Peake-Peek Cemetery, Little Creek, Yancey Co., North Carolina

Peake-Peek Cemetery of Little Creek

Little Creek, Yancey Co., North Carolina

Documented by Beth Bradford-Pytel

updated on 01/03/16


Photo taken August 2014 with the installation of the Peake sign crafted by Beth Bradford and A. J. Fender


"Peake-Peek Cemetery" (also referred to as the Peake & Hensley Cemetery according to early death certificates) is most likely named after Rev. John Willis Peake who was a Captain in the Civil War for the CSA and also served as a Baptist Preacher for 12 years.  Although not proven, I suspect William Bryson Hensley and wife Elizabeth Cooper to be buried here. The active cemetery is located deep in the woods on a hill, fenced in and taken care of.   To access the cemetery, it's recommended to park the car at the designated lot and walk up the hill.   There are several unmarked graves.


DIRECTIONS:  Proceed on 19W east towards Burnsville.  At the stop sign (Bee Log junction) you will make a right and cross the Cane River.  Guy General Store/Gas Station is on the left.  Continue on Little Creek Road for 3/10 of a mile and continue straight on Phillips Road for 2/10 of a  mile (Little Creek Road bends to the left).  Turn left on Hensley Farm Road (private road) and proceed 4/10 of a mile; immediately turn left after passing the Old Marcus Hensley house on the right (the turn is almost a U-turn).   Cemetery is 5/10 of a mile up the hill from Hensley Farm Road.  Accessible by 4WD only.


This project was in partnership and collaboration with Julian Fender whom I give special thanks for his time and effort.   All cemetery photos (unless otherwise noted) are courtesy of Julian Fender.


SURNAMES:  ADKINS [#24-25], BYRD [#2], CONLEY [#10], HENSLEY [#6-7], MCNEILL [#7], PEAKE / PEEK [#1-2; 5; 9-14; 29], PHILLIPS [#8]


1.  PEAKE, John Willis Rev.

b.  October 2, 1810 - d. July 13, 1890

"Age 79Y, 9 M, 11 D,  He Labored as a Baptist Minister 12 Years"

[s/o James Peake and Mary West of Pittsylvania, VA; married Achsa Byrd]

NOTE:  He was born in Pittsylvania, VA and moved to western NC to acquire a large tract of land.  In 1834, he was noted in the Yancey Co. records serving as a juror.   During the Civil War, he served as Capt. Co. G, 58th Regiment, CSA; after the war he became a Baptist preacher and farmer.  John was the Executor of his brother's Will (William A. Peake / Peek)


    CIVIL WAR FILE:  11 Pages   


2.  PEAKE, Achsa "Axie" M. BYRD   [suspected - unmarked]

b.  December 17, 1817 - d. 1908

[d/o Samuel Byrd and Mary Briggs buried Byrd Cem.; w/o John W. Peake; children:

1)  Mary "Polly-Ann" #29,

2)  Samuel John - md. Elizabeth Williams (d/o Pittman Williams and Sarah Whitson)

3)  Aldecca A. - md. Clingman Letterman

4)  Hiram Rigney - md. Laura Christine Ayers     1934 ARTICLE - "Couple Honored"  

5)  James C.

6)  Nellie Ann - md. William Issam Hensley buried Hensley Cem, Little Creek

7) Ruth Dulcenia - md. David A. Letterman

8) William Allan (#9) - md. Margaret Conley (#10)

9) John Willis. Jr. - md. Annie McIntosh


3.  Unmarked


4.  Unmarked


5.  PEAKE, Charles R.

b. May 9, 1896 - d. January 23, 1974


6.  HENSLEY, William Martin

b.  January 1,  1906 - d. June 28, 1996

[s/o Samuel Turner Hensley and Millie Adkins]


7.  HENSLEY, Gladys Vida MCNEILL

b. April 3, 1926 - d. January 7, 2000


8.  PHILLIPS, Bobbie

b.  April 27, 1939 - d. May 25, 1939

[s/o Arthur Phillips and Edythe Hensley]


9.  PEEK, "Dr." William Allen

b. 1854 - d. 1937

[b. October 17, 1855 - d. January 4, 1937]

[s/o John Willis Peake and Axie Byrd; married Margaret Conley on Sept. 21, 1876]

NOTE:  Per Yancey Co.     DEATH CERT #438     died age 81 from "complication of troubles; stomach catarrh, high blood pressure, senile, dementia."  Served as the county Coroner and also a local self taught physician for the Ramsey-Bee Log areas of Yancey Co.,  According to an Affidavit, he attested that he never went to medical school.  Also he was mentioned in the book "The Child that Toileth Not" where a local resident referred to him as "Jack-Leg" doctor because her son died from a blow to the head.


     Affidavit of W.A. Peek                    Info on Dr. W. A. Peake   


10.  PEEK, Margaret CONLEY

"1857 - d. 1931"

b. 1856 - d. April 14, 1930

"Wife of Dr. W.A. Peek"

[d/o John Conley and Margaret Bailey; children: Mary D. #12, Raleigh #13, Horice #14, Hadley Smith, Belle, Charles]


11.  PEEK, Bessie F.

b. June 9, 1872 - d. September 10, 1911

"Dear Mother of Glen Higgins - Gone but Not Forgotten"


12.  PEEK, Mary D.

b. July 20, 1877 - d. January 28, 1881

"Suffer Little Children and Come Unto Me"


13.  PEEK, Raleigh

b. April 16, 1879 - d. October 1884


14.  PEEK, Horace

b. October 30, 1880 - d. ?

[children of William A. Peek and Margaret Conley #9/10]


15.  Unmarked


16.  Unmarked


17.  Unmarked


18.  Unmarked


19.  HENSLEY, Jasper Daniel  [Unmarked]

b.  August 10, 1856 - d. August 17, 1942

[s/o William Bryson Hensley and Elizabeth "Betsie" Cooper; married 1st Lydia Ann Crain on April 5, 1878 (d/o Andrew Jackson Crane and Mary Polly Wilson) she died September 11, 1931 and is suspected to be buried at Sampson Wilson Cem; married 2nd Mary --]

Children with Lydia Ann Crain:

1.  Arcemus Carter

2.  Gilbert Bryson md. Guy Lula Edney; he was killed by gunshot buried Metcalf/Berry Hensley Cem.

3.  Altha Jane

4.  Susan Ann

5.  Turner Melton

6.  Samuel Monroe

7.  Susan E.

8.  Berry

9.  Birdie E.

NOTE:  Per the Yancey Co.    Death Cert #400-1942  ; cause of death "cardio-vascular disease"; his birth place was Flag Pond, Unicoi Co., TN; his parents are noted in the record and buried "Hensley and Peek Cemetery" Ramsey Township, NC.  During the 1920 Census, Jasper and his new wife age 33 were living with his son-in-law and daughter Altha Hensley in Asheville.  Based on the death of Lydia Ann and the marriage to his second wife 35 yrs his junior, it would appear they divorced.


20.  HENSLEY, Elizabeth "Betsie" [COOPER]    [probable- Unmarked]

b. May 1810* - d. abt. 1905

[married William Bryson Hensley about 1835; children:

1)  William Issam md. 1) Hannah Cooper-Bradford buried SL Bradford Cem; 2) Nellie Ann Peake-Bailey buried Hensley Cem.

2)  James W. -served as Pvt. Co. K, 13th Regiment -CSA; died in a military hospital from dysentery; military records show he is buried at Nashville Nat'l Cemetery; noted as 5'-9", black hair, black eyes, dark complexion.

3)  Lucinda

4)  Samuel Turner

5)  Joel Gilbert    Death Cert #439   md. Carolina Shelton buried Bald Mnt. Cem

6)  Anne E.

7)  Joshua E. #22 md. Lucretia Higgins

8)  Jasper Daniel #19 md. 1st Lydia Ann Crain; 2nd Mary of Flag Pond, Tenn.

NOTE:  Per the 1900 Yancey Co. Census, Egypt Twp, HH #55, she was 90 yrs old living with first born child, William Issam and family.  She declared being born May 1810, widow, born in NC and parents born in NC and had 9 children, 5 of whom were alive in 1900.  They lived next door to William Peake and Margaret Conley family.  Per William Issam Hensley's deposition for his military pension, he explains that he was born at the mouth of Cooper Branch in what is now Mitchell Co., NC.  Therefore, I suspect that his mother, Elizabeth Cooper was from that area and descended from the Cooper line who resided in that area around 1830.  It is highly probable she is buried here based on her residency in 1900, her two son's interred here and that the cemetery was called the Hensley & Peake Cemetery noted in early death certificates.


21.  HENSLEY, William Bryson  [suspected - Unmarked]

b. abt. 1820 - d. before 1880?

[s/o Berry Hensley and Elizabeth Littleton; married Elizabeth Cooper]

NOTE:  I am still searching for the burial of William Bryson and it is only suspected he may be here since his two sons are buried here.  The last census I could find for him was in 1870, Egypt Twp and noted with his wife and "Joel, Joshua, Jasper, Samuel and Josiah."  I could not find him in the 1880 Census and assume he died.


22.  HENSLEY, Joshua E.

b.  January 30, [1856*] - d. June 4, 1909

[s/o William Bryson Hensley and Elizabeth "Betsie" Cooper; he married Lucretia Higgins on June 19, 1877 in Yancey Co., NC; had one daughter Margaret M. Hensley who married CR Bailey, Jr.]

NOTE:  Date is not correct in that during the following censuses, he was noted as the following ages: 1860 Wash. Co., TN age 8; 1870 Yancey Co, NC age 15; 1880 Yancey Co., NC age 24; 1900 Yancey Co., NC b. May 1850 - age 40 and married for 22 yrs. with one child.  Per his marriage record, he was age 23 in 1877; Lucretia was age 18.  He also had a younger brother, Jasper Hensley who was 4 years younger born in 1856.  


    The WILL of Joshua Hensley   


23.  Unmarked



b.  1870 - d. 1911

[w/o Samuel Turner Hensley buried W. I. Hensley Cem.; d/o Isaac Adkins and Polly Aletha Honeycutt buried Adkins Cem. Sioux


25.  HENSLEY, Leah Lear ADKINS

b.  October 28, 1888 - d. December 18, 1925

"Faithful to Her Trust Even Unto Death"

[d/o George Adkins and Amanda C. Randolph;

w/o Marcus Alonzo Hensley (buried William I. Hensley Cem);

married of May 15, 1908.  children: Marie (buried Edwards Cem) Edith, C. Issam, Hettie]

NOTE:  Leah died of surgical complications to remove a throat tumor performed by Dr. William A. Peake.


      Marriage Cert   



26.  Unmarked


27.  HENSLEY, Rebecka

b/d.  July 11, 1952

[d/o William Martin Hensley and Gladys Vida McNeill]


28.  Unmarked


29.  PEEK, Mary M.

b. February 11, 1841 - d. June 5, 1928

"She Lived Alone but Said She would not Die Alone"

[d/o Rev. John Willis Peake and Achsa M. Byrd #1/2]


30.  Unmarked grave - tombstone sitting in the stump.  It appears the tree was once planted at a plot and died, cut down.   Photo - bbpytel.


PHOTOS:  left is a view of the Unaka mountains; right is the entrance gate of the cemetery -courtesy of Julian Fender  November 2011.

Yancey Co. Map - location of cemetery -click to enlarge


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