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The Dakota Icelanders Project

Stories and Such

This section contains content of several types, including memoirs, essays, tales, and other documents related to either the Icelandic settlers of Dakota or to the area itself. Brief descriptions are provided in the list below.

Please note that content will be added to this section as I get the documents reformatted.

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1883 Dakota Farm
A quaint and informative newspaper article published in 1883 describing the requirements for obtaining a homestead in Dakota.
A Tribute to the Pioneer Icelandic Settlers of Pembina County
by Kristbjorg Kristjanson, an essay about the pioneer Icelandic settlers.
A Settler’s Story
by Arlan Steinolfson, an imaginary settlement account in narrative form about my great-grandfather Kristjan Gudmundsson (1834-1899) of Thingvalla Township.
No Greater Love
by Lauga Geir, a true minisaga of tragedy, the supernatural, and the strength of a mother's love.
Sveinn’s Mustache
by Arlan Steinolfson, a mini-mini-saga about my great-aunt’s husband.
The Lean Years
by Jon Magnusson Johnson, a first hand account of life in the Icelandic community in the years around the turn of the century.
Land of the Dacotahs
by Bruce Nelson, from the 1946 book of the same name, a great description of Dakota.
The Poet KN Julius
by Kathy Miller, a newspaper article titled “Pembina County Was Home To Renowned Poet K.N. Julius” from the Walsh County Press of 2 Aug 1997.
The Poetry of KN Julius
English translations of some of KN's verses.
A listing of some of the early events in the Icelandic settlement of Pembina County.

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