Formation of Yancey County


Yancey County, North Carolina

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Updated April 14, 2013

                                       FORMATION OF YANCEY COUNTY

                                       1830 - 1920


Yancey was not established at this time. Only 5 counties dominated the western NC territory.

1833, Yancey County was formed out of Buncombe and Burke lands.

1849, Watauga was formed out of Yancey's northern territory; southern part of Yancey was annexed to Buncombe.

1851, Madison County was formed out of Yancey's western area.

1861, Mitchell is formed out of northern Yancey's territory making the county even smaller.

1911, Avery was formed out Mitchell; subsequently Yancey's northern boundary with Mitchell changed.

Source:  Hope Bailey, United States Census Map 1987; Cartographer William Dollarhide; additional source, Corbitt, David, The Formation of the North Carolina Counties 1663 - 1943, Division of the Archives and History; N.C. Historical Commission, Raleigh, NC, 1975

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