Honeycutt Cemetery of Bradford Hill, Yancey Co., North Carolina

Honeycutt Cemetery of Bradford Hill

Little Creek, Yancey Co., North Carolina

Documented by Beth Bradford-Pytel

updated on 11/18/18


PHOTO: Macro view entering into the cemetery with Austin Honeycutt's stone in the center. There are 30+ field stones with suspected graves of Bradfords,

Honeycutts, Hubbards, Wilsons.   ---taken May 2012, bbpytel.

The Honeycutt Cemetery is most likely named after John Honeycutt (b. 1787 - d. 1839), s/o Moses Honeycutt and Lucinda Stout. He married Jane Bradford (d/o John Bradford and Hannah) and both are believed to be interred here.  The cemetery was also referred to as the "Bradford Cemetery" per death records in the 1920's.  The remote cemetery is located at the top of Bradford Hill nestled in the woods and hard to find (see map).  This cemetery has been inactive for a long time.  It was in very poor condition overtaken by trees/saplings and in dire need of clean up.  On May 12, 2012, Julian Fender, Terry Ledford, his grandson, Sean Ledford, and June Honeycutt cleared off and restored the cemetery for preservation.  Also, Austin Honeycutt's tombstone was moved farther up the hill serving as the centerpiece of the cemetery.  On September 5, 2013, a sign for the cemetery was hung it on the large white pine which sits in the middle of the graveyard.



There are about 30+ visible unmarked graves with field stones.  I have indicated suspect persons interred here to include my 3G grandparents, John Bradford and Hannah (Choate?), and John Honeycutt and his wife, Jane Bradford (d/o John Bradford and Hannah).  To commemorate their burials, I fabricated wooden crossed and placed next to Austin Honeycutt's stone as there is no way to determine the actual burial plots.


Directions:  Proceed on 19W east towards Burnsville to the stop sign at Bee Log Junction.  Make a right turn and cross over the Cane River. Guys General Store/Gas Station is on the left.  Continue on Little Creek Road which bends sharply to the left.   Proceed for about a mile and make a left onto Bradford Road [there is an Old Barn on the corner].  Proceed up the hill for about 3/10 of a mile and then make a right turn onto Jade Road (private road).  Continue on the gravel road until you reach the gate.  If the gate is shut, park here and take the next  logging road on the left.   It is a steep incline so if you do not have a 4 wheel drive, you must walk.  At the summit of the logging road is a clearing which brings you to Joe Bradford cemetery on the right (enclosed with a chain link fence).   On the left is a path which cuts through the woods for about 500 feet and you will see the Austin Honeycutt tombstone.  It is hard to find.

   MAP by J. Fender   


NOTE: This project was in partnership with Julian Fender and collaborations with local residents Terry Ledford and June Honeycutt.  Feel free to email me your comments, photos and info.




1.   HONEYCUTT, Austin Nathaniel

Co. G., 29th NC Infantry - CSA

b.  1835 - d. August 15, 1862

[s/o John Honeycutt and Jane Bradford; married Elizabeth Betsy Wilson in 1850 (d/o Thomas Wilson and Martha Ann Hensley); children:  Mary Jane, Thomas John, Emily Cora]

NOTE:  Austin was enlisted by M. Chandler on July 26, 1861 at the age of 27 serving as Pvt. for Unit #139, Co. G, 29th NC Infantry Regiment headed up by Captain E. H. Hampton.  Austin was discharged on 15 August 1862, at which time he died from "Dropsy" at his home while on furlough.  The military documents described him as 5'-9", fair complexion and occupation as farmer.  His widow, Elizabeth Wilson, re-married my 2G grandfather, William "Billy" Bradford and they are suspected to be buried at Sam Bradford Cem.  CSA tombstone was placed by Terry Ledford and Paul Kardulis.



2.  HONEYCUTT, John  [suspected - commemorative cross]

b. 1787 - d.  abt. 1839

[s/o Moses J. Honeycutt and Margaret Lucinda Stout; he married Jane Bradford about 1828 in Burke Co., NC]

NOTE:  Commemorative Cross fabricated and installed by BBradford-Pytel on 9-5-2013.  It is  unknown how or why John was "killed on Bald Creek" which is a tributary near his property and close to this cemetery.  During the 1860 Census, this area of Little Creek was known as "Bald Creek Twp."  Per the land records of Yancey Co., NC: 

"5-428:  24 March 1858, James R. Love for himself and James R. Love, J. B. Love, D. Love, W. Welch as execs. of Robert Love decd, late of Haywood Co. NC, to John Duncan, $1, a deed to John Bradford Jr. represented as destroyed, this deed to convey title to John Duncan Sr. to 100 acres on Big Bald Mountain Creek adj. where John Honeycut was killed, adj. Big Drift;  witness William Bradford, J.R. Love Jr. /s/ J.R. Love, J.R. Love exec. R. Love decd, Dillard Love. (FHL film 571,526)

4-583:  27 Sept. 1862, John Duncan Sr. of Yancey Co. NC to Alford Brackins of same, $19, 6 acres on the waters of Bald Mountain creek adj. old Bradford line, the Polly Cooper Branch, where Honeycutt [John Honeycutt] was "kild" on the [Big Bald Mnt] creek; witnesses. L. S. Phillips, Samuel (X) Estep. "  (FHL film 571,526).




3.  HONEYCUTT, Jane BRADFORD  [suspected - unmarked]

b.  1810 -  bef. 1860 ?

[d/o John Bradford and Hannah (Choate?); w/o John #2; children:

1.  Naoma "Omy md. Rev. Wilburn Howell Briggs

2.  Noah W. md. Leah R. Lewis

3.  John Jr. md. Talitha Hampton

4.  Austin Nathaniel #1 md. Elizabeth Betsy Wilson.

NOTE: During the 1840 Yancey Co. Census, Jane was head of household with her 3 sons and daughter and living next door to Pitman Williams and family;  during the 1850 Census, she and her son Austin moved in with her single brother, William"Billy" Bradford.  I could not find her in any 1860 census; thus her death date is unknown.


4.  BRADFORD, John, Jr.  [suspected - commemorative cross]

b.  1777 - d. before 1855

[s/o John Bradford Sr. and unknown; married Hannah abt. 1798]

NOTE: Commemorative Cross fabricated and installed by BBradford-Pytel on 9-5-2013. 

On July 25, 1835, John Bradford acquired 100 acres in Coxex Cove on the Tumbling Fork of Indian Creek in Yancey Co.   This area was just south of  present day Horton's Creek (see map).  According to the Yancey Co., NC Probate Records, 1834-1860, pages 330 and 331, widower John Bradford's estate was transferred over to his youngest son, William "Billy" Bradford (my great grandfather).   Based on the probate records of the estate, John and Hannah were deceased before 1855.   During the 1850 Yancey Co. Census, John was age 73, born in NC and wife Hannah was 60 and Cecelia Phillips, age 14 was living with them.



    100 ACRES / PLAT LOCATION 1835               ORIGINAL LAND ENTRY #253  


5.  BRADFORD, Hannah CHOATE [suspected - unmarked]

b.  1780 - d. abt. 1855

w/o John #4;  children:

1.  Mary b. abt. 1799 md. William Wilson suspected buried Wilson/Byrd Cem.

2.  Elizabeth md. Edmond Edwards, Sr.

3.  Jane #3 md. John Honeycutt buried here

4.  Samuel md. Elizabeth Pate; (Samuel was killed in the Civil War- Jonesborough Feb. 1862)

5.  Susannah "Anna" md. William "Billy" Wilson suspected buried JC Wilson Cem

6.  William E. "Billy" Bradford buried S. Bradford Cem (1st companion, Mary Cooper; 2nd md. Elizabeth "Betsy Wilson buried S Bradford Cem. after Austin Honeycutt died).

NOTE:  Hannah's parents are unknown; surname not confirmed but suspected she may be the daughter of Austin Choate and Naomi Pyburn.  Photo of Beth Bradford-Pytel 4-G grandaughter of John Bradford and Hannah leaning on Austin Honeycutt's stone.  The cross to left is John Bradford and Hannah's and cross on the right is John Honeycutt and Jane Bradford which I fabricated and installed on September 5, 2013 to commemorate their burials in this cemetery.  Exact burial location is unknown.


6.  HUBBARD, Mary Ann HONEYCUTT  [unmarked]

b. January 1865 - d. after 1940

[d/o Joseph Honeycutt and Hannah "Franky" Edwards; w/o Thomas "Tommy" Hubbard; children: 

1) Callie md. Gilmore Brackins

2) Dallas #7

3) Lilly buried Cooper Cem. md. Kimsey Hensley buried Hensley Cem

4) Bacchus #8

5) Charles S. buried Cooper-Ledford Cem. md Dora Clyde Cooper

6) Dock md. Tinnie Watts buried Watt Cem

NOTE:  Photo of Thomas Hubbard, Mary Honeycutt and family taken about 1904 courtesy of June Honeycutt.   1920 Yancey Co. Census, Tommy Hubbard M age 60; spouse Mary Hubbard (F) age 45; children Lily  (F) age 16; Dallas (M) age 26; Bax (M) age 21; Charles (M) age 15;  Dock (M) age 12.  Mary was noted in the 1940 Census living with Thomas.


7.  HUBBARD, Thomas [unmarked]

b. October 2, 1860 - d. November 1, 1956

[s/o William Hubbard and Amy Edwards;

md. 1st Jane Ray (d/o Bailus Ray and Lucinda) on Nov. 9, 1883 age 21

md. 2nd Mary Ann Honeycutt in 1888]

NOTE:  Photo circa 1956 (courtesy of June Honeycutt/Maphra Hensley) daughters Lillie and Callie are mourning the death of their widowed father, Thomas Hubbard buried at the Honeycutt Cem.  Terry Ledford's mother attended this funeral and she confirmed his burial was located here.  Thomas'   DEATH RECORD   indicates he was a widow, died age 96, the son of William Hubbard and Amy Edwards, lived in Burnsville, NC Rt 4 and buried at "Bradford Cem".  It appears this cemetery was also referred as the Bradford Cem.


7.  HUBBARD, Dallas [unmarked]

b. June 6, 1896 - d. March 29, 1920

[s/o Thomas Hubbard and Mary Honeycutt]

    DEATH RECORD #619     notes he died of the "flu" and buried in "Gaston"  According to Terry Ledford, his mother attests that Mary and her two small children who died from the Spanish Flu are buried here in unmarked graves.  Yancey Co. Deaths, Ramseytown, Book 1-12, 1913 -1925, pg. 127

His    WWI Registration    states he was born June 28, 1894


8.  HUBBARD, Bacchus [unmarked]

b.  August 8, 1898 - d. February 20, 1920

[s/o Thomas Hubbard and Mary Honeycutt]

    DEATH RECORD #8964    notes he died of the "flu" and buried in "Gaston"; Yancey Co. Deaths, Ramseytown, Book 1-12, 1913 -1925, pg. 126


Plus about 25+ more unmarked graves with fieldstones


Macro view of cemetery as one walks through the forest to the entrance.  At one time there was a barbed wire fence which enclosed the cemetery.  Photo taken on September 5, 2013 after the installation of the sign and commemorative crosses for John Honeycutt and wife and John Bradford and wife.


Black and White photos taken in March 2012 by Julian Fender who surveyed the overgrown cemetery with a local resident Freemont. Based on the age of the trees and vegetation, the cemetery had not been cleared off for at least 15-18 years.  The left shows all the field stones scattered in the woods; right is Austin Honeycutt's stone with a near miss from a collapsed tree.

Yancey Co. Map - location of cemetery -click to enlarge



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