2006 - 2007 Ransom County Queries
2006 Ransom County, North Dakota Queries

Date: 12 May 2007

Dear List: I am trying to identify members of the NORUM Family - NELSON Branch. My Grandmother "Emma Christine Nelson" dob 3/16/1889, Forman, Sargent Cnty, ND, resided in Barnsville, MN- 1896, Steele, ND- 1909 and Bismarck, ND- 1909. Her Father was "Crist Nelson" and had 3 sisters - CLARA - GEORGIA and IDA. Emma married MARTIN GEORGE NORUM on 18 May, 1910 and they had 5 children - Maurice G. (my father), Jeanette, Phillip Arthur, Myrtle Elaine and Pearl Irene. Emma Christine died 4 September, 1948. In her Obituary it identified her sisters as Mrs. A.H. Brushven of Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. M.E. Granrud of Medicine Lake, Montana and Mrs. J.H. Johnson of Bismarck, ND I am attempting to identify and confirm this information thru separate correspondence, but any additional help wil be greatly apprediated Regards
Tina Martensson tina_no1@yahoo.com Date: 30 Apr 2007

I need help with this man: AUGUST WILHELM JOHANSSON born 17 jan. 1866 in VackelsŒng Sweden. He emigrated to Lisbon from Gothenburg Sweden 23 april 1886. His destination was Lisbon. IĞm not sure but his brother could be with him: Carl Wilhelm Johansson born 9 july 1870. Even the smallest information is good. Thank you/ Tina
name: Elaine Smithers evsmithers@yahoo.com
Date: 17 May 2006

I am interested in finding the cemetery where Dinah Fowler Smithers is buried. She was born Aug. 12, 1853 and died in 1883 in Sheldon, Ransom Co. ND. Her husband was Thomas Henry Smithers. He later remarried and moved to MN. Elaine S.
Michael Davis
Date: 1 April 2006

I'm looking for any information on the Freitag's

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