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North Carolina Civil War Home Page

Virginia Civil War Home Page

The Civil War Along the (NC) Coast (ICW-Net)

Civil War Plymouth Pigrims Descendants Society (Battle of Plymouth, NC)

Civil War Battles (by State) - North Carolina

Civil War Battles (by Campaign)


National Parks Service Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System - USCT

Search USCT Data (CWSS)

National Archives Civil War Records

Preserving the Legacy of the United States Colored Troops (by Budge Weidman)

Fighting for Equal Rights: Black Soldiers in the Civil War (National Archives)

The African-American Moasic (Library of Congress)

Freedmen and Southern Society Project

Library of Congress

US Army Military History Institute

State Library of North Carolina - Genealogy Page

North Carolina Division of Archives and History

Outer Banks History Center - Manteo, NC

Duke University Special Collections Library

NC State University's D.H. Hill Library

University of North Carolina Library Manuscripts Collection

East Carolina University, Joyner Library


The American Civil War Homepage

The Civil War Center

USGenWeb List of Military Sites

Cyndi Howell's List of Military Sites

Military Records for Genealogy

The "Lest We Forget" Homepage

The Afrigeneas Homepage

Christine's African American Civil War Websites


How to Order Records from State Archives (NC)

How to Order Civil War Military and Pension Records

How to Order Civil War Military & Pension Records

How to Order Form 80s By Email


African American Civil War Memorial - 15-18 July 1998 - Washington, DC

African American Civil War Memorial / U.S. Colored Troops

The Emancipation Proclamation (National Archives and Records Admin.)

The Thirteenth Amendment

History of African-Americans in the Civil War (NPS)

United States Colored Troops - Civil War (Lest We Forget)

United States Colored Troops - A Brief History (Lest We Forget)

United States Colored Troops - Links (Lest We Forget)


Grand Army of the Republic Homepage

Sons Of Union Veterans Of The Civil War

Daughters Of Union Veterans Of The Civil War


Union Army Regimental Histories

1st South Carolina Colored Infantry

The Louisiana Native Guard

5th U.S. Colored Infantry

5th US Colored Cavalry

8th U.S. Colored Infantry

55th U.S. Colored Infantry

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

73rd U. S. Colored Infantry Regiment

102nd US Colored Infantry

105th U.S. Colored Troops

New York State's U.S. Colored Troops

Hawkins' Division of Colored Troops

African-American Medal of Honor Recipients

Commisioned U.S.C.T. Officers of African Descent


Civil War Battles (by State)

Civil War Battles (by Campaigns)

Chronlogy of Civil War Battles, U.S. Colored Troops (Lest We Forget)

Battle of Deep Bottom (VA)

Battle of Chaffin’s Farm (VA)

Battle of Chaffin’s Farm (VA)

Battle of Fair Oaks (VA)

Battle of Petersburg (VA)

Battle of Petersburg (VA)

Petersburg (VA) National Battlefield

The Fall of Richmond (VA)

Richmond National Battlefield (VA)

History of the Battles for Richmond (1861-1865)

The Appomattox Campaign (VA)

Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park

Battle of Fort Macon (NC)

Battle of Plymouth (NC)

Battle of Bentonville (NC)

Battle of Olustee (FL)

Battle of Olustee (FL) Home Page

Fort Wagner (SC) Civil War Page

Charleston @ Civil War

Battle of Charleston Harbor (SC)

Battle of Honey Hill (SC)

Battle of Honey Hill (SC) Home Page

American Battlefield Protection Program


History of Point Lookout Prison Camp

Andersonville National Historic Site Home Page (NPS)

Andersonville Civil War Prison Historic Background (NPS)

Another Andersonville Prison Link

Charleston Race Course, SC Prison

Friends of the Florence Stockade

Florence National Cemetery, SC

Resting Places of United States Colored Troops (LWF)

Beaufort (SC) National Cemetery

Civil War Medical Terminology

Glossary of Diseases

Antique Militaria and Collectibles Network

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