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Brandur Jonsson Brandson - surgeon

Gingras, Antoine - businessman/fur trader

Harz, Johann Alfred N. &  Steiger, Barbara

Jackson, Thorstina

Kneeshaw, William - District Judge

Kristinn K. Olafsson - Minister

Louden, Alexander

The US GenWeb has the following biographies for people of Pembina County.

Pembina County Biographies including:
Beaupre, Joseph
Belcourt, G.A.
Bottineau, Charles
Buckman, Joseph Y.
Cameron, John
Cavileer, Charles
Chablillez, CJB
Cox, Orin
Cyr, Joseph
Dease, John
Duford, J
Fisher, Joseph
Geroux, Lucien
Gingras, Antoine
Girard, Antoine
Grant, Charles
Grant, Peter
Stutsman, Enos

Moorhead, William

Renville, Francois

Rolette, Joseph

Stefansson, Vilhjalmur

Stutsman, Enos

Thorlaksson, Reverand Pall

Wilke, Jean Baptiste

Walhalla Martyrs Story

Unknown Photos

A list of Icelandic Immigrants that lived to be 100 years old or older.

Mountain, ND Band 1890s

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