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Early Settlers

Norman Morrison, one of the most extensive and influential farmers of Freshwater township, went to Ramsey county in early days and has remained to witness its growth and development and aid materially in the same. He resides in section II, where every appointment of the farm and house bespeak intelligence and good taste. Our subject was born on a farm in Glengary county, Ontario, Canada, March 1, 1859. He was reared and educated in that county and resided there until 1886. In July of that year he went to Ramsey county. North Dakota, and there joined his brothers. Duncan and Finley J. The three brothers farmed in partnership and operated the farm under the firm name of Morrison Brothers. Duncan Morrison died in October, 1890. The brothers erected good buildings and made valuable improvements and they owned and operated fourteen hundred acres of land. The land is fertile and well located and furnishes a good annual income.
Norman Morrison was married, in Glengarry county, Ontario, Canada, to Miss Jennie McLeod, a native of that county. Three children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, of whom two sons died in infancy, and a daughter, Sarah B., is the only surviving child. Mrs. Morrison died in Freshwater township, Ramsey county, in January, 1895. Our subject was subsequently married in Ramsey county, North Dakota, to Mrs. Christena Maggie (McNaughton) McMaster, a native of Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison are active members of the Presbyterian church, Webster Chapel, and Mr. Morrison is a trustee of that denomination. He is a man of good judgment and earnest convictions and has served as chairman of the township board of supervisors since 1890 and is also a member of the school board, acting as treasurer of the same.
[Source: Compendium of History and Biography of North Dakota, Publ. 1900. Transcribed by B.Z.]

John Munig, residing on section 17. of Freshwater township, Ramsey county, is one of the intelligent and enterprising farmers of his community. He is of foreign birth, but brought to this country the thrift and economy characteristic of the children of the German fatherland, and he is highly esteemed in his locality for these characteristics and the position he has gained as a prosperous farmer.
Our subject was born in Germany, in January, 1846. He spent the early years of his life until sixteen years of age in his native land, and about 1862 came to America. He resided in the city of New York for some time, and then enlisted in Company C, Sixty-sixth New York Volunteer Infantry, and served eighteen months. He was engaged at the battle of the Wilderness, and was severely injured, his left hip being broken. After his discharge from the service he returned to New York, and after a short time went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and resided in the state of Wisconsin until the spring of 1883. That spring for the first time he set foot in Ramsey county. North Dakota, and at once located on the farm on which he has since resided. He owns nine hundred and forty acres of land, and his home farm is well improved, and the entire tract is tillable and furnishes a good competence. In the way of buildings the place compares favorably with any farm of that locality, and Mr. Munig gives the place his personal supervision.
Our subject was married in Brown county, Wisconsin, to Miss Anna Seidenklantz. Mrs.. Munig died in Freshwater township, Ramsey county, in September, 1891. One child was born to this union, who bears the name of Louis. Mr. Munig was married in Freshwater township to Mrs. Emma (Leet) Bradley, a native of Norway. Mr. and Mrs. Munig are the parents of three children, named as follows: Flora B., George W. and Frank. Mrs. Munig was the mother of one child by her former marriage, a daughter, named Grace E. Our subject has taken a good degree of interest in township and county affairs of a public nature, and is one of the esteemed and influential citizens of his locality.
[Source: Compendium of History and Biography of North Dakota, Publ. 1900. Transcribed by B.Z.]

Frank Honett, proprietor of one of the fine farms of Freshwater township, Ramsey county, is one of the citizens of whom his fellow men may well be proud. He has aided in the advancement of locality and is a gentleman of excellent character, industrious and honest and has gained a host of friends and a good estate, his home being in section 2. Our subject was born in Sweden, April 26, 1855. He came to America with an older brother at the age of eleven years and lived in Illinois and other states some and was engaged at labor and for some share of the time on a farm until 1877, when he went to the Red River in North Dakota and there entered up a homestead claim in Trail county. He resided there on until 1882 and in the spring of that year went to Ramsey county and at once selected the farm on which he has since made his home. He has erected a complete set of good buildings thereon and made other valuable improvements and has one of the best farms of his township. He owns seven hundred and twenty acres of land and has made a success of general farming and is enjoying just reward for his labors there. Our subject was married in Devils Lake, North Dakota, to Miss Lena Olson Lee, a native of Norway. Mr. and Mrs. Honett are the parents of seven children who are names as follows: Mary A., Carrie O., Tena W., Lena J., Albert J., Esther C., and Blanche F. One son, Ernest is deceased; he died in infancy. Mr. Honett is an active worker for the advancement of his community in educational affairs and has served as school director or many years. He is also prominent in Masonic circles, with which order he is associated. (Compendium of History and Biography of North Dakota)



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