Hannah, ND, 1896-1996
Hannah, ND, 1896-1996
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Family Page Family Page
Abbott, Joseph and Ann (Sherdon) 39 Abbott, William and Rebecca 39
Ackland, John and Mary (Schenck) 39 Ackland, Thomas and Cynthia 40
Adams, Alpheus and Jane (Hannah) 40 Adams, Kenneth and Irma (Kieffer) 40
Adams, Raymond and Jennie (Templeton) 41 Albinson, Joseph 41
Abinson, William and Anne (Horrocks) 41 Anderson, Milan and Mary (Wilhelmi) 41
Aronson, Myrle and Darlen (McConnel) 42 Atchison, J. Wesley and Maude (Streight) 43
Atchison, William and Anne (Montgomery) 43 Austin, Rev. James and Alice (Page) 44
Family Page Family Page
Badding, Gary and Kathy (Bertsch) 44 Badding, Jerold and Carol (Lewis) 45
Balfour, Clinton and Lucille (Campbell) 45 Balfour, Curtis and Vivian (Cose) 46
Balfour, Edward and Verna (Grieve) 46 Balfour, John and Elizabeth (Harper) 46
Balfour, Norman and Kathleen (Elsberry) 47 Balfour, Roy and Myrtle (Shanks) 47
Balfour, Russell and Matie (Countryman) 48 Balfour, Samuel and Margaret (Bassingthwaite) 48
Balfour, William and Alma (Rogers) 49 Barker, Richard and Verbena (Klein) 49
Bassingthwaite, Frank and Kathryn (Knutson) 50 Bassingthwaite, George and Laura (Rundle) 50
Baumgartner, Godfrey and Rosa (Kortuem) 51 Beaton, Neil and Mary (McArthur) 52
Beaulieu, Lornie and Cecilia (Koehmstedt) 52 Biby, Thomas and Deanna (Woodrow) 52
Bittner, Leo and Lillian (Messener) 52 Black, James and Janet (Cochran) 53
Blair, Henry and Loella (Larson) 53 Borgen, Dennis and Maryl (Schneider) 54
Borgen, Kerwin and Flora (Zick) 54 Borgen, Oliver and Elsie (Gradwell) 55
Borgen, Ralph and Dora (McLean) 56 Borgen, Richard and Karen (Yake) 57
Borgen, Tom and Nola (Koehmstedt) 57 Borgen, WIlliam and Mary (McLeod) 58
Bottrell, Phil and Connie (McIntyre) 58 Bouey, George and Annie (Muir) 59
Boyd, E. Tennyson and Verna (Brignall) 59 Brignall, Howard and Olga (Sand) 60
Brignall, John and Martha (Gibson) 61 Bristol, Belle 62
Brown, Alex and Irma (Samuelson) 62 Brown, Dean and Carolyn (Broussard) 63
Brown, Gene and Brenda (Bremes) 64 Brown, George and Gertrude (Heuer) 64
Brown, Harold and Della (Johnson) 65 Brown, Harley and Mitzi (Beier) 65
Brown, Jack and Marlene (Pengilly) 66 Brown, Victor and Pearl (Dickinson) 66
Bulloch, George and Rachel (Wild) 67 Butterwick, Charles and Lena (Davis) 67
Byers, James and Jane (Kintrea) 68
Family Page Family Page
Campbell, Donald and Isabella (Grant) 68 Campbell, Donald and Rosanne (Gendreau) 68
Campbell, Joseph and Caroline (Holo) 69 Carpenter, John and Ada (Mumby) 69
Catherwood, Joseph and Ethel (Hannah) 70 Catherwood, WIlson and Letitia (Davison) 71
Cavers, Albert and Annie (Boddy) 71 Christianson, George 72
Clark, Duncan and Margaret (Templeton) 72 Clark, Sandy and Edith (Johnson) 73
Clark, Thomas 73 Cochran, Jessie (Gilmour) Greenshields 73
Cook, William and Mary (Casey) 74 Corry, William and Jessie (Jameson) 74
Countryman, Orville and Ida (Coffin) 74 Cruickshanks, Peter and Jane (Fordyce) 75
Family Page Family Page
Daniels, Orville and Rachel (Hough) 75 Daniels, Silas and Oline (Sateren) 77
Davis, Damon 79 Delvo, Jerome and Beatrice (Messner) 79
Denault, Albert 79 Dennett, James and Carrie (Greslie) 80
Dickinson, Henry and Mae (Larter) 80 Dickson, Daryl and June (Gustafson) 81
Dickson, Dim and Eva (Prior) 81 Dickson, Earl and Myrtle (Prior) 82
Dickson, Earl and Norma (Templeton) 83 Dickson, Kermit and Jean (Robertson) 84
Dickson, William and Catherine (Lapp) 84 Dixon, Robert F. 85
Domres, Jerry and Bev (Erickson) 85 Dryburgh, William 86
Duncan, Merritt Smith and Margaret (Higgins) 86
Family Page Family Page
Eckert, Konrad and Carrie (Martin) 87 Eddington, Lester and Millicent (Webb) 88
Edworthy, George and Rachel (Brown) 88 Edworthy, Joseph 88
Edworthy, William 89 Ellis, James B. and Alexandrina (McNaught) 89
Erickson, Alvin 90 Erickson, Leonard and Pearl (Sando) 88
Evans, Nelson and Edna (Wiser) 90 Ewen, Frank and Margaret (Johnson) 92
Ewen, William and Margaret (Morrison) 92
Family Page Family Page
Fairbanks, Miles and Elvira (Bergstrom) 93 Faris, WIlliam and Emma (Lyle) 93
Feil, Dareld and Frances (Westphal) 94 Feil, Leslie and Olga (Borgen) 94
Foisie, Lloyd and Ruby 95 Ford, William and Jessie (Clark) 95
Formo, Alfred and Irene (Sando) 96
Family Page Family Page
Godfrey, Charles and June (Oakland) 96 Gradwell, Thomas and Mary 97
Gray, Alfred and Alice (Carter) 98 Greenshields, WIlliam and Catherine (McLeod) 98
Greenshields, William (Bill) and Marion (Warwick) 99 Grieve, Hugh and May (Bassingthwaite) 100
Grieve, James and Harriette (Routledge) 101 Grunden, Albert and Irene (Hewitt) 101
Guedesse, Lawrence and Mary (Nickerson) 101 Gunderson, Hans and Beatrice (Larivier) 102
Gunn, Donald and Janice (Ryan) 102 Gunn, J. Benjamin and Lottie (Skene) 103
Family Page Family Page
Haaven, Erich (Alex) and Mattie (Stone) 103 Haaven, Jeffrey and Carla (Hodgins) 103
Haaven, Lynn and Helen (Koehmstedt) 104 Halls, Melvin and Ruby (Handford) 104
Hamilton, Earl and Doreen (Thompson) 105 Hamilton, Ray and Sonja (Rothlander) 105
Hannah Sr., David and Mary (Wilson) 105 Hannah Jr., David and Goldie (Byers) 106
Hannah, Francis and Catherine (Virtue) 106 Hannah, James and Lydia (Anderson) 106
Hannah, John and Jennie (Wilson) 107 Hannah, Richard and Ann (Lewis) 107
Hannah, Robert and Sarah (Laybourne) 107 Hansel, Dennis and Drina (Lawson) 108
Haraseth, Gary and Karen (Kern) 108 Harbin, Ed and Agnes (Johnson) 108
Hart, Sam and Nettie (Daniels) 109 Hay, John and Catherine (Shaw) 112
Hay, WIlliam and Margaret (Muir) 112 Hazlitt, William and Mary 113
Helt, Virgil and Marilyn (Miller) 113 Hendrickson, Allen and Therese 114
Hewitt, William and Jennette (Simpkins) 114 Hill, Andrew and Margaret (Balfour) 114
Hill, Melvin and Virtue (Hannah) 115 Hines, David and Kate (Adams) 116
Hines, Phillip L. and Adelia (Elliot) 116 Hodgins, Charles and Jessie McNaught (Ellis) 117
Hodgins, Dale and Mary (Nickerson) 117 Hodgins, Floyd and Esther (Nickerson) 118
Hodgins, Franklin and Jessie (Blodgette) 119 Hodgins, Gail and Pat (Sherratt) 119
Hodgins, William and Ann (Larson) 120 Howatt, Allen and Bertha (McLean) 121
Howatt, Bradley and Sharon (Zingleman) 122 Howatt, Erle and Thelma (Bergman) 123
Howatt, Jerry and Patty (Zerr) 124 Howatt, Maurice and Phylis (Fischer) 124
Howatt, Rodney and Connie (Stevens) 126 Howatt, Scott and Nancy (Lea) 126
Hunt, James and Edith (Simm) 126 Hunt, John A. and Alma 126
Hunt, Robert and Ruth (Wheeler) 128
Family Page Family Page
Jeffrey Sr., Sam and Elizabeth (Manson) 128 Jeffrey Jr., Samuel and Clara (Borho) 128
Jeffrey, William and Fanny May (Waind) 130 Johnson, Daniel and Hannah 130
Johnson, Leonard and Doris (Baker) 130 Johnson, William and Alice (Hill) 130
Johnson, Leonard and Kathleen (Carpenter) 131 Jordan, Arnold and Judy (Borgen) 131
Jordan, Charles and Marie (Medalen) 131 Jordan, Charles and Mary (Blair) 132
Jordan, Elmer and Mabel (Spratt) 132
Family Page Family Page
Keaveny, Peter and Rosa (Johnson) 134 Keaveny, Raymond and Iona (Bouey) 134
Kern, Archie and Clara (Peters) 135 Kern, Harry and Ella (Conat) 136
Kern, Raymond and Olive (Hodgins) 137 Kieffer, Anthony and Annie (Schill) 137
Kieffer, Wilfred Abe 137 King, Arthur and Pearl (Knight) 138
King, Henry and Terrell (Balfour) 139 King Sr., John and Miram (Taylor) 139
King, John A. and Margaret (Hannah) 139 King, Thomas and Adah (Skene) 139
King, Willis and Blanche (Herwick) 140 Kirby, Christine 141
Kirk, John 141 Kram, Jacob and Judy (Seaworth) 141
Kram Sr., Jacob and Lena (Stremick) 142 Kyle, James and Fanny (Knowles) 146
Family Page Family Page
LaPorte, Joe 146 Larson, Larry and Dianne (Myron) 146
Larson, Merritt and Peggy (Murdock) 147 Larson, Urban and Laura (Duncan) 147
Law, Francis and Alice (Blanchard) 147 Law, Henry and Mabel (Byers) 147
Law, Ingol and Florence (Dickson) 147 Law, John and Margaret (Byers) 147
Lawson, Charles and Sarah (Edworthy) 149 Lawson, Hance and Mary (Ellis) 149
Lewis, Austin and Ethel (Balgaard Sektan) 150 Lewis, Samuel and Annie (McLean) 150
Long Daniel and Adelia (Costello) 151 Long, Robert and Lola (Magnus) 151
Family Page Family Page
MacDonald, Neil and Isabel (McLeod) 152 Manikel, August and Julia (Knapp) 153
McAdam, Charles and Mary (Hill) 153 McAdam, Samuel and Norah (Patterson) 154
McBain, George and Harriet (Malan) 154 McDonnell, Dave and Glenda 155
McDonald, Lionel and Charlene (MacLean) 155 McDonald, Robert Kay and Carol (Haapaja) 155
McGlashan, John and Elizabeth (Lyall) 156 McGruer, Donald and Mary (Heim) 156
McGuire, James and Minnie (Routledge) 156 McIntosh, Athol and Beatrice (Elsberry) 157
McIntosh, Donald and Lettie (Shaver) 157 McInthosh, Donald F. and Vera (Bergstrom) 159
McKnight, Mathew and Oliver (Porter) 160 McLean, Agnes 160
McLean. Anna 160 McLean, Dougal and Janet (Gillin) 161
McLean, Duncan and Lovisa (Ullyott) 162 McLean, Hector and Alta (Nickerson) 162
McLean, Henry and Margaret (Work) 163 McLean, Dr. Hugh and Gertrude 163
McLean, John and Annie (Abbott) 164 McLean, Margaret 164
McLean, Robert and Emma (Adams) 164 McLean, Robert and Jean McMaster 164
McLean, Sarah 165 McLean, Wayne and Lorraine, (Gunn) 165
McLeod, Daryl and Lois (McConnell) 165 McLeod, Gordon and Ruby (Thompson) 166
McLeod, John and Jan (MacAuley) 166 McLeod, Louis and Flora (MacLeod) 167
McLeod, Murdock and Katherine (McAuley) 168 McMillan, C.B. and Minnie (Rose) 169
McNiven, Locki and ISabella (Cameron) 169 McTavish, Donald and Elizabeth (Maloney) 170
Medd, Albert and Laura (Reo) 171 Messner, Alex and Beatrice (Ohlheiser) 171
Metzger, Gary and Liela (Feil) 172 Metzger, Simon and Pauline (Gellner) 172
Mikkelsen, Floyd and Betty (Borgen) 174 Miller, Leon and Roberta (Prior) 175
Milligan, Emmet and Olive (Chase) 176 Milne, Emslie and Agnes (Laird) 176
Moffatt, James and Christina (Reid) 177 Moffat, Peter and Alice (Thody) 178
Morgan, Clair and May (King) 179 Morrison, Murdock and Christina (McLeod) 179
Muir, George and Margaret (Reid) 179 Muir, James and Mary (Shaw) 179
Muir, Peter and Ester (Gemmill) 180 Murdock, Paul and Amy (Hendrickson). 180
Family Page Family Page
Nelson, Albert and Mabel (Dennett) 180 Nickerson, Dave and Linda McDonald) 181
Nickerson, James and Rachel (Stiles) 181 Nickerson, Ralph and Martha (Bateman) 182
Nickerson, Roy and Blanche (Scott) 183 Niemcryk, Frances and Mary (Golce) 184
Family Page Family Page
Oberg, Adolph and Alta (Kime) 184 Olson, Henry and Levina (Petterson) 185
Family Page Family Page
Patterson, Herbert and Dora (McMartin) 186 Patterson, Robert and Amelia (Norquist) 186
Perius, Benjamin and Lynette (Nickerson) 187 Petrius, Edwin and Florence (Charon) 187
Pettis, Gideon and Hattie (Hewitt) 188 Pflaum, Clifford and Lucille (Boyd) 188
Pflaum, Walter and Ruth (Murray) 188 Pladsen, Ole and Edith (Hazlitt) 189
Plummer, Douglas and Linda (Wiebe) 190 Plummer, Ostle and Betty (Zarn) 190
Porter, Andrew and Mary Jane (Gallaher) 190 Porter Jr., Andrew and Elisabeth (McKay) 191
Porter, Clifton and Una May (Davey) 191 Porter, Ernest and Gladys (Atchison) 192
Porter, George and Ida (Adams) 193 Potter, Joseph and Jean (Cruickshanks) 193
Potter, Joseph and Helen (Grieve) 194 Prior, Thomas and Emma (Kelland) 194
Family Page Family Page
Reid, Peter and Henrietta (Balforur) 195 Reid, Sandy and Nettie (Muir) 196
Reis, William and Sarah (Hanna) 196 Restad, Denis and Tiny (Brown) 197
Ridley, Dale and Helen (McElroy) 197 Robertson, WIlliam and Emily (Albinson) 198
Rockwell, M.J. and Emily (Lull) 199 Romfo, Armond and Gloria (Ritter) 199
Romfo, Dean and Lois (Evans) 200 Romfo, Doug and Carla (Bodding) 200
Romfo, Helgert and Lillie (Christanson) 200 Romfo, Neil and Marilyn (Kern) 201
Romfo, Ronald and Cecelia (Groff) 202 Romfo, WIllis and Sheri (Krumwiede) 202
Rose, John and Agnes (Dafoe) 203 Rose, Lawrence and Edith (Carpenter) 204
Ross, John and Lucy (Simm) 204 Russell, James 204
Rutz, Johan and Catherine (Wolfe) 205 Ryan, Ed and Olive (Hodgins Kern) 205
Ryan, Frank and Dora (Olafson) 205 Ryan, Jeff and Debra (Feil) 206
Ryan, Robert and Doris (Towers) 206
Family Page Family Page
Samuelson, Einar and Brenda (Peterson) 207 Sand, Emil 208
Sando, Clarence and Elizabeth (Kempel) 208 Sando, Earl and Joyce (Brignall) 208
Sando, John and Annie (Briggs) 209 Schill, Joseph and Margaret (Hoffarth) 209
Schneider, Elmer and Gerry (Kram) 210 Schneider, Harvey and Alexis (Brown) 210
Schneider, Louis and Jean (Rosenberger) 211 Schneider, Ray and Elsie (Johnson) 211
Sshneider, Syl and Darylene (Dickson) 212 Scott JR., Bob and Patricia (Holmen) 213
Scott, Elmer and Grace (Borgen) 213 Scott, Harry and Sarah (McNiven) 213
Scott, Ralph and Marilyn (Walker) 214 Scott, Robert and Velma (Nickerson) 214
Scott, Samuel and Elsie (Konze) 215 Seely, John and Vera (Robertson) 215
Shanks, Dan and Mathilda (McKeitrick) 216 Shaver, Eli and Mary (Ruthven) 216
Shaw, Donald and Mary (McKinnon) 218 Shaw, Neil and Dorothy (Albinson) 218
Shortridge, Wesley and Nancy (Bloomquist) 218 Skene, Elmer and Minnie (Hannah) 220
Smith, Bruce 222 Smith, Ivan 222
Snowfield, Magnus and Gudbjorg (Goodman) 223 Sommer, Harold and Loraine (Hangsleben) 223
South, Herbert and Ida (Schwantz) 224 Sperling, Albert and Emma 224
Spiker, Elmer and Catherine (Bassingthwaite) 225 Spiker, Isaac and Lucy (Barkley) 225
Spiker, Thomas and Mina (King) 226 Sprague, Charles and Ann (Herrick) 226
Sproat, Thomas 226 Strait, Abner and Jennie (Lunder) 226
Strait, John and Annie (McTavish)l 227 Steinke, Eugene and Renae (Kern) 227
Sunde, Trygve and Thelma (Solverson) 228 Sylvester, John and Alberta (Balfour) 229
Family Page Family Page
Tapson Sr., Donald R. and Gladys (Dew) 229 Tapson Jr., Donald and Carol (Hodges) 229
Templeton, Gilbert and Mary (McQuarrie) 229 Templeton, James and Sarah (Hannah) 230
Templeton, Robert and Ida (Strait) 230 Thody, William and Mary (Atchison) 231
Thompson, Wellington and Alice (Robillard) 232 Tibbits, Annette (Romfo) 234
Till, Thomas and Margaret (Muir) 234 Tollefson, Gordon and May 235
Treleaven, Elden and Mary (Cannon) 236 Treleaven, Frank and Clara (Davis) 236
Treleaven, Larry and Linda (Larson) 237 Treleaven, Willard and Violet (Shanks) 237
Family Page Family Page
Valentine, Thomas and Celina 237 Vergal, John and Ella (Reige) 238
Vodden, Wilfred and Annabelle (Cowan) 238
Family Page Family Page
Warwick, William and Carrie (Cowan) 239 Weed, Lincoln and Ethyl (Balfour) 240
Weiner, Robert and Lorraine (Borgen) 240 Wells, Emory and Jane (Hannah) 241
Weston, Irwin and Irene (South) 241 Wilcox, Jessie and Ellen 242
Wilson, Robert and Finetta (Cragg) 242 Woetovech, Katherine Elyk 243
Woodrow, Chester and Anita (Mclean) 243 Woodrow, Daryl and Patricia (Zeis) 244
Family Page Family Page
Zimniak, Sam and Mary (Niemcryk) 244 Zimniak, Sam and Josephine (Schill) 244
Zingleman, Don and Melva (Miller) 245
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