Cooper-Ledford Cemetery, Little Creek, Yancey Co., North Carolina

Cooper-Ledford Cemetery

Little Creek, Yancey Co., North Carolina

Documented by Beth Bradford-Pytel

updated on 12/26/14


Directions:  Proceed on 19W east towards Burnsville to the stop sign at Bee Log Junction.  Make a right turn and cross over the Cane River and you will pass Guy's General Store/Gas Station  which is on the left.  Continue on Little Creek Road which bends sharply to the left.   Proceed for about a mile and make a left onto Bradford Road [there is an Old Barn on the corner].   Proceed up the hill for about 3/10 of a mile and then make a right turn onto Jade Road (private road).  Continue on the gravel road for about 300 feet and veer to the right turning onto Cooper Drive.   Follow Cooper Drive until you reach the barn; it is best to park the car here and walk up the hill to the cemetery.  This is a well maintained and active cemetery. 


NOTE: This project was in partnership and collaboration with Julian Fender who surveyed the cemetery and supplied all the photos (unless otherwise noted).  Feel free to email me your comments, photos and info.


1.  HAMPTON, Ruth, RN

b.  October 13, 1888 - d. September 14, 1981

"Mama's Gone Home"

[d/o Cornelius Hampton and Susan Myrah Higgins]


2.  COOPER, William Reese

b. October 3, 1928 - d. November 26, 1949

"God has Called our Dear Reese Home"

[s/o Harrison Cooper and Ethel Hampton]


3a.  COOPER, Ethel  [HAMPTON]

b. 1906 - d. 1983

"With Love to Our Dear Wife and Mother"

[w/o William Harrison Cooper]


3b.  COOPER, William Harrison

b.  September 13, 1905 - d.  abt. 1985

[s/o Marcus C. Cooper and Isabel "Ibby" Edwards]





b.  May 16, 1949 - d. September 28, 2002

"I'm Fine"

[d/o William Horace Blankenship and Helen Marie Stewart]

NOTE:     OBITUARY     She was a native of Candler, Buncombe Co., NC.  She graduated from Enka HS in 1965 and began her career with Southern Bell as an operator.  Through various positions and hard work, she aspired to Central Office Foreman.  After retirement, she enjoyed playing golf and devoted her time to genealogy researching and writing many articles about family histories.


6.  COOPER, Marcus C.

b.  June 16, 1866 - d. February 18, 1952

[s/o John Cooper (Bradford*) and his 2nd wife Amanda Emaline Edwards;  Marcus married Isabel Ibby Edwards on Sept. 11, 1901 at age 35]

NOTE:    NC STATE DEATH CERT #10082   died of unknown disease.  He was a Free Mason; Marcus' father, John, was the s/o William "Billy" Bradford and companion Mary "Polly" Cooper.  Billy never married Mary Cooper thus John took on his mother's surname and passed to his progeny.  Photo of Marcus C. Cooper courtesy of Tony Peterson.


7.  COOPER, Isabel "Ibby" Elizabeth [EDWARDS]

b.  May 28, 1867 - d. March 9, 1965

[w/o Marcus - married September 11, 1901; d/o John "Broke-Leg" Edwards and 2nd wife Margaret "Arty" Higgins buried Sampson Cem.

children: John Floyd, Carmen Dolphus, William Harrison, Dora Clyde]

NOTE:  Photo of Ibby holding the Bible on her front porch, courtesy of Tony Peterson


8.  HUBBARD, Dora Clyde [COOPER]

b.  May 27, 1909 - d. February 12, 1983

[d/o Marcus Cooper and Ibby Edwards;

w/o Charles Hubbard]

NOTE:  photo of Dora with her father Marcus sitting on the front porch courtesy June Honeycutt



9.  HUBBARD, Charles S.

b.  July 4, 1904 - d. February 11, 1989

[s/o Thomas Hubbard and Mary Honeycutt];

married 1st Viola A. Thomas (1908-1936); married 2nd Dora Clyde Cooper

NOTE: He worked in the lumber industry cutting timber and running a sawmill.  Photo of Charlie standing on the front porch courtesy June Honeycutt


10.  COOPER, John Floyd

b.  1901 - d. 1951

"May He Rest in Peace"

[s/o Marcus Cooper and Ibby Edwards]


11a.  COOPER, Dolph (Aldophus)

b.  May 9, 1884 - d. February 8, 1962

[s/o John Cooper* and Martha Ann Lewis]

NOTE:  *Dolph's father, John, was the s/o William "Billy" Bradford and Mary "Polly" Cooper whom never married thus John took on his mother's surname and passed on to his progeny.


11b.  COOPER, Rachel [FENDER]

b.  November 22, 1885 - d. March 1, 1965

[d/o John Andria Fender and Malissa McIntosh; w/o Dolphus Cooper - married September 14, 1905]

NOTE:  Photo of Dolph and Rachel Cooper courtesy of Dwight Edwards.


12.  HENSLEY, Lillie [HUBBARD]

b.  September 24, 1895 - d. December 27, 1991

[d/o Thomas Hubbard and Mary Honeycutt; w/o Kimsey Hensley buried Hensley Cem Little Creek]

NOTE:  Photo of Kimsey Hensley and Lillie Hubbard courtesy June Honeycutt.


13.  HAMPTON, Molt B.

b.  February 12, 1900 - d. November 16, 1962


14.  LEDFORD, Cherie L.

b.  February 9, 1962 - d. July 15, 2001

"Bo  - Beloved Daughter, Sister and Aunt"

[d/o Charles Ledford and Marilyn Tudor]

NOTE: Photo of Cherie holding a cassette tape player, courtesy of Judy Ledford.


15.  LEDFORD, Harold James

b. June 1, 1940 - d. May 19, 1989

SP 4 US Army - Vietnam

NOTE:  photo of Harold courtesy Judy Ledford


16.  LEDFORD, Clayton Glen

b. March 3, 1920 - d. September 13, 1981

US Army - WW II

[s/o Mack Ledford and Naomi Honeycutt]

Photo of Glen courtesy of Nancy Ledford King


17.  LEDFORD, R. C.

b.  May 28, 1927 - d. Dec. 1, 1964

S Sgt Trp C 2 SQ I CAV - WWII

[s/o Mack Ledford and Naomi Honeycutt]

NOTE:  Never married; photos of RC standing next to a WWII Jeep with his fatigues and helmet in the back and official Army photo courtesy Judy Ledford.  RC died in an auto accident just a few months before leaving the Army.

18.  LEDFORD, Floyd R. C.

b.  May 28, 1928 - d. January 15, 2011

US Army - US Marine Corps - Korea

[s/o Mack Ledford and Naomi Honeycutt]


OBITUARY:  "The McDowell News, Marion, NC Jan. 18, 2011

Floyd "Hogfish" Ledford, 82, of the Little Creek community, went home to be with the Lord on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011, at his home. A native of Yancey County, he was the son of the late Mac and Naomi Honeycutt Ledford. He was a Korean War veteran serving in both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by sisters, Alma Huffman, Thelma Garriott, Madge Poteat, Catherine Laws, Onecia Howell and Ann Hunt; brothers, Glen, R.C. and Charles Ledford. Funeral services will be 1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011 in the Little Creek Church with the Rev. Dayton Lewis and Rev. Bill Mitchell officiating. Burial will follow in the Cooper-Ledford Family Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to help with funeral expenses. Yancey Funeral Services is assisting the Ledford Family."


19.  LEDFORD, Charles

b. August 28, 1932 - d. October 15, 1992

[s/o Mack Ledford and Naomi Honeycutt]

"Precious Lord Take Thy Hand"

"Pvt US Air Force - Korea"

NOTE:  photo of brothers Charles and Floyd courtesy of Judy Ledford.


20.  LEDFORD, Kevin Charles

b.  November 27, 1956 - d. December 11, 1999

[s/o Charles Ledford and Marilyn Tudor]


21.  LEDFORD, Vickie SHAW

b.  September 12, 1956 - d. October 31, 1998

[w/o Kevin Ledford - married June 3, 1977; d/o Leonard Shaw and Helena]

22.  SHEPARD, John L.

b.  September 20, 1918 - d. July 9, 1994


23.  LEDFORD, John W.

b.  August 20, 1882 - d.  August 15, 1961


24.  LEDFORD, Mack

b. March 23, 1895 - d. November 9, 1958

North Carolina - Pvt. US Army - WWI

[s/o Stanford Frederick Ledford and Amanda Adkins; married Naomi Honeycutt]

NOTE:  Served in the 45th Co., 12th Battalion, 156 Depot Brigade.  Photo of young Mack in WWI service uniform courtesy of Judy Ledford/Pennie Ledford who own the original







b.  August 6, 1899 -

d. December 5, 1990

[w/o Mack Ledford; d/o Thomas J. Honeycutt and Analiza Randolph buried Edwards Cem. #3;

children: Alma, Thelma, Madge, Catherine, Onecia, Ann, Glen, R.C., Hoyle and Charles.

NOTE:  photos of Naomi young (16 yrs)  and old courtesy of Judy and Pennie Ledford


26.  HENSLEY, Nona

b.  October 15, 1893 - d. June 5, 1959


27.  HENSLEY, Walter W.

b. June 9, 1892 - d. March 2, 1977

[s/o Gaines Hensley and Lillie Wilson]


28.  HENSLEY, Armol D.

b.  March 5, 1971 - d. January 7, 2001

[s/o William Walter Hensley and Euyla Wilson]


29.  HENSLEY, Tammy J. [BARTLA]

b.  February 6, 1965 - d. January 7, 2001

[w/o Armol; d/o Stephen Bartla and Helen]


30.  HUNT, Annie LEDFORD

b. June 22, 1934 - d. December 18, 2010

[d/o Mack Ledford and Naomi Honeycutt #24/25]

"A Precious Mother Who Loved & Trusted the Lord"

NOTE:  OBITUARY;  Rev. Jeffrey Parker officiated the service at the Westmoreland Chapel.



b.  April 19, 1938 - d. May 28, 2007

[d/o Mack Ledford and Naomi Honeycutt #24/25; married Frank D. Howell]

NOTE:    OBITUARY  Revs. Bill Mitchell and Don Mitchell officiated the service at the Westmoreland Chapel

PHOTOS:  click to enlarge macro views; center photo is the trail which leads up the hill to the cemetery ---courtesy of Julian Fender, taken May 2012



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