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Otherwise,label the subject as NDSGS Query, and post your query by contacting one of the NDSGS board members.

email Ray Guinup Fri 5 Oct 2001
We recently learned that our Grand father William Henry Guinup b. in  Pierrepont,NY in Apr. 19 1862. was traveling from Minnesota to the  west coast in the time frame of 1903-4. In the letter he had sent to  his family, he stated that he was moving on to the state of  Washington, He was at the time the letter was written, in Grand  Marais, MN by the Lake Superior. if in the event that he stayed in  N.D. and any one knew him, we would like to hear from them. He may  have remarried and possibly had children.  I thank you...  does any one know a genealogist that would like to take on the task of  searching for him at the state archives???

Justin Converse Mon 18 Mar 2002

I am trying to locate information on my ancestor Francis Xavier Converse (Frank) born in North Dakota. His father's name was possibly Howard or Harold Converse. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Justin Converse Chico, CA

Marla Sat 23 Mar 2002

Have recently acquired my great grandfathers' naturalization papers. In these he stated that he resided in Phoenix, North Dakota? Does anyone know where this town is or was located? My surnames I am researching are Hahn, < Rittel, Lang, Detloff, Munsch, Leno, Rath, Bender. Any info on these surnames from ND would be appreciated. Thanks Marla If anyone has a Tuttle history book I would be interested in buying?? Please email me if you have with price. mhether@wyoming.com

Jackie Miller Thu 20 Jun 2002

I am currently searching for my husbands great grandfather George Thomas, who came to North Dakota from Indiana when he was just a small child. George was born in 1882 and possibly came to the Dakota's when he was around 2. He married a woman by the name of Margarite (sorry haven't found out her last name) and they had their children in North Dakota. Children's names Audrey, Olive Thomas. Later they migrated to Canada. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jackie

Sonja Surnamemissing Wed 10 Jul 2002

I am looking for information on my great grandfather Carl Sundell and his wife Marie Olson. I was told by family members that Carl came over from Sweden with his children Tillie, Lil (Lilly), and Anna. During his migration, he met Marie Olsen and her son Peter. They married at a Luthern Church in Lund Wisconsin. They had a farm near Plum City, Wisconsin. Children from marriage are Charles, Paul, John, Theodore (my grandfather), Helen, and Thomas. They moved to North Dakota to be closer to Marie's family. The only info I have found is the cemetery were Carl, Marie and Tille are buried. Any information would be much appreciated!!! Thank you, Sonja

Roger Robbins Thu Jul 11, 2002

Seeking descendants of Margaret Robbins and Luella Robbins, daughters of Clarence and Mary Kelchner Robbins for inclusion in famly history. Girls born in late 1800s or early 1900's. R Robbins

Kim Strandberg Mon 15 Jul 2002

Hi I am in search of my great grandmother's family. She was born in Sargent Count, ND. Her name was Mary Nogowski. Her father was Ben Nogowski, he was suppose to have a store, in Cyoga {spelling} Her mother was Rose or Rosa Washtock. She was from Lidgerwood, Richland county, ND. She also had 2 brothers Peter and Paul. When the youngest was 9 months old Rose left. We are not all sure what she did after that. Rose went to Oregon and also Canada. She did end up this Mary, in St. Paul. We have found her on the cencus, in Sargent County, in 1900, they were just married and she was pergnet. They were listed Next to Ben's parents. The other family names are Fletcher, Nogowski, Sodowski, Washtok, and Govin. Any info would be helpful. Please let me know. If anyone has info on the store please let me know. Thank you. Kim Strandberg

Merrie Sodder Wed 14 Aug 2002

Merrie Sodder I am looking for any information on my great-grandparents who lived in North Dakota in the 1880's. My grandmother, Nellie Ursula Rice Fuller, was born in ND in 1881. Her parents were James Rice and Nancy McDonald, who was an Irish immigrant. This is all the family history I have. If you find any of these names familiar, please contact me by email at MMSODDER@bossig.com.

James Doss Mon 2 Sep 2002

Im Looking for information on a Joe Bolle who lived in Hazen. He was a Farmer and also worked at the school house in 1910 1912 or Please help, Had two daughters Elsie and Josaphene Thanks

Marcia Staunton Mon 9 Sep 2002

Looking for Edward Daley who livined in Towner County, ND about 1904. Who was his spouse? Children? Why did he and his siblings all move from Illinois and did their father, Jesse Danley come with them? Anyone who knows anything about this Danley family please contact me. Thank you Marcia Staunton Portland,OR

Michelle Allard Thu 24 Oct 2002

My name is Michelle Allard from Quebec and my grand father,Moyse Allard, born in 1856 in Yamaska (Quebec) was married in North Dakota to Marie-Olive Caron, some time before 1884. He moved back to Ontario later on. I am trying to locate the date and place of his marriage and his wife's parents. Many Thanks if you can help.

Ramona Powers Perkins Wed 20 Nov 2002

I am interested in anyone who might remember Clarence Sandford Powers In 1910 he was 18 and living on the Sheldon Johnson farm in Steele COunty, he is still there in 1920 census but in June 1920 he married Martha Adeline Wallace from Perham, Otter Tail County Minn. They divorced in Nelson County in 1924.. I would love to find thier divorce record. My grandfather Clarence Sandford Powers died Nov 13, 1932 and is buried in the Tolna Cemetery(unmarked grave) would love to have the plot # In 1930 census he is living with Hebron Lofthaus in Nelson Co Thank you for any help Romona Powers Perkins

Don Roemer Sun 15 Dec 2002

Dec 14, 2002 Don Roemer Seeking any information on one Oliver Johnson,born around 1872 to 1875, my info is that he was around 40 yrs in 1912. Oliver was married, he had 3 children by 1912, apparently he was a musician, a drummer but may have played other instruments. His work may have required travelling. He was in the town of Fairdale, North Dakota in July /Aug of 1912, but the info is that he was not from the immediate area, but we don't know where he resided. I am Mr. Johnson's grandson. email: donald_roemer@hotmail.com

Alice Woodworth Tue 21 Jan 2003

My grandfather, George Daudlin, left his family and migrated from ND to Oregon in the late 1800ís. He was approx 14yrs old at the time. His family was French immigrants Ė or possibly Canadian. On his journey he became squinted and lived with a group of (possibly Irish) brothers who were outlaws. Their names began with Mac or Mc. Since my motherís death I have lost the record of this bit of family history and am trying to learn the accurate history. Any information would help.

Angela Christensen Fri 31 Jan 3003

Hello, I am researching my family tree, and keep running into brick walls. I am finding that all my relatives from Norway ended up in North Dakota - before coming to Clarasholm, Alberta, Canada. The lines I am researching are: Barley (possibly spelled Baarlie as well) Benson Carlberg - Rev Carlberg Lutheran Minister Foss - Carl Foss came to Clarasholm, Alberta,Canada with O.J. Amundsen Morts or may be spelled Mortz Penzloff - Helen Marie (nee Smedstad) married a Herman Penzloff in North Dakota? Helen is mother to Nora Tanquina and Jessie Lilian. Jessie died at age 13. Smedstad - Jens H. married a Albertina... Barley or Baarlie may be maiden name. Albertina and Jens had 6 kids: Helen Marie, John, Daniel, Julia, Minnie, and Karen who was also known as "Carrie". They all came to Canada with the mother Albertina after the father Jens died... Power - William, school teacher - Devils Lake? Married Nora Tanquina Morts - Barley in ? Lived in Clarasholm, Alberta, Canada and had 10 children. If any of these names sound at all familiar, or you have any info on where to look for marriage, death or birth certificates for North Dakota on-line, please email me at: Angela Christensen adcvquest@shaw.ca or moonlady35@yahoo.com

Pat Beer Thu 13 Mar 2003

My ggg grandfather William McNeil and his wife Mary Hughs McNeil lived in North Dakota. William owned a coal mine there. Can anyone tell me where the coal mines in ND were located after the Civil War? I do not have any dates to give you. thank you in advance, Pat Beer

Lydia Vierson Mon 31 Mar 2003

Looking for burial location of Mary M. Viets (nee Perkins) who died in the Dakota Territory on 12 February 1883. Her husband was Durell Fremont Viets and she had a son named Roy who both survived her. Mary was born 12 October 1853 in Ashtabula, OH. If you have any information on her burial location or details about the family, please email me. Thank you, Lydia LVierson@aol.com

Norma Chantler Thu 14 May 2003

Circa 1888, following the death of his wife, Mary Ellen Watson, Henry S. Watson left Essex Co., Windsor Ontario and settled in Dickey Co. ND. His children James Bird Watson, Robert Lockund Watson & Elizabeth May Watson were with him. James Bird Watson married Clara Louise Keller and he is on the 1910/1920/1930 Census for Dickey Co. Elizabeth May Watson is on the 1900/1910/1920/1930 Census. In 1900 & 1910 she is shown with her dad, H. S. Watson & her brother Robert. Robert is only on the 1900 Census. IS THERE SOMEONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO SHARE GENEALOGICAL INFORMATION WITH ME AND PERHAPS KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS FAMILY. MARY ELLEN HURST WATSON, HENRY'S WIFE & MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN WAS MY GREAT GRAND AUNT. H.S. Watson as mentioned above

Perry Lee Marchant Mon 2 Jun 2003

Hi, Iím looking for information on my father, Charles Leroy Marchant, who died in Wing, ND about 1950, when I was small. He was, I think, a Canadian immigrant and married Lorraine Wentz. Thanks, Perry Lee Marchant

Terrence Stetson Sat 19 Jul 2003


Stephanie Sanderson Thu 24 Jul 2003

Stephanie Sanderson. Searching for information regarding William and Virginia Comer who lived in Bismarck in 1880 until their deaths in the 90s. I can't seem to find out where they are buried, but I do have information about the properties they owned. Any advice or information would be appreciated.

Kathleen Sigdestad Thu 4 Sep 2003

I am searching for any information on Heramb (Haramb) in North Dakota. My gr gr aunt, Anna Thoe, married a Herramb and had a daughter named, Tonette Heramb, in 1884 in North Dakota (info from 1900 census in SD). I have been unable to find any information about her husband or where she lived in ND. She was born in Norway in 1858 and immigrated to Dodge County, MN in 1872 with her father, Odd K Thoe and family. Any help would be appreciated. Kathleen Sigdestad, Thursday, Sept 4, 2003 kathysig1@insightbb.com

Corrine Darren Tue 18 Nov 2003

Looking for information on the Ruff/Fandrich Families from Wells County, ND. They were there in 1900 but I need to find them in 1890. I know they were there but I cant seem to locate them. I also cant find them in the 1910 or 1920 census records. I am searching for places of death but I seem to be having trouble locating them. I am looking for Christian, William and Jacob Ruff and Christian, William, Karl and Gotfried Fandrich. They are Russian-Germans (Romania) and they were in ND as of 1885 according to the birth places of their children. Any information on either of these families please email me at canderson@incentre.net

Donna Fraser Steele Thu 11 Dec 2003

Looking for descendants of Ebenezer Endersbe. I was told that there were several Endersbes -likely descendants that located in SE North Dakota. Would like to make contact with them to share info on Endersbe Ancestry. I am a descendant. Donna Fraser Steele-mdsteele@siouxvalley.net

Joel Gericke Sun 22 Feb 2004

Seeking information about Elizabeth THOMAS married to Lorenzo THOMAS est.1866, born about 1841, possible native american. Died in St. Paul ,MN. April 16,1908. Death certificate list birthplace as ND. Any information will ok. Joel Gericke airylli@aol.com

Chris Phelps Wed 29 Apr 2004

I am looking for any information on Rev. William Gaines. I think he might be from or had some connection with Jamestown, Stutsman County. His name is mentioned in the book 'Century of Stories', Jamestown and Stutsman County 1883-1983 but I do not know in what context. If anybody can give me any more information on William and his family I would be most grateful. Thank you. Chris Phelps. su1156chris@tiscali.co.uk

Phillip Perry Thur 4 Jun 2004

I am trying to locate information on my great Grandfather John I. Learned. He was born in Spring Valley Minnesota around 1878. He served in the Spanish American War. (He was a Private in the 15th Unit of Company F.) He moved to North Dakota and settled in Nelson County around 1908. He married Eleanor Cady the daughter of Sanford Cady of Grand Forks, N.D. They married sometime around 1900. I am looking for any information on his parents. I am also trying to find a wedding announcement. Any help is appreciated! Phillip Perry PhilCP@aol.com

Michael W. Zaske Sun 6 Jun 2004

I am looking for ancestors of Matthew Krapu, born 2/24/1872 in Finland, died 5/28/1946 near Fullerton, ND. I believe he is related to my Grandfather John Evalt Krapu also of Fullerton. Michael W. Zaske mandahz@astound.net

Norma Holtman Sun 13 Jun 2004

I am looking for information regarding my grandmother's family. I have the obituary of her mother and sister which says the family moved to Goodrich, ND April 5, 1898. I have looked in GenWeb on the census pages for McLean County in 1900 and have not located them. My great grandfather was Alfred J. Poulson, his wife was Susanna, children Earl, Harrison, Elda, Alta, Elmer. any info you could give me would be appreciated. Thank you Norma Holtman 9500 Layton Place, NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 holtmanfamily@hotmail.com

Karen Bradley Thu 11 Aug 2004

Seeking information on descendents of James Philip COURTNEY and Mabel? Had one son, Richard A, age 1/12 in 1930 census in Impark, Benson Co, ND. James P Courtney was son of James Courtney and Fannie BIRD. James born Waseca Co, MN, and served in WWI. Fannie, b in Wilton, Waseca Co MN, was daughter of Isaac Bird and Susannah Wayne, both born in England. Fannie and James married Oct 1888 in Waseca Co, MN. Happy to share additional information. I am specifically seeking family history on Susannah Wayne. Thank you. Karen Bradley karebrad@bellsouth.net

Cyndy Punter Thu 7 Oct 2004

I am looking for information on Claude Leslie Young "All I know is He married Maude Edith Skinner her parents were Frederick and Martha Skinner" Claude Homesteaded in Portal .Claude and Maude had 2 sons born in Portal ND Leslie C Young and my Grandfather Alfred Chester Young Nov. 17 1907. On my grandfather birth cert, in 1907 Claude was 27 yrs and I was told that he was also a boxerand some times worked in Mines.What mines are around Portal back in 1900? Also Claude died when my Grandfather was very Young. Sincereley Yours Cyndy Punter cynpunter@shaw.ca

Karen Mon 25 Apr 2005

The Samuel S. Paine Family... I'm researching my grandfather & his family... My grandfather was William Shumway Paine, the 7th & last child of Samuel S. Paine & Rebecca Shumway Paine. Both of his parents were born in Maine. Wiliam was born in 1896, somewhere in North Dakota. Samuel was listed as a "Freewill Baptist Clergyman" in the 1860 census in Maine. His brothers & sisters were born in MN. & the last 2 in North Dakota. I'd love to find any information on the family during the time they were in N.D. After that, they were in Oregon & Washington, but I don't know when they moved west from N.D. Thank you all for any help! :-) ~Karen~ krp@missvalley.com

Nancy Smith Tues 27 Mar 2007
Looking for any info or relatives of John Baptist Backes, moved to N D after 1895 and was on census with dau in 1910 in Renville Co, Brackelsberg family. He died Feb 15, 1913 and cannot find where his grave is. When did his wife Mary die and are there children of theirs in the area? Children in census Josephine, Berthie/Bertha, John, Leroy, Celici, Ben, Hattie and Charlie, all born in MN. Son John in Muskego in 1920? Please help with any info, Nancy smithretsmith@aol.com

Stephen Anderson Wed 13 May 2007

I am searching for the marriage application and/or license for my great grandparents. My great grandfather is William M. Phillips, who was born in Canada and immigrated to the United States in 1867. He married a woman named Thea. Their first child, Walter Phillips, was born about 1882. I am guessing that they were married in 1879 +/- 2 years. I hope to find my great grandmother's maiden name on one of these documents but have no clue as to how to conduct my search. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Other children borne to this couple are: Melvin Phillips, Effie Phillips, Matilda Phillips, Mary Phillips, Gracie Phillips. Sincerely, Stephen Anderson

Kay Gray Tue 26 Jun 2007

My father left Michigan to play baseball in ND around 1813/14. His name was Gerard (Jerry) Adrian Lightner and he married Alice Marie Mohn from Pennsylvania on Dec 4, 1915 somewhere in ND. They moved back to Michigan before my sister was born in 1918. Can someone tell me where semi-pro baseball was played in ND between 1813 and 1818? We are trying to find out where my father and Alice might have gotten married? Also, if anyone recognized either name, I would appreciate hearing from you. Kay Gray

Barbara Richardson Tue 30 Oct 2007

I am looking for any information on Russell C. Nettleton, born in 1924 in North Dakota, was killed in WWII. His father was Howard A, Mother Nellie G. siblings were Clarence W, Elice M., Roy C., Lauraine A., Clyde E., amd Majorie. Any information on any member of this family would be helpful. Thanks Barbara Richardson carybarb@aol.com

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