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Paula Bauman 13 Jun 1998
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I don't know if you can help me but I am looking for any kind of information about Rudal Knutson who owned a farm in Mountrail County. He and his brother, Riely KNutson, farmed the family farm and I would appreciate any help you can give.


Patricia Buckmaster 14 Jun 1998
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Am looking for information on John Casey born July 11, 1888 in Morris, MN and died May 24, 1963. He owned land foru miles north of Parshal. Location was NW Section 12, twp 152, Range 90. It was also known as the Ed Monso Homestead. Also searching for the Grant families who lived in Plaza, Parshall, Stanley, and Van Hook. Some were farmers, some were railroaders. My mother, Margaret Grant Casey also taught school in the county.


Elaine Homan 25 Jun 1998
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GLADHEIM, OLE B and CLARA J and family: I am going by stories and by living close to the area and visiting often with Mother....but I can't find a paper trail! A friend recently tried to locate grandparents Ole and Clara Gladheim in 1920 census in Mountrail County. No luck. My mother was born on the farm south of Sanish in 1918. Several aunts also were born there in subsequent years.By 1920 there should be at least 2 or 3 girls in the family. I looked on a township map of Mountrail county and the small area between the Missouri River and Osbourn Twnp is approximately where I remember walking. The farmhouse was high on the bluffs on the west bank of the river before the dam, about 6-8 miles south of Crow Flies High and Two Bears Bridge. Another mile down the road is a small church where my g-aunt and uncle are buried. Since this area between Osbourn twnsp and the river is not lableled, does that mean that the census was not taken here? Any insight would be great! Th! ank you! Elaine Homan P.S. The Gladheim's lived in this area from appr. 1916 to 1931. Also living in this area were Gullicksons, Pfundhellers, Melbys and Ranums.


Deidre Badker 01 Jul 1998
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Looking for surnames of Hans and Gina Anderson and their descendants; Olaf Rustad. These people moved to the Palermo area from Carpenter, Iowa, around 1900's. I believe they were buried in the Our Savior's Lutheran Church Cemetery in 1908. Also looking for Christ Hanson's descendants. I have information about Iowa relatives to exchange and also have many old photos of the Palermo area.


Cinde Anderson 04 Jul 1998
My grandfather, Milo, and his brothers, Leslie and Ray, BAXTER lived in Sanish and apparently had a small pool hall. Hope to locate family and info.


Jeannie Knutson 15 Aug 1998
Searching for the following individuals: Knutson, Rasmus Knutson, Marie Knutson, Henry Knutson, Roy Knutson, Ernest Knutson, Walter Knutson, Edna Knutson, Esther b. Ross, Mountrail Co., D. McVille, Nelson Co.


Jim Johnson 15 Aug 1998
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Kari Jensina Sena NJOS, nee ATTLESON, born 14 Aug 1884, Jacksonvile Township, Chicasaw Co., Iowa; died 5 Sep 1927, Parshall, Mountrail County, North Dakota. Seek exchange of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings and descendants.


Jean Hudson McNamara 15 Aug 1998
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Seeking ancestors/descendants of Hiram Walter HUDSON b. 1873 in Preston, Fillmore Co., MN. Lived in Palermo or Crowfoot Township in 1900's. Wife Rosa. 3 children. Hiram Walter is the son of Arther Thomas & Nancy C. "Kate" (KLINE) HUDSON. Arthur was b. 30 Aug 1837 in Waymart, Wayne Co., PA; Kate in Virgina.


Elaine Eastman Drury 15 Aug 1998
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Regarding Estate of Reuben S. Eastman probate court in MN. He died 11 August 1917. Listed Real Estate as follows: NW 1/4 Section 17 Township 155 Range 89 Mountrail County, ND. I would like to know if he ever lived there and anything you might know. What happened to the land and what it looked like. His father was Lyman Eastman and his mother was Lydia Nichols. Reuben S. Eastman married Mary Ann Walker.


Annette 17 Aug 1998
I am looking for any information on Bertha DOKKEN KEENA. She was married to Ole DOKKEN, but I think he died in Iowa. I don't know when she married Mr. KEENA. I think she moved to Mountrail County in 1902 or 1903. She homesteaded some land near Palermo. She had a son Nels K. who also may have homesteaded next to her. Any information would be appreciated.


Ena Buchite 20 Aug 1998
I'm looking for information on my great grandfather, JOHN S. WALES. b. 1864 in Lena, Ill. died at Stanley, ND 8 Aug. 1937. Also looking for information on his wife, SYVILLA SUSAN "SHAFFER" WALES, b. 1862 in Pa. died Aug 26 1940 at Stanley, ND. Mountrail Co. Also my Grandfather, GEORGE FRANK WALES m. ANNA THORVIG. Son JOHN WALES m. FLORICE "TOWNSEND". She taught school near Ross. Will happily correspond with anyone connected to these people.


Markaye Bleth 21 Aug 1998
Looking for information on the B.A. BENSON family. B.A. was married to Josine Benson and moved to Sanish in Mountrail Co. in 1910 from Minnesota. B.A. BENSON and his wife had at least one child, John Frederick. Would like to know if there were any siblings beside John F, born around 1914? He was shot and killed by the FBI in Sanish in 1946. I'm also looking for information about John Frederick BENSON's 7 children. He was married to Marvel Cecelia Larson and their children were all born between 1936 and 1946. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.


D'Arcy Hande 05 Sep 1998
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Tosten Halvorson HANDE (1832-1909) and his wife Sigrid Finkelsdatter (1834-1922?) had at least three children living in Mountrail Co., ND. Sigrid died and is buried at Tagus. I would like to find out more about them and their descendants: Ingeborg T. HANDE (b. 1860?) m. ??? ENGEN and had at least one daughter Lillian ENGEN. Barbo "Betsey" T. HANDE (b. 1866) m. Arne O. ENGEN (b. 1867?). Were Arne and Ingeborg's husband related? Barbo and Arne had the following family: Otto T. ENGEN (1895-1974) m. Eunice M. FARRIS; Silas E./I. ENGEN (1898-1965) m. Mabelle J. MUNDAHL; Alma B. ENGEN (b. 1901?) m. Millard KINCANNON; Mabell L. ENGEN (1908-79) m. Lloyd BAKKEN. Guri "Julia" HANDE (1877-1959) m. (1) BLIHOVDE and (2) Andrew C. CHRISTENSEN (1876-1920). Their children were Sherman T. CHRISTENSEN (b. 1909) m. Grace M. SNEKSZER; Clarence J. CHRISTENSEN (1913-67) m. Annette ???; Ernest M. CHRISTENSEN (1914-96) m. Evelyn MATTERN; Verda CHRISTENSEN (b. 1916) m. John ROGERS. Two of Tosten and Sigrid's sons lived for a time in South Dakota, but perhaps lived in Mountrail Co. near their sisters as well. These were Halvor T. HANDE/HANDY (b. 1858?) and Ole T. HANDE/HANDY (b. 1874)


Ann Harvey Lahtinen 04 Sep 1998

Seeking information on any of the above surnames in the area of Ward, Montrail and McKenzie Counties. All replies are appreciated! Ann L.
The Harvey Genealogist


Looking for information on White Earth burials.  Also County grave registrations.


gordon lien 26 Nov 1998
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Information on Peter O. Lien and his brother Kristian Lien from Mountrail County.


Thomas Gallentine 16 Dec 1998
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GALLENTINE/MATHEWS/COON Looking for any information on James Gallentine and his family. He lived in Parshall in 1920. How much earlier I don't now. He had a bar, Pool hall and Barber shop combo. I do have a picture of him and several men in the pool hall. I can send it to you over the e-mail. Thank you for any help you can give. Thomas E Gallentine -Grandson


Sherlyn Meiers 02 Feb 1999
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Looking for information on John and Augusta Meiers family. They came to the Ross area around 1908.


Linda J. Lund 07 Nov 1999
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Where is Beldon, N.D? The Albert Struck family homesteaded around Parshall, ND between about 1910 and 1916 and had a baby that was possibly buried in Beldon, ND. I cannot find it on any recent maps. I would appreciate your help! Linda


Rodney Peters 10 Nov 1999
I am looking for the obituary for Anna (Heuer) Kruse who passed away in July 1972 in the town of Parshall. She was married to Meinart Kruse. I would be very grateful to whomever can tell me where I can inquire regarding this. Thank you, Rodney Peters


Susan Horner 24 Nov 1999
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I have books and pictures of people in the Butler Family. I purchased them at an auction in MN. Names in the books are: Elmer Clair Butler and Betty Louise Butler. I would like to find their owner or a family member who would be interested in these.


Diane Miller 02 Dec 1999
Invalid Email Address Looking for LEE's. David R. Lee born abt 1850 in PA. m. Bertha C. FRUIT b. about 1854 in IN. Three children born of that marriage. William F. Lee b. 1873 in IA, Robert David Lee b. 31 March 1881 in Minn. MN. Mabel B. Lee born 1883 in Dakota territories. Robert David Lee m. Anna Mae STONESTREET b. abt 1884 d. abt 1913. Two children born of that marriage. Lila Mae Lee b. 1905 in Aikin, MN. Robert David Wiswell Lee b. 1 Feb 1908 in Montrial Co. ND. I would like any information on any of these surnames.....thanks


Earl Hoffman 19 Dec 1999
Searching for information on my GUncle Charles Owen Hoffman (1867-1943) in Sidonia Twp., Mountrail Co., from


Doug Cooper 03 Jan 2000
BLM records indicate that Allen Cooper & John Cooper homesteaded in the Stanley area during the period of 1905 to 1915?. Looking for information on these two people and their families. Also, looking for information on how to find information that was printed in the Stanley Sun newspaper whose editor was J.K. McLeod. Thanks for any help you might be able to give.


Kelly Lauritzen 08 Jan 2000
Onstad Family Wibye Family Larson, Martha (Onstad) they are buried at the First Luthern Church Wabek in Parshall


Lenora Steensen 03 Feb 2000
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I'm looking for homesteading records from 1906 to perhaps 1920 for "Steensen" in Mountraille county in North Dakota.


Stephenie Thibodeaux 02 Feb 2000
Looking for information on the families of Meyer, Sibla and Burger. Aloysius Frank Meyer born 5 may 1925 in Dickenson ND son of Lawrence Meyer and Eva Sibla/Cunningham or Mabel Gustavson was married to Catherine Virginia Burger born 11 Dec 1929 in Richardton ND to Nick Burger and ?Wehner. Aloysius Meyer lived in Tioga/Stanley area in the 1950's and had children born in Tioga. Does anyone know anything about these families. Aloysius Meyer's daughter would like to know something about her kinfolks. I think that Lawrence Meyer continued to live in the Tioga area and died there. Any help with genealogical information would be much appreciated.


N Carter 04 Mar 2000
KROGEN - Would like info abt family of Pearl KROGEN who was b abt 1900 at Plaza, Mountrail Co, ND--she m Clarence A. LARSON, later lived in Clay Co, MN. Any info welcome - Thanks.

Ramona holst 12 May 2000
Searching for PATRICK C. McCARTHY born June 16, 1868 in Ontario, Canada to John C . McCARTHY and Catherine O'NEIL. Lived in N.D. in 1906 + . Any information is greatly appreciated . Thank You , Ramona E-mail direct [email protected]


Barbara Day 28 May 2000
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Anyone know of the birth of my father-Ralph Hubert (hinderscheit) Kirsch. His mother died day after giving birth to him his birth was 3-2-1924. lived in then called Epworth N.D. Her name was Elizabeth (Schick) Hinderscheit. Her husbands name was Nick. My father had an Aunt bertha(Schick))Kirsch. She either adopted him or just plain stole him, I don't know. Any information would be useful. Thank you


Mike Bequette 23 Sep 2000
I am looking for the Isaac PULLEN family who I believe may have migrated to Mountrail County between 1900-1910. His wife was Emma. Thanks.
Mike Bequette

Donald Ahlgren 24 Sep 2000
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Jons Person Ahlgren
Emilia Sofia Anderson

Peder Remme
Kristinna Iverson


M. Joseph Leahy 25 Oct 2000
I am seeking Assyrian [Syrian] families who resided at/near Ross, Mountrail County, North Dakota in the early 1900s. [1910 - 1930. Surnames include but are not limited to those posted here. Bohnes is believed to have been a photographer in Ross, ND.


Karen Wiesner 04 Nov 2000
Seeking any info. re: Leo Paul Reisch & his wife Mary lucy Schick. They lived in Van Hook, Mountrail Co., North Dakota in the 1930s. They had , at least, one son named Alvin John Reisch (born 5/18/1931).


Shelley Winn 05 Nov 2000
Looking for information on George McGrady, listed on 1910 census in Mountrail Ct. ND. Cemetery records, etc. Is there any family left in this area?


Jo Daniels 18 Nov 2000
TRUSTY family. Any info wanted. Father: Andrew Jackson TRUSTY b: 1878 Minnesota. Mother: Lucy Jane TRENT Son: Calvin James born 1906 at Plaza. There were several other children. This family came to ND from Minnesota.


M. Joseph Leahy 19 Nov 2000
Seeking information about a Ross, Mountrail County, North Dakota photographer identified in 1910 US Census. His name was Bohnes, Salem J. His wife was Sultana and they had three daughters, Rachael, Martha and Ruth. They were of Assyrian descent immigrating to US in 1894. Other surnames of Assyrians living in area 1910 - 1920 were Ally, Alley, Salem, Abdalla and Abdullah.
Information about the photographer Bohnes or any of the Assyrian families from Ross, North Dakota will be appreciated.


Pat Dunn 05 Dec 2000
I am looking for information on Samuel Elvebakke b. ca 1888 in Norway. I have a relative in Norway who is looking for information on Samuel and his descendants. I found that he filed his second papers (Naturalization Records) 21 May 1914 Mountrail County, Volume P-7 p 78. I located BLM records for Elvebakke. T 158 N R 89 W Sections 15,11 and 14 in 1914 and in 1920.


Cliff Magnussen 20 Dec 2000
Looking for information on my Uncle and family from Blaisdell, ND, Hans MAGNUSON,B-1879,Norway,D-1917-19, Blaisdell,ND, Buried at Shell Creek Lutheran Cemetery. Married Anna BREKKE abt 1904, Had 5 children, Jennie, Olga, Evelyn, Lillian,and Henry. I would like to get full correct birth names of Hans and children,and dates of birth and Hans date of death and cause.
Cliff Magnussen


Maureen Anderson 10 Jan 2001
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Jacob MOGER and Emma ANDERSON were married in Mountrail County, ND in 1898. Looking for information on either family


Paula Bauman 13 Jan 2001
I am looking for land records for a family I am researching for this county


Danni Hopkins 18 Jan 2001
I am trying to find information on a Thankful FORCE RUPP. Don't know the first name of her husband. Might be Emery M. They were in Ross, N.D> in 1911 when her mother died. Their children were Marie, Cornelius and Unknown daughter.


Dar Hackle 03 Mar 2001
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Looking for information about an Ed Jorenson and his wife who adopted two children, a girl Leona McFarland and her brother, given name unknown. The father of these children was named Isaac Edward McFarland, born in 1873 and apparently the children were born in Sash, Canada to an Indian woman. The father eventually came back and claimed the boy and took him back to Canada, but the girl, Leona stayed in Plaza with the Jorensons and married a man by the name of Aubrey Judson, in Plaza. They had two chidren, a girl named Minnie Fisher Judson, b. 6 July 1890, and another child, name and sex unknown. If anyone has information about any of these people or their descendants, please contact me privately at [email protected] Thanks so much.


Dar Hackle 04 Mar 2001
Looking for information on Leona McFarland and her brother, who were living with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jorgenson of Plaza, ND about 1910-1920. Would anyone who has access to the census records for Mountrail Co be willing to look for this family. I don't have the name of the boy or either of their ages, but note that they had been adopted (or were just living with) the Jorgensons and don't know if they took the Jorgenson name. Their original surname was McFarland, father born IA, both children likely born Canada.
Also Leona stayed in Plaza and married a name named Aubrey Judson in Plaza. Would someone who has access to the marriage records see if this marriage is recorded in Mountrail Co? Please email me privately as I don't see that there is a list for this county. Thanks so much in advance. Dar at [email protected]

sylvia texel meyer 09 Mar 2001
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trying to find the location and date on the gravestone of Minnie(texel)mcshane. and if the first name goes by some other name. also what is the b. and d. Thanks you so much. my name is sylvia texel meyer and am from colo. sprgs., co [email protected]


Cathy Crawford 14 Mar 2001
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Looking for information on Simon Crowder, who married my g-grandmother Esther Hill Hazelwood, in 1928 in Mountrail County.Simon had a son, Gordon Hazelwood.


Judy Whitmore 30 Apr 2001
Any information on James and Mary (Wright) Whitmore family who farmed near Palermo. They came to Mountrail County from Willow City, ND, in think, in the 1920's. My father-in-law, Walt Whitmore, was their youngest child b. 1909.
Bill, Ben, Archie Whitmore lived their adult life in Stanley.
Any help is appreciated.
Judy Whitmore
Minneapolis, MN


Karen Stoll 01 May 2001
REYNOLDS and HOFFMAN - Looking for information on who purchased property of Gene Reynolds after he left Sidonia Township, Range 158N around 1928. Moved there around 1906. Entire family moved to California. His wife was Lillie Hoffman. Children: Maurice, Raymond, Murrey, and daughter who married Andrews. Raymond born in Palermo township. Moved here from Iowa


Danni Hopkins 14 May 2001
I am trying to find information on Emery and Thankful Etta Force Rupp. Emery died in 1942 and buried in Ross Cem. Thankful Etta died before him, and believe she is also in Ross cemetry. They had 5 children. 4 born in Iowa, but Cecil was born in Ross, Mountrail Co., N.D.


Susan Harris 18 May 2001
Looking for information on Martin HAGEN (immigrated from Norway)who in 1936 lived in Stanley, ND. His brothers were John (Iowa), Anton (my great grandfather from Iowa), Nick (from SD died in 1936)and Ole. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

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