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Owes Wages
A crew of men who have been employed by John French near Fargo are waiting anxiously for his return.  He left without settling with the men and his whereabouts are as yet unknown. French hired three horses of James McNealy of that city and took one of them with him, the other two were left in Moorhead, and attached by the men to whom wages were due. It is thought that French had $600 when he left. Jamestown Weekly Alert September 20, 1900

Lies to Judge; Punished
Fargo—Two and one-half years added to the sentence because be told a lie to Judge C. A. Pollock is the fate of Frank E. Dunlop, self-confessed embezzler of funds while cashier of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul Railway office. Two weeks ago Dunlop pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two and one-half years in the state penitentiary. Before passing sentence the court asked Dunlop if he had ever before been in prison. Dunlop said not. Later Judge Pollock learned he had served time and sentence was nullified. Dunlop was given an indeterminate sentence of not more than five years in the penitentiary. Golden Valley Chronicle Beach Billings County ND. February 21, 1908

Hotel Explosion
Tower City, N. D.—A terrific explosion which wrecked the Palace hotel here just as the guests were being seated at supper, caused injuries to Louis Elderbusch and Mrs. Jane Elderbusch which may result in their deaths. Elderbusch was proprietor of the hotel. The explosion resulted when a match was lighted in the basement which in some manner became full of acetylene gas. The hotel building was demolished and considerable damage was done to other buildings adjoining. Mr. Elderbusch was in the hotel office when the floor was forced up by the explosion and he was thrown through one of the front windows to the street, sustaining severe cuts on his head, a broken shoulder and internal injuries. Mrs. Elderbusch was in the dining room and was hit by a flying board which broke both of her legs and caused severe bodily bruises and internal Injuries. Three guests, James Tawney of Valley City, William Richards of Duluth, and another man whose name was not learned, were also injured but not seriously. The Miss Ladeau, employed at the hotel, received slight wounds on the head and body bruises. The building was completely wrecked. The ruins took fire but the fire was brought under control before the wreckage was entirely burned.  The hotel furniture was destroyed, together with the possessions of the guests in the hotel rooms. Mr. and Mrs. Elderbusch were taken to a Fargo hospital. Attendants there state that their condition is serious. The Ward County Independent November 21, 1912





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