Phillips-Hampton Cemetery, Little Creek, Yancey Co., North Carolina

Phillips-Hampton Cemetery

Little Creek, Yancey Co., North Carolina

By Beth Bradford-Pytel

updated on 01/25/15


The cemetery is most likely named after William M. Phillips and Cornelius Price Hampton.


Directions:  Proceed on 19W east towards Burnsville to the stop sign at Bee Log Junction.  Make a right turn and cross over the Cane River and you will pass Guy's General Store/Gas Station  which is on the left.  Continue on Little Creek Road which bends sharply to the left.   Proceed for about a mile and make a left onto Bradford Road.  The Old Sam Bradford barn is on the right after you make the turn.   Park your car here.  The cemetery is straight up the hill about 800 feet behind the barn.

NOTE: This project was in partnership and collaboration with Julian Fender who surveyed the cemetery in June 2012 and supplied all the photos (unless otherwise noted).  Feel free to email me your comments, photos and info.



1.  MCCOURRY, Andrew J.

b. October 8, 1889 - October 20, 1970

"Together Forever"

[s/o Baulis M. McCourry and Nellie Frashie Ledford


2.  MCCOURRY, Princie Lee [BRADFORD]

b.  August 12, 1982 - April 10, 1966

[d/o Samuel L. Bradford and Ruahmia Hensley buried Sam Bradford Cem; married Andrew J. McCurry on May 17, 1912;  children: Conway A., Hall J.


3.  HAMPTON, Hattie [WILSON]

b.  March 2, 1893 - d. December 7, 1918

[d/o Cornelius Price Hampton and Susan Myra Higgins; w/o Austin Wilson


4.  HAMPTON, Cornelius Price

b. August 28, 1954 - d. May 18, 1919

Free Mason

[s/o Wade Hampton and Rutha Byrd]

NOTE:  Born in the Jack Creek area of Yancey; he served as a school teacher


5.  HAMPTON, Susan Myra [HIGGINS]

b.  July 15, 1864 - d. May 28, 1945

"A Loving Mother at Rest"

[d/o William M. Phillips and Mary Polly Higgins; children: Ida, Ruth, Lizzie, Hattie #3, Oliver, Naomi, Berliss M., Wade, Paul.]


6.  PHILLIPS, Lucrecia [HIGGINS]

b. May 4, 1862 - d. December 15, 1914

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

[d/o William M. Phillips and Mary Polly Higgins]


7.  CONGELTON, (Naomi) Aldecca HAMPTON

b.  October 18, 1897 - d. January 8, 1929

[d/o Cornelius Price Hampton and Susan M. Higgins]


8.  PHILLIPS, John W.

b. August 1, 1876  - d. July 16, 1956

[s/o Willis Phillips and Lucinda]


9.  PHILLIPS, Florence [LEWIS]

b. January 29, 1888 - April 23, 1920

[d/o Robert Lewis and Hettie King; w/o John Phillips]

NOTE:  Her death certificate states April 10, 1923


10.  MCINTOSH, Deckie M.

"Gone to Rest"

b.  1900 - 1945


10.  HAMPTON, Jimmie Eugene

b. September 9, 1930 - d. March 31, 1939

"Gone from our home but not from our heart"


11.  PHILLIPS, Edna

b. September 24, 1919 - October 28, 1919

"Safe in the Arms of Jesus"


12.  MCCURRY, Hall J.

b. May 28, 1915 - d. September 25, 1930

[s/o Andrew J. McCurry and Princia Lee Bradford #1-2]


13.  COOPER, Carmen Dolphus

b.  September 13, 1902 - d. April 14, 1928

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

[s/o Marcus Cooper and Isabel Edwards buried Cooper-Ledford Cem; married Sarah Mae Lewis on March 25, 1927]

NOTE:  Carmon Cooper was married for about a year before he was shot and killed by his cousin, Leroy "Lee" Martin during an altercation at the Samuel L. Bradford store. Sam (my great grandfather) was behind the counter refusing to sell gun shells to Carmen and sustained a gut shot wound to his abdomen during the dispute.  Sam lived for 4 more years but died of intestinal complications from the wound.  After the killing, Lee fled to Spivey for a period of time, but returned to Yancey Co. to turn himself in to the authorities to stand trial. He was acquitted.  There are many versions floating around of the accounts which transpired and motive.  As for the motive, some say it was because Lee Martin was shot in the eye by Harrison Cooper (Carmen's uncle) and wanted revenge.   Please contact me with any info you may have on this event.  I am still searching for the court transcription of the hearing.


      Newspaper Article of the Shooting    


14.  HENSELY, David B.

b.  December 18, 1906 - d. October 27, 1944

"He is Just Away"

[s/o ___ Hensley and Alphie Edwards]


HIGGINS, Cornelius Carter -

[fieldstone - commemorative cross*]

b.  Feb. 29, 1879 - d. Sept. 29, 1939

[s/o unknown and Mary "Polly" Higgins who never married; he married 1st Elizabeth "Lizzy" Tipton on May 22, 1899; she died on 6/22/1910 leaving children: Linda Jane, Burnie, Caresy, Jessie;

married 2nd Myrtle McIntosh on April 14-1917; children:  Hershel and Edgar.


NOTE:  Commemorative cross constructed by Terry Ledford 2014.

PHOTO circa 1910 - Widower Cornelius sitting with his mother, Mary Polly, along and his four children. Family was dressed up for Lizzie's funeral. -- photo courtesy of W. Presnell


Plus about 5+ unmarked graves with fieldstones

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