"United by Rail", Munich, ND
"United by Rail", Munich, ND,
Biographical Index

Family Biographies of various detail and length are available for lookup in
"United by Rail", Munich, ND, published by the Munich Area History Committee.
The index from the publication was furnished by Loran Unger, formerly of Munich and now a resident of Colorado.

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Family Page Family Page
Aafedt, Leonard and Elva 51 Aafedt, Lloyd and Lorraine 51
Aafedt, Wayne and Eileen 52 Ackre, George and Mildred 329
Adrian, Peter P. and Helena 144 Albert, Trent 186
Albrecht, Alan and Kimberly 245 Albrecht, Lloyd and Hilda 245
Albrecht, Robert and Marion 245 Ames, Christian (C.M.) and Mary 271
Ames, Ernest and Elsie 271 Ames, Martin and Elsie 271
Ames, Quentin and JoAnn 272 Ames, Steven and Rosemary 52
Anderson, Bryan and Michelle 53 Anderson, James and June 186
Anderson, Thomas and Grace 186 Andrys, Ray and Jacqueline 272
Family Page Family Page
Baker, Bert and Minnie 186 Bannach, George and Agnes 360
Bannach, Joseph and Anna 360 Bannach, Steve and Tami 360
Barrett, David and Anita 54 Barrett, Mildred 54
Bartel, David and Adina 329 Bartel, Rev. John D. and Eva 329
Bateman, Edwin (Buster) and Grace 187 Bateman, Frank and Helen 187
Bateman, Samuel E. and Belle 188 Beall, Raymond and Bertha 54
Beck, Gary and Lynette 299 Beck, John and Gertrude 361
Beck, Nathan and Lori 299 Beck, Rallan and Eileen 300
Bednar, John and Dorothy 55 Bell, Tom and Mabel 188
Berg, Harold and Delores 361 Berg, Math and Catherine 361
Berge, Edwin and Maletta 144 Berge, John and Ellen 144
Bernardy, Hilary and Alice 362 Bernardy, James and Joellyn 362
Bernardy, Peter and Julia 363 Bimler, Robert and Cecilia 189
Bittner, Alvin and Catherine 189 Bittner, Brad and Vickie 55
Bittner, Dean and Heidi 189 Bittner, John and Mary 189
Bittner, Kenneth and Josephine 190 Bittner, Leo and Lillian 190
Boettger, Hans 191 Boettger, James and Johanna 191
Bogstie, Victor and Agnes 56 Brotherston, Robert and Mary 191
Brown, Bill and Eleanor 272 Brown, George and Inez 192
Brown, Iver and Lizzie 146 Brubaker, Pliny and Goldie 364
Bruers, Dick and Hedwig 192 Bruers, John and Ida Mae 192
Bruers, John Henry and Alta 193 Bruers, Ted and Edwina 193
Bubach, Dean and Phyllis 329 Buchweitz, Carl and Janice 273
Buchweitz, Herman and Lucille 273 Buchweitz, Steven and Lisa 56
Bukowski, Bob and Amy 56 Bundy, Selmer and Lorna 147
Family Page Family Page
Cannon, Rev. Henry and Mathilda 193 Carnahan, Bob 194
Carpenter, Charles and Alice 58 Carrington, Fred and Bertha 194
Cheatley, Ernest and Wilda 246 Cheatley, Everette J. and Elizabeth 247
Cheatley, Henry James 247 Cheatley, Robert and Anne 247
Cilley, Clarence and Eliza 194 Clopper, Charles and Olive 194
Clopper, William 195 Coffey, Hugh John Jr. and Katherine 58
Coffey, Hugh John Sr. and Mary Jane 59 Coffey, William E. and Eleanor 59
Copeland, Archie and Etta 195 Corneliison, Ricie and Helen 61
Family Page Family Page
Dahl, Herman and Olive 195 David, Dan and Emma 196
Dawley, Delbert and Alvina 274 Dawley, Jim and Alta 196
Dawley, Kevin and Deborah 274 Dawley, Tom and Janis 61
Dawley, Vincent and Lois 275 Dawson, Frank - Harley 196
DeMaine, Jack and Betty 61 Denler, Chester and Irene 196
Dick, Albert and Katherine 62 Dick, Bruce and Trudy 63
Dick, Bryan and Lori 64 Dick, Clarence and Ann 148
Dick, Dietrich C. and Anna 64 Dick, Eugene and Carol 64
Dick, Gerald and Lois 64 Dick, Henry C. and Helena 65
Dick, Henry F. and Linda 66 Dick, Henry J. and Nettie 66
Dick, Herman P. and Elizabeth 67 Dick, John C. Family 67
Dick, Klaus and Gertrude 58 Dick, Laverne and Mathilda 69
Dick, Lewis and Mildred 70 Dick, Lyndon and Ellen 70
Dick, Marvin and Verla 71 Dick, Peter C. and Katherine 71
Downs, Dwight and Maude 197 Downs, Ivan and Bette 276
Downs, Woodrow and Caroline 197 Duncan, William and Mattie 198
Family Page Family Page
Eizenzimmer, Greg and Sharon 198 Eitzen, Abraham and Katharina 301
Eitzen, Alfred and Erna 302 Eitzen, Marie 301
Ellefson, Gilbert and Clara 198 Enns, Jacob and Anna 72
Evenson, Ben and Inga 199 Ewert, Arthur and Dorothy 330
Ewert, David D. and Regina 330 Ewert, John and Hazel 72
Ewert, John and Loretta 73
Family Page Family Page
Fadenrecht, Edwin and Helen 73 Fadenrecht, Johnnie and Pauline 74
Fadenrecht, Nick and Martha 248 Fast, Frank and Gertrude 74
Fast, Ore and Alice 331 Fazekas, George and Hilma 199
Feil, Fred and Irene 249 Feldner, Donald and Mary 302
Feldner, Harold and Alma 365 Feldner, Herb and Margaret 365
Fetch, Galen and Holly 75 Finneseth, Adolph and Gertrude 75
Fletschock, Russell and Cathy 76 Flott, Lewis and Bertha 148
Foard, James and Mae 149 Ford, James and Maryann 149
Fohr, Edward and Violet 250 Fohr, Nicholas and Frances 331
Fohr, Nicolas and Beatrice 331 Foster, Arthur and Mary 199
Friesen, Frank A. and Agetha 365 Friesen, Frank and Agnes 365
Funk, Cornelius and Anna 77
Family Page Family Page
Gartner, Michael and Christina 199 Gartner, Michael and Mabel 200
Gartner, Peter and Katherine 366 Gilbert, Fred and Mabel 200
Glock, Julius and Stella 331 Goertzen, Jack and Elsie 332
Goeser, Chrysanth and Rose 366 Goeser, Edwin and Iona 367
Goeser, Eugene and Mary 368 Goeser, John and Anna 368
Goeser, Joseph and Rosemary 77 Goeser, Leo and Clara 368
Goosen, Henry 77 Gordon, Knute and Marie 332
Gordon, Theodore and Gunhild 149 Gossett, Ira and Olga 77
Graber, Carl and Niomi 333 Graber, Jacob J. and Anna 334
Graber, Leona Bartel 334 Graber, Paul and Kathryn 334
Greening, Reinhold and Lena 201 Grimson, Gudmunder and Ina 78
Groven, Dennis and Pat 79 Guenther, Johann and Regina 79
Family Page Family Page
Haglin, Terry and Joni 150 Haider, Andrew and Janna 369
Haider, Carl and Othillia 369 Haider, Charles and Caroline 369
Haider, Johann and Anna 370 Hall Brothers 79
Hall, Clarence and Betty 80 Hall, Emil and Mary 370
Hall, Ernest and Ethel 201 Hall, Levi and Barbara 80
Hall, Lloyd and Dorothy 81 Hall, Richard 82
Hall, Robert and JoEllen 82 Hall, Terry and Marianne 83
Hall, Thomas and Joan 83 Hammer, Max and Natalia 371
Hammond, Charles and Sarah 276 Hammond, Charles Roy and Violet 202
Hammond, Guy and Melva 202 Hammond, Hal and Esther 277
Hammond, PJ and Mary 203 Hammond, Robert B. 277
Hammond, Walter and Jean 278 Hanggi, Alphonse and Anna 278
Hanggi, Max and Elaine 279 Hanson, Edwin and Joyce 280
Hanson, Harold and Jean 280 Hanson, Theodore and Catherine 84
Harder, Geryl and Linda 151 Harder, Harold and Barbara 371
Harder, Jacob C. and Anna 302 Harder, Peter and Elizabeth 371
Harder, Robert and Lorrayne 152 Harder, Terry and Gail 372
Harder, Thomas and Susan 84 Hart, Charles E. 223
Hasse, Joel and Ruth 203 Haugaard, Anne 203
Haus, Bertram and Clara 372 Haus, Eugene and Catherine 374
Haus, Mathias and Justina 374 Havis, Walter and Sarah 203
Heck, Ken and Mary Ellen 84 Heck, Marvin and Beth 85
Helten, John and Mary 376 Henderson, David and Martha Rose 85
Henschel, Ed and Hattie 204 Heppner, Arnold and Leona 86
Heppner, David and Sarah 87 Heppner, John and Elizabeth 152
Herbel, Reinhart and Mary 335 Hettwer, Daniel and Jean 87
Hettwer, Florian and Kathleen 379 Hettwer, John and Valeria 379
Hettwer, Joseph and Anna 379 Hettwer, Leo 380
Hettwer, Nicholas and Clara 380 Hettwer, Nick and MaryAnn 381
Hettwer, Nick and Sherry 88 Hofer, Rev. Johnny J. and Martha 88
Hoffman, Archie and Alma 153 Hoffman, Arlo and Jean 303
Hoffman, Dan and Frances 303 Hoffman, Delwyn and Maria 88
Hoffman, Greg and Valerie 304 Hoffman, Henry and Tina 153
Hoffman, Isaac and Anne 154 Hoffman, Jake and Annie 154
Hoffman, Louis L. and Katie 89 Hoffman, Ludwig and Maria 305
Hoffman, Rodney and Doreen 154 Hoffman, A.C. and Regina 381
Hoffman, Brian and Sharon 382 Hoffman, Mike and Madelyn 89
Hogan, Herbert 204 Hoiland, Richard and Diane 336
Horine, Clint and Nell 204 Hornock, Douglas and Connie 90
Hyde, George and Mary 205
Family Page Family Page
Isaac, Dietrich and Helena 90 Iverson, Ken and Velma 155
Iverson, Soren and Bonita 337 Iverson, Soren 336
Family Page Family Page
Jack, George and Lela 205 Jagow, Wallace and Elizabeth 156
Janowski, Bernard and Christine 382 Janowski, Ed 383
Janowski, Edwin and Leona 383 Janowski, Henry 383
Janowski, John and Theresia 384 Janowski, John B. and Lillian 384
Janowski, Leo 385 Janowski, Wilfred and Melva 385
Janzen, Bill and Alice 91 Janzen, Cornelius and Helen 250
Janzen, Cornelius and Kathryn 91 Janzen, Dave and Laura 91
Janzen, Hank and Elizabeth 92 Janzen, Harvey and Maxine 92
Janzen, Henry I. and Justina 93 Janzen, Henry W. and Agenetha 251
Janzen, Isaac and Maria 93 Janzen, Isaac I. 93
Janzen, Jacob I. and Katherina 93 Janzen, Jacob J. and Anna 386
Janzen, John and Marie 94 Janzen, Peter and Gertrude 94
Janzen, Peter H. and Elizabeth 95 Jorgenson, Harold and Opal 306
Family Page Family Page
Kalbus, Mark and Renay 95 Kastner, Emil and Katherine 338
Kastner, Lawrence and Marvel 338 Kellam, J. Hobart and Bessie 205
Kingzett, Alvin and Rose 205 Kingzett, Charles and Jennie 206
Kingzett, Clyde and Lulda 206 Kingzett, Frank and Joy 206
Kingzett, John and Garnett 206 Kingzett, John C. and Donna 207
Kingzett, William and Virginia 207 Klein, Alex and Edna 95
Klein, Andrew and Myrtle 251 Klein, Clayton and Danelda 252
Klein, Clinton and Joyce 252 Klein, Dave and Lizzie 96
Klein, David and Shelly 280 Klein, Donald and Evelyn 96
Klein, Fred and Rosine 339 Klein, George and Anna 252
Klein, Gottfried and Bertha 339 Klein, Gottfried and Mary 97
Klein, Gottfried and Sabina 97 Klein, Leonard and Carolyn 253
Klein, Melvin and Ruth 98 Klein, Marwood and Susie 98
Koehn, Alfred J. "Sonny" and Irene 99 Koehn, Jacob and Anna 99
Koehn, John O. 99 Korb, Leo and Eleanor 386
Korb, Wilfred and Martha 386 Kraemer, John and Annie 207
Kraft, Floyd and Connie 208 Kraft, Kasper and Minerva 281
Kraft, Morris 208 Kram, Brian and Barb 208
Kram, Jake and Judy 208 Kroeplin, Peter and Nellie 209
Krom, Ted and Theresa 209
Family Page Family Page
Lafrenz, Carl and Mabel 210 Lafrenz, Hans and Johanna 210
Lafrenz, John and Imo 210 Lafrenz, William and Patricia 210
Lageson, Ernest and Eunice 211 Lamont, Peter (Tauder) and Esther 211
Lampson, Orville and Dorothy 340 Larson, Ernest and Louise 211
Larson, Jan Peter and Nellie 211 Laturnus, Dean and Kim 99
Laturnus, Peter and Donna 387 Lebrun, Albert and Esther 212
Lehnen, Matthew and Magdalena 388 Lewis, Charles and Janice 212
Lewis, Jacob S. and Agnes 213 Lewis, Russell and Lillie 213
Liberty, Jim and Trudy 388 Lick, Everett 214
Lindseth, Alfred and Sina 156 Lindseth, Allen and Vicki 100
Lindseth, Arnold and JoEllen 101 Lindseth, Knut and Phyllis 101
Lindseth, Newton and Karen 102 Lindseth, Ted and Francis 340
Lindseth, Theodore and Jackie 102 Loewen, Cornelius and Isabelle 253
Logan, William and Zora 214 Lucas, Edd and Pearl 214
Lugar, Frank and Rosa 281 Lugar, Louis and Solange 282
Family Page Family Page
Maag, Arlo and Karen 102 MacArthur, Stewart and Clara 283
Mace, Glenn and Marilee 341 Marcelin, Henry and Joan 214
Martin, Alexander and Dorothy 215 Martin, Jack and Agnes 103
Martinson, Richard and Cheryl 104 McArthur, Alex and Mary 282
McArthur, LaVerne (Sonny) 215 McArthur, Lynn and Janet 283
McArthur, Roger and Steph 104 McArthur, Scott and Elaine 104
McCallum, John C. and Garnett 215 McDaniel, Charles and Elva 216
McDaniel, Charles Robert and Lillian 216 McDaniel, Howard 217
McDaniel, Ivan and Evelyn 217 McDaniel, Robert Vernon and Rena 217
McDonald, Don and Joy 105 McLean, Dan and Hilda 284
McLean, Jack and Marge 105 McLean, John and Lillian 106
McLean, Tim and Pat 107 Metzger, Ed and Minnie 217
Michels, Alphonese and Frances 389 Michels, Arthur and Viola 108
Michels, Hubert and Katie 389 Michels, Norbert and Clara 391
Michels, Roman and Muriel 318 Midjaas, Lars and Leah 218
Mittelholtz, Simon and Margaret 108 Moore, John and Ruby 254
Morehouse, Robert and Gloria 341 Morgan, Jim and Gertie 219
Morris, Craig 219 Morris, Dennis and Eileen 219
Morris, Harry and Elsie 219 Morris, James and Algie 219
Morris, Louis and Olive 230 Morris, Ralph and Rose 230
Mortenson, Magnus and Ettie 157 Mosolf, Charles and Otelia 221
Moself, George and Mar 221 Muehl, James and Barbra 221
Mueller, Don 306 Mueller, Elmer and Eleanor 392
Mueller, John C. and Margaret 392 Mueller, Kevin and Jan 306
Mueller, Nicholas J. 307 Mueller, Nick H. and Emma 393
Murrey, Robert and Darlyne 221 Myers, Clyde and Lisa 157
Family Page Family Page
Nagel, Churchil and Valrein 158 Nelson, Arthur J. and Lottie 222
Nelson, Clifford and Clara Mae 158 Nelson, Edward and Isabel 222
Nelson, Joel and Clara 159 Nelson, John and Anna 160
Nelson, John and Grace 222 Nelson, Robert and Ruby 109
Neussendorfer, Joseph and Josephine 393 Nickeson, Albert and Marjorie 223
Nickeson, Hugh and Kate 223 Nickeson, Richard and Cora 223
Nosbusch, Frank and Martha 109 Nosbusch, Roman Jacob Family 110
Nygaard, Leonard and Patricia 224
Family Page Family Page
Olson, Alice Shortridge 224 Olson, Peter and Della 224
Olson, Ortmann, Hellmuth and Helena 110
Family Page Family Page
Pankratz, Chad 224 Pankratz, Chris 284
Pankratz, Donald and Viola 285 Pankratz, Frank and Louise 342
Pankratz, Gary and June 111 Pankraktz, Harry and Elsie 285
Pankratz, Jacob and Katherina 342 Pankratz, John B. and Susanna 285
Pankratz, Wayne and Dawn 224 Pankratz, Wilbur and Lucille 111
Parks, Burlie and Edna 225 Paulson, Lloyd and Mary 225
Perry, David and Mary 112 Peters, John and Katherina 394
Peters, Peter and Elizabeth 255 Petersen, Marius and Marie 226
Pollestad, Kenneth and Doris 161 Poss, Jacob and Catherine 394
Pound, Harold and Eleanor 226
Family Page Family Page
Quiring, Dietrick and Mary 112 Quiring, Ed and Ruby 112
Quiring, Johann and Anna 114
Family Page Family Page
Rein, Carl and Anna 226 Reimer, Aaron and Josephine 226
Render, Charles E. and Charlotte 114 Rham, Lynn and Florence 227
Ritter, Howard and Gertrude 227 Ritter, John and Margaret 328
Ritter, Norris and Ovidia 286 Ritter, Richard and Bernetta 115
Robson, John and Frances 228 Rohn, Peter and Katherine 343
Roles, Anton and MaryAnn 394 Roles, J.B. and Annie 115
Romfo, Armond and Gloria 286 Romfo, Rick and Peggy 115
Ronning, John 228 Roppel, Christian and Sarah 255
Roppel, Clifford and Ann 256 Roppel, Mike and Debbie 257
Roppel, Terry and Joy 343 Rouse, Chester and Addie 395
Rouse, Harris and Evonne 396 Royce, George 228
Rupp, Gene and Nellie 116 Rupp, Katherine 116
Russell, Philip and Alice 229 Rutledge, Rev. Richard and Mary 229
Family Page Family Page
Saele, Harris and Dianne 161 Sandison, Walter and Eva 287
Sappington, James and Jean 230 Saxlund, Burdett and Helen 257
Schields, Herman and Anna 116 Schill, Elmer and Ferne 230
Schill, Pete and Loretta 116 Schmidt, Peter and Flora 162
Schmiess, Alexander and Amalia 258 Schmiess, David and Julia 259
Schmiess, David D. and Julia 259 Schmiess, Henry and Verna 260
Schmiess, Lynn and Donna 260 Schmiess, Richard and Mary 261
Schommer, Andrew and Annie 396 Schommer, Bernard and Aletha 118
Schommer, Craig 118 Schommer, Don and Michele 119
Schommer, Henry and Theckla 397 Schommer, Jim and Connie 397
Schommer, Justin 119 Schommer, Norman and Shirley 119
Schommer, Robert 120 Schottenbauer, John 230
Schottenbauer, Nick and Helen 230 Schottenbauer, Steve 231
Schrader, Kenneth and Helen 231 Schrader, Wilbur and Eloise 231
Schrader, Wilfred and Phyllis 287 Schrader, William and Louisa 288
Schreder, Pete and Mary 398 Shreder, Ludwina 120
Schreiner, Alexander and Lydia 120 Schuler, Alphonse and Sharon 398
Schuler, Boniface and Irene 399 Schuler, Dominie and Margaret 399
Schuler, Duane and Pam 232 Schuler, Edmund and Eleanor 400
Schuler, John and Molly 121 Schuler, Peter and Julia 401
Schuler, Richard and Marcia 122 Schuler, Roman and Marquerite 122
Schuler, Thomas and Mary Ellen 123 Schultz, Gustaf and Sarah 162
Schultz, Melroy and Joy 165 Schultz, Willard and Katherine 165
Scott, Elias and Laura 166 Scott, Francis and Louisa 166
Scott, Walter and Joan 167 Seaver, Herbert and Clara Lou 233
Seaworth, Ted and Vivian 233 Seterdahl, Alfred and Velma 343
Severeid, Ed and Lena 344 Severtson, Sylvester and Iris 261
Shaw, Don and Phyllis 233 Sillers, Charles and Camalia 233
Skadal, Fred and Pearl 167 Skjerva, John and Helga 345
Skjerva, Julius and Betty 345 Skjerva, Norton and Adeline 345
Skjervheim, Christian and Lilly 168 Skjervheim, Ole C. and Mina 262
Solberg, Anders Hansen 263 Solberg, Arnold and Gustina 263
Solberg, Hendrik and Inga 265 Sorum, Oscar 234
Spenst, John J. and Isabelle 345 Spenst, Paul and Linda 307
Spenst, Roland and Bernice 346 Springsted, Stan and Barb 234
Stapelton, Joe and Alice 234 Stein, Peter and Anna 288
Stolt, Wilmer and Christa 124 Stremick, Elaine Harder 124
Family Page Family Page
Tabert, Benjamin and Katie 125 Tabert, Clifford and Doreen 125
Tabert, Edward and Minnie 126 Tabert, Zane and Beth 126
Tattle, Charles and Mary 234 Taylor, L.C. and Rosie 235
Taylor, Lorne K. and Harriet 235 Thielen, Joseph and Gertrude 236
Thielen, Lawrence Joseph 236 Thiessen, Abraham and Marie 401
Thiessen, John D. and Annie 127 Tholkes, Joseph and Geraldine 237
Tholkes, Joseph and Mary 128 Tholkes, Ron and Linda 237
Toews, Isaac and Marie 128 Toews, Jacob and Evelyn 147
Tohm, Dwight and Lois 307 Tolm, Melvin and Faye 307
Towers, Earl and Buelah 347 Treleaven, Earle and Pearl 238
Trisko, Don and Marion 238
Family Page Family Page
Ulland, Manvil and Ruth 238 Unger, John H. and Agnes 128
Unruh, Betty Gurley 129 Unruh, Daniel and Dee 403
Unruh, Dietrich and Wynona 238 Unruh, Leonard and Olga 403
Unruh, Milton and Darlene 129 Unruh, William and Vergeane 347
Family Page Family Page
VanHorn, John and Caroline 239 Vesterso, Kent and Brenda 239
Family Page Family Page
Walerius, Henry and Hannah 130 Walerius, Leo and Helyn 130
Walker, Dante Dean 129 Warwick, Leonard and Carrie 266
Weaver, Craig and Barbara 168 Weaver, Elmer and Clarinda 169
Weaver, Kenneth and Sandra 170 Weber, Bartley and Elizabeth 170
Weber, Isabell 170 Weber, John and Margaret 404
Weber, Lawrence and Patsy 308 Weber, Leo and Mary Ann 308
Weber, Math and Catherine 309 Wengeler, Herman Sr. and Elizabeth 405
Wengeler, Joseph and Mary 171 Weston, Margorie Boomgaarden 239
Westphal, Edgar and Susan 131 Westphal, Gustav and Jessie 288
Westphal, Henry and Ada 289 Westphal, Karl and Faye 290
Westphal, Pete and Doris 240 Westphal, Reinhold and Pauline 290
Westphal, Rudolph and Eleanor 291 Wicorek, Albert and Katherine 293
Wicorek, Eddie 131 Wiedeman, Fred 240
Wiens, Allen and Arlys 132 Wiens, Edwin and Catherine 132
Wiens, Elmer and Arvelda 266 Wiens, Jacob and Helen 348
Wiens, Peter and Susie 267 Wilson, William and Georgia 240
Winter, Walter and Amanda 240 Wipf, Joseph and Maria 348
Wipf, Mike and Julia 348 Wirth, Brian 132
Wirth, Bruce and Rita 405 Wirth, Debra Stremick 133
Wirth, Emmery and Viola 406 Wirth, Fred and Jane 407
Wirth, Gary and Lori 407 Wirth, John and Cunigunda 408
Wirth, Jonathan and Jessica 410 Wirth, Larry and Linda 133
Wirth, Lester and Leona 410 Wirth, Michael and Martha 411
Wirth, Norman and Nora 412 Wirth, Roger and Gail 134
Wirth, Victor and Esther 413 Woodyard, Harry and Phyllis 241
Worms, Leonard and Mildred 241 Wruck, Arthur and Gertrude 294
Family Page Family Page
Yakish, Jack and Irene 413
Family Page Family Page
Zimmer, Dick and Cindy 134 Zimmer, Mark and Kyza 135
Zimmer, Mathias and Elizabeth 414 Zimmer, Peter 136
Zimmer, Roman and Pauline 137
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