William Issam Hensley Cemetery, Little Creek, Yancey Co., North Carolina

Hensley Cemetery of Little Creek

Little Creek, Yancey Co., North Carolina

Documented by Beth Bradford-Pytel

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"Hensley Cemetery" is named after Civil War Veteran William Issam Hensley (b. November 22, 1835 - d. November 7, 1928) the son of William Bryson Hensley and Elizabeth "Betsie" Cooper.  The cemetery is fenced in, active and well taken care of.   To access the cemetery, it's recommended to park the car at the designated lot and walk up the hill.   There are several unmarked graves.


Directions:  Proceed on 19W east towards Burnsville.  At the stop sign this is Bee Log Junction.  Make a right and cross the Cane River; Guys General Store/Gas Station is on the left.  Continue on Little Creek Road for 3/10 of a mile and proceed straight on Phillips Road for 2/10 of a mile (Little Creek Road bends to the left).  Turn left on Hensley Farm Road which is a private road and proceed 4/10 of a mile.  Turn right before reaching the old Marcus Hensley home.  Proceed about 800 feet up the grassy lane (4 wheel drive recommended).   There is a small parking area; you will see the cemetery in the distance which is about 700 feet.


NOTE: This project was in partnership and collaboration with fellow researcher Julian Fender and a descendant of William Issam Hensley.  All photos are courtesy of Julian Fender (unless otherwise noted) whom I give special thanks for his time and effort.

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SURNAMES:  ETKIND [#16], HENSLEY [1-8; 14-15], HOLLY [#15],  LEDFORD [#5], MCCURRY [#11], PARKER [#9-11], PEEK/PEAKE [#2], PIRKLE [#14], TIPTON [#4b], WELTON [#12-13]


1.   HENSLEY, William [Issam]

"Co. K 13 Tenn Cav." 

b. November 22, 1835 - d. November 22, 1928

[s/o William Bryson Hensley and Elizabeth "Betsie" Cooper; he married 1st Hannah Cooper-Bradford in 1866  (buried Sam Bradford Cem); children: Edith, Belandrona buried Martins Creek, and William.   Hannah died in 1872 most likely giving birth to William.

2nd wife - Nellie Ann Peake #2; married April 1, 1876.

NOTE: William Issam Hensley was conscripted into the CSA as Private for the 64th NC Regiment but was captured by Union forces and thereafter pledged allegiance and enlisted to serve the Union side as Private,  Co. K, 13th Tenn Cavalry.   In his war pension, his Leiutenant Henry M. Walker described him as being 5 feet 8", dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair and enlisted in his unit on October 1, 1863, at Crab Orchard, KY by G.W. Doughty for 3 yrs.  William died of "hemiplegia and partial paralysis"-





2.  HENSLEY, Nellie Ann [PEAKE]

b.  April 14, 1850 - d. May 29, 1930

"Faithful to Her Trust Even Unto Death"

[d/o Rev. John Willis Peake and Achsa "Axie" M. Byrd (buried Peake Cem. Little Creek);

married 1st Cornelius R. Bailey January 25, 1876; 1 child -Cornelius R. Bailey, Jr.

After the death of CR Bailey, she married William I. Hensley on April 1, 1876; 

children:  Marcus Alonzo #7, Hannah A., Samuel Turner #4, James Frank #6, Kimsey M. #3, Achsa L., Hiram Bulow (buried Hannum Cem.), Oscar B.]

NOTE:  First husband "CR" Bailey (b. June 13, 1849 - d. Jan. 14, 1872) is the s/o Harvey J. Bailey and Aldecca Byrd of the Jacks Creek area.  He died after taking a bath in Jacks Creek in mid winter to remove a sulphur-lard paste used to cure scabies.   Dr. W. A. Peake attested in an Affidavit for Nellie's widow pension application of CR Bailey's death and that she was married to William Hensley and they never divorced.  KM Hensley #3, was the JP who affirmed the document. 

PHOTO:  Nellie and William - circa abt. 1920-courtesy of the Hensley Heirloom Collection.  The original portrait is hanging on the wall at the home near the cemetery and this is a photo of that portrait taken by Julian Fender July 2014. 

        SEE AFFIDAVIT   


3.  HENSLEY, Kimsey M. [K. M.]

b.  June 27, 1884 - d. May 29, 1950

"Free Mason"

[s/o William I. Hensley and Nellie Ann Peake #1 and 2;  married 1st Lovada Johnson but died of tuberculosis around age 21;  2nd wife - Lily Hubbard]

PHOTO:  K. M. served as a Justice of the Peace for Yancey Co.  Left is Kimsey Hensley courtesy of June Honeycutt.


HENSLEY, Samuel Turner

b. April 28, 1880 - d. 1963

[s/o William I. Hensley and Nellie Ann Peake #1-2; married 1st Mildred "Millie Adkins (buried Peake Cem. Little Creek); married 2nd to Birdie A. Tipton on Jan. 10, 1914 - he was age 31]


4b.  HENSLEY, Birdie A.  [TIPTON]

b. 1892 - d. 1963

[2nd w/o of Samuel Turner Hensley; son -William Martin (buried Peek-Peake Cem)

NOTE:  Photo of Sam Hensley and Birdie A. courtesy of Darla Trotter - looks like their wedding day.



b. November 25, 1889 - d. October 31, 1983

[d/o Stanford Frederick Ledford and Amanda Adkins; 

w/o James F. Hensley #6; children - Bruce, Bonnie #14]

NOTE:  Death certificate indicates "Sarah Belle Hensley"; photo of James Frank, Belle and their child.  Bruce b. Feb. 18, 1924 - d. March 30, 1924; cause of death infantile paralysis buried n "Ramseytown" - most likely an unmarked grave at the Peek-Peake Cem)


6.  HENSLEY, James Frank

b. March 11, 1882 - d. May 31, 1954

"M Sgt. ORD Dept - WWI"

[s/o William I. Hensley and Nellie Ann Peake #1 and 2]

NOTE:  photo of James Frank in WWI Uniform; Frank lost a leg during the war.


7.  HENSLEY, Marcus Alonzo

b. Sept. 6, 1876 - d. Sept. 29, 1967

"North Carolina - CPL 17 Co. CAC - Spanish American War"

[s/o William I. Hensley and Nellie Ann Peake #1-2; married 1st Leah L. Adkins (buried Peake Cem.) and 2nd Marcene Parker #8]

PHOTO:  Marcus A. Hensley and first wife, Leah Adkins and children  Left to right: Marie Hensley, Leah Adkins Hensley, Issam Hensley (boy) Bessie Hensley (standing in back) Marcus Alonzo Hensley, Edthye Hensley.  Leah is not the natural mother of Bessie.      DEATH CERTIFICATE 


8.  HENSLEY, Marcene [PARKER]

b. January 4, 1894 - d. April 7, 1977

[d/o Thomas Parker and Louretta McCurry #10-11;

w/o Marcus Alonzo Hensley; children Leah and Nellie-Loretta #13]

PHOTO:  Marcus with 2nd wife Marcene Parker


9.  PARKER, Thelma

b. May 27, 1908 - d. December 13, 1942

"Wife of J. Walter Socha"

[d/o Thomas Parker and Loretta McCurry]


10.  PARKER, Thomas

b.  January 19, 1870 - d. January 29, 1950

[s/o unknown and Jane Phillips]

NOTE:  per the 1880 Census, Egypt Twp, he was "bound" to Cornelius Phillips and Lucinda.  Photo of Thomas Parker and wife Loretta McCurry courtesy of Hugh and Norma Sullivan.


11.  PARKER, Loretta MCCURRY

b.  December 21, 1878 - d. April 24, 1962

"Forever with the Lord"

[d/o Bailus M. McCurry and Nellie "Frashie" Ledford buried at McCourry-Ledford Cem.]

NOTE:  Photo of Loretta McCurry courtesy of Hugh and Norma Sullivan.


12a.  WELTON, George A.

b. September 12, 1903 - d. February 22, 1986

"Here Lies the Ashes"


12b.  WELTON, Eleanor W.

b. September 1, 1913 - d. October 31, 1981

[w/o George A.]


13a.  WELTON, Nellie Loretta HENSLEY

b. December 23, 1931

d. August 27, 2006

"In God's Hands Now - Beloved Wife of John"

[d/o Marcus Alonzo Hensley and Marcene Parker]

NOTE:  Photo (l-r)  sisters Nellie Loretta and Leah Marcena Hensley/ 2nd photo of Nellie in nurse uniform; Nellie had a long term military career in the US Army serving as Lt. Colonel in the Medical Corps.

13b.  WELTON, John K.

b. May 28, 1940 - d. March 14, 2012

[s/o George Albert Welton and Eleanor Wilma Smith; wife Nellie Loretta Hensley #13]

NOTE:  Served as Major in the US Army Reserve; held B.A. and M.S. degrees; served as a Federal Government administrator in field hospitals and medical centers, and contracting officer for construction, services and supplies.   OBITUARY


b. December 29, 1916 - d. March 2, 2004

[d/o James Frank Hensley and Belle Ledford #5/6]


15.  HOLLEY, Melvin F.

b. August 8, 1939 - d. March 19, 2003

"Beloved Dad, Husband and Paw Paw"

Free Mason


16. ETKIND, Corey Austin

b.  September 27, 1995 - d. October 18, 2000

NOTE:  It's Jewish tradition to place rocks on a grave in lieu of flowers for remembrance.


Plus Several Unmarked Graves


PHOTOS:  left is the lower entrance gate of the cemetery; right is the path from parking area toward the cemetery -- courtesy of Julian Fender.  Oct 2011.

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