Sampson-Wilson Cemetery

Sampson -Wilson Cemetery

Sampson Mountain Rd., Egypt Twp., Yancey Co., North Carolina

surveyed and researched by Beth Bradford-Pytel

updated on 12/31/18


PHOTO -bbpytel:  Macro view of the entrance and the sign crafted by Julian Fender and myself and installed on July 5, 2014.


The Sampson-Wilson Cemetery is named after both Sampson Mountain, 4,770 ft peak near which the cemetery is located and also the ancestors of Samuel Thomas Wilson (#1a), s/o Thomas Wilson and Mary Hensley.  The Sampson-Wilson and Duke Fender Cemeteries are situated next to each and both well maintained.  The graveyard is easily accessible by walking through the Duke Cemetery to enter.  The oldest marked grave is my 4G grandfather, John "Broke-Leg" Edwards (see plots 29a/b (b. Jan 1806 - d. Oct 1884) buried next to his 2nd wife, Margaret "Arty" Higgins.  A group of aged boxwoods surrounds CR Bradford and wife's graves which serve as the focal point of the cemetery.   There are over 25 unmarked graves with field stones.



Left and Right photos courtesy of Dwight Edwards Winter 2010


DIRECTIONS:  Proceed on 19W east towards Burnsville to the stop sign at Bee Log Junction.  Make a right and cross the Cane River. Guys General Store/Gas Station is on the left.  Make your first left onto Bald Mountain Road. Continue for about 4 miles (passing through Bee Log village) up the winding 2-lane road towards Bald Mountain.  Make a left onto Sampson Mountain Road and continue up the hill for about a half mile and you will see a livestock gate on the right.  This is the entrance to both Duke Fender and Sampson Wilson Cemeteries which are next to each other


I give special thanks to Dwight Edwards and Julian Fender for their collaboration, photos and partnership on this website for ancestry preservation.  The three of us are descendants of John "Broke-Leg" Edwards.

SURNAMES:  ADKINS [#3-4; 10], BRADFORD [#1b; 5-9; 31-32], BURLESON [#11], CRAIN [#19], EDWARDS  [#14; 16; 28-30; 34-37; 44-45], HANEY [#13; 23], HENSLEY [#17-18; 33; 35], HICKS [#5],  MCCURRY [#42] PARKER [#8a], PHILLIPS [#24-27], WILSON [#1-2; 12-15; 18b; 20-22; 38-44]


PHOTO:  Samuel T. Wilson and 2nd Wife, Elender "Nelly" Bradford - courtesy Dwight Edwards

1a.  WILSON, Samuel Thomas

b. February 4, 1832 - d. July 22, 1912

"A Soldier - Friend to his Country and a Believer in Christ"

Pvt. Co. C, 16th NC Infantry - CSA - Civil War

[s/o Thomas Wilson and Mary Anna Hensley; 1st wife is Mary Jane Dunkin/Duncan b. 1831 (d/o John Dunkin b. 1785 of Ashe Co., NC);  they    married August 21, 1853    in Yancey Co.; children:

1) William Andrew (b. Jan. 1854 - d. Mar 1926), Md. Manerva Catherine Robeson; buried Cureall Cem., Howell Co., MO

2) Austin (b. Feb. 1856) md. Livonia Ann Rebekah Hedrick

3) Elbert (b. 1858)

4) David (b. 1862)

6) John Douglas (b. 1864)

7) Mary (b. 1867) born in Missouri

NOTES:  During the 1850 Yancey Co., Census, Egypt Twp., HH #870, first wife Jane Duncan was 19 and living with widower Daniel Fender (age 59) and his three children whom he sired with his 2nd wife, Linda Duncan.  I suspect Jane is the younger sister of Linda and moved in with Daniel to help raise the three small children at which time she became acquainted with Samuel T. Wilson (age 16) who was living one door down with his parents.  3 years later, Samuel and Jane marry in August 1853 in Yancey Co.   During the 1860 Yancey Co. Census HH# 822, Samuel (age 25) and Jane (age 26) are indicated with their 3 sons.  The Civil War broke out and on May 1, 1861, at age 24, Samuel enlisted as Pvt. for Co. C., 16th NC Regiment CSA (formerly known as the 6th Regt).   He fought in the Battle of Seven Pines (also known as Fair Oaks) outside of Richmond, VA and sustained an injury to his left hand/wrist which resulted in amputation.  His military record showed that “he was wounded and lost his hand in action near Richmond.”  He was retired by the Order of the Board on July 31, 1864 by reason of disability.  In 1870, Samuel was living in Yancey with Nelly Bradford and their 3 children, while "Jane Wilson" is the head of household in the Jefferson Twp., Linn Co., MO Census HH# 96 with 5 of their youngest children and all noted being born in NC except for Mary being born in Missouri which would indicate that after the Civil War, Samuel and Jane were living in Missouri.  In the same 1870 Jefferson Twp., Linn Co., MO, census, HH #66, John A. Fender (s/o Daniel Fender and Linda Duncan) and family are noted.  On October 18, 1875, Samuel married Nelly Bradford in Yancey Co.   In 1878, John Californey Wilson (s/o William Wilson and Susannah Bradford) was living in Missouri and    wrote a letter    to his widowed mother back in Yancey Co., NC for her to tell Samuel Wilson that his wife (Mary Jane Duncan) and children are living in Arkansas with William W. Fender’s family and all is well.  The 1880 Cache, Lawrence Co. Arkansas Census, HH #439 showed Jane Wilson age 54 as "sister" living with William W. Fender and Martha A. along with her children sired by Samuel T.:  Elbert age 20 born NC, David age 18 born NC, John age 16 born NC and Mary age 12 born in MO and noted as nephews/niece of WW Fender.  I suspect she told the census taker she was a sister because she knew Thomas would never come back to her.  Based on the records and the dates of the births of children between both wives, he sired 3 children concurrently with Jane Duncan and Nelly Bradford.  He left his first wife, in Missouri with their children and returned to Yancey and married Nelly Bradford.   On July 3, 1885 at age 52, Samuel applied for a soldier’s pension.  In his declaration it stated “that while in Battle of Seven Pines in VA, he lost his left hand just above the wrist.”  He was approved by the Board for a pension.  Samuel and Nelly are found in the 1900 and 1910 Yancey Co., NC censuses living in Egypt Twp.   I could not find a death certificate for Samuel.


     Samuel Thomas Wilson's CIVIL WAR PAGE     


1b.  WILSON, Elender ["Nelly" BRADFORD]  unmarked

b. abt. 1843 - d. December 22, 1922

[d/o Samuel Bradford and Elizabeth Pate; 2nd w/o Samuel T. Wilson    married on October 19, 1875   ; their children:

1)  John Wesley #2b (b. 1865 - d. 1895) md. Saraphine "Fine" Parker

2)  William Riley (b. 1868-1945) md. Lucinda Robertson, d/o George W. Pate and Mary E. Robertson buried Wilson Cem.

       Photo of  William Riley and Lucinda      courtesy Dwight Edwards     Photo of William Riley and Lucinda     courtesy David Fender

3)  Mary #2 (b. 1870)

4)  Bacchus (b. 1873 - d. 1895)

5)  Silas (b.

6)  Martha Lucinda (b. 1879) md. John David Watts on April 19, 1895

7)  Franklin Bradford (b.1882)

NOTES:  Nellie Bradford was a mid-wife for the Bald Mountain community. During the Civil War, four of her brothers, Thomas (Co. B - killed in Murfeesboro, TN), Samuel (Co. B), William Ervin (Co. G), John C. (Co. G) all joined the 29th NC Infantry, CSA.  In the 1870 Yancey Co. Census, Sam and Nellie were living together but John W. and William Riley were noted as "Bradford".   During the 1920 Census, Egypt Twp, Nellie was widowed at age 75 and living with her daughter Martha Lucinda and her first husband, Burgess McCourry.        NC Death Record #583     cause of death "paralysis - old age"; died age 80, widow; informant W.F. Howard, parents mentioned in record; buried "Bald Mountain."



b.  February 5, 1870 - d. January 26, 1928

"Wife of J. E. Adkins"

[d/o Samuel T. Wilson and Elender Bradford; wife of John Ebb Adkins (b. May 8, 1871 - d. March 25, 1954 from Granger Co., TN) married March 6, 1895 children:  John W., Samuel W., Nellie S., David P.]

NOTE:       NC Death Record #329      cause of death "dropsy - heart disease"; died age 57, married; informant Riley Wilson (brother); parents mentioned in record; buried "Bald Mountain."


PHOTOS:  Left courtesy of Dwight Edwards; Right courtesy Delilah Myers.  Both restored by --bbpytel


2b WILSON, John Wesley, Sr. [unmarked]

b. January 6, 1865 - d. November 22, 1895

[s/o Samuel T. Wilson and Elender Bradford #1a/b; married Sarafine Parker #8a on July 25, 1884]


3.  ADKINS, Sam Willis

b. - d. 1982

NOTE: Funeral home marker; photo -bbpytel Sept 2013


4.  ADKINS, Callie LONG

b. July 31, 1908 - d. July 6, 2001

[d/o John Long and Mary E. Blankenship; w/o Samuel Willis Adkins]

NOTE: She died in Buchanan, Virginia.   tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010



b. Dec. 29, 1941 - d. January 22, 2007

[d/o Hubert Bradford and Nola Pate buried Milburn Bradford Cem. w/o William "Bill" Hicks]

NOTE:  Photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010

Funeral marker photo by Julian Fender Dec 2011


5b. HICKS, William "Bill" Robert

b. December 10, 1939 - d. December 17, 2014

[s/o Walter Hicks and Rose

NOTE: William was born in Kingsport, Tennessee and joined in the US Marine Corps.  After his military serviced, he worked and retired from Overnite / UPS.  He was an avid hunter and fisherman, expert rifleman and archer. He held the National American Bow-hunter Championship.  Funeral was held at East Lawn Funeral Home and service officiated by Pastor Dewy Shaffer.    Photos courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2015


6.  BRADFORD, Steve

b.  October 12, 1950 - d.  January 7, 1953

"Have Faith in God"

[s/o Hubert Bradford and Nola Pate buried Milburn Bradford Cem]

NOTE:     NC Death Record #2286     he was born October 1, 1949 and died January 7, 1953 from cholera.  Photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


7.  BRADFORD, Roger

b. October 5, 1944 - d. May 6, 1963

"An Inspiration to All Who Knew Him"

[s/o Hubert Bradford and Nola Pate buried Milburn Bradford Cem]

NOTE:     NC Death Record #15650     died age 19 from "uremia due to congenital bladder neck obstruction"; he was a student.   Photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


8a.  BRADFORD, Fine WILSON  [Sarafine PARKER]

b.  June 10, 1865 - d. May 22, 1942

[d/o James "Jim" Parker and Patty Phillips; married 1st- John Wesley Wilson Sr. (s/o Samuel Wilson and Nelly Bradford #1/2); married July 25, 1884; children:

1) Martha (b. 1884) md. John McCourry

2) Thomas (b. 1885 -d . 1941) md. Cordelia "Delia: McCourry buried McCourry-Ledford Cem.

3) Mary-Jane (b. 1886) md Mr. Brackins

4) Samuel (b. 1887 - d. 1948) md. Nellie Axey Ledford buried McCourry-Ledford Cem.

    Family photo of Samuel Wilson and Nellie Ledford     w/ sons Lester, Woodrow and John courtesy Dwight Edwards.

5) Garrett (b. 1890) md. Elizabeth McCourry

6) Roseanne (b. 1892) md. Rev. Zebulon Ledford


2nd Husband (in the photo) C.R Bradford (s/o Samuel Thomas Bradford and Elizabeth Pate) married May 10, 1914; no children together

NOTE:    DEATH RECORD    Photos courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


8b.   BRADFORD, C.R.  [Cornelius "Neely" R. Bradford]

"McElroys 16th NC Regt. CSA"

[b.  September 1854ish??  - d. November 3, 1934

s/o Samuel Bradford and Elizabeth Pate]

    NC Death Record #396      died of "Dropsy"; informant was his son Carter Bradford.

NOTES:  CR was born and raised in the Bald Mountain area of Yancey Co.  According to his Civil War Pension Application filed in 1932, he attests he is age 86 and enlisted in March 1864 serving for 8 months as Pvt. for the 16th NC Regt., CSA during the Civil War.  He could not remember his unit number and Colonel John S. McElroy and and Captain Holloway could not identify or any record of him.   Looking at the Census Records going back to 1850 and the ages of when he got married to his wives, there are gaps in his age declarations.  The key one being that in 1850, he was not found in the HH of his parents.  10 years later in the 1860 Census, he was age 6.  I am inclined to believe that he was born about 1854 when you look at all the records in totality.   He also served as Justice of the Peace for the Burnsville area and a witness to many marriages; also a farmer.  Tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards; right photo of CR Bradford in the Peek Lodge uniform of the "International Order of Odd Fellows"  courtesy of Jonathan Bennett.


               CSA Civil War Pension Application                                 1940 Civil War Tombstone Application   


CR Bradford married 3 times

1st wife: Sarah Adeline Woodby (b. May 1857 in Carter Co., TN - d. Aug. 1911) married Jan. 18, 1877; d/o James Lloyd Woodby and Susannah M. Honeycutt; children:

1)  William Eason (b. 1878 - d. 1927) md. Nora Elizabeth Radford on Jan. 4, 1898; buried Piney Hill Cem.;

                      FAMILY PHOTO Younger                    FAMILY PHOTO  Older      photos courtesy of Jonathan Bennett

2)  Lovaska (b. 1880) md. McDaniel "MB" Berry Honeycutt on May 30, 1899

3)  Mary Emaline (b. 1882) md. William B. Phillips

4)  Sintha (b. 1884)

5)  Willard Franklin (b. 1886) md. Margaret "Maggie" Woodby

6)  Joseph Milton (b. 1890) md. Mary Ann Redmond

7)  Hannah Agnes (b. 1892) md. Robert Andrew Bailey on Jan. 7, 1909; buried McInturff Cem. Unicoi Co., TN

8)  Carter Cornelius "CC". #9 (b. 1893 - d. 1948) md. Anna Ruth Bennett

9)  Birdie F. (b. 1896)

10) Milburn (b. 1898 - d. 1980) md. Loretta Wilson; buried Milburn Bradford Cem


2nd wife: Rosanne "Anna" Bennett (b. May 1879 - d. Feb. 1, 1914)

NOTES:  d/o Amos Bennett and Isabell Ledford) married CR Bradford on July 20, 1911.  She was first married to Uriah Bennett (b. May 10, 1829) of Green Mountain around 1900 and they had 3 children: Thomas, Isabelle (b. 1906) and John Landon.  He was 50 years her senior and died before 1910.  She lived a short life and per the      NC Death Record #4472      she died from "fright and a heart attack." and is buried at the Tipton-Bennett Cemetery.  The following newspapers articles explain the tragic event which made statewide headlines and also the arrest of CR Bradford for the alleged involvement that contributed to Rosanne's death.  She was age 35 with some type of cardiac affliction which made her an "invalid" as indicated in the investigation.  Furthermore, CR was not living with her at the time.  After her death, her three children with Uriah Bennett (deceased) were sent off to the Oxford Orphanage operated by the Grand Lodge Masons of NC.  Thomas contracted pneumonia around Christmas 1917 and died a week later.





3rd wife - Sarafine Parker - married May 10, 1914; no children together


9.  BRADFORD, C. C. [Carter]

b. April 7, 1893 - d. May 18, 1948

[s/o C.R. Bradford and Sarah A. Woodby; married 1st. Anna Ruth Bennett (d/o Uriah Rice Bennett and Naomi Peterson) June 10, 1910; she is buried at Fairview Cem. Yancey.;  children: Arcemus, Frank, Thaddeus Carter, Charles, Kate, Anna-Gene.  Married 2nd Dora Phillips, d/o Will and Flora Phillips    March 6, 1936  


     WW1 Draft Card   


NOTES:    NC Death Record #11964     died 9:30 a.m. at age 56 from "hemiplegia  / paralysis due to hypertension".  The record also show his wife was Anna Bennett.   War registration states he was born April 9, 1890, blue eyes, dark hair, medium build, married with 3 children and employed as a Mail Contractor.  The 1940 census shows that his occupation was a "foreman" for the government with a "6th grade education".  Tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010; photo of Carter and his sister shared by Lisa Bradford.


10.  ADKINS, Hannan

b. May 23, 1899 - d. August 10, 1899

"Our Loved One"

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


11.  BURLESON, Theresa Ann

b.  June 11, 1957 - d. August 3, 1982

"An Inspiration to All Who Knew Her"

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


12a.  WILSON, Noah

b. January 24, 1891 - d. June 24, 1965

[s/o Jesse Wilson and Amy Dullie Webb]

NOTE:  Per the     NC Death Record #17872     cause of death "pneumonia / dehydration - azotemia"


12b.   WILSON, Maggie [HANEY]

b.  1891 - d. 1981

[w/o Noah; d/o John Haney and Emeline McIntosh]

NOTE: The graves are enclosed with a chain link fence.

tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


13a.  WILSON, Ethel  [EDWARDS]

b.  September 3, 1904 - d. December 28, 1958

[w/o Gilbert; d/o Daniel Edwards and Celia]


13b.   WILSON, Gilbert

b.  July 28, 1896 - d. November 28, 1961

[s/o Jessie Wilson and Amy Dullie Webb]

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010



14.   EDWARDS, Daniel


15.  Unmarked

16.  Unmarked

17.  HENSLEY, Anita Kaye

b. July 1, 1962 - d. August 13, 2009

[d/o William Rexter Hensley and alive]

NOTE: tombstone photo courtesy Julian Fender Dec 2011


    OBITUARY       "Anita Kaye Hensley, 47, of the

Barnardsville community, went home to be with the Lord on Thursday, August 13, 2009 at Memorial Mission Hospital. A native of Buncombe County, she was a daughter of Ruvina Wilson Hensley of Barnardsville and the late William Rex Hensley. She was also preceded in death by three sisters: Karen Renea Hensley, Teresa Burleson and Jolene Harwood.  Funeral Services will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, August 16th in the Chapel of Yancey Funeral Services. Rev. Leonard Cole, Rev. Gary Hill and Rev. Clifton McCurry will officiate. Graveside services will follow in the Sampson Cemetery"


18a.  HENSLEY, William Rexter

b.  March 9, 1918 - d. November 16, 1999

[s/o Mack Hensley and Emma Wilson (buried Ferguson Cem. Yancey)]

NOTE:  his military ground stone is at the base of Arty Edwards' headstone - served as PFC US Army in WWII.


18b.  HENLSEY, Revina WILSON

b. Feb. 1935 - d. ?


19.  CRAIN, McDaniel  [Hiram McDaniel]

b.  1877 - 1939  [April 4, 1878 - d. July 4, 1939]

[s/o Andrew Jackson Crane and Mary "Polly" Wilson; married 1st Vera Stockton of Flag Pond; 2nd Hannah Higgins.]

NOTE:     NC Death Record #380     died age 61 from "Lobar Pneumonia" buried at "Bald Mnt Cemetery."  He was a farmer; unable to read or write per census.   Tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010; photo of McDaniel courtesy Kelly Weiss.


20.   WILSON, Chloe

b. July 27, 1916 - d. February 12, 1933

[s/o Isaac Wilson and Cora McCurry]

NOTE:      NC Death Record #313     died age 6 of intestinal tuberculosis

photo -bbpytel Sept 2013


21.  WILSON, Hewelle

b.  September 23, 1914 - d. August 21, 1916

[s/o Isaac Wilson and Cora McCurry]

NOTE:  photo -bbpytel Sept 2013


22.  WILSON, Ray

b.  May 26, 1930 - d. January 11, 1943

[s/o Isaac Wilson and Cora McCurry]

NOTE:  photo -bbpytel Sept 2013


23.  HANEY, Andrew

b. August 25, 1888  - d. February 11, 1914

[s/o John D. Haney and Emaline McIntosh]

NOTE:  In 1912, Andrew Haney  was mentioned in the book

    "The Child Toileth Not"   page 348      in which he accidentally killed Jim McCourry's 9 year old grandson by hitting him in the head with a tossed rock.  Andy went to Dante, VA to work for Clinchfield RR and was killed in 1914 in which his     NC Death Record #4584      states "Skull fractured by falling stone in RR Tunnel".   His body was brought back to NC for burial.  Tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


24.  PHILLIPS, Walter Arthur

b. March 5, 1909 -  d. April 12, 1968

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


25.  PHILLIPS, Rex Hobert

b.  February 15, 1899* - d. March 15, 1957

[s/o Enloe Phillips and Aletha Radford; married Neta Fender August 4, 1928 buried Zack Fender Cem]

NOTE:  *WWII draft card states his date of birth is Feb. 22, 1898.  WWI Draft card states date of birth is Feb 23, 1898. 

He was a school bus driver for the county.  The photo of Rex in which he is standing in front of a school bus courtesy of Julian Fender.  Per his     NC Death Record     he died of "coronary occlusion"


     WWII Draft Card                       WWI Draft Card   


27.  PHILLIPS, Infant Male

b/d  1946

[s/o Rex H. Phillips and Netta Fender]


28.  EDWARDS, William George

b. Oct. 1849 - d. 1949

[s/o John Broke-leg Edwards and Margaret Higgins; married Sarah Wilson]

NOTE:  photo courtesy Julian Fender 2011


HENSLEY, William Rex


b. March 9, 1918 - d. November 16, 1999

[s/o Mack Hensley and Emma Wilson (buried Ferguson Cem. Yancey)]

NOTE: His double headstone (see #18a) is located separately from ground stone which is at the base of Arty Higgins Edwards' headstone.


29a.  EDWARDS, Margaret "Arty" Ann [HIGGINS]

b. April 6, 1825 - d. January 16, 1896

[d/o Holland Higgins and Barbara Hensley; w/o John Broke-Leg Edwards - married April 4, 1846 in Wash. Co., TN;  children: 

1)  Linville (b. 1846) killed in Civil War 1865, buried in Kentucky

2)  Leannah (b. 1847) md. Edward "Ned" Amos Wilson

3)  William George. (b. 1849) #28

4)  Skelton T. (b. 1853) md. May Jane Honeycutt buried Edwards Cem. Coxes Creek

5)  Jasper N. (b. 1856) md. Nancy Ledford

6)  Barbary Ann (b. 1858) md.

7)  Sarah Malissa (b. 1859) md. J. H. Shephard

8)  Margaret Manerva (b. 1863) md. David Honeycutt suspect burial JC Wilson Cem

9)  Rachel (b.  1864)

10) Isabel Ibby (b. 1865) md. Marcus C. Cooper buried Cooper-Ledford Cem.

NOTE:  Arty was born in the Higgins creek area of the southern part of Washington Co., (now Unicoi), TN.  She never knew her father as he was murdered by David Greer on November 30, 1824.  Her mother, Barbara Hensley-Higgins was the d/o Henry Harry Hensley and Barbara Angel.  She was pregnant with Arty and left to raise 10 children on her own after the death of her husband.  Tombsone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


29b.  EDWARDS, John "Broke-leg"

b.  January 3, 1806 - d. October 3, 1884

[s/o John Jackson Edwards Jr. and Susan Cantrell;

1st wife: Leannah Briggs (1810-1844), d/o Edward "Big-Ed" Wilson and Dolly Briggs buried JC Wilson Cem. children:

1)  George Washington (b. 1831)

2)  Catherine Jane (b. 1832) md. Robert Burton Hensley; buried Hensley Cem #3 Spivey, Tenn

3) John Wesley (b. 1833) md. Emily Jane Hensley; buried Watts Cem.

4) Howell (b. 1835) md. Louisa Jane Hensley; buried Hensley Cem #3 Spivey, Tenn

5) William Silas (b. 1840) md. Sarah - killed in 1863 in the Civil War, Dalton, GA


2nd wife - Margaret Higgins #29a


NOTE: Served in the Militia Home Guard in 1846; also as Pvt. with Co. A 10th Illinois Cavalry - Civil war;  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


31.  BRADFORD, Wennie

b.  b. June 12, 1935 - d. June 18, 1935

[d/o Milburn Bradford and Loretta Wilson]

NOTE:  photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


32.  BRADFORD, Chloe

b.  May 5, 1933 - d. November 25, 1933

[d/o Milburn Bradford and Loretta Wilson]

NOTE:  photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


33.  HENSLEY, Adline

b.  August 23, 1954 - d. March 16, 1956

[d/o Vestil Hensley and Roxie]

NOTE:  photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010



NOTE:  photo -bbpytel Sept 2013


34.  EDWARDS, Latt

b.  March 20, 1888 /1890/ 1891* - d. December 24, 1950

[s/o Skelton T. Edwards (buried Edwards Cem. Coxes Creek) and Mary Jane Honeycutt; married Maud S. #37 on March 29, 1911; children:  Loranzy, Hettie, Leander, Paul]

NOTE: *    NC Death Record #29883     shows his date of birth April 20, 1888 - died of "cerebral vascular accident / hypertension."   His WWI Draft Card shows birth date March 20, 1891; tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


35.  HENSLEY, Loregia  [EDWARDS]

b.  1909 - d. 1933

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


36.  EDWARDS, Paul

b.  1920 - d. 1920

[s/o Lattie Edwards and Maud]

NOTE: tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


37.  EDWARDS, Maude S.

b.  1895 - d. 1920

[w/o Lattie Edwards - married March 29, 1911]

NOTE:  It appears Maude died giving birth to Paul as both died in 1920; photo courtesy Julian Fender Dec 2011


38.  WILSON, Florence [MCCURRY]

b.  February 28, 1915 - d. September 14, 1999

"Rest in Peace"

[w/o David G. Wilson; d/o John Wilson and Martha McCourry]

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


39.  WILSON, David Garrett

b.  December 8, 1905 - d. January 7, 1961

Pvt. US Army, WW II

[s/o Turner Wilson and Martha Hensley]

NOTE:  Per the      Headstone Application for Veterans      he was a Pvt for Battery C, 5th BV CP, US Army, Fort Stewart, GA.    Tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


     WWII Draft Card    


40.  WILSON, Loyd

b.  February 12, 1947 - d. September 18, 1963

"Gone But Not Forgotten - Asleep in Jesus"

[s/o David Wilson and Florence McCurry #38/39]

NOTE:  Per      NC Death Record #30124      cause of death "pulmonary edema due to cardiac failure"  had chronic pulmonary fibrosis and muscular dystrophy.

tombstone photo courtesy of Julian Fender Nov 2011


41.  WILSON, Isaac R.

b.  August 15, 1889 - d. January 2, 1973

[s/o Turner Wilson and Martha Higgins]



b.  1894 - d. 1971

[w/o Isaac R. Wilson; d/o Baulis McCurry and Freshie Ledford;

children:  Wynell #43, Pearl, Hewelle #21, Ray]

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


43.  WILSON, Wynell

b.  September 12, 1932 - d. October 29, 1950

[d/o Isaac R. Wilson and Cora McCurry]

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010;

funeral marker Julian Fender Dec 2011.


44.  EDWARDS, Pearl  [WILSON]

b.  July 21, 1918  - d.  July 21, 1998

[w/o George L. Edwards; d/o Isaac R. Wilson and Cora McCurry #41/42]

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010


45.  EDWARDS, George L.

b.  October 25, 1911 - d. April 12, 1980

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010



plus over 25+ unmarked graves w/rocks-

Hensley / Wilson / Edwards / Crane / McCourry / Bradford / Phillips families

NOTE:  tombstone photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards 2010

trio-photos of the corner of Bald Mnt. and Sampson Mnt. Roads with a backdrop of Bald Mnt. --courtesy of local resident Dwight Edwards.

Macro view taken on a warm day in December 2011 by Julian Fender

Yancey Co. Map - location of cemetery -click to enlarge

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