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The Dakota Icelanders Project

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A previous version of this website resided at AOL Hometown for many years, but that host was shut down in Oct 2008. Rootsweb, a much more appropriate host, has graciously agreed to provide space for the site.

Rather than simply transfer the pages, I have decided to both increase the scope of information available and to do some editing and upgrading to the previous content. As this is a somewhat tedious undertaking, I have also decided to add the content as it becomes available rather than wait until all is complete. Unfortunately, in the meantime, there may be some links that do not work (there actually shouldn't be) and some that take you to webpages that are either partially finished or under construction.

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Project Information
will provide information about the nature and results of The Dakota Icelanders Project.
Stories and Such
will have general interest content.
will provide information about both publications of The Dakota Icelanders Project and resources available at the project.
will provide information about the people included in the project and where they lived. This is the most important resource for people who are looking for help with their own genealogy or family history research.
is somewhat similar to Settlements but in a more general sense, providing information about, for instance, what families are included in what books, essentially where people or places can be looked up.
will include stuff that doesn't fit into other categories.
to other important websites that have information related to the heritage of the Icelanders of Dakota.

Other than the basic information acquired by indexing, collating and assimilating all the normal sources, the most important venue for gathering information is by contact with descendants of the pioneer Icelandic settlers and people interested in their own roots. Because of the nature of the project, I have also been ablef to help many non-Icelandic families with their roots research simply because their families were in or near the Icelandic settlements. The most fruitful way to do this is done by simply contacting the project and expressing interest in participating.

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