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Geographic Names Information System Query Results


31 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.*
Feature Name St County Latitude Longitude Town Near
on Map
Back Creek NC Rowan 354104N 0803731W Cleveland
Beaverdam Branch NC Rowan 354928N 0803513W Cooleemee
Beaverdam Creek NC Rowan 354412N 0803404W Rowan Mills
Beaverdam Creek NC Rowan 354201N 0804003W Cleveland
Cedar Creek NC Rowan 353519N 0801324W High Rock
Church Creek NC Rowan 353930N 0802037W Southmont
Crane Creek NC Rowan 353909N 0801902W Southmont
Deals Creek NC Rowan 354427N 0802734W Salisbury
Draft Branch NC Rowan 354023N 0803019W Rowan Mills
East Fork NC Rowan 353029N 0804416W Enochville
Flat Creek NC Rowan 353248N 0801238W High Rock
Flat Rock Branch NC Rowan 353349N 0803606W China Grove
Grants Creek NC Rowan 354330N 0802525W Salisbury
Jump and Run Branch NC Rowan 354139N 0802925W Salisbury
Kerr Creek NC Rowan 353950N 0803738W Cleveland
Kluns Creek NC Rowan 353214N 0802342W Rockwell
Little Creek NC Rowan 353742N 0803316W Rowan Mills
Little Creek NC Rowan 354343N 0804418W Cleveland
Panther Point Creek NC Rowan 353624N 0801504W Gold Hill
Reedy Creek NC Rowan 353603N 0801841W Gold Hill
Riles Creek NC Rowan 353137N 0801149W High Rock
Sand Branch NC Rowan 353353N 0802123W Gold Hill
Second Creek NC Rowan 353759N 0801705W Southmont
Second Creek NC Rowan 354557N 0802917W Churchland
Setman Branch NC Rowan 354256N 0803440W Rowan Mills
Sills Creek NC Rowan 354037N 0803836W Cleveland
Sloans Creek NC Rowan 354105N 0803731W Cleveland
Third Creek NC Rowan 354735N 0803522W Cooleemee
Town Creek NC Rowan 354045N 0802308W Salisbury
Walnut Branch NC Rowan 354358N 0803429W Rowan Mills
Withrow Creek NC Rowan 354208N 0803629W Rowan Mills

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