Mitchell County Wills & Estate Papers
Mitchell County, North Carolina
Wills & Estate Papers

A Guide to Documents in the
Mitchell County Digital Library

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Name of Deceased Date of Will Executor/Administrator Witnesses Filed Link
Bailey, J. W., Sr. 1 Feb. 1913 Geo. M. Young Geo. B. Greene
Jas. Tipton
Blevins, Wiley 5 Mar. 1875  Godfrey Corwell
David Trobes
Nathan Blevens
Garland, Stephen 16 Mar. 1874  Godfrey Correll
Stephen Street
1894 View
Gouge, Wiley 10 Apr. 1908  B. V. Hughes
Melvin Gouge
15 Aug. 1910 View
McInturff, E. W. 9 Jan. 1902 Charles B. McInturff John Slagle
W. L. Lambert
1902 View
Pannell, J. D. 20 Oct. 1938 James James Dale
Clyde Pritchard
Phillips, Blake 28 Nov. 1894 Thomas G. Phillips T. B. Garland
B. T. Wiseman
21 Mar. 1896 View
Phillips, S. C. 6 Sep. 1888 Thomas G. Phillips
Thomas C. McInturff
C. P. Johnson
Simon Forbes
T. A. Lane
T. C. McInturf
5 Nov. 1888 View
Stewart, William R. 20 Mar. 1896  N. H. Deyton
C. D. Stewart
25 Jan. 1897 View
Street, William J. 9 Jun. 1886 Mandy W. H. Wise
M. F. Penland
J. W. Putnam
1887 View
Young, George M. 18 Sep. 1939 Ella Young Iss. J. Woody
M. L. Wilson
1951 View


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