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We'd like for you to copy our photographs for your personal collection, but please do not publish them in any manner (hardcopy or web page) without providing credit to the PCFR and the contributor.

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Left to right:
1. George Washington Hardee (1842-1901) and wife Emily J. Edwards (1849-1929).
2. John Stanley Smith (1812-1873). He married 1) 1835 Sally Daniel; 2) 1871 Frances Ringgold.
3. Capt. Tom Smith, b. Aug. 7, 1846, d. Aug. 1918; CSA.
4. Leon and Addie Hardee with child Janie Gold Hardee.
   Contributor: Goldis Reel Starling

Left to right:
1. Telitha Spain Haddock and son Charles Haul Haddock.
   Contributor: Linda McRae

2. John Stocks (from a digital printout).
3. Elizabeth Slaughter, wife of John Stocks (from a digital printout).
   Contributor: Rena Peterson

4. Speer Moses McGlothern, son of George McGlohon and Elizabeth Barber.
   Contributor: Sherri McGlothern

Left to right:
1. Evans Homeplace, Hooker Road, Greenville, NC (from a photocopy).
   Contributor: Roger Kammerer

2. Leon Lewis Kittrell House, Pitt Co., NC.
   Contributor: William B. (Bill) Kittrell

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