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Important Links

A collection of links for people of Iceland heritage, particularly those searching for information on their heritage and family history. As most are interrelated there is no particular order though somewhat arranged by function. Please let me know if you find links that do not work or have suggestions for links that should be included.

Some of the sites listed change their location periodically, so the links may not function properly. Please let me know if such is the case so I can update the link.

Click on either the titles below or in the panel to the left to view the webpages.

The Internet's oldest and largest free genealogical community; an award winning genealogical resource with searchable databases, free web space, mailing lists, message boards, and more; and host of this website.
LDS Family Search
Online search of records compiled by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Heritage Education Commission
Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the cultural heritage for an area somewhat larger than that drained by the Red River of the North and sponsors of the annual Family History Workshop, the most valuable such event in the upper midwest.
Family History Workshop
Information about the annual workshops held by the Heritage Education Commission.
Red River Valley Genealogical Society
The most relevant such group for the Red River Valley of the North.
Mouse River Loop Genealogical Society
The group for the Mouse River Valley in north central North Dakota.
Institute for Regional Studies and University Archives at North Dakota State University in Fargo
Has many collections and resources related to the Red River Valley of the North.
Chester Fritz Library Department of Special Collection at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks
Has many collections and resources related to the Red River Valley of the North.
State Historical Society of North Dakota
Has archives for the entire state and operates the oldest and largest museum in the state.
Icelandic State Park
Located 5 miles west of Cavalier, North Dakota, has picnic, camping, boating, fishing and swimming facilities, and hiking and cross-country ski trails, in addition to the Pioneer Heritage Center, the Gunlogson Homestead and Nature Preserve, and many restored historic buildings.
Saga Publications and Research
Nelson Gerrard’s website dealing with all aspects of Icelandic history and genealogy, particularly research, photo identification, artifacts and archives.
The Emigration from Iceland to North America
Halfdan Helgason’s elaborate website; be sure to sign up for his newsletters.
The Icelandic Emigration Center
The absolutely need-to-visit place at Hofsos in north Iceland.
The National Archives of Iceland
The repository for the country of Iceland.
The Icelandic National League of North America (INL of NA)
The umbrella organization for cultural groups of Icelandic heritage.
The weekly newspaper dedicated to the Icelandic community of North America.
The Snorri Program
The utlimate travel-to-Iceland program for anyone.
Park Genealogical Books
Genealogy and local history specialists for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota and the surrounding area.
Cyndi’s List
The starting point for genealogy; the most comprehensive list of genealogy sites on the internet.

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