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The Prairie Schools
From the book "People of the Prairie"
By the people of the South Prairie area.

   There were 25 one-room schools around South Prairie, but they were not open all at the same time. They operated for sixty years and educated three generations of children. These rural schools were a distinct success. For most of their tenure they provided the only education their pupils were to get, as going off to high school did not become general until the 1940's.
   They were community centers. They made life better in each neighborhood. As one pioneer woman said, "we looked forward to the opening of school. It was all we had." Another one said, "We had many good times in that little building."
   Those that were still operating in 1960 had come a long way from the first schools started in homesteaders' shacks. They had become modernized in both facilities and methods. Their graduates were doing well wherever they went.
   A succession of dedicated teachers labored through the years, some of them were home-grown products, many came from other places. Some of them stayed to settle down. They were seldom well-paid, but always hard-working and they made their mark.

I entered this because I think it speaks for most of the rural areas in North Dakota. The School and the Church were the centers of many communities activities.   Don Gardner

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North Renville 1873 Duel, Pembina Mohall
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South McLean 1883 Stevens Washburn
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