McHenry County, North Dakota Lookups

McHenry County, North Dakota Lookups

Please submit your name if you have any source material for McHenry County and would be willing to provide your time to perform a lookup for other researchers. Send me your name, name of the source material and a description of the nature of the information (if needed), and the email or U.S.P.S. address at which researchers may contact you.

"Icelanders in the Upham area." I have family stories and information on the Icelandic settlers.
George Freeman will provide help in this area.
George Freeman

"McHenry County Centennial Book"
"1910 Plat Maps of McHenry County North Dakota"
"Velva Community 1908-1919 Vital Statistics"
- These are news items taken from the McHenry County Journal 1908-Dec. 1916
& the Velva Journal Jan.1917-1919.
LaVonne Murray

"McHenry County Centennial Book"
"Granville: A Community Which Refuses to Die, First McHenry County Bicentennial City"
Stories include Norwich and Riga. Bicentennial Year, 1976
Lila Kaylor will provide lookups in these two resources.
Lila Kaylor

"OUR TOWN: Balfour, North Dakota written by Dr. Evan Stone"
Contains bios of everyone in Balfour from the turn of the century.
NEW!Carole Steele has offered to provide lookups in this book.
Carole Steele

If you have resources for McHenry County and would like to volunteer to help with lookups, please e-mail me at Mike Borchardt / Forest Grove, OR

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