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Page Index

Page Surnames
Page 1: Hardee, Smith, Haddock, Stocks, McGlothern, Evans, Kittrell.
Page 2: Kittrell, Worthington, Eason, Hudson, Evans, Garris, Winstead, Hardee.
Page 3: Mewborn, Lang, May, Smith, Vainwright, James, Manning, Kittrell, Taylor, McLawhorn, Worthington, Tucker, Tull.
Page 4: Wilson, Little, Hohne, Allen, Cox, Moore, Tucker, Joyner.
Page 5: Jenkins, Hearne, Churchwell, Pridgen, Tucker, Evans, Manning, Bowden,
Page 6: Dail, Barber, Crawford, Tripp, Briley, Duke, Tucker, Hyman, Meade, Davenport, Eason, Wilson, Cox, Joyner, Hardee.
Page 7: Perkins, Adams, Hodges.
Page 8: Moye, Morris, McLawhorn, Cox, Jenkins, Frizzille, King, Dunn, Stocks, Moore, Hardee.
Page 9: Speight, Kittrell, Nobles, Wood.
Page 10: Wooten, Grady, Barrett, Hooker.
Page 11: Wooten, Hooker, Coward.
Page 12: Sherrod, Bryan, Brown, Powell.
Page 13: Daniel, Sherrod, Best, Cobb, Sugg, Joyner.
Page 14: Evans, Patrick, Forbes, Vainwright, Kittrell, Moore, Stokes.
Page 15: Abrams, Patrick, Moye, Evans.
Page 16: Corey, Fennell, Taylor, Whichard, Smith, Worthington, Mersereau, Hunsucker, Tucker; Ayden Seminary, Hardee Homestead w/Hardee, Barrow; Davenport, Nelson, Hyman.
Page 17: Tucker, Hardee, Meade, Hyman, Ormond, Nelson, Hardy, Davenport, Deede.
Page 18: Tucker; Tombstones of Tucker, Hardee, Moore.
Page 19: Jones, Staton, Ward, Moore, Albritton, Roberson, White, Little, Langley, Powell.
Page 20: White, Haddock, Spain, Nelson. Abrams, Dupree, Moore, Barber, Smith, Phelps, Jones, Wallace, McKee, Rogers.
Page 21: Stancill, Johnston, Vines, Jones, Bullock, Thomas, Meeks.
Page 22: Meeks, Wainwright, Briley, Davenport, Bullock, Thomas.
Page 23: Anderson, Crawford, Ball, Fosky, Moore, Nobles, Tripp, Jarvis

More album pages are being prepared!

Other photos are available at this time at the Ross-Kammerer Photo Archives being sponsored by the North Carolina Collection website, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University. (See this, and other great links, on our "Related Links" page.

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