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From: Gleanings, SCHG quarterly
Submitted by Ralph Neely, Jr.(The papers were written by Aline Mason Neely, however it appears that they were originally prepared in July 1947 by John L. Stacy. This was taken from the papers entitled "A Partial Synopsis of the Carothers- Neely Family History".
Editor's note: I have added some birth and death dates from other sources to give an idea of period of time covered and also edited the paper.

Thomas Neely, the first of the Neely's of whom we have any definite record, came to Mecklenburg Co., NC in 1765-1767 (It has been found they actually were in Steele Creek by about 1754) and owned about 1,000 acres of land in the lower Steel Creek section. He came from York County, PA bringing with him, his wife, sons & daughters. The Thomas Neely king's land grant in Steele Creek is dated 1754. Thomas Neely's father was Thomas Neely I, who was married to Agnes ? in Ireland. Thomas Neely I, came to America around 1730. It is believed that most of his following children were also born in Ireland: (1) Thomas, Jr. (II) m. Hannah Starr??, (2) Samuel, m. Jean?, (3) John m. Susannah, (4) Mary, m. John McGaghey and (5) Jackson, m. Ann?. Thomas, Jr. came to Steele Creek before his father's death in 1756, however, he is mentioned in the settlement of his father's estate in York Co./Chester Co., PA. Jackson, son of Thomas I and Agnes also came to Mecklenburg County first and eventually settled in York Co., SC. (Jim Neely of New Jersey has this family on a Neely website with Rootsweb.)

Thomas Neely, Jr. (II) b. 1720 in Ireland, d. 1793 in Mecklenburg Co., NC m. Hannah ? (thought to be Starr). Hannah is buried in Steele Creek Presbyterian Cemetery with the Neely Coat-of-Arms on the headstone. It is believed that Thomas II is also buried there and that his stone has been gone for many years. Their children:
1. John Neely, b. 1750, d. 1806 m. Isabella M. ?
2. Samuel Neely, m. Jean Carothers
3. Thomas Neely (III), b. 1757 m. Ann Swann
4. Moses Neely, b. 1761, m. 1st to a Margaret and 2nd to Ann?
5. Agnes Neely, b. 1755, 2nd wife of James Carothers
6. Mary Neely, b. 1756, 1st wife of James Caothers
7. Nancy Neely, b. ?, m. John Calhoun and moved to TN.
The Steele Creek line continues with John Neely, son of Thomas II and Hannah, m. Isabella M. ?(may have been McRee or McCree). John was a Rev. patriot, serving as Ensign in Capt. John Butler's Co., Col. John Collier's Reg. N.C. Militia.
Their children:
1. Hannah Neely, b. 1771 m. James Hart
2. Thomas Neely, b. 1773, m. Jane Hart
3. Mary Neely, b. 1774 never married
4. Dinah Neely, b. 1776 (nothing further known)
5. Isabella Neely, b. 1779
6. Sarah Neely, b. 1781
7. Agnes Neely, b. 1793
8. John Neely, b. 1785 m. Cynthia Starr
9. William McRee Neely, b. 1787 m. Cynthia Hays
10. James Neely, b. 1789
11. Dorcas Neely, b. 1792 married James Greer/Grier II.

Following, John Neely, b. 1785, d. 1865, son of John and Isabella Neely, m. Cynthia Starr. Both are buried at Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery in York Co., SC. Their children:
1. Margaret Isabella Neely m. Wm. Craig of Lincoln Co., NC
2. Thomas Stuart Neely m. 1st to Nancy Emaline Neely, Daug. of Jonathan Neely of the Jackson Neely line, m. 2nd to Clarinda Blair Garrison, daug. of Josina & Sarah Garrison.
3. John Starr Neely m. 1st to Margaret Hannah Carothers and 2nd to Jane Martha Price. This couple returned to Steele Creek to live at the "home place". Jane Price was born and raised in Steele Creek.
4. Mary Ann Neely, m. George W. Mellon (both buried at Bethel Presby Cem. York Co., SC)
5. Martha Jane Neely, m. John J. Price. (She is buried at Bethel Presby and he is buried at Steele Creek Presby)
6. Cynthia R. Moore Neely
7. Sarah Lucretia Neely
8. Darcus P. Neely
9. Carolina Neely m. David H. Hart (both are buried at Pleasant Hill Presby. Cem in Steele Creek)
10. Nancy Amanda Neely m. Isaac J. Price (both buried at Steele Creek Presby)
The Steele Creek Neely's continue with John Starr Neely, son of John & Cynthia Neely. He married 1st to Margaret Hannah Carothers of Ebenezer, SC (York Co). They had the following children:
1. Martha Isabella Neely, b. 1842 m. James H. Barry
2. Thomas W. Neely, b. 1843
3. John Davidson Neely, b. 1846, d. 1858
4. Margaret Jane Neely, b. 1848 m. John Louis Stacy
5. Cornelia Ann Neely, b. 1850, d. 1873
John Starr Neely married 2nd to Jane Martha Price and had children:
6. Nancy A. Neely
7. Forence A. Neely m. Dr. John Knox
8. Emma C. Neely, m. John McDowell
9. John Franklin Neely m. 1st to Mary Agnes McLain and 2nd to Mamie Moss.
10. Price B. Neely m. Bessie Herron
11. Anna Neely Neely m. F. Oscar Bell.
Some of the other children of Thomas II & Hannah Neely are noted:

Thomas Neely, III son of Thomas & Hannah, m. Ann Swann, a widow and their children were: Thomas IV,, Jonathan, Nancy, Peggy Swann (Margaret) and Hannah
Peggy Swann (Margaret) Neely m. James Carothers, Jr.

Moses Neely, son of Thomas and Hannah Neely, m. 1st to Margaret and 2nd to Ann?. Moses' children as given in his will were: Robert C. Neely, Mary Taylor (dead), Jane Taylor (widow), Hannah Carothers and Margaret Carothers. Several in Tennessee are descended from him.

Samuel Neely, son of Thomas & Hannah Neely, m. Jean Carothers. Their children were: Thomas B. Neely, Samuel Neely, Ezekiel Neely, Jane Neely and Hannah Neely.

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