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Geographic Names Information System Query Results


114 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.*
Feature Name St County Latitude Longitude Town Near
on Map
Allin (historical) NC Rowan 353012N 0801920W Gold Hill
Barber NC Rowan 354334N 0803831W Cleveland
Bear Poplar NC Rowan 354033N 0804137W Cleveland
Bellemeade (subdivision) NC Rowan 354200N 0802712W Salisbury
Belmont (subdivision) NC Rowan 354106N 0802905W Salisbury
Blackmer (historical) NC Rowan 354035N 0803803W Cleveland
Bostian Heights NC Rowan 353337N 0803126W China Grove
Brentwood Acres (subdivision) NC Rowan 353926N 0802633W Salisbury
Catawba Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 354200N 0802903W Salisbury
Cedarcrest (subdivision) NC Rowan 354023N 0802720W Salisbury
China Grove NC Rowan 353409N 0803455W China Grove
Chowansville (historical) NC Rowan 354405N 0804308W Cleveland
Cleveland NC Rowan 354359N 0804038W Cleveland
Corbin Hills (subdivision) NC Rowan 353857N 0802707W Salisbury
Correll Park (subdivision) NC Rowan 353609N 0802958W Rockwell
Corriher Heights NC Rowan 353338N 0803806W Enochville
Country Club Hills (subdivision) NC Rowan 354215N 0802826W Salisbury
Craven NC Rowan 353742N 0801955W Southmont
Crescent NC Rowan 353431N 0802513W Rockwell
Cross Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 353801N 0802729W Salisbury
Dobbins (historical) NC Rowan 354257N 0803456W Rowan Mills
Dogwood Acres (subdivision) NC Rowan 353817N 0802752W Salisbury
Eagle Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 354149N 0802836W Salisbury
Eaman Park NC Rowan 353956N 0802920W Salisbury
East Spencer NC Rowan 354054N 0802557W Salisbury
Eastbronk (subdivision) NC Rowan 353828N 0802435W Salisbury
Eastwood Village (subdivision) NC Rowan 353911N 0802653W Salisbury
Ellis Crossroads NC Rowan 354328N 0802757W Salisbury
Enochville NC Rowan 353147N 0804006W Enochville
Fairview (subdivision) NC Rowan 353912N 0802808W Salisbury
Faith NC Rowan 353513N 0802747W Rockwell
Five Forks NC Rowan 353433N 0803705W China Grove
Five Points NC Rowan 353415N 0803917W Enochville
Forest Hills (subdivision) NC Rowan 354051N 0802832W Salisbury
Franklin NC Rowan 354316N 0802957W Salisbury
Frohock Mill (historical) NC Rowan 353925N 0803102W Rowan Mills
Fulton Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 353938N 0802920W Salisbury
Garfield (historical) NC Rowan 353245N 0802244W Rockwell
Gold Hill NC Rowan 353116N 0802018W Gold Hill
Grady Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 354014N 0802548W Salisbury
Granite Quarry NC Rowan 353644N 0802649W Rockwell
Grimes (historical) NC Rowan 353518N 0803245W China Grove
Harts (historical) NC Rowan 353439N 0804145W Enochville
Hendrick Estates (subdivision) NC Rowan 354153N 0803156W Rowan Mills
Holly Park (subdivision) NC Rowan 354150N 0803113W Rowan Mills
Houston (historical) NC Rowan 354032N 0804323W Cleveland
Jefferson Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 353912N 0802917W Salisbury
Landis NC Rowan 353244N 0803640W China Grove
Liberty NC Rowan 353452N 0802009W Gold Hill
Lincoln Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 353915N 0803009W Rowan Mills
Lock (historical) NC Rowan 353639N 0803107W China Grove
Lockeland (subdivision) NC Rowan 353953N 0803047W Rowan Mills
Ludwick Acres (subdivision) NC Rowan 353945N 0802929W Salisbury
McCall Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 353822N 0802712W Salisbury
Meadowbrook (subdivision) NC Rowan 354131N 0802945W Salisbury
Milford Hills (subdivision) NC Rowan 354121N 0803013W Rowan Mills
Milford Knoll (subdivision) NC Rowan 354145N 0803003W Rowan Mills
Milford Terrace (subdivision) NC Rowan 354119N 0803100W Rowan Mills
Mill Bridge NC Rowan 353848N 0803815W Cleveland
Mill Hill (historical) NC Rowan 353112N 0804311W Enochville
Millerton (historical) NC Rowan 353130N 0801445W High Rock
Miranda (historical) NC Rowan 353538N 0803912W Enochville
Mirror Park (subdivision) NC Rowan 353806N 0802740W Salisbury
Mocksville (subdivision) NC Rowan 354306N 0802957W Salisbury
Morgan Ford NC Rowan 353509N 0801329W High Rock
Morlan Park (subdivision) NC Rowan 353745N 0802737W Salisbury
Mount Ulla NC Rowan 353930N 0804337W Cleveland
Mount Vernon NC Rowan 354715N 0803849W Cool Springs
Moyle Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 353742N 0802728W Salisbury
Needmore NC Rowan 354834N 0803806W Cool Springs
Newton Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 354130N 0802535W Salisbury
North Barringer (historical) NC Rowan 353251N 0802709W Rockwell
North Kannapolis NC Rowan 353132N 0803650W China Grove
Oak Ridge (subdivision) NC Rowan 353858N 0802738W Salisbury
Oakland (subdivision) NC Rowan 353935N 0802701W Salisbury
Oakland Park (subdivision) NC Rowan 354201N 0802518W Salisbury
Orchard Hills (subdivision) NC Rowan 353647N 0803007W China Grove
Overbrook Acres (subdivision) NC Rowan 353932N 0803100W Rowan Mills
Park View Heights (subdivision) NC Rowan 354100N 0802845W Salisbury
Pittsburg NC Rowan 354930N 0804202W Cool Springs
Pool (historical) NC Rowan 353228N 0802014W Gold Hill
Pooletown NC Rowan 353526N 0801435W High Rock
Red Acres (subdivision) NC Rowan 353834N 0803048W Rowan Mills
Rendleman (historical) NC Rowan 353456N 0802323W Rockwell
Ridgewood (subdivision) NC Rowan 353934N 0802953W Salisbury
Rockwell NC Rowan 353304N 0802424W Rockwell
Rolling Hills (subdivision) NC Rowan 354214N 0803138W Rowan Mills
Rowan Mills NC Rowan 353853N 0803020W Rowan Mills
Rowan Mills (historical) NC Rowan 354419N 0804212W Cleveland
Rowan Terrace (subdivision) NC Rowan 353815N 0802730W Salisbury
Salisbury NC Rowan 354015N 0802828W Salisbury
Sandy Ridge Terrace (subdivision) NC Rowan 353842N 0802445W Salisbury
Sedgefield Acres (subdivision) NC Rowan 354026N 0802701W Salisbury
Shannon Park (subdivision) NC Rowan 354315N 0802625W Salisbury
Shupings Mill NC Rowan 353305N 0802854W Rockwell
Smith (historical) NC Rowan 354128N 0802544W Salisbury
South Salisbury NC Rowan 353837N 0802746W Salisbury
Spencer NC Rowan 354132N 0802606W Salisbury
Steel (historical) NC Rowan 354043N 0802719W Salisbury
Steel Worth Park (subdivision) NC Rowan 354026N 0802707W Salisbury
Sunrise Acres (subdivision) NC Rowan 354007N 0802708W Salisbury
Sunrise Park (subdivision) NC Rowan 353911N 0803022W Rowan Mills
Timbercreek (subdivision) NC Rowan 353651N 0802500W Rockwell
Trading Ford NC Rowan 354142N 0802221W Southmont
Union Terrace (subdivision) NC Rowan 353822N 0802322W Salisbury
Unity (historical) NC Rowan 354535N 0803847W Cool Springs
Watson Village NC Rowan 353956N 0803503W Rowan Mills
Westcliff (subdivision) NC Rowan 354233N 0803157W Rowan Mills
Whiteheads Mill (historical) NC Rowan 354134N 0802815W Salisbury
Woodbine (subdivision) NC Rowan 353904N 0802545W Salisbury
Woodbridge Run (subdivision) NC Rowan 354004N 0803115W Rowan Mills
Woodleaf NC Rowan 354608N 0803528W Cooleemee
Yadkin NC Rowan 354316N 0802357W Salisbury
Yadkin Junction NC Rowan 354013N 0802734W Salisbury

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