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ENDERS (see daily), FAY, FLIEHMANN, FLOBERT, GILMAN (see bakie), GOUDREAU (see breiner)

H - L
HAYES (see carter), HYSTAD (see flobert), LaFRAMBOISE (see bakie), LANGRELL

MARPLE (see quamme), MARTELL, MASSEY (see webber), MICK (see mossman), MORAN (see welch), MOSSMAN

N - R
NELSON, PLYMIRE (see welch), QUAMME, QUAST (see schweitz), REIMAN (see sprecher), RONNE (see quamme)

SCHULZ (see sprecher), SCHWEITZ, SOLAAS (see sprecher), SOLBERG (see waagseth), SPRECHER, STEIGMANN-STOLLER (see fliehman), STOLLER (see fliemann), STOLLER-FLIEHMANN (see fliehmann)

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I am looking for a date of death, and cemetery information for Mary BAKIE, as well as for William and Jesse GILMAN.Also need to know what the name of Township 135 is? GGG-Grandmother Marie/Mary (LaFRAMBOISE), BAKIE was to have died in New Leipzig or Leipzig in 1914. Family says she was living in the home of her Son-in Law and daughter William S. and Jessie (BAKIE) GILMAN. In 1900 Mary BAKIE was living in their home in Crystal Springs, Kidder County. Moved to Grant County between 1900 and 1905/6. Land Patent filed for William S. GILMAN on 04 April, 1911 in TWP. 135 N, Range 88 160 Acres. Thanks for any help. Vera Moore  19 Jan 2002

I am looking for information on Ferdinand BESCH, my gggrandfather. There is supposedly an affidavit stating that on 27 Aug 1917 he was living in Raleigh, Grant Co., ND. He died shortly thereafter. I don't know where he is buried, but I am hoping it is in Raleigh. I don't know how big Raleigh is or how many cemeteries there are. Is there someone who would be willing to do a lookup for me? Or tell me who I could contact for further information?
Barb Puente  4 Feb 2001

I am looking for information on the BREINER/GOUDREAU family. Joseph Adam BREINER (b. 2 Nov 1886 in ND) married Josephine Ann GOUDREAU (b. 31 Jan 1897). They lived in Shields, Grant, ND. Any information on their parents and families would be appreciated.
Sharon Belt  20 Aug 1998

Working on CARTER family history--pioneers of Carson, Grant Co., ND. Frank CARTER (1851-1909) m Delia HAYES (1855-1928) in Athens Co., OH. Sons: Arthur Wade, Frank R., Ralph Ringwood, Frederick Pearl, Elmer Ellsworth, Harrison Morton,and Bartlett Dale. Any info welcome.
Nancy Carter  14 Jul 1998

Timothy Patrick DAILY - pioneer farmer of Grant County -died- 1 Jul 1927
Anna Agnes Heney DAILY - wife of Timothy Patrick DAILY - Carson -died- 16 Dec 1930
Beatrice Ann DAILY - daughter --married Charles J. ENDERS
I am the granddaughter of Beatrice and Charles ENDERS and I'm looking for info on them. The DAILY's moved into the area in 1906. I don't know when Charles J. ENDERS arrived. They were married in Brisbane in 1915???
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not exactly sure how this works.
Mary Silvoso  28 May 2001

I am searching for relatives of ELZADA DIRK, maiden name DALLY. Her mother was ADELAIDE DUIT, who was my grandmother's (HILDA DUIT SCHLEIF) sister. They lived around Raleigh and Bismark, North Dakota. She was born to AUGUST DALLY around 1914/15. Margie Vierra 6692 Sequoia Dr. Westminster, CA 92683 tootsvie@aol.com13 Nov 2001

I'm looking for more information on my husband's grandfather. His name was Herman Andrew FAY. We have found that he had BLM Land in Grant County. The dates of the BLM land is 6 Mar 1911 and 9 Nov 1915. Also there were children born to him while he was in ND. Can anyone tell me how to find birth records?
Dee Fay  16 Jun 2001

Researching the following names: Christian FLIEHMANN, Christine STOLLER-FLIEHMANN, Christine STEIGMANN-STOLLER, Frederick STOLLER

All resided in Grant County. Christian and Christine FLIEHMANN homesteaded just outside Carson. They had eight children: Albert, Henery, Ida, Freida, Martha, Reinhold, Elmer and Edgar. Any information would be appreciated.
Deborah Fliehman-Simeroth  6 Mar 2000

I am looking for birth records of my mother-in-law. Florence Laura LOBERG b 6/09/1906 in Hamel, MN died Mar 28, 1989 in Surrey, BC she married a Leonard HYSTAD may or may not be from that area and I have no dates. Janet L. Justice>  20 Jan 2002
PO Box 951 Piketon, OH 45661

I am looking for information on Henry LANGRELL who was issued a land patent in Grant County, ND, in 1862. Any information on this person or his family will be appreciated.
Pat Langwell Weaver  26 Apr 2000

Hi! Researching Lydia (MARTELL) ROGERS and her family.
Lydia MARTELL was born 12 Feb 1917 in Carson, Grant Co. ND. They moved to Missoula, Montana, in 1924. She married Commodore Perry ROGERS, a native of Kentucky. He was the son of Charlie ROGERS and Diza ROBERTS.
Her parents were: George MARTELL and Katherine "Katie " GANTHER. They were born in South Russia. They came to the USA about a year apart and their families settled close to each other.
George MARTELL first came to South Dakota with two brothers; George settled up in North Dakota.
I am researching this family for a friend not directly related to me.
Kay Diers  11 Mar 2001
7685 Maple Hill Rd., Hamel MN 55340

I am trying to locate the burial site of Ethel (MICK) MOSSMAN. She and Clark MOSSMAN lived in Leith and/or Carson between at least 1905-1956, possibly longer and died prior to 1968. Ethel was a sister to my g.g. grandfather. She and Clark homesteaded around Leith, ND around 1905. She was still living in Leith in 1956, but had died by 1968.
Tom  10 April 2002
5617 N. Robinhood Lane Kansas City, MO 64151

I would like to know what happened to the children of Henry and Mary THOMPSON, Martia, Willie, Arthur, Stella and Mabel and their families. My family is descended from Nels THOMPSON (brother of Henry) and Anne (sister of Mary). Henry (b. 1850's), Nels S NELSON (b. January 03, 1855) and 3 sisters (names unknown) were born in Numedahl, Norway. Their father was Stener Nielson VALLE (b. 1826 and d. in Norway) and mother was Sigri HALVORSDATTER (b. 1828 in Norway and d. in Norway). The 5 children emigrated to the US along with 3 of their father's siblings. It is believed they first settled in Wisconsin and were some of the earliest settlers in Decorah Iowa. Henry eventually bought a farm and lived in Carson (probably ND). Henry died at his farm when he was gored by an animal. His wife, Mary (b. Mar 25, 1859) was born in Lom Parish, Gubrandsdalen, Oppland, Norway to Tore & Barbro THOMPSON who emigrated to Wisconsin and later to Minnesota with their children Mary, Botolf and Anne. Mary died in Bismark hospital 4 years after Henry and left 5 children: Martia, Willie, Arthur, Stella and Mabel. It is believed that Arthur stayed on the home place and was not married.
Dale  12 April 2002

Looking for information on Bernice Gail MARPLE QUAMME. Found her name as informant on Abbey RONNE'S Death Certificate in Blue Earth MN. She was listed as niece. I to am related to the RONNE family and looking for information on the family. Bernice was born August 31, 1916. She has a brother Albert who was born 1918. They were raised in Adams Co. but at some point Bernice moved to Elgin, Grant Co. ND.
Judy D. Schoening   13 March  2002

I am looking to obtain information about the SCHWEITZ family that arrived in Grant County about 1900 to 1915. They were immigrants from Romania or Eastern Europe. I also am trying to find my grandmother's family from the same area with the last name of QUAST. They all lived in Elgin around 1920 to 1925 and are my father's parents. He was born in Elgin on 27 Mar 1922. His name is Arnold SCHWEITZ. I have no idea what my great grandparents names were and where to look in Europe for their backgrounds. SS records show my grandfather to have died in Elgin in Aug. of 1979 and his date of birth to be 13 Dec 1894. I know he had 8+/- brothers and 5+/- sisters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Frederick A. Schweitz  27 Oct 1998
1409 Hatherleigh Court, Raleigh NC 27612-6941  (919) 676-4999

I am looking for info. on Friedrich SPRECHER, b. 1818 in Leipzig, Bessarabia. He is buried on the ZACHER farm in Morton Co., that part which later became part of Grant Co. -- when (probably between 1887 and 1896), where, and parents? Need death date for death certificate. Please check the grave marker for me. His son Christian Lebenecht SPRECHER, b. 18 Feb 1846, imm. to Parkston, SD, in 1878 and then to Mercer, ND, in approx. years 1885 to 1916. He died 30 Nov 1907--where? Christian had 2 children I can't find: Magdalena, b. 13 Mar 1880 in Kulm, Hutchison, SD---who married? Daniel, b. 4 Jan 1877 in Leipzig, never found after coming to NY on Mosel 9 Nov 1878...death records at sea? Finally, looking for second wife of Christian, Justina SCHULZ (widow REIMAN) b. 28 Mar 1854..died where, when? SPRECHERs lived in Krem, Beulah, Zap, Golden Valley, Elgin, and Hebron.
Cathy Clemens  23 Sep 1997

Interested in hearing from someone who has knowledge of the ULRICH family that lived in the area of New Leipzig and Elgin, in Grant County.
Scott Brunner  2 Apr 2001

Looking for information on Ole WAAGSETH (VÂGSETH), who homesteaded 160 acres near Dogtooth in Grant County (Township 133-N, Range 85-W per BLM serial # NDBIS 0010080). Ole is said to have died in a wagon accident in about 1910 and his brother Henry WAAGSETH (VÂGSETH) traveled from his homestead in Dodson, Montana, to attend the funeral. Their nephew, Alert SOLAAS (SOLÅS) was living with Ole at the time of his death and worked the farm for about a year afterwards. Later Alert homesteaded near Henry, north of Dodson, Montana, and changed his name to Albert SOLBERG. Dogtooth, ND, was later renamed as Raleigh.
Marvin Solberg  2 Apr 2001
113 Stewart Drive, Edgewater MD 21037

Seeking information on Laura E. WEBBER MASSEY of Lark, Grant County, North Dakota. Laura was born 21 Aug 1887 in Nebraska and died in Lark, Grant County, North Dakota 25 Aug 1920. Laura married a Mr. MASSEY by whom she had the following children: Eleanor, Lloyd, Winnie, Helen, and James. Would love to learn anything about Laura E. WEBBER MASSEY and about her descendants.
John R. Rohde II  6 Apr 1999

My g-g-g-grandmother Charlotte Ann WELCH died 12 Aug 1917 in Raleigh, Grant Co., ND. Her father was Henry PLYMIRE and her mother was Charlotte MORAN. She married William WELCH abt. 1863 probably in PA. Their first child was born in Keokuk Co. Iowa in 1865.
William and Charlotte had the following children:
Elizabeth, Alice, Irena, Homer, Ira J., Emma, and the twins Cora May & Ida.
Any information would be deeply appreciated.
Kenneth Rigali  15 May 2001

Charles Emil Edward WERNER d. 2 Dec 1948 Otter Creek Township, Grant Co., ND; wife Mary Belle CRAWFORD-WERNER d. 22 Dec 1962 Lark, Grant Co., ND. They were married in Iowa and had a son Wencil Lawson b. 23 Jul 1901 (Palo, Ia). I am looking for any information on this couple: their children, grandchildren, pictures, etc. I am his mother's niece. Thank-you.
Kelly Loveless  14 May 2000

I'm looking for information on Karl ZIMMERMAN. He was the son of Paul and Margaretha Hamerl ZIMMERMAN and a brother to my grandfather, George ZIMMERMAN. It is believed that he was murdered in ND sometime between 1914 and 1921. He was born in Albany, MN. Hearsay has it that he went to ND to work the harvest; on payday he went to town and was robbed and killed. He left three children behind with his wife, Suzanna Carson ZIMMERMAN, from whom he was divorced in 1914. She never told her children anything about their father.
Bob Zimmerman  16 Apr 1997

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