Chloe Welch

Maggie Valley Mysteries

Chloe Welch--Who was she?
What was her connection to Maggie Valley?
Her child needs to know.

Chloe Welch

A Massie family helped Chloe bury her baby in Maggie Valley.
Where is this grave?
When was the child buried?

Who is the gentleman & the child in this photo which Chloe kept?

What is this young man's connection to Maggie Valley?
Someone must know who he is.

Who is the soldier which the arrow points toward?
Who was he? What was his connection to Chloe?
What was his connection to Maggie Valley?

Chloe Welch kept these photos for many years.
Someone must know who they are.
Why did they mean so much to Chloe?

If anyone can answer any of these questions,
please e-mail the website HaywoodCountyNC.

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