Mitchell County Delayed Birth Certificates
Mitchell County, North Carolina
Delayed Birth Certificates,

     Filing of Delayed Birth Certificates began in Mitchell County in 1941. Applicants presented evidence of their date of birth, often a family Bible record together with an affidavit from an older family member or neighbor. Other evidence presented included such documents as military discharge papers, marriage certificates, insurance papers, and the birth certificates of children of the applicants. The evidence presented is cited on each birth certificate, but copies are not included.

     This index includes only Delayed Birth Certificates from Books 1 and 2, and only births that took place before 1901. It is planned to present 19th-century births from subsequent books at a later date. Although birth certificates are public records, it is thought better not to publish the data for later births on the Internet.

     Where only a community name is given for the place of birth, that community is (or was) in Mitchell County, North Carolina. Many certificates simply give "Country" or "Town" as the place of birth within Mitchell County. Researchers should note that a parent's place of birth is often given as Mitchell County, even if that parent was born before the formation of Mitchell County in 1861.

     All the Delayed Birth Certificates in Book 1 were filed in 1941. Certificates in Book 2 were filed in 1941 or 1942.

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     Data has been taken from the original delayed birth certificates on file with the Mitchell County Register of Deeds. Researchers should allow for the possibility of error in transcribing this information, and should always consult the original records. Please notify the Mitchell County Coordinator of any errors on this page.

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