Linda Jenkins [email protected] No
UTECHT Steve Heye [email protected] No
UHRMACHER Keith E. Pedersen [email protected] No
UTECHT Steve Heye [email protected] No
VALENTINE Denise Ferguson [email protected] Yes
VICKREY Jim Oberman [email protected] No
VILMUR/VILMURE/VILLEMURE Gloria Barnes [email protected] No
WAGNER Nancy Wagner [email protected] No
WALDRON Ruth Adkinson [email protected] No
WARWICK Tom Hollis [email protected] No
WATERS Bob Rydzewski [email protected] Yes
WATSON Harold W Lovejoy [email protected] No
WEAVER Cathy Ray Doyle [email protected] No
WEBB Nancy Wagner [email protected] No
WELCH Charles Spargur, Jr. [email protected] No
WERTZ Cindy Taylor [email protected] No
WESTON Louise P. Treat [email protected] No
WHITMORE Jane Ernst [email protected] No
WHITAKER Ruth Mosby [email protected] Yes
WILDER Dixie Lee English [email protected] No
WILEY Roy Ables [email protected] No
WILMES Sharon Lovell [email protected] No
WILSON Floyd Riggle [email protected] No
WINKLER Allison Tanaka [email protected] No
WINTERMUTE Floyd Riggle [email protected] No
WISDOM Irene Wright [email protected] Yes
WOODWORTH Joy G Smith [email protected] No
WRIGHT Wendy Contos [email protected] No
WYMORE Catherine Renschler [email protected] Yes
WYSONG Linda Hirst [email protected] No
YOUNG Allison Tanaka [email protected] No
YOST Jo Ellen Nervig [email protected] No
ZELUF Cindy Taylor [email protected] No

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